Chapter 346: Universe Bag

Technically speaking, I could equip the battleaxe since I was a melee warrior. However, a battleaxe had high attack power but low attack speed. According to the hidden rules of Heavenblessed, the basic attack speed of an axe was 2.5 seconds per attack, and a sword 1.5 seconds per attack. Therefore, the Purgatory Sword was really much stronger than the Purple Thunder War Axe in terms of DPS, not to mention that it was clunky by default. Long story short, it wasn’t worth switching out my current weapon for it!

That being said, the axe’s Attack was 100 points higher than my Purgatory Sword’s. To other melee fighters, this axe was practically a dream weapon!


In the end, I decided to put it up for auction because the notion of gifting this to a player in my guild was completely unrealistic.

I also checked the rest of the loot. Both Lord Arthas and Thunder Axe dropped a couple of Gold-grade items, but only two of them could be considered top-tier. Oh well, I guess I’ll sell them all later. But for now, it’s time to turn in my quest!

I went back the way I came from. Lord Arthas was looking forward to ravaging a couple of beautiful girls after he returned to Floating Ice City, but I had killed his dreams and ended his and his escorts’ lives prematurely. Life truly was a drama!

On the way, I checked my experience bar. After killing three high-level Dark Gold Rank bosses in a row, my experience had risen to Level 98, 96%. I was definitely going to hit Level 99 after I turned in the quest, putting me one step away from hitting Level 100. It would be great if this quest chain still wasn’t over, but if not I could just grind mobs like usual. This was just the beginning. The higher the level, the harder it became to level up. I could grind mobs for an entire day and probably still not hit Level 100.


It wasn’t long before Fort Iron Bull and Princess Karinshan’s tent appeared in my line of sight. I didn’t encounter any trouble along the way, and when I drew open the curtains to the tent I was greeted by a most enticing sight.

Karinshan was lying on the sofa quietly. Her eyes were burdened by worry, and she was leaning in a way where her excellent curves were almost bursting out of her exquisite battle armor. Her breasts looked like they might jump out at any moment, and her smooth, white underbelly was pressing against the edges of the table. Maybe it was because she was lying on top of the table, but I could see the outline of her round butt even though it was mostly hidden by her battle garment.

Mm, the designers of Eternal Moon Corporation are all gods. Even the imperial princess they designed looks heroic and attractive.

Three other people were present as well. They were the black-faced Stark, the beautiful commander Ziyan, and the fiery-looking Lintus. All three commanders were standing at the side and brooding in gloomy silence.

A couple of seconds later, Ziyan asked, “Can we really trust that adventurer from Sky City, Your Highness? He’s just too young. I’m worried that he might betray your expectations…”

Stark nodded in agreement. “That is true, Your Highness. I highly doubt that a single adventurer could defeat the mighty Thunder Axe and Dren. In my opinion, we should’ve just dispatched the five Dragon Knights to Frost Forest and kill Arthas. That way, the command of his two armies will fall into our hands for sure!”

But Ziyan shook her head strongly. “No! The Dragon Knights had lost their faith ever since the Dragon Domain was turned into a wasteland, and the Dragon Speakers were all gone. However, they still obey the will of the Dragon Speaker Binglan; the will to never act against a member or friend of the Silver Moon Alliance. That is why they could only be used against the Night Creatures.”

Stark: “...”


I finally put down the curtain and called out quietly, “I’ve returned, princess…”


The silent Karinshan finally looked up. Her eyes were filled with pleasant surprise. “Did… did you kill Arthas?”

I nodded and took out his head from the backpack. Then, I tossed the oily head to the ground and watched it skid all the way to Karinshan’s feet.

“It… it really is that old fool Arthas!”

Absolutely thrilled, Karinshan kicked Arthas’s head to the side and jumped on me. Hugging my head excitedly, she laughed. “This is wonderful! The military power of Floating Ice City is finally united once more!”

Her reaction caught me off-guard a little, but there was no denying that she had an amazing figure. It felt good to feel her pressing against my body.


“Ahem!” Karinshan looked at me and finally realized what she was doing. She released me in a hurry and took two steps backward, but she was all smiles as she said, “Young adventurer, you have not disappointed me. Starting this moment, you are a second-class noble of Floating Ice City!”

Second-class noble?

I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but it was always nice to be named a noble. From now on, I could legally oppress the people of Floating Ice City! Woohoo!

Karinshan approached me again and placed her right arm gently on my shoulder. She smiled at me and said, “You may be an undead, young warrior, but I can feel that your heart is facing toward the light. I promise you that the doors of Floating Ice City will always be open to you. You have accomplished a near-impossible quest, so come and receive the reward you deserve!”


System Notice: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [The Assassination of Lord Arthas]. You have obtained 2750000 EXP, 8000 Reputation, 25000 gold, 1 Luck and quest reward: “Universe Bag”!


Universe Bag? My eyes lit up. Did this S+ Rank quest finally reward me something that was actually deserving of its rank?

I opened my inventory and saw a cyan-colored bag sitting at a corner. A surge of wild joy overcame me the second I checked its description. When I looked up, I saw the friendly smile on Princess Karinshan’s face. Was this a gift from her?

Universe Bag (Spirit-grade): A sacred item made using the spirit energy of the universe, the Universe Bag contains extremely powerful magic. It contains 500 slots, and it cannot be shared with another container. Binding Requirement: Level 90, 10000 gold, and 2000 Reputation.


Holy shit, a bag with 500 slots in it? Hahaha, this is going to turn me into a walking bag of potions! There was nowhere I wouldn’t be welcomed with 500 slots of potions and consumables!

I immediately bound the Universe Bag. The High-grade Army Pouch turned back into an item, and the number of my inventory slots shot up to 500. Maybe I could give this High-grade Army Pouch to someone? Yeah, I should ask my friends if they want it.

This quest chain was more profitable than I thought, probably it was because it was related to the main storyline. Since it was an important step in uniting the military power of Floating Ice City, it gave me a ton of experience, excellent rewards and even 1 point of Luck. Luck was a critical factor in this game. The higher one’s Luck, the higher the chances of getting an awesome loot drop, and the higher the chances of hitting the maximum attack value when attacking. My 13 Luck had to be one of the main reasons my “karma” was unusually good.

In fact, most games were a matter of constant accumulation. I was rewarded a certain amount of Luck after completing a couple of main quests and becoming the MVP of Skull Castle, and that gave me an advantage over a lot of people. If I could maintain this streak and keep accumulating more advantages, it wouldn’t be strange if I became a literal one-man army in the future.


I stared at my new bag again with joy dancing in my eyes. This bag was a Spirit-grade item, meaning that it was a tier above Purple Grade–grade items and two tiers above Dark Gold–grade items. Of course I would be overjoyed by this!

That wasn’t all. My experience had skyrocketed from Level 98 to 99 and 65%. Yeah, I definitely profited big this time!

I finally looked away from my bag. Princess Karinshan was still staring at me.

“Thank you, Your Highness!” I said with a nod. I supposed it was only right to thank her for this amazing gift.

Karinshan smiled back. “It is all for the sake of the living.”


Suddenly, Karinshan turned toward her generals and declared, “Attention, Stark, Ziyan, Lintus!”

The three commanders immediately dropped to one knee and answered her, “Yes, Your Highness!”

Karinshan gripped the handle of her sword and declared, “Stark, you will head to Arthas’s tent with your elite knights and take command of the army now! You may execute anyone who disobeys the order! Ziyan, you will head to Arthas’s second legion with your Frost Army and take command! You may execute anyone who disobeys the order! Lintus, you will lead our troops and surround Fort Iron Bull now! Don’t allow even a single soldier to desert!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

All three commanders answered affirmatively before leaving the tent in succession.

I froze for half a minute before I finally came back to myself. When I spoke to Karinshan, she said, “Watch over me, brave adventurer. I will continue the will of Annie and Fia and fight for the honor and survival of the human race to the last drop of my blood!”

I replied, “But don’t sacrifice yourself like them, alright? You should treasure your own life.”


Karinshan went to her stand table to plan out her strategy and tactics after that. It didn’t look like she had any more quests for me, so I took out my return scroll and crushed it. It was time to return to Sky City, repair my equipment, and sell the loot I had gotten today.


The moment I appeared in the bustling Sky City, the first thing I did was to run to the auction house and speak with the auctioneer. I turned in the Purple Thunder Battle Axe and set the base price to 100k gold—no upper limit—and the auction time to 8 pm. The moment I confirmed the transaction, a melodious ring resounded throughout the city—


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that Player XXXX has put up the Purple Thunder Battle Axe (LV-95, Dark Gold–grade, 2-star Outstanding, 575 Attack, Strength +65, Stamina +60. Increases user’s Attack by 14%. When attacking a target, 10% chance to trigger a purple lightning that deals 1000 damage and stuns the target for 3 seconds) for auction. The item will enter the bidding phase at 20:00. All interested players, please proceed to the auction house and take your numbers before the auction starts!


It was a great announcement as usual. It was free advertisement with my ID concealed, and I was pretty sure that the axe would sell for an amazing price. 575 Attack was sure to tempt any melee player, no matter who they were!

Now all I needed to do was wait for 8 pm to arrive!

Next, I put up the top-tier-but-unnecessary equipment I got for auction as well. As the saying goes, the more, the better!

Finally, I looked at the 100-slot High-grade Army Pouch still sitting in my Universe Bag. Who should I give this to, I wonder?


I opened my friend list and noted that He Yi’s ID was darkened. After that, I couldn’t avert my gaze from the very first ID on my friend list, Wind Fantasy. Oh fine, I’ll give it to her. I owe her a lot of things anyway!

I sent her a message and attached a screenshot of the High-grade Army Pouch with it. “If you want this, come to the eastern gate plaza of Sky City now, Yiyi.”

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