Chapter 344: Twilight Ring

This was my chance to kill Dren the Law Controller before Thunder Axe returned. As a mage, Dren’s Defense and HP were pitifully low, so killing him should be pretty easy as long as his magical powers didn’t exceed my endurance.

After checking the boss’s stats, I grew even more confident in the viability of my tactic—


Dren the Law Controller (Dark Gold Rank Boss)

Level: 110

Magic Attack: 1050~1245

Defense: 750

HP: 150000

Skills: Flame Ball, Rain of Blaze, Flame Blast

Introduction: One of the palace magicians of Floating Ice City. Possesses great mastery in the art of fire magic.


My mind made up, I leaped out of my hiding!

Darting between the trees and running toward my unsuspecting enemies, I locked onto Dren and activated Thunderous Charge!


I hit Dren like a literal lightning bolt as snakes of electricity ravaged his body for a moment, stunning him for 5 full seconds. Thunderous Charge really was the enhanced version of Charge. Its success rate against bosses was much higher than that of the average Charge!

I raised the Purgatory Sword and unleashed Pardon, a basic attack and War Crush in quick succession. Let’s delete a huge chunk of HP from Dren’s health bar before he could activate his Magic Shield!







That was over 17000 damage in one combo. Dren the Law Controller had less than 150k HP, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to kill it!

I continued to carve holes into the boss’s body until he finally broke out of the stun. Utterly furious, he hit the ground with his staff and shouted, “Are you trying to kill me, you damned assassin?”

I responded with a slash to the neck. “Damn right I am!”


At the same time, flames burst out of the earth beneath the boss’s feet and engulfed me completely. For an instant, I felt like my body was broken down into ashes. Three damage numbers rose above my head in a row—





I dropped to low health immediately. Holy shit, that was the boss’s Flame Blast skill! Its damage was definitely not to be underestimated!

I calmly drank a Rank 8 Health Potion and saved myself from the immediate danger of death, the number “+3000” appearing above my head. However, I couldn’t let the boss continue unleashing his spells on me either. I only had 7340 HP, I wasn’t accompanied by a priest, and the rank of my Regeneration of the Undead wasn’t high enough to outlast the boss’s damage!



The Purgatory Sword tore apart the boss’s clothes again, enraging him even further. The fire mage then chanted a spell and protected himself with a Magic Shield!

My heart clenched at the unfortunate situation. If I couldn’t take out the boss’s Magic Shield as fast as possible, I wouldn’t be able to deal any damage to him!

I continued hacking away at the boss’s shield, but he was surprisingly quick on his feet. He kept retreating while launching fireball after fireball at me, dealing a continuous amount of damage—754, 689, 549—to me. It was annoying to say the least!

Crack crack crack!

After hitting him three times in a row and still failing to break his shield, I gritted my teeth and fired a Dragon Slaying Slash!


The energy blade hit the enemy’s Magic Shield squarely and greatly reduced its durability. Then, I made a beeline toward the boss and struck his shield again. Finally, the Magic Shield shattered like an eggshell, and I seized the opportunity to zigzag behind the boss. Then, I carved up his back with Pardon and Desperate Gambit!



Very good, Rank 9 skills were always awesome when chained!

I slashed at the boss again with the Purgatory Sword, but the blade suddenly glowed with a golden light. It was the Paralysis Ring finally triggering and paralyzing the boss, allowing me to delete yet another huge chunk of HP from his health bar. My powerful Attack was on full display against this mage-type boss!

Dren the Law Controller’s health dropped past the midpoint in just two minutes, and I was in no real danger thus far. Ultimately, Dren was just a Level 110 Dark Gold Rank boss, and I was wearing the Outstanding Purple Gold–grade Dragonscale Armor. Thanks to my impressive Magic Resist, the boss’s powerful flames were reduced to a medium threat at most. At the very least, he was no match for me one-on-one.

Panicking, Dren shouted at the nearby Lord Arthas, “Help me, my lord! This assassin is very skilful!”

Arthas gripped his broadsword, but a trace of fear passed through his expression. He said in a stammering voice that matched poorly with his bloated body, “Dren, you must delay this assassin no matter what! Once Thunder Axe returns with the elite knights, this despicable assassin will surely fall to his doom!”

Dren the Law Controller shouted angrily, “You… you trash!”

Not only did the Paralysis Ring proc again while he was fuming, I triggered the Purgatory Slash as well, the gigantic sword aura penetrating the boss’s fragile body with ease and dealing over ten thousand damage. If Dren the Law Controller wasn’t in grave danger before, he was now!

A smile broke across my face as I summoned my pet back to me!


The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf suddenly appeared right next to me. When a pet was over 100 yards away from their owner, the pet owner could instantly summon them back to their side. By the time Thunder Axe and the elite knights returned to their master, both Dren the Law Controller and Lord Arthas might have been dead already!

“Little wolf, go!”

The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf responded to my command and kicked off with a devastating Flurry Dance, draining the blood away from the boss’s face. He had probably never seen such a powerful pet in his life; a wolf who was in no way inferior to me in terms of offensive power!


Dren resummoned his Magic Shield and tried to dodge away from my pet’s attacks, but I smiled. Now that I wasn’t fighting alone, I didn’t even need to corner the boss with good maneuvering anymore. I ran up to the boss and gathered my mana. Then, I fired a Dragon Slaying Slash at his Magic Shield!

Crack crack crack!

The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s attack speed was ridiculous, and it struck the boss’s Magic Shield three times in just the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, I was firing my second Dragon Slaying Slash already. I love long-ranged skills with little to no cooldown!

Three Dragon Slaying Slashes later, I locked onto the boss and activated Thunderous Charge!


It was yet another successful stun, and this time with the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf by my side, the amount of damage we did during the 5 seconds was absolutely obscene. When the boss finally regained its mobility and flashed backward, I fired one last Dragon Slaying Slash at him!


The energy blade tore apart the boss’ body and elicited a painful groan from him. The level 110 Dark Gold Rank boss finally collapsed to his feet and exploded into a ton of experience, magic stones and equipment!

I ran toward the loot and scooped it all up in one go. Then, I turned back and ran straight toward Arthas with a chuckle. “It’s your turn now, my lord!”


“I-it’s you!?”

Finally seeing my face and realizing who I was, Arthas pointed his broadsword at me and said, “You… you are the envoy Karinshan sent over this evening! You… you dare to kill me? Damn you! The Council of the Imperial Elders will not allow this transgression to pass by! Karinshan doesn’t have the guts to kill me! Damn you, adventurer! You do not have the right to kill me, and neither does that yellow-haired brat Karinshan!”

I delivered the Purgatory Sword straight through Arthas’s chest without a word, dealing 5067 damage. Hmph! I had no idea why he even bothered spouting so much nonsense! One thing was certain, there was nothing I dared not do in this game!

While I was attacking Lord Arthas, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf was attacking his mount, dealing a considerable amount of damage.

Arthas was in full panic mode and my pet and I dropped down on him like hungry wolves. This lord had spent so much time away from the battlefield and inside the drowning waters of decadence that he had lost even the courage to fight me. Whipping his horse and galloping toward the edge of the forest, he shouted, “Thunder Axe! Dammit, where the hell are my guards! Save me, save me! If I die I promise I’ll hang you all to death!”


I stunned the fool with a Thunderous Charge and continued the assault. I also used Ice Ray to slow him down so he wouldn’t be able to escape my grasp. The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf didn’t need to worry about this, however. All four of its stats—Attack, Defense, HP, and Agility—were insanely powerful, and its movement speed was comparable to that of a lightning bolt. Arthas’s health kept dropping as it sank its teeth into the lord’s flesh repeatedly.

What was hilarious about this pursuit was that Arthas never once tried to retaliate and fight us. The only thing he knew was run all over the place aimlessly like a headless fly. Both his body and soul were well and truly corrupted by the luxurious and sensual pleasures he indulged in.

I was perfectly fine with this of course. Not only did it save me a lot of potions, I had the leisure to open my bag and check the equipment Dren the Law Controller had dropped. First, he had dropped 11 Phantasmal Stones. There was nothing noteworthy about this whatsoever, and they were probably worth a couple hundred RMB at most. He also dropped 3 items in total, but none of them particularly stood out to me—


Railroad Tie Wristguards: Gold-grade, Level 90 cloth armor wristguards. Magic Attack +2%, +150 max HP

Dying Candle Legguards: Gold-grade, Level 90 cloth armor legguards. Increases fire-type Magic Attack by 12%

Twilight Ring: Gold-grade, Level 90 ring. Reduces user’s magic cooldowns by 10%, Tactics +14


Mn, the two cloth armor Gold-grade items were honestly a bit lacking. The Railroad Tie Wristguards increased one’s max health, but it was only by a paltry amount of 150 HP. Right now, a high-level mage had around 3000 HP or so. If they had to choose between having slightly more Magic Attack or 150 HP, they would choose Magic Attack 100% of the time. The Dying Candle Legguards would probably be useful to a fire mage, and conservatively speaking, I estimated its price to be around 100 RMB or so.

Out of all the equipment dropped by Dren the Law Controller, the Twilight Ring was clearly the best of the bunch. It reduced cooldowns by 10% and increased Tactics by 14, making it a great item for a tactician. The stats alone were worth around 200 RMB, but considering that rings were accessories and had an obscenely low drop rate, it could probably sell for 500 RMB at least. That wasn’t bad. Boss drops were always welcomed as a single Twilight Ring was equal to about three or four days worth of salary of the average white collar. In fact, it was even better because a white collar’s responsibilities included being yelled at by their bosses and scorned by their clients. Considering how much humiliation they had to suffer just to earn a paltry amount of money, their jobs were difficult to say the least.

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