Chapter 340: Windchaser


A vast power formed behind me and I shot out like lightning. The path of my charge was filled with lightning. This time, Thunderous Charge procced its paralysis effect!


The Armored Rhino remained motionless. Lightning snakes rampaged through its body. It was stunned by the lightning, and this would last for 5 seconds. This fused skill was too strong!

I swung the Purgatory Sword repeatedly, the Pardon + Desperate Gambit + basic attack. Under the three-hit combo, I created two relatively impressive damage numbers—





Tsk tsk, such powerful damage!

Before the Armored Rhino woke up from its stun, I continued to cut and slash. When it was about to wake up, the Paralysis Ring's effect procced, and it was dazed again!

After multiple swings, I retreated. I raised my left hand with great power. A green energy sword appeared in the air and then crashed on the Armored Rhino's head!


This Dragon Slaying Slash was too enjoyable!

Dragon Slaying Slash I had about 105% damage of a basic attack, but created damage far beyond a basic attack. I was shocked by this, and thought about it. The Dragon Rock Fireball must not have been an absolute physical attack. After merging with Dragon Rock Fireball, this Dragon Slaying Slash had at least 50% Magic Attack!

I thought of this and couldn't help getting excited. The Dragon Slaying Slash's attack was so amazing. I could create massive damage against metal armor or leather armor, regardless of their armor type? This was amazing. In Heavenblessed, most bosses and monsters were heavily-armored. If I used the Dragon Slaying Slash to kill them, its effect would be double!

My feet shifted as I quickly moved through the forest. I repeatedly released the Dragon Slaying Slash. The cyan blades crashed on the Armored Rhino’s head so it could not attack or use a skill even once. The Armored Rhino died under five successive Dragon Slaying Slashes!

"Argh argh..."

The Armored Rhino died with a scream, dropping a Phantasmal Magic Stone, and its skin. I picked it up and looked. Rank 8 material used for leather armor. Not bad. I placed it into my bag. I would give it to Yamete later and make him the best armorsmith of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Yamete was very diligent recently, and used Murong Mingyue as his target. He furiously leveled up and practiced his skills as though he was having his second spring.

I probably should have needed at least half of my HP to kill a Level 112 elite. But with the power of Dragon Slaying Slash and my Thunderous Charge that could stun the monster for 5 seconds, I could retreat and use Dragon Slaying Slash to attack, and greatly increase my grinding efficiency. I had no need for recovery and could go kill the next Armored Rhino.

There were numerous rhinos moving around the opening, and this provided a good leveling location. I had nothing to do so I would practice with the rhino monsters here. Of course, I didn't dare to lure these Level 112 Armored Rhinos in huge groups. That was akin to seeking death. The Armored Rhinos had Charge skills. If a herd of rhinos charged and used War Stampede, ten of me won't be able to stop them!

I released the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf to level up together. The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf was relatively low-level, and it could get rich experience from killing these Armored Rhinos with levels much higher than it. It could go up a level by fighting every fifteen minutes or so. It wouldn't take much time to reach my own, Level 97.

After fighting for a while, I found a blue dot on the map. I found there was a group of human NPC military temporarily resting in the forest. Their levels weren't high. Two Level 90 swordsmen, a Level 94 assassin, and a Level 95 mage.

The two swordsmen were sorrily off, their metal armor covered in cracks. They clearly had experienced a fierce battle and their broadswords were pitted. They panted heavily on the ground, their expressions ugly. The mage was an old man of about 60 who held a staff with a ruby embedded at the top. The edges of the ruby were burnt. He was also badly off. This old mage was likely the leader of this adventurer team. He was called "Jon the Windchaser". He should be a wind-type mage.


The Windchaser panted as he held the staff and said, "Such a strong monster. I hadn't expected the Dragonbone Mountains to be so dangerous. Pitiful Bush, trampled to death by the rhinos the first time he came here..."

The Level 94 assassin NPC was a woman and moved the blades in her hand. She said, "Grandfather Jon, we need to take some of the responsibility for Bush's death. We underestimated the Armored Rhino's attack power and savagery..."


The Windchaser nodded and said, "What should we do now? We cannot complete Lord Arthas’s quest. Even if we return to the city, Lord Arthas will be displeased and even send us to the border forts as manual laborers..."

The assassin's gaze was cold. "Or are we going to... betray Floating Ice City, and our past oaths sworn under Princess Karinshan's banner for this quest?"

A swordsman stood up and gritted his teeth. "Damn it, that Lord Arthas is greedy and cruel. For the rhinos’ hearts, he had made us come to this terrifying place. This kind of savage and selfish nobility is not worth us sacrificing our lives over!"

"Shut up, Merlin, you want to profane against the monarchy?"

The Windchaser stopped the cursing and fell dispiritedly to the grass.


This was my chance!

I stepped decisively out of the forest in front of this NPC adventurer team and said, "Everyone, I am an adventurer from Sky City, and once stayed in Floating Ice City. How can I help you?"

I immediately showed my title—Purgatory Thunder. This amazing title should be able to deter them slightly?

Jon the Windchaser's eyes lit up. He said, "You are a warrior from Sky City? Haha, great, with your help, we should be able to complete this quest..."

"Oh, what quest?"

The Windchaser's expression dimmed. He said, "In Floating Ice City, there is an important noble with nearly 20% of the country's land. He possesses his own army. He is called Lord Arthas, and he is Princess Karinshan's distant cousin. After Princess Karinshan took the regency, Arthas has been blocking her with all kinds of excuses and requested Princess Karinshan to give him Fort Iron Bull. Her Highness could only keep pushing it off…”

The assassin was furious and said, "Her Highness Karinshan is only wary of Arthas’s army. He commands too many corps. If not for the army, Her Highness would have cut off Arthas’s head for treason and hung it on Floating Ice City's gates."

The Windchaser nodded. "Pity, Her Highness Karinshan cannot act by herself. She would fall into a trap and be criticized."

I took a deep breath and said, "Let's speak of the present. How can I help you?"

The Windchaser said, "Her Highness Karinshan has given a call to fight traitors. She plans to attack the Night Creature army near Fort Iron Bull. But Arthas, despite his strong military influence, lied that he has fallen ill and cannot participate. He said he can only heal with 100 Armored Rhino Hearts. So, as Her Highness's subordinates, we could only come here and fight with those terrifying Armored Rhinos ..."

The assassin wore a terrified look. "The Armored Rhinos are so strong that we cannot win. The monsters of Dragonbone Mountain have grown stronger. I fear even Her Highness hasn't thought that this place would have developed so much..."

I immediately realized. These NPCs were only normal elite NPCs, and the strongest was Level 95. The Armored Rhinos were Level 112 elites. One against five was not too hard, especially with skills like Charge and War Stampede. It may be possible to kill these Level 95 NPCs instantly.

So I nodded. "Leave this to me. I’ll gather the hearts for you!"

"Oh! Thank you very much, young warrior!"

The Windchaser looked at me, admiration clear within his eyes. "Sky City truly is the east’s fortress. Even their young warriors are so amazing!!"


System Notice: You accepted the quest [Hearts of the Armored Rhinos]! (Current Quest Rank: S-)

Description: Gather 100 Armored Rhino Hearts to give to Jon the Windchaser. You will be generously rewarded. But be careful. The Armored Rhinos are very strong, and have become a nightmare for adventurers!


Okay, time to get to work. I’d killed Armored Rhinos before. They were nightmares to the NPCs, but for me, they were just a beautiful dream that let me farm EXP, quest reward, and skins for Yamete. What a boon to find a quest here!

I summoned the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf to keep making the lives of the Armored Rhinos miserable. This time, I changed the attack order. I would first use the Dragon Slaying Slash from a distance. After three Dragon Slaying Slashes, the Armored Rhino would charge me. I would then use Thunderous Charge for a 5-second stun, and swing my sword around before retreating and using another Dragon Slaying Slash. I could basically kill it without taking any damage. The maneuver would use about 30% of my MP, so every 3 monsters I would have to use a Rank 6 Magic Consumable. It was nothing. With its cooldown, it could keep me full at all times.

"Argh argh..."

Another Armored Rhino fell to the ground, dead. I charged forward and rolled the corpse. No quest item had dropped. I used the Purgatory Sword to cut open the rhino’s chest. Immediately, all kinds of organs surged out, and the smell of grass assaulted my nostrils. In the chest, I found a heart that just stopped beating and plucked it out. As expected, this was the heart of the Armored Rhino, the quest item I needed!

I threw it into my bag and continued to kill. I had so many more to kill!

No matter, I’ll kill until six at night, finish the quest, and then go eat!


Time slowly passed, and the Armored Rhinos kept dying under my Purgatory Sword. With my mechanics and speed, I faced no pressure even if I lured 2 or 3 rhinos at a time. Dragon Slaying Slash proved to be a powerful long-range skill. Being able to attack from a distance while moving made me feel the advantage mages and archers enjoyed while grinding.

I fought for more than two hours until it was nearly six. I had long gotten the necessary number of quest items. I’d gathered 600 Armored Rhino Hearts, much more than the quest entailed!


Golden light fell. The rich experience let me reach Level 98. I was one step closer to Level 100!

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