Chapter 338: Double Cultivation of Magic and Martial Arts

The undead holy magus Rinser had a pair of eyes with dead gray color. He looked coolly at me and said, "Young undead, who are you?"

I was conflicted inside. Did I want this holy magus as my trainer? But I was a true warrior. If I became a mage, what would my future be?

But I couldn’t continue like this without a trainer. If that happened, I’d fall behind others. After the fourth class promotion at Level 100, each class would have powerful skills to learn. If I stopped moving forward, I’d fall behind and be eliminated sooner or later.

Finally, I decided and looked up at Rinser. I said, "Xinran told me to find you. She said you can become my trainer!"

"Xinran? Oh, the Wind Singer..." Rinser laughed. "I do not know if the reawakening of the Wind Singer is good or bad for the continent. However, I will seriously consider what the Wind Singer has handed over. Boy, let me ask you, are you willing to become a mage?"

I shook my head. "No, I am a warrior!"


Rinser said coolly, "Since it is like this, you can go back whence you came!"

I said, "Xinran said that if you don’t accept me she will come and turn this old nest of yours over..."


Rinser's old body shook slightly. A smile appeared on his withered face. The bark-like wrinkles looked worse than old tree bark.

"Ha, young warrior, I was just joking. If this is the case, then I will give you another choice. Are you willing to become a magic warrior?"

"Magic warrior?" I was shocked. "What is a magic warrior?"

Rinser looked dismissively at me, and then looked up at the sky. He said in a trembling voice, "These warriors who break through the boundary of life and death to perfectly fuse magic and martial skills are blessed by the gods. They can possess powerful magic attack skills. Now, you have this opportunity!"


I glared. "A merging of magic and martial skill... Is that possible?"

"Hmph, why not?"

Rinser floated to the ground, his withered hand pressing on my shoulder. HIs gaze was full of confidence as he laughed softly. "Child, since I have decided to become your trainer, your guiding light, then I can first teach you some magic strength understanding. Come, see the power of magic and martial skill!"

After a ding, a box for learning skills appeared in front of me. There was only one skill to be learned—

Dragon Rock Fireball: Gathers a tremendous amount of flame energy that deals massive damage to a single target 1 to 40 yards away from the user. Attack power is determined by the user’s Magic Attack. Level Requirement: 90. Cost: 2000 Reputation, 5000 gold!


Tsk tsk, this was drastically different from the skills normal mages learned. The name was magnificent. I don't know what it would be like when I learned it!

I was ecstatic inside. I chose the Dragon Rock Fireball and then confirmed!

Immediately, there was another "ding".

System Notice: Please choose one of your current skills to fuse with!

Damn, it could be fused!

Dragon Rock Fireball was a single-target skill. Let me fuse it with a close-range attack. I couldn't use something like Thousand Mirage Slash. If the result wasn’t that good, I would be losing out!

I looked around. Desperate Gambit was a high-damage skill that I didn't bear to part with. Ice Ray was a control skill that decreased movement speed, a trump card to kill bosses. I also didn't want to part with it. Thousand Mirage Slash, Purple Dragon Howl, Deterrence, Pardon, I didn't want to lose any of them. I looked around. Yes, only Slayer Slash could be fused. Slayer Slash's attack power wasn't low, but it didn't have any other special properties. It was the one!

I chose to fuse Slayer Slash with Dragon Rock Fireball. In the next moment, Rinser closed his eyes. The specks of light flew from his palm under guidance of his magic and landed on my shoulder. I felt great strength pouring into my body, as if he was forcefully stuffing me with mana. In a few minutes, the bell of the system echoed—


System Notice: Congratulations, your skill Slayer Slash has successfully fused with Dragon Rock Fireball. You have produced a new skill—Dragon Slaying Slash!


Dragon Slaying Slash? The name sounded very sharp...

I was overjoyed and hurriedly opened my skill list. As expected, a new skill had appeared—Dragon Slaying Slash. I opened it to look. It seemed very strong.

Dragon Slaying Slash: Gathers a tremendous amount of energy and summons an energy blade that deals massive damage to a single target 1 to 40 yards away from the user. Resulting damage is determined by the user’s Attack. Cooldown: 1 second. MP cost: 50.


Slayer Slash had completely vanished in exchange for a long-range physical skill. Undoubtedly, I had profited. Forty yards of attack range, and the attack damage was based on physical damage. The cooldown time was 1 second, so it basically had no cooldown. It was a skill that could be used repeatedly! This Dragon Slaying Slash would become a nightmare for archers and mages. Picking them off from far away was no longer a dream!

I was extremely excited and hurriedly locked onto a snow-covered pine as a target. I released the Dragon Slaying Slash!

The Purgatory Sword was shrouded in blood-red. A great power appeared on my left arm. I raised my hand, my magic power howling out. In the next moment, a cyan blade appeared in the air and smashed onto the pine like lightning!


Snow flew. The pine was split into pieces. The power of Dragon Slaying Slash was unquestionable. It was much stronger than the single-target close-range Slayer Slash. This was so nice. One Slayer Slash in exchange for such a powerful attack. I’ve struck gold!


At this time, Rinser showed a gratified expression. He looked at me. "Child, you have great comprehension. Now, will you take on my inheritance?"

I nodded. "Yes, trainer!"

"Oh, no no, I am not your trainer right now." Rinser's eyes flashed with cunning as he smiled. "You must complete a quest before I officially become your trainer, and give you the other magic skills. This quest will be slightly difficult. Are you willing to accept?"

Did this have to be said? To become stronger, to become the legendary dual cultivator of magic and martial arts, all sacrifices were worth it!

I nodded, "Yes, Trainer Rinser, I am willing to accept!"


Rinser nodded. "After the Violet Empire was restored, everything must start from the beginning. I plan to build the first magic school inside the empire so I need large amounts of magic power and construction plans. Boy, you need to gather equipment containing magic and bring it to me!"


System Notice: You have accepted the quest [Gather Magic Power]! (Current Quest Rank: A+)

Description: The Violet Empire needs a large amount of magic power to build their magic school. You must gather 100 Silver-grade items, none of them below Level 60, and give them to Rinser. As a reward, you will be rewarded with the class inheritance and become a powerful warrior blessed by the gods!



I swallowed. 100 Silver-grade? Was... was this a trap? Where would I even find 100 Silver-grade items?

Never mind, I’ll go look in the guild warehouse and then ask friends to get some. It shouldn't be too hard to gather 100 high-level Silver-grade items. But the quest was so draining. 100 Silver-grade items could be sold for tens of thousands of RMB. This quest was so costly!

I looked up at Rinser. The old man was looking seriously at me. As expected, he was the same as those evil corrupt officials. They looked righteous on the outside, but inside, they were bandits.

Rinser said, "Go, child. When you need to return here, you can use the teleportation formation of any city! I have set down secret magic marks..."


I took out the return scroll and crushed it. I had to go back to Sky City and get 100 Silver-grade items first!

Light flashed. I appeared in Sky City. I quickly ran to the warehouse area and chose the guild warehouse. As expected, there were many high-level items. These were all spoils from fighting in the divine site halls and hadn't yet been distributed. I was the vice leader, and could use them, but there would be tracks left behind!

It wouldn’t be alright. I replaced each one with 100 gold, and only took the trash ones. There were only 67 items. The rest were good items I had to leave to the guild players. Otherwise, He Yi would scold me to death when she returned.

I looked at the players selling by the city gates. I found each person was extremely blackhearted. A trash Level 70 Silver-grade item was priced at 1000 gold. They were depreciating gold into copper!

There was no solution. I sent a message to ask people for equipment. The responses I got were like this—

Murong Mingyue: "I put all my equipment into the guild warehouse. How about it, is your sister great?"

Beiming Xue: "I sold them all..."

Xu Yang: "I gave them all away..."

Legendary Brave: "Ahha, vice leader, time has passed so quickly. In 364 days, we will have known each other for a year!"


It appeared that there was no future in asking for equipment from our people. I could only call Lin Yixin. "Yiyi, I have something to discuss..."

"Oh, what is it?"

"Sell me 33 Silver-grade items, the cheaper ones..."

Lin Yixin was immediately wary. "Why do you need so many Silver-grade items? Do you want to bribe some new girls?"

"Fuck, what are you thinking!"

I said righteously. "I found a new trainer, this is their red envelope. I need 100 Silver-grade items. I only have 67, so I thought of you..."

"Oh? A new trainer..." Lin Yixin laughed excitedly. "Heehee, when can we go slaughter him?"


"Haha, just kidding. Where are you? I just happen to be repairing equipment in Sky City. 33 Silver-grade items is nothing, I won’t even ask you for money."

"Okay, I’m near the eastern gate of Sky City."

"I’ll be right there!"


Soon after, Lin Yixin's beautiful figure appeared in the city. She gave me 33 trash Silver-grade items and said, "Enough?"

"Yes, thank you, thank you!"

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