Chapter 337: Rinser

I was extremely excited and grabbed Xinran's shoulder armor. I asked urgently, "Xinran, you really have someone suitable to introduce to me as a trainer?"


Xinran nodded seriously and said, "That person possesses great power and is an undead who does not fear power. He is loyal to the Blood Dance Legion. However, that person has a strange temper, and big brother, you may have some difficulties."

"No problem. As long as I have a teacher to learn skills from, nothing is a problem!"

"Yes, alright!"

Xinran laughed softly. "He lives on the snowy peak of Dragonbone Mountain Range. His name is Rinser. You’ll be able to find him in the Snow Domain!"

I nodded. "Then I’m off!"



I took out a return scroll and crushed it!


I appeared in Sky City and then ran down the sky stairs without stopping. In a blink, I was on the ground. I sprinted toward Dragonbone Mountain Range with my sword. When I looked up, the Dragonbone Mountain Range wrapped around Sky City's land. However, there weren’t many peaks with snow on them, only a stretch of about two miles. It shouldn't be much of a problem to find this Rinser.

I summoned the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. I fought and killed along the way to level the little wolf!

At this time, I thought of Lin Yixin. She was also online, and so I sent a chat request. A few seconds later, it connected, and the soft panting of the beauty on the other side came.

"What are you doing?"

"Killing a cow."

"What kind of cow?"

"A cow from Moomoo Mountain..."


Lin Yixin giggled and said, "Lu Chen, what happened last night? Based on Li Le's personality, he wouldn’t proactively provoke people offline. His father wouldn’t allow him to do as he pleased."

I told her about the complicated relationship between Du Thirteen, Xue Lu, Life of Luxury, and Li Le.

"This Xue Lu... What kind of girl is she?" Lin Yixin was confused. "Even if she’s alone and helpless, she can just go to the police and return to Suzhou. Why does she have to be a kept woman? Did she have to go to that kind of bar to work after returning to Suzhou?"

I smiled. "People are different. Some people have no abilities but admire that kind of life. And so, they make sacrifices. Xue Lu... yeah, she’s not easy to talk about. Maybe she was too young then, and her vanity surpassed everything?"

Lin Yixin still couldn't understand. "Even if it was vanity, she was first with Li Le, and then with Life of Luxury. These two know each other. What was she thinking?"

My mind was in chaos. "This... How would I know? Maybe they’re comparing techniques or something..."

Lin Yixin said, "Never mind, what are you doing now?"

"Going to Dragonbone Mountain Range!"

"Dragonbone Mountain Range?" Lin Yixin was surprised. "The monsters there are very high levels. What are you going to die there for?"

"Not going there to die, I’m going to find a new class trainer. Xinran said there’s a powerful undead who hates evil in the Dragonbone Mountain Range suitable to be my trainer, so I had to go. You know that I’m Level 97 now. I’ll soon be Level 100 and reach my fourth class promotion. I would lose a lot without a trainer!"

"Haha, you finally thought of finding a class trainer. I thought you would stay wild until Level 150!"

"Fuck, who’s staying wild..."




I swallowed and said, "Yiyi, who is your trainer? The goddess deep in the glaciers?"

"No! My trainer is the Wanderer Trainer in Sky City. The goddess was just responsible for passing me holy energy, not a trainer."

"Then have you gone to see your goddess again?"

"No, the map was refreshed. The glaciers there disappeared. I don't know what happened, it seemed to have sunk into the ground."

"Alright, I’m going to find my trainer. Continue doing your thing!"

"Okay, let's eat together when we are free, your treat!"



I closed the chat and continued to travel.

After nearly an hour, I reached Dragonbone Mountain Range. The mountains stretched for nearly a hundred kilometers, and surrounded more than half of Sky City. It was the mother mountain range of Sky City. Also, there were many varied monsters in the mountain range, their levels between 100 and 155. Some of the mobs there might be even higher. This place was bound to become the main leveling ground for high-level players in the future.

I followed along the mountain path upward. Soon after, wild bears covered in metal shells appeared in the forest. They were called Armored Bears. Level 105 elite monsters. Their Attack and Defense were strong, but their shortcoming was attack speed and movement speed which were low. Overall, they were easy to kill.

Clang clang clang!

The Purgatory Sword tore apart the Armored Bear's armor with a spray of sparks. The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf charged forward and bit the Armored Bear's neck until it died. It also tore a piece of meat off the corpse and started to chew it happily. The language of the beasts was just too savage!


Ice Ray penetrated the wild bear's back. I pulled out my longsword and raised my hand for Death Plunder. This elite monster had a pretty good loot table. I would get something every time I used Death Plunder. It was different from high-level bosses, who in 99% of the cases wouldn’t give me anything for my troubles!

Of course, the game design was logical for the balance of the game. Otherwise, Death Plunder would become my regular tool for killing bosses. I would have two drops for killing a boss once. The other players wouldn’t want to live if they knew.

I moved about slowly, taking my time to kill the monsters around. I needed to level up anyway, and these monsters yielded considerable EXP and items. Grinding them was bound to be enjoyable.

I fought until the evening. I ate dinner and continued to kill. After the trip, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf had reached Level 82 and grown very quickly. Its stats were madly strong—


Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf (Epic Rank Boss)

Level: 82

Attack: 1640

Defense: 1476

HP: 16400

Agility: 2460

Skills: Flurry Dance, Greedy Wolf Howl


It had 1640 Attack, not any less than me. Its Defense was 1476, about the same as me when I activated the Ghost Deity Armor and Enhanced Bones. Its HP was 16400, almost three times my HP. This little wolf had no doubt grown into an essential offensive tank!

"Roar roar!"

Under a low pine tree, the Level 82 little wolf bit at a Level 115 elite Demon Antelope. It was like a lover who suddenly met after being separated for many years. Its obsession and enthusiasm with meat made me blush in shame!

The Demon Antelope was displeased, and gave the little wolf a four-hit Flurry with its horn. Four damage numbers immediately rose—





The string of numbers almost killed the little wolf. I was given a fright. Level 115 elite monsters were really strong. It was 33 levels higher than the little wolf. Due to level suppression the mob basically ignored little wolf’s stats who almost lost its teeth and howled, running away.

I charged, and used Ice Ray into War Crush. The Purgatory Sword thrust out, and a series of attacks killed the Demon Antelope. The little wolf's HP slowly came back. This was displeasing. The pet's regeneration had not improved. Like now, the little wolf needed 2 minutes to recover to full HP after its HP was almost empty. It was so slow. It couldn't keep up with the demand.

After this, I started to avoid monsters as I advanced. The higher I went, the higher level the mobs became. Soon, Level 120 elite monsters appeared. Then, the mobs reached such high levels that I couldn’t inspect their stats!

I recalled the little wolf back into the pet space. I started to use Earth Escape to avoid aggroing the monsters. Further into the mountain range, monsters might have even reached Level 150. If I was seen, those high-level mountain antelopes that looked like alpacas would charge and use War Stampede. That wasn’t something I could take!

After suffering for nearly two hours, I finally came to the snowy peak area. This was about two kilometers of snow. Luckily, there were no monsters here.

I left the Earth Escape state and cautiously checked my surroundings as I ventured forward. I couldn’t afford to be careless. Any elite monster, or even a normal monster at Level 155 could kill me with a single skill. I only had slightly over 5000 HP. The disparity was just too great.

I didn’t even walk half of the flat snowy area when I suddenly felt the mountain under me started to shake violently!

An earthquake?

I pulled out the Purgatory Sword. I didn't care whether it was an earthquake or not. I stabbed the sword into the ground. I thought that if I hugged the sword hilt, I wouldn't be thrown to Mars.

But then at this time, small bumps appeared in the snow in front of me that then broke apart. Black skeleton soldiers burrowed out. Shit, high-level ones too!

Fuck, there were monsters?!

I held my sword and was going to attack when a trembling voice sounded. "Young undead from afar, why have you come to this snowy domain?"

I looked up and saw an old guy with a staff floating in the air and slowly landed. He wore a grand robe, and was wrapped in wind blades. The line above his head broke my heart—


Bone Soul Rinser (Epic Rank NPC)

Level: ???

Introduction: An undead holy magus who has lived for tens of thousands of years. He possesses great power, and has accepted Queen Sophia's request. Bone Soul Rinser has become the first royal holy magus of the newborn Violet Empire. He commands all mages in the realm, and is a respected elder.



I swallowed. This Rinser appeared unusually powerful. His intimidating presence made me want to strip naked. But... but I need a close-combat trainer. This guy is a mage. What is this trap?!

I wailed inside. "Xinran, do you not love your big brother anymore..."

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