Chapter 336: Thunder God Hammer


I walked near the border of Sky Forest. Nearby, there was an NPC farm. The breeze blew through the wheat fields, causing wheat stalks to sway. The wind carried the scent of the field and made people feel relaxed.

I carried the Purgatory Sword slanted across my armored back. I held a wooden stick in one hand as I confidently plucked a green leaf from the roadside and chewed it as I used the stick to beat the inky green flowers along the bushes. I was in an extremely good mood.


I looked down. The dragon scales of my obsidian armor gleamed under the light. I couldn't help but touch my chest. A trembling voice echoed in my mind—

"Since I’m leaving tomorrow, I’m going to leave a permanent spell in your soul. From this moment onward, no matter where you go, no matter who you choose to marry in the future, you will always think about me on a rainy day, and your heart will hurt slightly because of it."


I shuddered and froze there. He Yi's face and smile appeared in my mind. She was on the other side of the ocean now? Was she happy today?

While my heart wasn't in pain, I could clearly sense that I missed her greatly in less than 10 hours. Maybe, having He Yi always by me for a fortnight was a luxury. He Yi was the GGS Asia’s Vice President. A woman like this couldn’t be held down by one person. At least, she could not always keep me company.


I exhaled. When I looked up, I found a soaring black city standing in the valley in front of me. It was just a bit smaller than Sky City. However, it was better than Floating Ice City. The walls were dozens of meters high and extremely thick. The defensive ability of this city far surpassed Floating Ice City!

I summoned the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. It was already Level 68 now. This couldn't have been avoided as it had died a few times in the divine site battles.

The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf howled softly as it closely followed me. Its eyes looked with some fear toward Violet City. It seemed to be innately terrified of this city that belonged to the undead. The little wolf was an Epic Rank boss pet. It would definitely be cautious of undead beings. Also, it was so low-level that some NPCs could easily kill it. It would be strange if it wasn't afraid.

I patted the little wolf's head and said, "Don't be afraid, you’re one of ours!"

The little wolf became much calmer and started to sway its head.


Some players had already settled in Violet City. It may not count as settling in, but they were using this place as a temporary supply spot. Last time, after the battle of Skull Castle, Blood Dance Legion, and Silver Moon Alliance had reached an alliance agreement. The players of Silver Moon Alliance could purchase items from here. Violet City was right next to the Dragonbone Mountain Range, Fort Iron Bull, and other important leveling maps. Because of that, it was a very good location for a temporary supply depot.

I showed the insignia of the Blood Dance Legion on my shoulder and easily entered the city. I sprinted until I reached the front of the palace. I looked up. A statue of an enormous blood-colored sword seemed to charge into the sky from the inner courtyard of the palace. This represented the coldness and resilience of the Blood Dance Legion. This structure was so magnificent it rivaled Sky City!

Before even entering the palace, the two guards knelt on one knee respectfully and said, "Sir!"

I didn’t speak and led the little wolf into the palace. My military rank in the Blood Dance Legion seemed to have reached the fifth rank, Ash Knight. I counted as a local official. Mn, this felt so good. I could enter the city unimpeded!

I trekked through the forest paths. When I reached the outside of the palace hall, a group of high-level undead guards were standing on two sides. They looked at me with fierce expressions, their gazes flashing with distrust and doubt.

I was careful and continued to advance forward with a dark expression. I went up the stairs into the hall. As expected, there were no thrones in the hall, just Princess Sophia standing under the emblem of the Violet Empire as she looked down on the officials at the side with a hand on her sword.

When I walked into the hall, an NPC soldier immediately came over. It was the Shadow Dancer, Xue Wei!

"You came!"

Xue Wei nodded and smiled. "Her Majesty has frequently mentioned you to me. I hadn't expected you to come here today!"

I nodded. "Xue Wei, where is Xinran?"

"Lady Wind Singer?"

Xue Wei stilled and gave a secretive smile. "Lady Wind Singer is in a holy place, and temporarily cannot meet you..."

I insisted. "But I want to meet her..."

"Then..." Xue Wei hesitated and sighed. "Never mind. She should be willing to see you. Come with me!"


Xue Wei led me out of the hall to the magic altar behind the hall. Then she said to the old white-haired mages. "Come, open the teleportation formation to the God Domain!"

"Yes, my lord!"

The old mages began casting a spell and the light of their magic power flowed into the magic stone. An enormous presence of magic surged toward the center of the formation. Soon after, the teleportation formation took form. Xue Wei laughed softly. "Come with me!"


I was shocked inside. God Domain? Why would Xinran be in the God Domain? Wasn't the God Domain the highest level the players pursued? What’s going on?


I stepped into the magic formation full of doubts. In the next moment, my body was torn apart into light that traveled through space!


It was dark. I had reached another world!

I looked up and was stunned. It was a vast and miserable valley in front of me. The valley was full of corpses, and not ones belonging to humans. Did this seem like a God Domain? It was... like a divine graveyard. The dead were not ordinary people, but ancient gods!

Seeing my shocked expression, Xue Wei smiled and pointed at an enormous corpse nearby with a giant sword. The corpse was about ten meters tall, and looked like a statue. The blood and flesh had rotted to leave behind white bones glinting with silver light. However, the intimidating majesty still remained. The golden armor had not been erased by time.

"This is the corpse of the ancient Battle God Othyus..." Xue Wei said with a smile.

I took a deep breath. As expected, in Heavenblessed's information, Battle Gods were the strongest of the God Domain. And yet, one of them forfeited their life here...

I looked onward and saw a deep gully heading into the distance. At the end of the gully, a staff shining with silver light was stuck into the stone, the owner nowhere to be found.

Xue Wei said, "This is the scepter of the Ice Goddess. However, only her Ice Scepter is left here. Her body was shattered by the evil spirits..."

I was shocked. The Ice Goddess had passed away?

I looked forward, and saw an arm appear on the mountain ridge. The arm bone was holding an enormous heavy battle hammer which flashed with lightning. The power contained within was astounding.

Xue Wei smiled. "This is the corpse of the Thunder God. During the battle of devils and gods, he used the Thunder God Hammer to kill three enemy leaders. But in the end, his arm was cut off. The Thunder God, having lost his hammer, was pushed into Purgatory, his soul never to be redeemed."

I shuddered. "Who was the enemy able to kill so many gods?"

Xue Wei shook her head. "This is something that happened tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago. I was not born then and thus do not know."

I looked at the Thunder God Hammer and said, "This is a divine weapon?"


Xue Wei nodded. "Yes, an ancient divine weapon. It possesses great power. However... These are cursed weapons. Their masters have passed away, and these divine items will not let themselves be wielded by anyone. Otherwise, they will bring down eternal curses that you can never break free of..."

I reached out to grab the hilt of the Thunder God Hammer. Immediately, a vast power surged into my body. My eyes lit up. "Could I..."

"No!" Xue Wei's voice was very firm.

I grabbed on to the hilt of the divine weapon. "I want it..."

Xue Wei grabbed at my arm desperately. "No, you really cannot take it..."


At this time, a crisp voice came from the sky. "What are you doing?"


Xue Wei and I looked up and found a beautiful young girl standing there in the wind. She held a spear brimming with dragon energy. Her black armor shone with bloody light. Her beautiful face was confused as she looked at me who was holding the Thunder God Hammer and Shadow Dancer Xue Wei who was grabbing me.

"It's all because of you!" Xue Wei stuck out her tongue and turned to look respectfully at Xinran. She said, "Lady Wind Singer, he requested to meet you!"


Xinran gave a smile. "Big brother, you finally came to find me?"

I nodded. "Xinran,why did you come to this remote place..."


Xinran was speechless. A few seconds later, she said, "I am working to open the sealed Door of Darkness. Maybe I can save the tormented souls of these gods..."

"Oh, really?"


Xue Wei also nodded and said, "After we used the Devil Suppressing Sword to seal the door to the Devil Domain, we discovered the entrance to the God Domain. Therefore, Lady Wind Singer came here in search of the legendary Door of Darkness. If we find the Door of Darkness, we may be able to awaken the souls of these gods!"

I was shocked. I suddenly understood that Xinran was no longer the little loli holding a corner of my robe. Xinran had grown into someone with an important mission.


Seeing my shocked face, Xinran landed lightly and stood next to me. She held my arm as always and said, "Big brother, you have anything to say?"


"Then why did you come find me?"

"Ugh..." I hesitated for a few seconds and said, "I just wanted to see if you can find a suitable trainer for me. Last time, at Frost Mound, I... killed Suren..."

Xinran laughed. "Big brother, you killed Suren for me?"

"Err... yeah..."


Seeing my embarrassment, Xinran grinned. She thought for a moment and said, "There aren’t many who are strong enough to become your trainer. However, I have a candidate. I just don't know if you’d be willing..."


I shook. Inside, I was overjoyed. My new trainer was coming!

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