Chapter 330: Girl vs Girl

The circular blast overflowing with undead energy that was Purple Dragon Howl tore apart the iron defense of Warsky Alliance like it was wet paper. The skill lasted almost 10 seconds, and these 10 seconds later, less than 10% of Warsky players were still standing in the hall!

"Well done, vice leader!"

High Fighting Spirits laughed loudly before activating Xiezhi Howl. The image of a giant Xiezhi overlapped with his body as the energy wave engulfed a couple of archers instantly.

It was over. Warsky Alliance only had tens of players left in the Divine Site Hall, and Snowy Cathaya had over seventy at minimum. If that upper hand wasn’t solid enough, everyone in the divine site hall was a first-rate expert, meaning that it was difficult as hell for one side to kill the other without absolute advantage in numbers.


A short distance away, Laughing at the Heavens was roaring angrily and charging a group of Snowy Cathaya players. But Beiming Xue dealt with the fury of the CGL Hall of Famer calmly and said, "Calm down, everyone. CGL Hall of Famers are powerful, but they’re still humans, you know? Everyone, lock onto Laughing at the Heavens and one-shot him with Devil Piercing Arrows and Volleys!"

Beiming Xue herself drew her Milky Way Bow and launched a Freezing Arrow and Evil Spirit Volley after giving the order. All around her, the archers loosed their arrows at Laughing at the Heavens as well!

Thud thud thud…

Laughing at the Heavens let out a painful groan as he was turned into a porcupine. No amount of HP was enough to withstand a concentrated assault like this. Dropping to his knees and stabbing his spear on the floor, he glared at Beiming Xue with bloodshot eyes and said angrily, "Just you wait, Dark Archer…"

He Yi ran up to him and put a huge hole at the center of his chest with the Soul Stealing Spear, deleting the last sliver of HP from his health bar.


Finally, Laughing at the Heavens turned into sparks and teleported back to the city. Everyone was happy that they had taken out yet another super expert. It was always nice to have superior numbers, and the effectiveness of the strategy was further cemented by the fact that we had just taken out a CGL Hall of Famer. Truly, quantity would always be better than quality. If everyone shoots you for 100 HP, you will die no matter how much HP you have!

Even if this was a one-on-one battle, Beiming Xue didn’t necessarily stand no chance against Laughing at the Heavens. The Milky Way Bow was incredibly powerful, and Beiming Xue’s stratagem—+25% attack range—was the stuff of legends. Besides that, Laughing at the Heavens was a top-rate expert, but not a Heavenly King like Lin Fan or Frivolous Scholar. Hell, not even Candlelight Shadow and I were really Heavenly Kings yet. We were both a thread away from reaching that level, and it looked like only a national war could help us close that final gap.


The battle surrounding October Rain was incredibly fast-paced. Somehow, the girl was able to parry enemy attacks with the dagger in her left hand, and shoot arrows rapidly with her right!

Thud thud thud!

High Fighting Spirits almost died after taking three shots in quick succession. He recovered to full health thanks to Moon Dew, but the enemy archer had already left his attack range and fired yet another two arrows to his head.

Enraged, High Fighting Spirits swung his battle axe and said, "This girl is so annoying! You and Yun, help me eliminate her!"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun had already moved even before High Fighting Spirits requested help. He swung his broadsword straight at October Rain’s back.


However, October Rain pulled out her dagger, spun around, and parried his attack in just the blink of an eye. Then, she immediately followed up with a poisonous slash right between Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun’s neck, slowing him down massively and buying herself time to make some distance! That wasn’t all. She put away her dagger again, raised her bow, and loosed a quick Volley at the fighter, forcing him to Guard, barely surviving the attack! She was without a doubt a top-rate expert!


Everyone was stunned by her skill. At the very least, anyone with eyes could see that her reputation wasn’t undeserved. Despite being an archer, her close-combat skill was a beautiful sight to behold. People like her were difficult foes in 1v1 battles and an absolute terror in group battles!

It was at this moment Lin Yixin pulled out her own dagger and smiled. "A dagger user, huh. Everyone, stand aside! I’m going to fight her myself!"

I couldn’t help but smile. Fruit Knife Goddess versus October Rain, huh? I wonder who will emerge victorious?

I wasn’t idle while this was all going on, of course. While October Rain was busy fending for herself, I had exploited her absence and annihilated the remnants of Warsky Alliance. Once Lin Yixin took out October Rain, Snowy Cathaya would finally seize temporary control of Pegasus Spring!

Lin Yixin was already charging toward October Rain when I was done with my dirty work!

October Rain was retreating just as quickly as she loosed a Devil Piercing Arrow at Lin Yixin!

Lin Yixin raised her sword at the last possible second and assumed a Guard stance for less than 0.2 seconds. After blocking the deadly skill with a perfectly-timed Guard, she broke off into a run again and shortened the distance between herself and the archer! The Devil Piercing Arrow had failed to slow Lin Yixin for more than 0.4 seconds!

Before October Rain could recover from her surprise, Lin Yixin activated Charge and zoomed toward October Rain like a lightning bolt! The archer let out a soft snort and tried to veer out of harm’s way, but Lin Yixin curved her forward trajectory perfectly as if she had practiced this move a hundred times before! Not only did she not slow down in the slightest, she used the momentum of the skill to boost her speed even further until she was right behind October Rain like a ghost!

Stunned, October Rain hurriedly spun around and parried a devastating sword strike from Lin Yixin. But it was no use. Lin Yixin immediately pulled out her dagger, knocked October Rain’s dagger above her head and dropped to the ground without warning. Reversing her grip over the Moonlight Sword, she slashed October Rain right across her chest armor.


A shower of blood burst out of October Rain’s body as Lin Yixin skidded a couple meters across the stone floor. In that moment, she looked so beautiful and heroic that words failed me completely.

Behind Lin Yixin, October Rain’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. She had not seen the thunderous assault coming at all until it was too late. The next moment, she collapsed to her knees, looked up and scattered into a shower of sparks.


System Announcement: Player "Wind Fantasy" has entered the divine site hall and killed the current holder, "October Rain". The guild "Snowy Cathaya" has taken control of the divine site hall. If the occupation lasts over 60 minutes, Pegasus Spring will belong to the guild "Snowy Cathaya"!



High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Du Thirteen, Wolf Fang and the others all gulped as they stared at the beautiful heroine. Wolf Fang sighed to himself. "Fuck, Beauty Wind Fantasy truly is the number one female player in the entire game. This skill, this beauty, this aura…"

High Fighting Spirits nodded in agreement. "Yeah. She is worth at least half a Sky City at least. If anyone manages to win her heart…"

Du Thirteen turned to me. "Lu Chen shares a close relationship with her. Who knows, it might even be…"

I shivered from head to toe. "What the hell are you talking about? Our relationship is as pure as a clean sheet of paper, okay..."

Shiing! Lin Yixin sheathed her sword and turned around to face us. "Can you at least try to lower your voices when you’re talking about someone behind their backs? I’m right here. The arrogance of these people…"



"What is the situation outside?" I changed the subject.

He Yi smiled and answered me. "It’s still a bit chaotic. Mad Dragon, Gods of Destruction, and Flower Room are fighting each other. They are all trying to become the next guild to tackle the divine site hall."

Lin Yixin looked worried. "Warsky Alliance is the guild that worries me the most, and they’re probably going to show up again. Farewell Song, Laughing at the Heavens, Warsky... They are an incredible threat, so we’d better prepare as much as possible before they return…"

I smiled. "No worries. All we need to do is get more people into the divine site hall, and it’ll be A-OK!"

I looked back and forth between Lin Yixin and He Yi before adding, "The two of you should stay here and keep eyes on the entrance. I’m going to head out and delay them as much as possible before the inevitable. 60 minutes isn’t too long or too short, thankfully. If we successfully occupy Pegasus Spring today, then it’ll be a win-win for both our guilds!"


Lin Yixin nodded as a beautiful smile sprung to her lips. "We really should gather and celebrate once this divine site battle is over!"

"Absolutely." He Yi nodded in agreement.


I turned around and sneakily grabbed Murong Mingyue’s hand. "Moon Dew, you come as well!"


Moon Dew looked confused, but she followed me anyway. Murong Mingyue didn’t even bother to struggle as she asked, "What is it?"

"Well I don’t want to get one-shot the moment I step outside. That’s why I’m taking the two of you with me."


I pulled Moon Dew and Murong Mingyue to the entrance before instructing, "Come out once three seconds are up!"


With that done, I stepped out of the entrance without hesitation and narrowed my eyes a little under the blinding light. When my vision adjusted, I noticed that a group of Mad Dragon players were just getting ready to charge the entrance!

I immediately raised my sword and activated Thousand Mirage Slash!


Countless players perished under the attack. At the same time, I opened my palm and summoned the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. Stabbing the Purgatory Sword on the ground, I faced toward the players let out a bloodthirsty shout, "Come here and die if you don’t wish to live any longer!"

If that wasn’t imposing enough, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf was baring its teeth and bristling like a cyan porcupine. It looked like it would pounce like a loosed spring and tear some unfortunate sap into pieces at a moment’s notice.


My unexpected appearance struck a terrible blow to the enemies’ morale. My Obsidian Dragonscale Armor flashed intimidatingly under the sunlight, and my cape was flapping loudly to the wind. I looked like a reaper from hell as I stood menacingly at the entrance and glared at my enemies with my ID and level in full display:

Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand LV-95, Snowy Cathaya!

The intimidation attempt went so well that I could hardly believe it myself. For a time, the Mad Dragon and Flower Room players stared at each other as if urging the other party to challenge my authority, but dared not move a muscle on their own!

For a time, no one moved as they stared at me from afar. When Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew appeared behind me, they looked even more afraid than before.

I maintained my posture and stared at the crowd, buying time through intimidation and good acting, but before long, Murong Mingyue gave me a push in the back and said, "God, this is boring. Tell me a story, will ya?"

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