Chapter 329: Internal Strife

Hmph hmph! Beiming hadn’t become stronger. It was they who’d become weaker since they had chosen to join Roaming Dragon and rob others for a living.

A path to the front of the divine site hall appeared, and I immediately rushed through the entrance!


I had my guard up—literally with the Guard skill—because I was worried that someone might attack as I charged through, but my caution turned out to be completely unnecessary. A large group of players were fighting against each other far away from me, and I saw Warsky plunging his sword into Pillar of the Nation’s chest. The latter stared at the sword in his chest for a moment before looking up at Warsky. “You… you shameless, backstabbing ally murderer…”

Warsky smiled at his comment. “Cut the act already, will you? You think I don’t know that you were plotting with Dominating Heaven Blade to stab us in the back? Well, Farewell Song had already taken care of your ally, so may you rest in peace…”


Just like that, Warsky killed Pillar of the Nation and sent him back to the city. I was stunned, to be honest. I wasn’t expecting to be treated to a scene straight out of a movie the moment I came in. Interesting!


Not far away, Dominating Knight God and Dominating Warrior God worked together to drop October Rain to red health in two hits. Furious, Laughing at the Heavens raised his sword and shouted, “Don’t even think about hurting our girl!”

Laughing at the Heavens rushed toward Dominating Warrior God like lightning and slashed him twice in the back while October Rain backed away, killing the guy instantly. Dominating Warrior God dropped all his stat points into Strength, and his equipment wasn’t particularly outstanding. With only 4200 max HP, he was incapable of withstanding Laughing at the Heavens’ combo at all.

October Rain didn’t stop attacking Dominating Knight God even as she ran away to safety. Her accuracy was uncanny, and Dominating Knight God’s HP dropped to the red in just the blink of an eye. He was about to run away when a red flash appeared behind his back and cut through his body like nothing. It was Farewell Song delivering the fatal blow and dealing over 3000 damage in one hit!


Dominating Knight God dropped to his knees and scattered into sparks just like that.

While Warsky was clearing out the remnants of Hegemon Palace, Farewell Song, October Rain, Laughing at the Heavens, and a hundred or so Warsky Alliance players annihilated the rest of the Gods of Destruction in just the blink of an eye…


Speaking of which, I had been standing here for over a minute already, but no one had noticed me yet. Was my presence really that weak?

Rustle rustle…

Suddenly, I felt something soft ramming into my back. I spun around and saw Lin Yixin clutching her chest and glaring at me, “I thought you were fighting already…”

“Eh, let’s wait just a little longer…”

It was at this moment Warsky finally noticed me. He immediately raised his sword and shouted, “Fuck! All hands, red alert! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy are here! We aren’t gonna have a moment of peace as long as they’re around, so let’s take them out right here and now!”

Farewell Song, Laughing at the Heavens, and October Rain immediately rushed toward us, although Farewell Song went into stealth and vanished into thin air halfway. The next time he showed himself, someone would almost certainly be one-shot!

The good news was that we weren’t alone anymore. Around ninety or so Snow Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players were pouring through the entrance behind our backs. They made sure to spread out so that Warsky and Laughing at the Heavens couldn’t destroy us all with their AoE skills. It would be unwise to repeat Gods of Destruction’s mistake!



High Fighting Spirits shouted and cut down a Warsky Alliance assassin with his axe. He sensed something and looked up reflexively, but he was struck by seven or eight arrows before he could react and was forced to retreat. The enemy’s firepower was just too overwhelming, and even Purple Marquis was forced back by a couple of Ice Dragon Howls after unleashing just one aura attack.


Three of Snow Cathaya’s core players weren’t as lucky as he was. The enemy’s archers were very well organized, and there were almost a hundred of them. Long story short, it was a goddamned nightmare trying to survive their combined assault. Purple Marquis had tried to take them out with an AoE skill after he returned to full health, but he was put to the red and forced back again before he even could get close enough to do anything!

Lin Yixin shot me a glance, and I understood her meaning immediately. I nodded and said, “I’ll go first. You need to clear out those archers with your Ice Flame Slash. Think you can do it?”

“If you survive, then yes!”

“Got it!”

Maybe it was because I had grinded with Lin Yixin a lot, but there seemed to be an excellent rapport between the two of us. We exchanged a glance with each other before splitting away and charging toward the archer group from two different directions. I was slightly ahead of Lin Yixin since my goal was to attract the enemy’s firepower!

Thousand Mirage Slash only had a range of 9 yards, or 10 if I only targeted the front row. This meant that I would have to endure 30 yards of focus fire before I could get close enough to hit anyone. It was going to be a painful process!

October Rain was standing at the front of the archer group and aiming her bow at me. She shouted, “Target Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! Devil Piercing Arrows ready, loose!”

Twang twang twang twang!

I felt a chill in my heart as countless arrows flew my way. God damn, this is going to hurt!

I immediately held my sword in front of my face and tightened my defense!

Thud thud thud...





Columns of damage numbers floated above my head. None of the archers managed to deal too much damage to me, but together they managed to delete over half of my HP in just the blink of an eye. There were just too many of them!


I drank a Rank 8 Health Potion to restore myself to full health and continued forward. I needed to keep the archers’ attention on me, or we wouldn’t be able to tear down this web of assault!

On the other side, Gui Guzi, Purple Marquis, High Fighting Spirits, and everyone also launched an assault of their own. Everyone was worried because they knew how bad our morale would suffer if Lin Yixin and I were to die here!

The enemy’s attacks grew more and more concentrated with each passing second. It was to the point where I couldn’t find even a 0.1 second time window to activate Charge. I had no choice but to walk slowly toward the archer group while being battered by the neverending rain of arrows!


Suddenly, I caught the glimpse of a beautiful figure rushing toward the archer group! Yes! Lin Yixin found an opportunity to Charge the enemy!

Caught off-guard, October Rain shouted urgently, “Spread out now!”

But it was too late. A blade of ice shrouded in flames crashed down on the archer group like a disaster, dealing an insane amount of damage and killing almost half of the archers in an instant!

I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders immediately. At the same time, Murong Mingyue dropped an Instant Heal and Greater Heal on me and put all surrounding priests to shame—



Murong Mingyue’s 3-second Greater Heal was basically equal to a Rank 8 Health Potion at this point. A potion had a cooldown of 60 seconds, but her Greater Heal didn’t. There was practically nowhere a player couldn’t go with a priest this powerful by their side!

Roar roar roar!

Suddenly, dragon roars filled the sky as countless Ice Dragon Howls flew toward Purple Marquis’s direction. It was a combined assault from the enemy mages!

Shocked, Purple Marquis backed away in a hurry and dodged nearly half of the Ice Dragon Howls with incredible skill. Unfortunately, tens of Ice Dragon Howls still managed to hit him—





There was simply no way Purple Marquis could survive such a concentrated bombardment, so all he could do was collapse to the floor and teleport back to the city!

Lin Yixin was shocked. The strongest general in her guild was one-shot just like that!

“What do we do? Their mages are insanely powerful…” Lin Yixin asked me from afar.

I swiftly moved to the right wing before whispering, “Buy me 3 seconds! Farewell Song hasn’t made a move yet, so make sure nothing touches me for 3 seconds!”

“Got it!”

Lin Yixin cut down a couple of nearby players with her Killer Wind Swordplay and ran up to me. Then, she summoned her Fireblade and stood protectively next to me. Her pet wasn’t nearly good enough for this level of battle, but it could at least tank a few hits before dying!

I swiftly activated Purple Dragon Howl and surrounded myself with purple energy. A draconic roar reverberated in my ears as an innumerable amount of energy started surging to the blade of the Purgatory Sword. Three seconds. All I needed was three seconds, and Purple Dragon Howl would tear right through the enemy mages like paper!

The enemy mages’ Magic Shields were all active, meaning that there was no way in hell our fighters could kill them before they were bombarded to death. In fact, Gui Guzi was the next general to die after Purple Marquis despite the Undying Shield. All they needed was a couple of seconds, and they could one-shot practically anyone in our group. We couldn’t allow this to continue no matter what!

Unfortunately, Warsky noticed immediately what I was doing. “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is channeling his ultimate. Stop him!”


I caught the glimpse of a shadow charging my way through the ripples of energy. As I thought, Farewell Song had come to stop me!

I opened my eyes wide and muttered, “Yiyi, he’s here!”


Keeping a cool head above her shoulders, Lin Yixin activated her Killer Wind Swordplay and swung at the empty ground in front of her. However, she miscalculated and failed to hit anyone. Without pause, she jumped three steps to the back and raised her sword horizontally in front of herself. A loud clang later, Farewell Song was knocked out of his stealth!


Despite the failed sneak attack, Farewell Song changed targets and charged me instead of pressing his advantage. There was still half a second before the skill was fully channeled, and the enemy mages were throwing Fireballs at me. They were too slow, but Farewell Song wasn’t! It was literally do-or-die!



I knew I failed when I saw the bloody dagger flying toward my direction. Motherfucker, I’m going to kill his ass for interrupting my Purple Dragon Howl!

But to both our surprise, Lin Yixin suddenly switched directions and lowered her sword to the ground, eyes twinkling with determination and a smile. Then, she jumped toward me and wrapped her arms around me in a bear hug!


Farewell Song’s dagger drilled into Lin Yixin’s back instead of hitting me. I could clearly see the pain in her eyes. But thanks to her heroic effort, my Purple Dragon Howl was finally complete!


I swung my sword horizontally and tore a stunned Farewell Song in half with the purple blast. The purple blast continued to drill into the enemy mages and tore them and their Magic Shields apart as well, shocking all Warsky Alliance players into statues. No one thought that this level of player power was possible so early into the game!

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