Chapter 328: Bandits

Two levels!

I smiled wide. Excellent. They compensated people with two levels. Heavenblessed’s system was very considerate. Now, the losses for people like High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun who died multiple times weren’t so great.

Other than Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' members, everyone else was teleported outside the hall by the system. This left everyone gaping, along with the thick layer of equipment on the ground!

Lin Yixin and I talked and then I said loudly, "Each survivor can take a bag of equipment and leave. We will gather in Sky City. Next stop—Pegasus Spring!"

Everyone was overjoyed, and hurriedly started to pick up equipment!

I wasn’t idle either. I threw away the knick knacks in my bag, even some Rank 7 Magic Consumables. The only thing I couldn’t bear to part with were Lin Yixin’s Rank 8 Health Potions. I picked up 97 pieces of equipment, most of them very good. At a conservative guess, the average price would be 1000 gold. I was fated to get rich this time!

The other players may not have so many inventory slots as me. Ah, 120 slots, 120 slots! Ordinary players only had 20–40. Even Lin Yixin only had 70. Tsk tsk, I benefited greatly in this aspect!


After filling my bag, I took out a return scroll and crushed it!


I appeared in Sky City. Without a word, I put the items into the warehouse and repaired my equipment. After fighting for an hour, the Purgatory Sword lost 20% of its durability, and my equipment was even worse off, with less than 50% durability.

He Yi sent nearly a hundred Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players from the base into the divine site hall. They cleaned up the battlefield and the equipment would be divided and given to the players who needed them. Of course, the players with higher contribution points would have priority.


Lin Yixin sent a message: "Quick, take Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to Pegasus Spring. Warsky Alliance has been holding Pegasus Spring for almost 20 minutes!"


I frowned. The problem was slightly serious. Warsky Alliance had gone to Pegasus Spring immediately after failing to take over War Holy Temple. They had defeated Mad Dragon who were originally holding it. Yes, with just that, my impression of Warsky Alliance was refreshed once again!


I organized everything and left Sky City, teleporting down. I appeared on the city’s borders. Based on the markings on the map, Pegasus Spring was not far, about ten minutes of travel. The trip itself might be quick, but we didn’t have much time.


System Notice: Player “Wind Fantasy” invited you to the party, do you accept?

After confirming, I appeared in Lin Yixin's party. Purple Marquis and the others were present. Lin Yixin said, "Come over, quick. We have to regroup and start the charge!"


I searched for the orange points on the map. When I came to the location of Lin Yixin and the others, I found Gui Guzi, He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Beiming Xue, High Fighting Spirits, and other Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players were already present and have already formed a party of their own. Only I was pulled into Lin Yixin's party.

"Join Snowy Cathaya?" I said.

He Yi nodded. "Alright!"

He Yi transferred the position of leader to Xu Yang. Xu Yang's strength was average, but he had a strong reputation. It would not be a mistake to leave him to lead Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to attack.


Soon after, nearly a thousand people gathered, all of them the elite players of Snowy Cathaya, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and Bloody Mercenaries.


I pulled out the Purgatory Sword and pointed in the direction of Pegasus Spring. I shouted, "Depart! We will attack from the right flank of Pegasus Spring, take the entrance of the divine site hall and then wipe everyone from Warsky Alliance!"

Everyone pulled out their weapons. Lin Yixin was on my left, He Yi on my right. Our group, with the emblem of Snowy Cathaya on our shoulders, charged toward Pegasus Spring!

A few minutes later, Purple Marquis's gaze darkened. He said angrily, "Not good!"

"What is it?" Lin Yixin looked back and asked.

Purple Marquis said, "The most recent news I received says that Hegemon Palace, Warsky Alliance, and Horizon Sea Pavilion appear to have allied together. Large numbers of Hegemon Palace and Horizon Sea Pavilion high-level players are joining Warsky Alliance and helping to guard the divine site hall. There are at least 400 people in the hall, all of them from Warsky Alliance. Farewell Song, October Rain, and Laughing At The Heavens are all inside."

I asked, "Warsky Alliance bought out the other two guilds? Was money involved?"

He Yi shook her head. "No, based on my many years of experience, Wang Dongliang is not a person who lacks money. It is impossible to make him bow. There has to be something fishy!"

Lin Yixin nodded. "Warsky and Pillar of the Nation both have money. Horizon Sea Pavilion seems to have started from the bottom, and doesn't have a lot of wealth. Horizon Sea Pavilion may be hired mercenaries, but the other two guilds likely have their own plans!"

"Right!" I smiled. "Charge in and wait for the opportunity to present itself then!"



Not long after, our group of nearly a thousand reached the dense forest. When we parted the trees, we saw a wide mountain valley appear on the map. The flat swamp area in the valley was filled with players entangled in battle, countless corpses adorning the ground!

In the center of the mountain valley was a jade stone in the shape of a pegasus. Under the pegasus, spring water flowed. At the spring pool’s center was a vast palace, no doubt the divine site hall of the Pegasus Spring. At this time, the hall was surrounded by players from Sky City. The fighting was fierce.

On a small hill, I pointed southwest with my sword and said, "The player line there is very thin. We only have to push in 200 meters to reach the divine site hall. It will be easy to enter from there."

Lin Yixin nodded and smiled. "Yes, we’ll fight from there!"

As she spoke, the beauty stood at the top of the hill, her metal armor flashing with silver light, and her cloak flapping behind her. Her expression was extremely confident. Maybe out of tiredness, her expression carried a thread of loveliness that made people's hearts move.


Lin Yixin pulled out the Moonlight Sword and pointed in the direction of the divine site hall. She shouted, "Friends, for the name of Snowy Cathaya, the battle to change Snowy Cathaya's fate has come. You choose whether to become kings or bandits!"

Purple Marquis, Zi Chuanyu, Lifetaking Sword, and the others pulled out their swords. They shouted, "Kings!"

Gui Guzi, Du Thirteen, High Fighting Spirits and the others pulled out their weapons, and under the emblem of Snowy Cathaya they shouted, "Bandits!"



Lin Yixin glanced at me and said bitterly, "As expected, you bring a group of bandits to ruin my great moment..."

"No, no!"

I pulled out my sword, pointing at the hall, and said lowly, "Bandits, for gold and women, kill!"

I charged first off the hill, Du Thirteen, Gui Guzi, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, and the others behind me. Lin Yixin and Purple Marquis were also keeping up. The allied army appeared with a great presence in the mountain valley and pointed towards the core ground!

Sprinting at the front, we avoided the most conflicted zone, and entered from the flank. We encountered a few unknown guilds. A magic knight with a blood-red yellow wasp appeared and shouted, "The Mighty Weather Guild is here. Everyone else, please do not enter. Otherwise, we won't be polite!"

I snickered. "Really?"

Behind me, the dust billowed. The army of the two guilds arrived. Purple Marquis, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, and the other IDs floated in the air. The magic knight gaped. "Damn, you are..."

I’d already flashed past and stopped hiding my name. My sword swung. Pardon + Desperate Gambit were thrown at the magic knight's head and created 7134 damage. An instant kill!

I charged forward and used Thousand Mirage Slash. I covered all the players within ten yards. After the collision, I cleared out an empty area. Then I proceeded to use Charge to skip to the dense crowds. I stabbed my sword into the ground, and raised my war boots in an animation of War Crush. Another circle of players were instantly killed. Killing people in a place like this didn’t cause me to gain any negative karma. It was so pleasing!

Also, the enemies were made from passersby. No one was directing them. Seeing me slaughter, many people just watched, and didn't gather their attacks. As a result, I was even more unrestrained!

A few seconds later, Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis, Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, and the others arrived. They tore apart the weak defense in a destructive manner. In just five minutes, we reached the front of the divine site hall. At this moment, the fighting was intense in front of the divine site hall. Mad Dragon, Flower Room, Horizon Sea Pavilion and the others were facing off.

Roaming Dragon held his longsword, with the Gemini Stars Iron Pardon and Inconstant behind him. He had an arm around Coldmoon Rose's small waist, his eyes burning with revenge. He shouted, "Li Le, you want to die? Let Mad Dragon enter the divine site hall first. Otherwise, you will be declaring war!"

Li Le snorted. "Mad Dragon is nothing. Why should you enter first? Even if you enter first, can you defeat the alliance of Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, and the others? I fear just Farewell Song can make you lose your courage. The Mad Dragon Gemini Stars are just a joke!"

"What did you say?"

Iron Pardon pointed his blade at Li Le and said angrily, "Li Le, you’re just a hoodlum. Other than throwing money and playing with women, what kind of game do you know? Hmph, you are trash. No matter how much money you throw around, you are trash. Dog meat will never make it onto the banquet table!"

Li Le was furious. "Kill!"

The two sides clashed together!

I shook my head upon seeing this. Lin Yixin also shook her head. The two of us exchanged a smile. "No future..."


Xu Yang pointed with his sword and shouted, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, kill! Clean the divine site hall entrance area without sparing everyone. Have our Snowy Cathaya brothers enter!"

Consequently, under Xu Yang's leadership, Snowy Cathaya stormed over. Their elite force was not one the rabble could withstand. Flower Room collapsed on the first contact. Mad Dragon was only able to last a few moments. Beiming Xue's arrows were too powerful. Iron Pardon and Inconstant were forced to retreat. Both of them were shocked. "Damn, is this still Beiming Xue? So strong..."

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