Chapter 327: Conquering the Divine Site

"Hold on, only 15 minutes left!" Xu Yang shouted and motivated everyone in the divine site hall.

He Yi held the Soul Stealing Spear and looked around with a hint of tiredness. "When did we lose so many people..."

I took a deep breath. "The constant attacks were bound to slowly chip away at our numbers. Of course we wouldn’t have many left so late into the battle..."


Gui Guzi's expression was not good. He walked forward and said to He Yi, "Leader, all the people we left outside the divine site hall have been killed..."

He Yi stilled and nodded. "Got it."

Lin Yixin said, "Snowy Cathaya has been routed too..."

Xu Yang swallowed. "The battle outside was so brutal..."

Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had allied together to take over the divine site. Almost ten thousand people guarded the divine site hall entrance, but they couldn’t last against the repeated attacks of nearly a hundred guilds. Whoever possessed the divine site would be everyone’s target. The two guilds had experienced too many attacks. In the last half an hour, more than 8000 players had been killed!


I looked at the divine site hall. There were nearly a hundred people, the two guilds’ creme de la crop. Gui Guzi, Beiming Xue, Purple Marquis, Shadow Chanel, Murong Mingyue, Xu Yang, Du Thirteen, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun were still alive. This was the only comforting fact.

The divine site hall could hold a thousand people at a time. At this time, our near-hundred members appeared very weak.

I frowned and said, "No, we can’t continue on like this. There’s still attacks coming from outside. We have to change tactics. Otherwise, we will not be able to hold the divine site hall for 15 minutes with our numbers!"

Lin Yixin nodded. "Yes, what do you propose?"

"Pull back our defense. We’ll guard the corner of the divine site hall. If we hold on for 15 minutes, even if we only have one person left, we will still win!"



My suggestion received everyone's agreement so we gave up on our tactic of blocking the door. We all followed to the southwestern corner. Lin Yixin, He Yi, Gui Guzi, Chaos Moon, Purple Marquis, myself and other first-class fighters guarded the line, protecting the archers, mages and priests behind us. Also, my Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf could count as a meatshield, one abundant with attack power.

We were unable to block the door. In that case, it was unprofitable to spread our forces thin.

I held the Purgatory Sword which flashed with light-blood color. My Undead Energy IX offered a 45% damage boost to living targets. It was so strong there were almost none who could withstand one of my blows. Of course, this excluded peak experts like Farewell Song. He’d been able to kill three experts of the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls even when pursued by me and Lin Yixin, including High Fighting Spirits. An assassin on the level of Farewell Song was terrifying.

"They’re coming!" Lin Yixin looked calmly toward the distance.

Finally, after nearly thirty seconds of silence, another organized group of players charged in. The leader was a familiar person—Li Le!

"Didn't Flower Room go to fight for Pegasus Spring?" Lin Yixin was slightly confused.

I said, "They’re fighting on multiple fronts. Flower Room are idiots with a great appetite. They want to take multiple divine sites? Lunatics’ ravings..."


Li Le walked over with his weapons, Spring Mud, Moon Shadow, and Night Sorrow behind him. The light flashed, and nearly a hundred people entered as well!

"There's a lot of people!" Xu Yang said lowly.

I snickered. "Get ready to farm. Higher numbers are useless. Flower Room's average level is too low!"


Li Le saw us defending a corner of the divine site hall. Immediately, his eyes filled with endless murderousness and desire. He raised his sword and laughed out loud. "Brothers, their numbers are few. Charge! Kill Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and take over War Holy Temple!"

The crowd surged. Lin Yixin shouted, "Don’t attack on your own. Stay in position. Counterattack when they come close, and use ranged attacks!"

Flower Room got close in the blink of an eye. Spring Mud swung his blade toward Gui Guzi's shield!


Sparks flew. Gui Guzi swerved, a smile on his lips. His spear thrust out and stabbed into Spring Mud's chest!


Half of Spring Mud's HP disappeared in that blow. So pitiful. Spring Mud, who had been pretty strong in the competition earlier had fallen to such a level after joining Flower Room. While he could not compare to Gui Guzi in the first place, he shouldn’t have been in such a wretched state after one attack either...

In the next moment, four floods of sword energy exploded, assaulting Flower Room's packed crowd!

My Thousand Mirage Slash, Lin Yixin's Ice Flame Slash, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun's Rock Smash, Purple Marquis's Vacuum Sword Energy, and other great moves slapped onto Flower Room's face. In just a second, over 70 of the 100-strong team had been killed. Li Le’s colors immediately drained from his face!

As expected, when we gathered our attacks together, the power was astounding!

High Fighting Spirits howled and started a charge. He invaded the enemy's crowd of mages and archers. He swung his battle axe in a whirlwind. The Xiezhi Howl shook the sky, and over half of the surrounding people were killed. Such strong attack power tormented Li Le, and he lost the courage to continue fighting.

I raised my sword. "Kill!"

The fighters on the front charged out like tigers into a sheep herd. After a few contacts, Flower Room's remaining players were all killed. We were too strong!

In the end, only Li Le was left.

Du Thirteen charged with the Snow-edged Battle Axe, and kicked Li Le onto the ground. He stepped onto Li Le's chest armor, and raised the Snow-edged Battle Axe. He said, "Li Le, you scum, die!"

Li Le's eyes were sharp. "Du Thirteen, you dare to take a woman I don't want. Wait and see, I will let you regret everything today!"

"Get lost!"

Du Thirteen's battle axe landed. Li Le immediately turned into dots of light. He was dead.


At the entrance to the divine site entrance, the lights flashed again. I hurriedly said, "Retreat, prepare to defend. People are coming, and in great numbers..."

When we retreated back, another group of people charged into the divine site hall. This time, it wasn't one guild, but many guilds mixed together. They had nearly 400 people entering together!

Everyone formed a circle. Beiming Xue organized nine high-level archers and activated her Range stratagem again. I partied up with Lin Yixin, Shadow Chanel, He Yi, Gui Guzi, Purple Marquis, and others to give them the Bloodlust buff. With my current Tactics, it would buff their attack speed by 35% and was crazy-effective in largescale PvP like this!


In the crowd, a high-level magic knight raised his spear and shouted, "Everyone, unite and kill Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, take over the possession and then split it!"

People like this were the worst. They focused all the flames on Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. In the next moment, a crowd of players stared at us with blood-red eyes. Over four hundred people came in like a tsunami!

"Little wolf, go!"

I shouted and released the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. Immediately, the little wolf turned into a cyan shadow and charged into the crowd. Its sharp claws flew. In one encounter, it killed three high-level fighters. The little wolf immediately attracted a large number of attacks. Numerous Ice Dragon Howls fell down. Even with the little wolf's HP, it lost half of its HP in ten seconds!

The melee fighters arrived, and our weapons met. Close-combat skills flew, Blazes and Ice Rays rattling everyone’s armors. Everyone's eyes were red in battle frenzy, especially people like High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. They were extremely excited to kill.

Thousand Mirage Slash!


A group of players were destroyed. In the next moment, my arm felt cold and the Purgatory Slash broke through the air!


The sharp killing essence instantly killed a group of players and even damaged a corner of the divine site hall. The entire building shook. A hole a meter tall appeared in the corner. Soon, the players outside discovered it and immediately flooded in!

"Damn..." Xu Yang glared at me. "Lu Chen, isn’t your Purgatory Slash too strong? You even damaged structures. Could you like… stop using it? If you continue, you’ll turn the divine site hall into a honeycomb..."

I smiled. "No matter, the activation rate isn't very high!"

Before I finished speaking, another Purgatory Slash was activated and made another hole. Damn it, the walls on the northeastern side were so weak. The walls on the other sides were much thicker. After getting hit with the Purgatory Slash, there was only a deep sword mark left behind.

However, the two Purgatory Slashes intimidated the players who entered the divine site hall. They thought this was an ordinary skill and paled.

The Firelight Mouse howled and threw flames into the enemy crowd. Murong Mingyue also gave up on healing, and continued to release her Hellish Rockfall. She killed people smoothly like she was grinding monsters!

With this, the pressure on us players on the perimeter lessened and there were almost no deaths. Beiming Xue and the archers' long-range control stopped the enemy mages and archers from getting close. The situation was very beneficial for our side!


Time slowly passed. Countless players flooded in and were killed. The battle was one-sided. The players who came in later saw the thick layer of equipment drops in front of them. They tried to get some items and died right after. The thick row of equipment became our trenches. Greed overcoming their senses, the players coming in started to fight among themselves and the situation descended into chaos!

"Three minutes left, fight!" I said lowly.

I charged out with the Purgatory Sword. This divine site was fated to be Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’. Only three minutes. Even if god came, he wouldn't be able to kill nearly a hundred high-level players instantly.

I swung and slashed my sword, my eyes red.

Lin Yixin said with a smile, "Why isn't Li Le coming? Such a pity. I want to kill Flower Room again..."

Purple Marquis laughed out loud. "Flower Room has been abused by us to the point they cannot take care of themselves. Li Le doesn't have the courage to come..."


After a few minutes, exciting bells echoed above Sky City—


System Announcement: Congratulations to guild “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls” for successfully conquering War Holy Temple and receiving a bonus of 10% Attack for 30 days. Also, all members of the victorious guild that participated in the battle will receive a reward of 2 levels!

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