Chapter 326: Snow-edged Battle Axe

Clang clang clang!

A sharp blade shattered the armor and created a spray of sparks. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun grunted and fell down. Warsky had about 20% HP left after the fierce battle. He’d killed one of the main fighters for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun lost because of his lower Defense, and slightly weaker mechanics. Otherwise, he could have won.

Warsky gulped down a potion. His gaze was complicated. He looked in the direction of Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun's corpse and said in puzzlement, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' unknown player is so strong. This kind of strength is about enough to join the CGL Hall of Fame..."

Lin Yixin and I arrived at this time. Warsky had only 50% HP, and we were certain to kill him!


Warsky started to move, zigzagging using the two pillars in the hall to conceal himself. His blade flashed blood-red.

Lin Yixin smiled. "Lu Chen, that’s the prelude to the Explosive Flame Slash. He’ll use Ice Ray and Explosive Flame Slash to attempt to kill one of us, what to do?"


Sword light shone. A body flashed and accurately blocked Warsky's movement path. Under his shocked gaze, the Purgatory Sword attacked twice!



After the Pardon attack, Warsky slowly knelt on the ground. His body turned into dots of light that flew back into Sky City.

Lin Yixin: "OMG, why’d you kill him so quickly..."

I smiled: "A long night brings many dreams!"


At this time, the situation inside the divine site hall was basically stable. Xu Yang, Du Thirteen, Gui Guzi, and the others led people to guard the entrance. They could stop the charges from ordinary small guilds.

Warsky Alliance had more than 200 people charge the door, and almost all of them were dead, only the few survivors still hanging on. Beiming Xue was calmly using long-range attacks, one arrow for each, to take care of all of them!

The ground was covered in potions and equipment. The Warsky Alliance members had good equipment, so there would be very good items on the ground.

He Yi stabbed an assassin and came over with the Soul Stealing Spear. She said with a smile, "Snowy Cathaya will clean up the right flank, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls the left. Beauty Lin, how about it?"

Lin Yixin nodded and smiled. "Okay, your call!"


Consequently, parties were made to clean up the battlefield. We had less than 50 people left alive so we could pick 10 items as spoils of war for each person. He Yi, Lin Yixin, and I had the authority to split the spoils. Everyone was overjoyed and immediately made a circle!

Ten items landed in my bag. There was some strong equipment—

Snow-edged Battle Axe: Level 80 Dark Gold–grade, Attack 220~345, 10% Attack bonus. Super-DPS weapon. A core barbarian fighter from Warsky Alliance had dropped it. It could be sold for at least a few dozen thousand RMB. It was as good as it was precious. Luckily I had good eyes and a quick hand. Otherwise, Purple Marquis would have stolen it.

Skeleton Magic Boots: Level 77 Gold-grade, Magic Attack +7%, Tactics +8. Also a good piece of equipment, and worth at least ten thousand. Based on my understanding, boots usually only increased speed, and adding Magic Attack was rare. This was a rare item.

Carving Dagger: Level 80 Gold-grade, Attack 180~295, Attack +9%, 2% chance to ignore opponent’s Defense. The favorite bonus of assassins. Pity that this wasn't the one from Farewell Song's hand. Otherwise, it would be even more powerful.


Just these three pieces were enough to make me wealthy and the others weren’t too shabby either. Selling the dropped equipment of top Warsky Alliance fighters would make me feel so good. Of course, Warsky was in Sky City right now, so it was bound to piss them off.

I looked nearby where Xu Yang and Du Thirteen were standing there. I walked over and asked, "Thirteen, Xu Yang, how are your weapons?"

Du Thirteen said, "I’m using the Ghost Ice Soul you gave me, the one with a very limited max Attack..."

Xu Yang said, "This is my weapon that dropped last time. Its max Attack is 297, a bit stronger than Du Thirteen’s. What about it?"

I nodded and took out the Snow-edged Battle Axe and said, "Someone from Warsky Alliance dropped this. Thirteen, use this, the Ghost Ice Soul should be retired. Just set up a stall and sell it."

Du Thirteen took the Snow-edged Battle Axe and gaped. "Damn, its max Attack is 345. So strong. A Level 80 Dark Gold–grade item is really strong…”

I smiled. "As the leader of the Bloody Mercenaries, you should be strong. Use this axe. A warrior using an axe is the natural order of the world!"

"Yes, thank you, brother!"

"What are you being polite for, it sounds so fake!"



Everyone was happy. Warsky Alliance had impacted us greatly. Before they came in, there had been nearly a thousand players that charged in, but they had been cleaned out. Because of Ancient Sword and Snowy Cathaya players coming in, the entire divine site hall was almost dyed in blood, and equipment had been dropped everywhere. Countless people had lost their souls here. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many items for us to choose from.

In the guild channel, we learned that the fight outside was fierce. The people killed were sent back to the city and had a difficult time coming back. It was a long and painful process to come back from the perimeter of the valley. If a player didn't have a team, they couldn’t force their way in, no matter how strong they were. They would lose all their supplies or weapons halfway through.


Lin Yixin walked over and said, "Sky City sent news!"

"What news?"

"After Warsky Alliance's main force all died, Warsky was once again marshaling his forces on the eastern gate bridge. He seems to want to start another attack. Farewell Song, Laughing At The Heavens, October Rain, and the others are there. There are nearly a thousand Warsky Alliance players who were killed. These people are all very strong. We need to prepare to face the second wave..."

I nodded and said, "Yiyi, do you feel Warsky will choose to attack War Holy Temple?"

Lin Yixin bit her lips and said, "Probably not. We’re all here so even if they have three CGL Hall of Fame players, they may not be able to shake Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls working together. If I was Warsky, I would choose an easier target!"

"Pegasus Spring!"


Lin Yixin nodded. "The fighting at Pegasus Spring is very fierce. Mad Dragon, Flower Room, Plum Wine, Horizon Sea Pavilion. Many strong guilds are there. Right now, Pegasus Spring is in Mad Dragon's hands. But a few minutes ago, Flower Room seems to have taken it and then Mad Dragon took it back..."

I smiled. "That’s good. They can’t finish in 60 minutes. Let them slowly fight it out. After we conquer War Holy Temple, we’ll go and take Pegasus Spring!"



At this time, another group of people charged in, leader of the group, my old enemy—Dominating Heaven Blade!

Behind Dominating Heaven Blade was Dominating Knight God, Dominating Warrior God, Dominating Mage God, and Dominating Archer God. Dominating Heaven Blade swung his weapon as the experts charged in and forced Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen back. Xu Yang managed to stabilize himself, and worked together with Beiming Xue to shoot at Dominating Heaven Blade!

Purple Marquis shouted. He raised his hand for a sword energy attack that crashed into the crowd. Instantly, a dozen Gods of Destruction players who had just charged in were instantly killed. Dominating Mage God's Magic Shield was torn apart. Dominating Archer God only had a bit of HP left and would die at a touch. He was dumbstruck. "Damn, Purple Marquis is so strong. This bastard..."

Gods of Destruction were not newbies. They quickly spread apart, and tangled together with the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya players in the hall. Although Gods of Destruction was an old guild, they didn’t think too far ahead. They relied on the sheer brute force of their core family. Reality proved that they were weaker than Warsky Alliance. They couldn’t hold out against the attacks of Ancient Sword and Snowy Cathaya.

Throughout history, powerful factions would only grow powerful by absorbing new blood. A year ago, on the China Guild Ranking in Spirit of Grief's ending stage, Gods of Destruction had been ranked second. A year later, Gods of Destruction guild still had the same people. But look at Warsky Alliance. The leader Warsky searched for experts all over. He even managed to get top experts like October Rain, Laughing At The Heavens, and Farewell Song. Warsky Alliance's strength was far higher than that of Gods of Destruction. This was the truth, but Dominating Heaven Blade wasn't willing to admit it and was still living the dream that Gods of Destruction was the second strongest guild.


Light flashed and two figures appeared back in the divine site hall. High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun had fought their way back. Supposedly, the path was full of dangers and obstructions.

High Fighting Spirits swung his battle axe and charged toward Dominating Warrior God. He shouted, "Dominating Warrior God, remember me from Floating Ice City?"

Dominating Warrior God stilled. "Who are you?"

"The one you PK’d with seventeen of your people. You steal my mine, I reap your life!"

The two guys met with a shout. High Fighting Spirits lived up to his name and was full of savage fighting spirit as he fought. His battle axe was lightning-fast, and he had the advantage in presence. Dominating Warrior God was completely caught off-guard, pressure causing him to even make a few mistakes. He wasn't able to withstand skills he should have. In the end, High Fighting Spirits killed him in seven or so swings!


High Fighting Spirits spat at Dominating Warrior God's fading body. He said, "Let me teach you the fate of taking the leveling ground for yourself..."

Each player that had been bullied by Gods of Destruction had a sad bloody history. High Fighting Spirits lived by mining. This was his source of income. Previously, he had been killed by a group Dominating Warrior God lead. Now, with the old grudge and his hatred rekindled, he wouldn’t rest easy if he didn't kill Dominating Warrior God.


As a result, everyone went battle mad. We killed Gods of Destruction and the successive waves of players. On the interface, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had 12784 kills. Terrifying!

I looked at the time again. We had held possession for more than half an hour. There were 27 minutes and 34 seconds left on the clock. If we held on for half an hour more, War Holy Temple would be ours!

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