Chapter 325: The Battle for the Divine Site (3)

Xu Yang shivered. "They’re charging the door..."

Gui Guzi said, "Warsky Alliance is definitely one of the top guilds of Sky City. If Warsky Alliance decides to charge in, their forces won’t be few. Everyone, prepare to face the charge."

Lin Yixin ordered, "Long-range players, retreat and scatter. Melee fighters, form a circle, and use attacks as cover. Make full use of terrain. Everyone, be careful. Warsky and Laughing At The Heavens both have AoE skills. You have to be wary or you’ll die an ugly death..."

I stilled, "Yiyi, how do you know they have AoE skills?"


Lin Yixin looked seriously at me, "So far they haven’t used any AoE skills in PvP but they surely had to use them when grinding. They can’t hide anything from me.”



Lin Yixin's strategy was not wrong. We had to protect the mages, priests, and archers inside. They were the main forces for support and attacks. If those people were killed, the melee fighters couldn’t do anything.

In the party channel, someone shouted, "Careful, they’re coming in. Warsky’s leading the way!"

Everyone stilled. Warsky really lived up to his moniker of "Virtuous Leader”. He was the one leading the charge. This kind of bravery was so valuable!

I lowered my Purgatory Sword and prepared to kill. What was coming was a war that would not stop until one side was routed. If we could hold onto the divine site, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would undoubtedly become a powerful guild known throughout Sky City. This was a battle to raise our reputation. It was extremely important!

Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, Gods of Destruction, Mad Dragon, and other guilds were all fighting over War Holy Temple. The value of this divine site was sky high!


Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Three figures came in. They were extremely fast. I used two attacks, Ice Ray and Slayer Slash. I had to kill one of them. Warsky was prepared and his body shrunk. Guard!



The two attacks created almost insignificant amounts of damage. In the sky, Ice Dragon Howls fell down. If Warsky did not dodge, he would die. There were at least 40 mages in the hall, including Moonlight Stone, Shadow Chanel and other high-level mages. Their combined Ice Dragon Howls were nothing to scoff at!

Warsky had guarded a little more than a second and his HP was already at its end. Just as another Ice Dragon Howl was about to land, he suddenly canceled his defensive stance and locked onto a mage on the perimeter and used Charge!


His great momentum managed to break through the encirclement. Warsky raised his sword, the blade wrapped in flames, and the red sword energy fell down!


Enormous damage numbers flew up. We suffered a great loss. The close-range fighters were packed together and almost everyone was hit. Xu Yang, Du Thirteen, Gui Guzi, and the others lost nearly 3000 HP, and some of the more fragile fighters were almost instantly killed!

Warsky's equipment was outstanding, and this Explosive Flame Slash was extremely strong!

But we had no solution. Because we were the possessors, we had to stand close together. Warsky knew how to initiate a charge, and was a powerful enemy!

At this time, another figure flashed out. It was Laughing At The Heavens!

Laughing At The Heavens' attacks were very decisive. He swung his spear which turned into a bright icicle that penetrated through the crowd. Gui Guzi, Du Thirteen, and Xu Yang activated their defensive skills in unspoken agreement. None of them died, but behind them, several high-level players were killed. Laughing At The Heavens' attack power was similarly outstanding!

The situation greatly surpassed our expectations. Charge could be used to quickly break the encirclement. The enemy fighters entered in succession, charging at our camp. In a flash of the eye, dozens of Warsky Alliance fighters entered, and the battle was intense!

Warsky Alliance's people constantly poured in. Their steps echoing in the hall, they were like a rumbling flood!

Lin Yixin and I exchanged a smile. In the next moment, I ordered loudly, "Retreat a bit. Time for us to counterattack!"

Everyone retreated in unison. The entrance to the divine site hall was clear and filled with Warsky Alliance's fighters. The time had come. It was time for them to have a taste of my AoE!


The Purgatory Sword exploded. Nine streaks of bloody sword energy fell into the crowd. The attacks rippled, and their damage tormented the life out of them. The Warsky Alliance players were all hit, and there was terrifying splash damage to account for in such a group. Dozens of high-level mages, archers, assassins, and other classes were killed instantly less than 10 seconds after they entered!

Everything was a mess. A few tanky magic knights that survived the onslaught stood shocked in place as they looked at the equipment and potions on the ground.

In the next moment, an icicle sword wrapped in flames fell down. Lin Yixin also attacked. Ice Flame Slash fell into the crowd and created a vacuum!

I said loudly, "Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, take people and block the door. Lin Yixin and I will clear the inside. Have the brothers outside work hard and retake the entrance to the divine site hall. Don't let Warsky Alliance's people easily mount a charge on the entrance!"


Everyone left. Lin Yixin and my two attacks were very effective, and cleaned out almost half of the Warsky Alliance fighters who had entered the divine site hall. Warsky was probably furious and in great pain.

Warsky, Laughing At The Heavens, and October Rain flashed among the crowd, hunting Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya's high-level players. Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis, me, and others were doing the same to their side. As the hall turned into a hunting game, the fight turned ugly!


The Purgatory Sword slashed on the chest of a Warsky Alliance player. I raced away, my blade cutting off the head of a player that the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf was biting. I shouted, "Beiming, work with me. Kill October Rain, she's killing too many..."


October Rain moved like an elf in the crowd. Her bow would explode with two-hit flurries that killed many of our mages and archers!

Seeing me lock onto her, October Rain quickly retreated. Her flashing blue longbow moved and she shot 11 arrows, seven of them flying toward me!

I ignored them and continued to charge!

I raised a hand and slapped away some of the arrows. Her attack power was strong but it couldn't fatally threaten me. Each Volley arrow could only take 200 of my HP. I could let her hit me!

Beeline was the shortest route one could make between two points. I’ve always remembered this simple truth, so I ignored October Rain’s attacks. On the other side, I multitasked, controlling Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf to flank her from the right. With Beiming Xue behind me controlling the range with her powerful stratagem, there was nothing October Rain could do, even if she had three heads and six arms.

Snap snap!

Two arrows hit my chest, including one Devil Piercing Arrow. I dropped almost 2000 HP. October Rain's Attack was very good.

Swoosh swoosh...

I suddenly stopped moving, my war boots drawing a curve on the stone floor. I shouted, "Beiming, now!"

Beiming Xue understood. Evil Spirit Volley exploded. The twelve arrows seemed to be alive as they blocked almost all directions around October Rain. The timing of the arrows was also perfect and didn't give the enemy the chance to flee!


October Rain also stopped moving, her eyes shocked as she looked at Beiming Xue. She couldn’t believe the young girl in front of her could do something like that. At this time, the only thing she could do was face my Purgatory Sword!

Instantly, October Rain's eyes flashed like stars and looked at me pitifully, saying, "Men who bully girls will have their dick shrink by a centimeter..."

I shuddered and said, "Just once won’t change much..."

The sword fell!

Light flashed. October Rain turned into starry light that flew out of the divine site hall!


One down, time to search for the others!

I quickly targeted Laughing At The Heavens. This was a CGL Hall of Famer. But when I reached him, I saw him retreating, stumbling and crawling, a dagger stuck in his head. Behind him I could see a beautiful fighter chasing him!

Dang, Lin Yixin had fought and defeated Laughing At The Heavens alone?

Laughing At The Heavens' face was grave. He gripped his blade and said angrily, "Who... who are you? The China server doesn't have a powerful female player like you. Murong Shanshan married, Ling Xue retired, the empresses of Eternal Moon are all gone..."

Lin Yixin smiled devastatingly. "Haven't you forgotten someone?"


Laughing At The Heavens' gaze was stunned and then he shuddered. "Beautiful Little Pepper... No, you can’t be her... didn't that girl retire? Also, Little Pepper wasn't a beauty..."

Lin Yixin's face turned frosty. "Who said that I wasn’t a beauty? You know too much!"

Then the beauty darted forward like lightning. Laughing At The Heavens could not stop her, and was hit by Lin Yixin's knee. He collapsed to the ground. Lin Yixin took the opportunity to get closer, her knee pressing down on Laughing At The Heavens' chest, her snowy cape fluttering behind her. The Moonlight Sword flashed across the other's neck. Blood spurted, and the CGL Hall of Famer ranked 18th, Laughing At The Heavens, was killed like this...


After killing Laughing At The Heavens, Lin Yixin looked up and found me in front of her. She immediately stood up and neatened her clothes, smiling. "You saw nothing, right?"

I nodded. "Yes, our Yiyi is the most gentle and adorable..."

"Yes, yes~~"



Nearby, Warsky killed a Snowy Cathaya warrior. Lin Yixin and I immediately rushed in with our swords to deal with Warsky. With that, we would have completely crushed Warsky Alliance’s charge!

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