Chapter 324: Battle for the Divine Site (2)

In the hall of the divine site, the interface showed that there were 11 players inside. There were nine who were from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. This meant that other than Farewell Song, there was another non–Ancient Sword player!

I held the Purgatory Sword and sprinted to the center of the hall. Just now, there had been a flash near Farewell Song. The assassin could not move quickly when concealed and I should be able to find some tracks.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh..."

My Death Shade War Boots stepped on the rugged stone floor. I looked around and groaned inside. I had miscalculated. This divine site hall was untouched by dust, and the ground covered in stones. It was too difficult to try to detect Farewell Song's position based on footprints!


In the party channel, Beiming Xue said urgently, "Not good! Warsky, Laughing At The Heavens, and October Rain took a group of people and avoided us. They found a shortcut to the divine site hall..."

My heart sank. As expected, Warsky was planning to have Farewell Song delay us in the hall, and then have the main force of Warsky Alliance enter. That way, they would have an opportunity to take the divine site hall.

Gui Guzi said lowly, "What do we do?"

Xu Yang said, "Yes, we need to make a call soon. What is the situation inside the hall?"

I said, "The people on the outside, fight and retreat. The main force will enter the hall. We can take over the inside and then not fear other people coming in!"


Soon after, Beiming Xue, Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, and the others appeared inside the divine site’s hall. They were all Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players. Number-wise, we had an absolute advantage.

"Quick, kill Farewell Song!" Gui Guzi shouted, "Warsky, October Rain, and Laughing At The Heavens are definitely coming in five minutes. The people outside cannot stop them!"

I looked inside the hall. It was empty. Other than monsters, it was just our people. I couldn’t see Farewell Song so I said, "Search with zone denial. Find Farewell Song!"


Not far, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf howled. After killing multiple players, the greedy wolf still had full HP. It was within my earlier expectations. The greedy wolf had the name of its owner on its head. The Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls priests outside would throw healing spells on the wolf when they saw it. Also, the wolf's recovery was strong, and it had over 14000 HP. It would be hard to kill!


Everyone formed ranks and spread around to search. A group of people went to kill the guardians of the divine site while everyone else chased Farewell Song. No matter what, Farewell Song still had the possession of the divine site hall right now. We had to kill him. Otherwise, no matter how many people Ancient Sword had, we would be working for nothing!

He Yi was very smart and ordered the Firelight Mouse to conjure a sea of flames. As a result, over 40% of the hall, not large to begin with, was covered in fire, limiting space available for the enemy assassin.

At this time, a muffled sound came from the southwestern corner of the hall. Farewell Song attacked!


A blood-red dagger entered the chest of an Ancient Sword warrior. Since he attacked a weak point, it was an instant kill!

Without any hesitation, Farewell Song nimbly made a zigzag to the back of High Fighting Spirits. The dagger shone with light. High Fighting Spirits was unable to react in time, and sank into the stun of Poison Strike. Farewell Song retreated quickly. His dagger went out again, it was Blade Vortex!




There wasn't even a chance for a priest to heal. After High Fighting Spirits was stunned by the poison attack, he grunted and died under Farewell Song's next super strong move!

Ancient Sword players felt cold. This was the power of a CGL Hall of Famer. Two lightning-fast attacks killed two metal-armored players. One of them was even a core member of Ancient Sword, High Fighting Spirits!

"Kill him!" Xu Yang shouted and activated Charge.


Farewell Song saw this and retreated, gritting his teeth. He zigzagged, his unpredictable path causing him to perfectly dodge Xu Yang's Charge. The dagger appeared again. Just as he was about to use a killing move, a dozen of purple rays of light flew at him. It was Beiming Xue's Evil Spirit Volley!


Farewell Song shouted and retreated at a 45 degree angle, giving up on engaging Xu Yang.

But after a few steps, Farewell Song suddenly stopped walking and was stunned. "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you again..."

I didn’t give chase. My sword swept the ground, and lightning rampaged within a 5x5 yard area that sealed Farewell Song's retreat.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and Xu Yang attacked, their broadswords aimed at Farewell Song!

Farewell Song's eyes were cold as his blade swung and his body flew straight. With two dings, he shook aside the swords of the two warriors, and rolled along the ground like a slippery earthworm. His dagger was shining blood-red as he stabbed toward Beiming Xue's armpit.

Everyone shivered again. This assassin was too strong, even when facing so many high-level players’ attacks. He wanted to kill our trump archer?

Unfortunately for him, Farewell Song missed someone, or rather something!


After an enormous howl, Farewell Song's body was pushed away from its original path as a cyan shadow tore through the air. It was the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf trap I had set up. The little wolf bit at Farewell Song's neck. Immediately, blood dripped. Farewell Song was in pain but didn't even frown. He swung his dagger and stabbed the little wolf's neck. But then he discovered he hadn't even taken 25% of the wolf's HP!

"Is this a joke..."

Farewell Song's eyes were wide. Xu Yang and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun were close. Their broadswords flashed. Farewell Song's remaining HP disappeared.

System Announcement: Player "Hot Sun" has entered the Divine Site Hall and killed the current holder, "Farewell Song”. The guild "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls" has taken control of the Divine Site Hall. If the occupation lasts over 60 minutes, War Holy Temple will belong to the guild "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls"!



Lin Yixin sent a message: "Haha, you finally got it. Beautiful!"

"Yes, come in quickly and help us guard. If there are no accidents, more people will come in soon!"

"I’m on my way!"

When I turned back, I found Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun had killed another assassin. As a result, only Ancient Sword members were left.

He Yi ordered, "Lu Chen, take a few people and surround the door. Kill everyone who enters. I will continue to use the Firelight Mouse's Firewall to cover the entrance. No assassin will be able to sneak in!"


I raised my sword and said, "Chaos Moon, You and Yun, Xu Yang, Little Gui, come in with me and surround the entrance. Leave seven or so spots. Kill whoever comes in that isn’t from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls or allied guilds!"


Several people excitedly came over. We surrounded the entrance. He Yi also came over. Beiming Xue, as long-range DPS, was helping kill Level 100 elite monsters but also paid attention to the entrance. If we were under great pressure, Beiming Xue would switch targets to help.


Two figures entered the hall. They were from Horizon Sea Pavilion!


Xu Yang shouted an order. By the time he voiced the last vowel though, my Pardon and Desperate Gambit had already connected. One of the invaders, a magic knight, saw a “5487” damage number. I added a basic attack, firmly securing the kill!

The other person was killed by Xu Yang and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. These two's attacks were very strong and they were suitable to block the entrance and instantly kill the enemies.

In less than two seconds, someone screamed amid the sea of flames. As expected, another assassin had tried to sneak in, but the Firelight Mouse's Firewall covered the entrance, so it proved to be impossible.

In just ten seconds, more than a dozen people came in and were killed without exception. Murong Mingyue started to use Hellish Rockfall to attack. A string of rocks smashed down on the metal-armored players who fancied themselves tanky.

A few seconds later, another person entered with a whoosh. This was a beautiful young girl with a sword. She looked around with large eyes. "What do you want..."

Looking at Lin Yixin, I was torn between laughter and tears. "What do you want? Come here..."

I shoved the beauty behind me and said, "Give the leader position to someone and I will take you into Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls..."

"Yes, alright!"

In a blink, Lin Yixin became guildless. I sent an invitation over!


Guild Notice: Player “Wind Fantasy” has joined your guild!


Immediately, there were screams from the guild.

"Woah, is this really Wind Fantasy?"

"Woah, the Fruit Knife Goddess joined our guild?"

"Please give me your contact..."

Lin Yixin snorted and looked at me. "What kind of people are in your guild..."

I smiled. I looked at the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls emblem on her shoulder and said, "Yiyi, this emblem looks so good on your shoulder. How about you officially join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls from now on..."

Lin Yixin giggled. "Forget it, Snowy Cathaya has several thousand people waiting for me to provide. I created a guild, I won't drop them. I have a sense of responsibility..."

I curled my mouth and said nothing else.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun smiled. "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is a small temple and cannot hold a large buddha like Fruit Knife Goddess..."

Beiming Xue nodded with a smile. "Yeah!"

A few seconds later, some other people entered. They were the core of Snowy Cathaya. Purple Marquis with his blade, Shadow Chanel with her magic robe, Clear Perfume who ranked high on the archer rankings. There were more than twenty people. After entering, they left their guild and joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.


It could be said that Snowy Cathaya's top experts had all come over. Right now, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was full of talent and could be considered the strongest guild of Sky City!

At this time, players outside sent a message: "Careful, the people we left to guard in front of the divine site hall have been killed. Warsky Alliance's attacks are very strong. They have almost a hundred people and are preparing to charge the door. People inside, be careful. Warsky, Laughing At The Heavens, and October Rain are among them!”

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