Chapter 323: Battle for the Divine Sites (1)

“Kill them! Take the divine site!”

Pillar of the Nation’s eyes were filled with obsession. He was clearly growing frustrated after trying and failing to woo He Yi.


The right wing of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls immediately suffered a heavy blow under the barrage of Hegemon Palace players, and a lot of archers and mages were one-shot the second the rain of skills hit them. Enraged, Du Thirteen shouted, “Motherfucker! If Hegemon Palace wishes to die this badly, then let us help them on their way! Attack!”

Ancient Sword Dreaming Soul’s formation crumbled a little, and He Yi and I exchanged a worried glance with each other. This could turn out very bad for us because we were nowhere strong enough to defend ourselves against the fourth and eleventh guilds of the Guild Ranking. Hell, even Candle Dragon would have a difficult time if they were in our position.

It was at this moment a new army joined the battlefield. They were led by a beautiful sword-wielding woman, and she easily took down a high-level Hegemon Palace fighter at the frontline in one hit. She then pointed at the enemy and ordered, “Protect our allies! Anyone who is an enemy of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is our sworn enemy!”

I was glad. Finally, the boss lady had come to our aid!

The players of Snowy Cathaya shouted enthusiastically as they charged the enemy. At the forefront, I saw Purple Marquis swinging his sword and killing an entire cluster of players with a ridiculously powerful AoE skill. Damn, that was good. He was the perfect example of the saying, "It is easy to raise an army of one thousand, but hard to find a good general."


Now Hegemon Palace players were the ones who had been pincered. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls still had over 5000 players, and Snowy Cathaya, almost 4000. But Hegemon Palace only had 2000 players or so. They were no match for our combined strength at all.

Thanks to Lin Yixin clearing out the enemy at our rear, our job had become much simpler!

While this was all going on, I continued to attack the enemy in front of me. Around seven to eight Thousand Mirage Slashes and War Crushes later, we were one step away from the main entrance of the divine site hall.

He Yi raised her spear and said, "Alright, it’s time to spread out and occupy the gate! Hold on, everyone!"

Then, she gave specific instructions. "Lu Chen, bring a couple of high-Attack fighters with you and attack the gate as quickly as you can. I’ll stay behind and protect our rear until you’re done!"

"Okay!" I nodded strongly before spinning around. "Players who drop all their stat points into Strength, follow me!"

Seven or eight heavy armor players immediately answered my call and rushed to my side. High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun were among them as well!

The gate of the divine site hall wasn’t very big. It was only about 3 meters wide, and it had a health bar that we could deplete.


I moved to the gate myself after the order and unleashed Desperate Gambit!



God damn, the gate’s Defense must be sky high! I wasn’t expecting Desperate Gambit to do so little damage, not to mention that this giant lump of steel seemed to have at least 100k HP at a glance. Eternal Moon Corporation sure knows how to cheat its players out of a good time when they felt like it...



High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun were equally stunned as well. "Fuck, what the hell is this Defense…"

I gave them an encouraging smile before saying, "It’s fine, just keep hacking away and we’ll be done in 5 minutes at most!"


For a moment, it felt as if we were construction workers chipping away at a brick wall, not players. Behind us, first-rate guilds such as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, Mad Dragon, Gods of Destruction were occupying the center and doing their utmost to destroy one another. The smaller guilds couldn’t even get inside the canyon, so they had no choice but to duke it out outside. Although they were fully aware that there was no chance they were making it into the hall, they still refused to give up for some reason. It became a battle for battle’s sake and nothing else.

By now, the situation inside the canyon had dissolved into utter chaos. The greatest and the most interesting battle of them all was of course the battle between Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, Warsky Alliance and Hegemon Palace. Beiming Xue had teamed up with Lin Yixin to snipe the experts of Warsky Alliance from up close and afar. They even nearly one-shot Laughing at the Heavens until a team of priests rescued him from the brink of death. Since then, Laughing at the Heavens avoided Beiming Xue and Lin Yixin and bullied noobs far, far away from them.

October Rain was met with the same fate. Beiming Xue had activated Range, and 25% increased attack range was absolutely nothing to scoff at. The first time, October Rain had acted recklessly, she had nearly been one-shot by a Devil Piercing Arrow. Pale-faced, the girl said to Warsky, "Boss, I’m just gonna do nothing for a moment, okay?"

Warsky: “Little Rain, d-don’t you love me…?"

October Rain looked back at him. "What are you thinking? I never loved you in the first place…"

Warsky: "Ahem. Where is Farewell Song, by the way? Is he away on a mission?"

"Yeah. Be ready to support him when he gives us the signal!"

"Got it!"


Time passed little by little. It wasn’t long before the gate’s health bar had dropped to red. High Fighting Spirits couldn’t help but laugh. "Hehe, we’re almost finished here! Keep it up, everyone!"

I nodded in agreement before instructing, "We rush it immediately after the gate falls, understand?"


There was a resounding crack. The gate’s final HP was finally gone!


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that the gate to the War Holy Temple’s hall has been opened!


"Roar roar roar!"

A group of beastman warriors clad in golden armor suddenly rushed out of the entrance the moment the gate collapsed. Holy shit, it looks like there are a ton of monsters inside the hall!

Surprised, I hurriedly engaged the mobs before they could do harm to my teammates. When I checked their stats, I couldn’t help but gasp in shock. Dang, these are some lethal stats!


War Holy Temple Guardian (Elite)

Level: 100

Attack: 1050~1180

Defense: 950

HP: 24000

Skill: Cleave, Discipline, Rage of Judgment

Introduction: The holy warriors of the beastman tribe belong to an ancient warmonger race, and they possess the best explosive strength and recovery speed out of all other beastmen. These holy warriors had been protecting the War Holy Temple and waiting for adventurers to receive their trial all this time. To that end, they are willing to give even their own life. The temple can only be occupied if the guardians are all killed.


Thousand Mirage Slash, go!


Nine sword auras rained from the sky and hit the beastman warriors hard. Some of them had already lost more than half of their HP. Very good!

War Crush!

Three hits later, the only beings still alive around me were my allies!

High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and He Yi immediately blocked the entrance. We were absolutely going to enter the hall first before anyone!

Unfortunately, reality was a heartless bitch, and it didn’t hesitate to slap our faces in the form of a chilling system announcement—


System Announcement: Player "Drunk in Mortals" has entered the Divine Site Hall. The guild "World of Ages" has taken control of the Divine Site Hall. If the occupation lasts over 60 minutes, War Holy Temple will belong to the guild "World of Ages"!


"Fuck! Someone got in already?" I swore.

He Yi said, "They must’ve slipped in using stealth the second I opened the door. Hmph hmph, ‘the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind’ perfectly describes this situation!"

I broke into a smile. "Assassin? Oh thank god…"

"Why do you say that?"

"Just wait!"

A few seconds later, my suspicions were proven true by a ding—


System Announcement: Player "Drunk in Mortals" has died. The Divine Site Hall is currently occupied by no one!


"See what I mean?" I smiled. "The chances of an assassin surviving in this divine site hall are almost zero. These Level 100 elite guardians aren’t decorations, you know?"

He Yi burst into laughter as well. "Alright alright, you were right…"

Suddenly, the system dinged yet again—


System Announcement: Player "Ghastly Demon Blade" has entered the Divine Site Hall. The guild "Warring States" has taken control of the Divine Site Hall. If the occupation lasts over 60 minutes, War Holy Temple will belong to the guild "Warring States"!


"Another assassin…" I thought for a moment before leaping into the air and stabbing the ground without warning. Not only did War Crush deal a great amount of damage to the mobs, it also killed three concealed assassins right next to us! The poor fellows were sent screaming back to Sky City!

Anyone who was killed at the Four Divine Sites wouldn’t leave a corpse behind. Instead, they were revived immediately in the city. This was to prevent players reviving and fighting endlessly at the Divine Site Hall.

Meanwhile, we had successfully forced ourselves into the inner area of the divine site hall. He Yi’s Firelight Mouse was incredibly helpful in this battle as it was able to unleash walls of fire upon our enemies, making them scream and drawing them toward us. The problem was that there were way too many mobs in the hall, and our small party was obviously lacking in firepower. Murong Mingyue couldn’t join in on the attack because the mobs were quite powerful, and most of our frontliners were losing health at an accelerated rate. High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun especially were almost burdens because they dropped all their stat points into Strength, but their equipment wasn’t good enough to keep them alive. They were basically glass cannons that needed our priest’s attention at all times.

Inside the party channel, Gui Guzi asked, "Boss Broken Halberd, what’s going on inside the hall? How the heck did we not occupy it first?"

I replied, "It’s because some assassins slipped in ahead of us. Don’t worry, what’s ours will be ours no matter what!"

"Got it!"


Boom boom boom!

Thousand Mirage Slash, War Crush, Xiezhi Howl, Rock Smash. While our skills were exploding amid the mobs, we noticed a small assassin being chased by a couple of guardians at the distance. It was none other than that Ghastly Demon Blade. Damn, the bastard was a lot more agile than I thought he would be!

However, a bloody light suddenly flashed at his neck. It was the skill Throat Stab!


It was a one-shot! A figure emerged from stealth, and it was none other than Warsky Alliance’s CGL Hall of Famer and super assassin, Farewell Song!


System Announcement: Player "Farewell Song" has entered the Divine Site Hall and killed the current holder, "Ghastly Demon Blade”. The guild "Warsky Alliance" has taken control of the Divine Site Hall. If the occupation lasts over 60 minutes, War Holy Temple will belong to the guild "Warsky Alliance"!


Just like that, the divine site hall had changed hands yet again. Interesting!

I ditched the mobs while saying, "Eve, keep clearing out the mobs with High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. I’m going to take out Farewell Song!"

"Be careful!"

"Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a jiffy!"

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