Chapter 322: Long-range Bombardment

On top of a mountain, a high-level warrior lifted his sword and glared at the Ancient Sword Dream Souls party inside the valley. He angrily yelled, "Go! Once we kill Lu Chen and He Yi’s group, the War Holy Temple will belong to our Warsky Alliance. No other guild should dare want a piece of our pie, dammit!"

My heart went cold. Fuck, Warsky Alliance can’t hold back anymore?

A high-level magic knight came charging over from within the crowd with unrivaled bravery. His spear glowed blood-red as it reaped the life of every player it encountered. This was none other than Warsky Alliance’s number one magic knight, CGL Hall of Famer Laughing At The Heavens!


Crack crack!

After I chopped at the two Horizon Sea Pavilion players in front of me, I raised my head to look at where Warsky Alliance was coming from and said with gritted teeth, "Fuck, they sure know how to pick their timing!"

Our current choices were to give up our advance or continue pressing onward despite Warsky Alliance coming at us from the rear. Both choices would result in huge losses for us.

Gui Guzi lifted his spear and said, "Boss, you go on with everyone else. I’ll bring Lil Beiming, Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, and some others to block Warsky Alliance!"


After I agreed to his decision, my Purgatory Sword swept over, heavily smashing into the Horizon Sea Pavilion crowd, scaring them witless. Each one had a pale look on their face.

After a visual estimate, I gauged that we were about a hundred steps away from the gates of the divine site hall but there was a flood of mobs and players between us. It would be hard to get through that crowd. I was also worried about whether Gui Guzi and the others at the back could hold back the three CGL Hall of Famers of Warsky Alliance. Guild leader Warsky himself wasn’t any weaker either!


Gui Guzi immediately took the lead and thrusted his spear at Laughing At The Heavens. His gaze was sharp as his spear shot out lightning-quick, aiming for Laughing At The Heavens’ chest. It was an unblockable move that couldn't be dodged!



A huge damage number appeared but Laughing At the Heavens flashed a contemptuous smile. "Looks like Ancient Sword Dreaming Soul’s Undying Knight is merely so-so!"

Before his voice fell, Laughing At the Heavens sent out two consecutive blows. Wrapped in lightning energy, his spear jabbed at Gui Guzi’s chest!






It was obvious that Laughing At the Heavens’ attack was much higher than Gui Guzi’s. His spear swept out again, about to deliver the third blow. His entire battle rhythm was as smooth as water and matched his footwork. Almost every attack consciously sought Gui Guzi’s weak point. This guy’s so damn scary.

Gui Guzi’s eye’s sharpened. He suddenly turned around and used his shield to block his opponent’s spear before sending his spear out again. It glowed with a bloody light, activating Gui Guzi’s famed unique skill—Death Combo!




Laughing At The Heavens’ HP almost hit rock bottom as a string of damage numbers appeared above his head. He was frightened into retreating backward multiple times and Gui Guzi also chose to back off in apprehension because he saw a beautiful archer not too far behind Laughing At The Heavens. It was none other than CGL Hall of Famer October Rain, a super archer second only to Transient Smoke and Clouds!

"Big Brother Little Gui, move away!"

Beming Xue shouted. She swiftly ran forward with her snow white legs in little barbarian boots and shot 12 Evil Spirit Volley arrows the instant she came into range. Seven or eight of them flew together, heading straight toward October Rain. This attack was a kiting technique used by archers. An archer’s range was 5–40 yards. If they shot as soon as they were 40 yards away from their opponent and then quickly back off to get out of range, their opponent would MISS the moment they launched a counterattack.

October Rain, however, wasn’t easy to deal with. Her pretty eyes glared as the corner of her lips hooked into a smile. She slightly crouched and leapt into a cluster of shrubs like a ghost, keeping close to the ground. With her line of sight broken, only two arrows from Beiming Xue’s volley hit their target, which couldn’t kill October Rain at all.

October Rain charged up right after, her legs surrounded by a snow-white halo. She moved incredibly fast and the longbow in her hand glowed with the dazzling luster of Volley. After using her skill, she used the same kiting technique and immediately left the attack range.

Beiming Xue gave a surprised shout. Fortunately, Chaos Moon appeared in front of her and swung out her longsword to protect Beiming Xue. She blocked seven or eight of those arrows. A series of damage numbers flew up with an average of 500 for each arrow and nearly one-shot the female warrior!

"Heavens, how much Attack does she have…" Chaos Moon was shocked beyond belief.

Behind her, Moon Dew quickly healed the trio’s HP back to full. Laughing At The Heavens had also returned at this time, with Warsky and October Rain!

"Not good!"

My heart sank but I couldn’t do two things at once. I could only charge forward while paying attention to the situation at the rear!

Beside me, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and High Fighting Spirits slaughtered our foes to the point their eyes turned red. With a group of priests in the back healing them, both guys weaved to and fro inside the crowd like two tornadoes. The cooldowns of both Xiezhi Howl and Rock Smash were below 20 seconds. Skills were continuously dished out to kill the duo players and monsters ahead of us!


My Thousand Mirage Slash descended upon the crowd, dealing tons of splash damage, directly creating a vacuum area.

High Fighting Spirits couldn’t withhold his laughter. "Ha, Vice Leader’s so strong. Horizon Sea Pavilion’s kids probably want to cry after seeing that damage…"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun also laughed with him. "Let’s kill them faster, don’t let Xu Yang and the others die in vain…"

"Xu Yang’s dead?" I was slightly shocked.

I turned around and saw Farewell Song’s figure sweeping across the battlefield as Xu Yang slowly fell in a pool of blood after two huge damage numbers rose above his head—



That was the result of Blooddrinker Slash. Fuck, Farewell Song’s too OP!

"Kill him!" Gui Guzi’s eyes turned blood-red. A group of archers rained Volley down but only shot down his retreating afterimages. As an assassin, Farewell Song had great awareness. Since he was pretty much just a hitman, he knew to leave right after he killed an important person. Only after his cooldowns were up would he make the next kill!

Warsky roared, brandishing his sharp sword. His sword glowed as he took a step forward and back. In the next instant, a melee player from Ancient Sword fell to the ground. It was a warrior from our main force, Wolf Fang. As expected, the difference between them was too wide. Warsky’s mechanics and gear were not in any way inferior to Laughing At The Heavens’. He was also a frightening DPS.

"Too arrogant!"

Chaos Moon advanced with her sword, slashing at Warsky’s head. Warsky parried her with a sneer and returned a blow back with Level 50 melee signature skill—Ice Ray!

Chaos Moon bit her lips. Her sword swung out again, accurately catching the opponent’s attack path.


Her parry was successful!

Beiming Xue sent out two explosive arrows. Devil Piercing Arrow + Freezing Arrow + basic attack combo fell on Warsky, creating a bunch of damage numbers—




Warsky’s HP was almost gone after that combo. He hastily chugged down a Rank 8 Health Potion and was healed back to full with an additional Holy Light from a priest behind him.

He glared at Beiming Xue and shouted, "October Rain, Beiming Xue has to die, she’s too strong!"

In fact, aside from Warsky and Laughing At The Heavens, not a single Warsky Alliance player could stay alive after Beiming Xue’s three-hit combo!

Even if it was Warsky, if Beiming Xue got lucky and landed a critical hit on at least one of her hits, he would also fall. There was no chance to land an instant heal too because Beiming Xue’s bow skills had reached the pinnacle. It took her 0.2 seconds to release her three-hit combo. It was as swift as a sudden clap of thunder!

The situation became complicated now. October Rain constantly looked for a chance to one-shot Beiming Xue whereas Beiming Xue targeted the rest of the Warsky Alliance players. She raised the Milky Way Bow and shot down the metal armor players one at a time. Her damage output was insane and she also had the 40% buff from her Undead Energy VIII. It wasn’t something living targets could endure.

Clang clang clang!

The opposing melee fighter repeatedly struck Gui Guzi’s shield but the Undying Knight never backed off. Gui Guzi’s eyes sharpened and he slightly shifted his shield away to execute a thrust, piercing through that melee fighter’s chest armor. The next thrust instantly ended the enemy’s life!

Du Thirteen, Chaos Moon, Alexander, and the others were defending against their frontline while He Yi, Murong Mingyue and I charged toward the divine site hall.

If we were with them, Ancient Sword definitely would’ve been able to reverse the situation!

At this time, the howl of a wolf sounded. A giant cyan wolf emerged within the enemy ranks and suddenly pounced at October Rain. Its sharp teeth tearing at her shoulder! Flurry Dance!








There was a shocking number of misses. The Level 71 Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s missed 66% of its attacks but it still nearly emptied October Rain’s HP. Damn, too bad the little wolf was only Level 71. The disparity in levels increased the chances of missing and October Rain was also a full-Agility build archer known for its evasion rate. Too bad it wasn't at a higher level!

Even so, October Rain paled in fright and retreated with her mouth open. "Heavens, what’s this, it’s so strong…"

Warsky grunted. "Fuck, it’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s pet, what power!"


Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ camp.

Beiming Xue’s eyes brightened. She gave a light chuckle. "Hehe, big bro dispatched his Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf to reinforce our lines. Stay firm, everyone!"

Du Thirteen let out a loud laugh. "Lu Chen’s pet sure is strong. Brothers, continue killing!"

The two sides clashed again. I controlled the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf remotely and specially aimed for the enemy mages and archers. I used Flurry Dance within their crowd and could basically kill an archer in two hits. A single Flurry Dance could kill 2–3 archers. Not everyone had a horrifying evasion rate like October Rain.

At the same time, I yelled in the party channel, "Beiming, leave the party and form your own with some archers. Use your stratagem that increases range by 25%. When October Rain comes up again, you’ll be invincible!"

Beiming Xue laughed. "Alright!"

Beiming Xue immediately left the party. She created her own, adding Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls high-level archers to it, and began her happy long-range attack spree.

However, good things never last forever. Not long after, a group came from the south, spearheaded straight for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. A Level 84 warrior with a sword stood at the forefront. He yelled, "Go, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is our biggest competitor for the War Holy Temple. Get rid of them, and our chances will greatly increase!"

My heart sunk again. Fuck, Pillar of the Nation finally couldn’t help moving out. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was now surrounded on both sides. As expected, in the face of benefits, Hegemon Palace and Warsky Alliance had actually joined hands in tacit understanding!

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