Chapter 321: Xiezhi Howl

Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ initial charge was almost unstoppable, tearing through Horizon Sea Pavilion’s defenses with our frontline.

His sword smeared with blood, Xu Yang turned around and called out, "Have two people deal with their archer party!"

He pointed. As expected, on the small hill, about 1000 Horizon Sea Pavilion archers were constantly unleashing Volleys, their powerful arrows raining on the crowd below, killing many of our armored players.

Wolf Fang said, "Brother Yang, they have the terrain advantage. We can’t charge up. We'll die by the time we reach halfway. What should we do?"

Xu Yang gritted his teeth. "Charge anyway, we have to get them. Whoever has the balls, go!"

The melee fighters looked at each other. Having reached tacit understanding, two walked out of the mob. Both of them wore heavy armor. One wielded a battle axe, the other a broadsword. They were the new members I had accepted—High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun!

"Damn, let me!"

High Fighting Spirits charged with his battle axe. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun laughed behind him. "Spirits, wait, we'll go together!"

Under everyone's gaze, the two of them charged. Xu Yang shouted, "Nearby priests, pay attention and heal them!"

High Fighting Spirits had reached the base of the small hill and charged up with his battle axe. He bellowed, "Kiddies of Horizon Sea Pavilion, your granddaddy is here!"

The arrows rained down on High Fighting Spirits. He almost became a porcupine. Holy Light fell on him to keep him alive, enabling him to stubbornly climb upward. His courage was awe-inspiring. Even the enemy archers seemed to hesitate!

"Devil Piercing Arrow, use Devil Piercing Arrow to kill him. Don’t let him up the hill!" the party’s leader shouted.

But it was too late.

High Fighting Spirits came up the hill in a flash, and charged into a crowd of archers. He swung his battle axe. Suddenly, he spun rapidly, producing grey energy swirls that seemed to echo with a beast's roar. This was a close-quarters AoE skill!

"Xiezhi Howl!"

As he shouted, dozens of archers fell to the ground. High Fighting Spirits roared with laughter. He went charging forward with his battle axe. The arrows hit his body. His legs were covered in wounds. He fell to the ground with a bang but he still swung his axe as he killed three nearby archers.

Everyone was stunned. This was the legendary barbarian warrior, a natural fighter without fear. Death was as common to them as leveling up. The barbarian race, and the bravery of the northern men like High Fighting Spirits was the best pairing!

At this time, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun came over and protected High Fighting Spirits' back. He laughed. "Brother, heal up, I can shield for a few moments!"

Using his body to shield his companion, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun drank an HP pot immediately and attracted a group of archers. When there were enough people, cunning flashed through Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. He sniggered. "Come, die!"

He slashed the ground with his broadsword, sending spikes protruding from the surface. Was this a direct instant kill skill?!

"Rock Smash!"

Boom. The earth shook. Many archers were thrown into the air, and instantly killed midair. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun seemed to have added a lot of points into Strength.

In terms of attack power, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun was better than High Fighting Spirits, but the latter made up for it with sheer bravery.

The two of them only had a bit of HP left, and less than 100 archers on the hill. Everyone shot together. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and High Fighting Spirits advanced and died in battle!

In the rear, Xu Yang charged in with a group of close range players. seeing the two corpses on the ground, Xu Yang's eyes turned red. "Damn, kill them, and flatten Horizon Sea Pavilion's bastards!"

With the same enemy, the people fought until their eyes turned red. They swept through the enemy archers down the hill. They reached Horizon Sea Pavilion's core position. Under the charge, the enemy camp completely collapsed. Over a thousand players were killed, and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' losses didn’t exceed 200 people!

In the guild channel, I laughed. "High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, you are too strong to charge even like this!"

High Fighting Spirits laughed. "Vice Leader, you’re too kind. Pity that we got killed!"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun said, "No matter, it will be worth it if we take down a fort!"

I said, "Right, come quickly after reviving. We need fierce people like you!"

"Hahaha, good!" the two of them agreed.


He Yi swept with her spear and killed three archers. She smiled. "Lu Chen, your eyes are good. The two you recruited are very strong, and are almost as good as Xu Yang..."

I glanced at Xu Yang in the distance, and lowered my voice. "Haha, these two are clearly better than Xu Yang, much stronger..."

"Heehee, yeah. Quiet though, don't let him hear and get angry!"



In ten minutes, we swept Horizon Sea Pavilion's perimeter. There was a bloody realm in front of us, the range of the War Holy Temple. Inside an enormous valley, many undead monsters were in front of the divine site’s hall. They were engaged in a fight with a sea of invading players!

I looked around and was shocked. At least 20 guilds were here, and mixed together. This battle was likely to be chaotic!

He Yi stood on the ridge with her spear and looked down on the scene. She murmured, "Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, Gods of Destruction, Flower Room, and Horizon Sea Pavilion are all here. There are also many guilds I do not know about. This War Holy Temple is really a messy place..."

I nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, too messy..."

Xu Yang said, "Then what do we do now?"

I reached to point at a majestic hall building and said, "That is the hall of the War Holy Temple. The guild of the first person to enter the hall will gain the possession. If this person stays there for an hour, their guild will have successfully conquered the site."

Gui Guzi took a deep breath. "Great. There’s only one entrance to the hall and its filled with monsters. Who can even enter?"

I smiled. "So we must first clean out the monsters and then enter the hall. Of course, there is another method!"

"What is it?" He Yi asked.

I cleared my throat and said, "Send someone to lure away the monster swarms in front of the hall, and then send an assassin in. That may work!"


Beiming Xue looked around and said, "Big bro, look, there’s an HP bar for the doors to the hall. We must first empty the HP of the metal doors before we can open them. The assassin sneaking in will not work..."

I nodded. "Ah, I miscalculated, so troublesome..."


Xu Yang spat and said, "In my opinion, we should just press down and take over the area in front of the divine site’s hall. We then attack the doors!"

Chaos Moon laughed softly. "Too reckless..."

I smiled. "But this is the most direct way. Fight, come with me. We cannot afford to wait. After we take down this War Holy Temple, we need to help Lin Yixin take Pegasus Spring. Our time is tight, we must enter the hall immediately and then guard it!"


The girls nodded in agreement. We decided our strategy. There were contenders all around and they were all enemies. We must enter the divine site hall under the attacks of Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace and others. Otherwise, if we endured a fight, we could only sacrifice guild members’ levels and equipment. I was not willing to see this. I had to take responsibility for my members. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be fit to be the vice leader.


I pulled the Purgatory Sword out again and pointed towards the divine site hall's doors. I shouted, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Bloody Mercenaries, charge with me!"

Everyone howled and pulled out their weapons. We charged down the hill, a bloody red team joining the chaotic battle.

"Who are you, daring to go against Justice Alliance?" A Level 82 magic knight came with his spear.

I had a small smile as I sent out the Purgatory Sword. Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



This magic knight didn’t know the situation when he knelt down on the ground and died. Pardon IX coupled with Desperate Gambit IX were just too strong!

Xu Yang and Gui Guzi used Assault. We formed a line and charged forward, arranging for many strong fighters on the two sides to protect the core of archers and mages. Long-range classes were the main attackers during large-scale battles. Large AoEs of mages and archers’ Volleys were like bombs in the era of cold weaponry!


After fighting for a while, we gradually entered the crowd. There were players from other guilds around us. Inside the valley, other than those from the same guild or allied guilds, other players had red names. So when they were killed, they would drop equipment and level. The Four Divine Sites event was filled with passion and blood!

In the enormous Sky City, countless eyes were paying attention to War Holy Temple. There were at least a few million people, nearly 10 million in the vast valley. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Bloody Mercenaries had about 7000 people. Among the millions, we would be lucky to make a wave.


Xu Yang's eyes were blood-red as he swung his sword and charged at the front. Soon after, two strong generals appeared behind Xu Yang, freshly-revived High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun.

Xiezhi Howl!

Rock Smash!


The powerful moves slammed into the people blocking the way. Under the evening sun, the light of skills and magic blended together, causing the War Holy Temple to look like a sea of blood.

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