Chapter 319: Greedy Wolf Howl

"Cough cough, how are we going to fight?" I said.

Lin Yixin pressed her red lips together and said, "Do you know the details of the Four Divine Sites?"

I shook my head. "No..."

"Then how do you want to fight…?"



I bent my head and continued to sell, bargaining hard with an auntie player—

Auntie: "Boy, how much is this axe?"

Me: "7000 gold, no bargaining!"

Auntie: "Boy, you are lying. This axe is just Silver-grade, and even with a 14% increase in attack power, it's just an axe. Our town's sickle is just 20 bucks and you think this axe can sell for 7000? Who are you trying to cheat? I think that you need money. This girl is so beautiful. You definitely don't lack money for you to have such a beautiful girlfriend. Just sell me the axe for 70 gold."

Me: "Auntie, go grow garlic. You aren’t suited for virtual games."

The auntie exploded. "Boy, righteousness exists even if business fails. I’ve looked closely at this axe, and it is more sturdy than my sickle. Its shape is good. You should give me a real price. One-tenth, 700 gold!"

Me: "2000 gold, fixed price."

Auntie: “1989 gold, I only have so much."

Me: "Done. Auntie, be on your way..."


The transaction finished. Lin Yixin gaped. "That axe can be sold for at least 3000 gold."

I was depressed. "If the bargaining continued, I would go mad."

She burst into laughter. "Let's keep talking about the Four Divine Sites."

"I don't even know how we are going to compete for the Four Divine Sites, what is there to talk about?" I was powerless.

Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me. "You don't know, but I do. Stupid!"

"Ah?!" I became alert and grabbed Lin Yixin's dress. I said excitedly, "Yiyi, you really know?"

Lin Yixin looked down at my hand and asked, "What do you want to do?"


I let go and said, "Let's talk about the divine sites!"


Lin Yixin nodded. "The Four Divine Sites will emerge at the three major cities of the China server. I received news from Wind City that the sites will be at random places on the map. Players have to get close to discover them. There’ll be many monsters on the perimeter and you have to kill these monsters to enter the main hall of the site. There will also be many monsters in the hall. You have to kill all the monsters, and all players not from your guild to take possession. You need to maintain possession for an hour to successfully claim ownership of a divine site!"

I stilled. "It seems that the fight over the divine sites will be fierce..."

Lin Yixin smiled. "Of course, think about how many guilds Sky City has. How many people will be targeting War Holy Temple and Pegasus Spring? This is fated to be a tragic war. You have to take over the hall of the divine site immediately and then hold it. You can’t let your guild members be killed in the hall or else you will lose possession, even if it is the last second of the hour when the last person is killed. Otherwise, all your efforts would go to waste."


I licked my lips and said, "With so many guilds in Sky City, it’ll be hard to hold the hall. In my view, we need to use some strategy."

Lin Yixin's eyes flashed with cunning. She said with a smile, "Oh? What kind of strategy?"

"Work together. You first help Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls get the War Holy Temple, and then we work together to help Snowy Cathaya to get Pegasus Spring!" I said solemnly.

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "How do we work together?"

I said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will fight for War Holy Temple, and Snowy Cathaya will help guard us from outside the hall. You, Clear Perfume, and Purple Marquis join Ancient Sword and help us hold onto the hall for an hour. After Ancient Sword successfully takes War Holy Temple, I, Gui Guzi, He Yi, Beiming Xue and other core members will join Snowy Cathaya and help you take Pegasus Spring. How about that?"

Lin Yixin thought for a moment and suddenly asked, "What if Pegasus Spring falls early? Wouldn't I suffer a great loss?"

I smiled."Don't worry, I’ll leak news tonight that Snowy Cathaya, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and Bloody Mercenaries will work together to get War Holy Temple. That way, Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, Mad Dragon, and Gods of Destruction will have to reconsider whether they want to fight our three guilds at once. They will opt to go for Pegasus Spring instead. With so many large guilds fighting over Pegasus Spring, how can it end quickly?"

Lin Yixin giggled. "Alright, I thought you were stupid, but you are quite smart!"



After the discussion, I told He Yi, Murong Mingyue and the others, and received unanimous agreement. This was the wisest plan, and definitely beneficial to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. As for Snowy Cathaya, it was completely different. Xu Yang and Du Thirteen were surprised how I managed to convince Lin Yixin to help Ancient Sword first. The girls were silent. In the end, Murong Mingyue said, "The Fruit Knife Goddess, in the end, is just a girl..."

He Yi: "..."

Xu Yang was relieved. "Did Lu Chen buy Lin Yixin make-up?"

Chaos Moon: "Idiot..."


After that, I logged onto the forums with my account and made a post on the main page of Sky City called "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Bloody Mercenaries will work with Snowy Cathaya to conquer the War Holy Temple. This divine site will fall into our hands. We welcome all guilds to challenge us!"

In the post contents, the tone was aggressive and upright, showing our determination. Regardless of who came to take War Holy Temple, we would not retreat. If a guild wanted to win the War Holy Temple, they had to step over the corpses of the three guilds. Also, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had 5000 elite members, with an average of over 81. We welcomed challengers!

The last part was a declaration of strength. As of now, 5000-member guild was unrivaled in the server. Today’s Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls guild was famed throughout the world. With the Snowy Cathaya led by the Fruit Knife Goddess joining in, who could faze us?

After sending the post, I contacted the moderator and asked for it to be stickied to the top before going to sleep.

If there were no accidents, the forums would be full of fire this night. Before the divine sites opened, the forums would be the main battlefield. Today, during the daytime, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had massacred Flower Room. While Flower Room wasn't a super-strong guild, they had strength and also a wealthy foundation. But they still had been massacred and spawn camped. After this battle, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' reputation stunned Sky City!


When I woke up, it was 10 in the morning.

A clear fragrance came from the hall of the workshop. Just from the smell, I knew that He Yi and Murong Mingyue had cooked something! There was the smell of He Yi's special sweet and sour ribs, and Murong Mingyue's braised mandarin fish. Actually, the two of them only knew how to make these two dishes but each time, Beiming Xue and I ate so much that we were on the verge of death.

I left my room.

He Yi said, "Lu Chen, you’re finally up. You really sleep tight. Wash and prepare to eat lunch. We are going online early!"


After eating lunch, it was around 11:30 when we got online. It didn't seem very early. The Four Divine Sites would open in half an hour. So exciting!

I walked out of Sky City's inn and sent a message to Xu Yang: "How’d it go with the mission I gave you yesterday?"

Xu Yang quickly replied, "Our guild's 3000 players have dispersed through Sky Forest. Another 1500 elite players are waiting at the perimeter of the forest. If we discover the coordinates of War Holy Temple, we will immediately get there!"

"Alright, just wait quietly!"


I closed the communication and made a party, pulling He Yi, Beiming Xue, and Murong Mingyue in. Then I activated my stratagem, Bloodlust!

The girls looked at my stratagem’s effects. Beiming Xue couldn't help but say, "Woah, big bro's Bloodlust is so strong. It increases attack speed by 20%. Haha, this is much better than that Pegasus Spring!"

I laughed. "This can only be added to the 10 people in the party. Pegasus Spring will buff the entire guild. There is no comparison!"

Then I restocked on potions and consumables. I repaired my equipment. I looked at the potions in my bag. They were all normal Rank 7 Health Potions. They didn't add enough HP anymore, so I contacted Lin Yixin. "Beauty Lin, I need Health Potions. Where are the special Rank 8 Health Potions you promised to provide Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls with?"

"Ohoh, immediately, wait for me at the plaza!"


A few minutes later, the Fruit Knife Goddess appeared. She gave me 500 Rank 8 Health Potions, and they were all special ones that added 3000 HP. Nice!

I calculated. Based on the agreement, it was 30 gold per bottle so 15000 gold. Sigh, I had a hole in my virtual wallet now!

After paying the gold, Lin Yixin flashed away, saying she was going to gather her forces.

I found He Yi, Beiming Xue and Murong Mingyue. I gave Beiming Xue 100 potions, then He Yi and I split 200. Murong Mingyue shouted, "WTF, why don't I get any?"

I said, "Your max HP is not 3000 yet. It’d be a waste for you to drink these. Use Rank 7 Health Potions. They sell them on the market, 5 gold each..."



Ignoring Murong Mingyue's discontent, I continued my preparations. I spread my hand, and the magic formation light flashed. Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf appeared. After a few days of frenzy leveling, it had increased in level and its stats have grown powerful—


Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf (Epic Rank Boss)

Level: 71

Attack: 1420

Defense: 1278

HP: 14200

Agility: 2130

Skill: Flurry Dance, Greedy Wolf Howl


It had learned two powerful skills in the leveling up process. Flurry Dance could unleash quick consecutive attacks and was very strong. Greedy Wolf Howl could increase my wolf’s own attack power, and was a buff skill. It just couldn’t be applied to anyone but itself. At this time, the greedy wolf had completely transformed. Its enormous cyan body was majestic and murderous!

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