Chapter 318: High Fighting Spirits

At about nine in the evening, at the southern gate plaza in Sky City.

He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Beiming Xue, Chaos Moon, Moon Dew and the other girls stood at a corner of the plaza surrounded by high-level players. The girls all had the higher-up emblems of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls on their shoulders. After Ancient Sword became a Rank 4 guild, there were 3000 extra member spots so they were recruiting tonight!

Compared to the high-level male players around the girls, I was much calmer. I wore the Obsidian Dragonscale Armor, and the Skydusk Cloak. I looked on calmly from the south of the plaza with a hand on the Purgatory Sword as I gazed at the players requesting to join the guild. In the party channel, I said to the girls, "Remember, we will only accept those above Level 80. Also, we have to check their moral character. We won't take in any bandits!"

"I know~~" He Yi laughed.


I nodded. I looked up and saw a female mage come over. Level 82 with a pine staff. She giggled. "Hey handsome, what conditions are there to join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?"

I looked straight ahead and said, "Above Level 80, at least one Dark Gold–grade item or three Gold-grade ones. Female players have to have a good figure and white skin..."

The female mage blushed. "Do I qualify?"

"Please let go and stop hugging me. If you continue... I’m gonna shout .."


I accepted the first member. Yes, this girl had at least two Dark Gold–grade items, her robe and her staff were shining with dark gold hue. While her conduct was not very appropriate, there would definitely be no problems with her joining the guild. Right now, Ancient Sword's male to female ratio was 7:2. There were many wolves and not much meat. Letting in some girls was a wise course of action. This way, those guys won't reach toward our main executives like Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone, and Moon Dew.

If the sparks of love flew, maternity leave would take over half of a year. The guild would be empty!


I continued to recruit. A barbarian with a battle axe walked over and said carelessly, "Brother Broken Halberd, I’ve known of you for a long time. You were so handsome in Floating Ice City when you killed Dominating Heaven Blade. Do you think I can join the guild?"

I glanced over. This warrior was Level 83 and his metal armor and helmet appeared to be of the Dark Gold grade. His axe was likely high-level Gold-grade. He looked extremely majestic, and his gaming presence was very praiseworthy. "Why do you play the game?"

The barbarian laughed. "I live in the suburbs of Shenyang. My mom was laid off last year, and my father is bedridden. I want to earn some money in the game to help my family. But let me say first that I have to go work during the day. I can only be online at night. So I definitely cannot attend the guild activities during the day."

I looked again at him. Such an honest northern man. His ID was "High Fighting Spirits”. He was able to reach such a high level even though he couldn't be online during the day. A person like this was rare. It could be seen his gaming talent was not low. Even rarer was his character. A filial person would not have bad moral character.

I nodded and sent him an invitation to join the guild. I said with a smile, "Brother High Fighting Spirits, welcome to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

"Ha, thank you, Vice Leader!"


After joining the guild High Fighting Spirits appeared very excited and laughed. "Leader, I’m going to continue leveling up. Call me if there is anything. Also, I'm not working on the weekend tomorrow, and can attend the activity to take over the Four Divine Sites. Haha, I don't want to just sit idly and enjoy the buff!"

I smiled approvingly. "Yes, see you tomorrow!"

High Fighting Spirits left with his battle axe. Mn, this person was not bad. Like Xu Yang, he was rough around the edges but had a straightforward, honest personality. When danger came, this kind of person would be in the most honest and loyal group that would never go back on their word!

I continued to recruit. After adding about seven Level 80–82 players, another good player came. This was a young wanderer with a dark gaze. His ID was Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. He had a hidden class—Earth Wanderer. Unlike Lin Yixin's Light Wanderer, this Earth Wanderer's main focus was defense. I guessed that after gaining the ability to ride a mount, his Defense would rival magic knights of the same level.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun said, "Vice Leader, what is the final goal of Ancient Swords?"

I said, "Sweep the Central Plains, and look down on the universe."

"Hahaha, good!" He laughed and said, "To be able to create a new era with the legendary Protoss Genius Falling Dust is really a pleasing matter!"

I nodded and smiled. "Let's work together!"

"Yes, I am going to level up!"


Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun turned around, his back determined. He was different from High Fighting Spirits. If he was an intelligent general, High Fighting Spirits would be a strong and fierce one. Both of them were of rare breed. I even had a feeling these two would become core members of Ancient Sword. In reality, a guild with ten people like this was enough to conquer the world!

I continued to accept people until 11 pm. Accompanied by a beep, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' spots were filled again!

At this time, the guild was filled with talent. The guild had 5000 people and 81.12 was the average level. Damn, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls probably had over 20% of all those above Level 80 in Sky City?

Everyone knew that Sky City was a newly-opened main city and gathered all the experts from the China server. In a situation like this, the 3000 expanded slots of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were all filled with top experts. The timing of the guild’s rank-up was praiseworthy. Warsky, Dominating Heaven Blade, Roaming Dragon and the others were likely green with envy, right?

Lin Yixin of Snowy Cathaya was very smart. She spent twenty thousand RMB to purchase a Guild Creation Token from Floating Ice City. She built the first branch of Snowy Cathaya and used that to recruit many experts. But it was just a sub-guild, and their appeal was much lower than Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' main guild.

At this time, the guild was cheering and it was extremely loud. The new members were meeting up with the old members. It was harmonious and they were talkative, from microelectronics to the pre-Qin era history to whether one wore undergarments. All of them became extremely knowledgeable people.

This time, we accepted many female players. Chaos Moon and Pure Love were relatively active, and gathered a party of female players to level up through the night. They said they would sleep next morning, and then wake up at noon to participate in the fight for the Four Divine Sites.

Wolf Fang, Shangri-La and the others righteously requested to level up with the female party but were strictly refused. Chaos Moon spread her wings to protect the 1987 girls in the guild. She said these were precious treasures that could not be profaned. Of course, the thoughts of men were always profane. This was an irreconcilable conflict.


I took a lot of equipment from the warehouse and sat at Sky City's eastern plaza to set up a stall for business. It’s not like I could sleep now, so I’ll just sell things before sleeping!

Selling was troublesome. I had to bargain with people. Even more terrifying were middle-aged female players. They would look around for a while, criticize and then leave. It was so hurtful.

I looked at my level. Mn, I was near Level 100. I would try to become the first player of Sky City to reach Level 100. Then I would buy a store and start a business!


A while later, a message came from Lin Yixin: "What are you doing, Lu Chen?"



"Eastern plaza near the potion shop."

Lin Yixin said nothing else. A few minutes later, a beautiful figure came tiredly. Lin Yixin was almost leaning against the wall to watch. When she came next to me, she knelt down to sit, pulling her combat robe to cover her legs. Then she took out many good pieces of equipment from her bag and set up a stall.

I glanced at her and said, "What were you busy with to be so exhausted..."

Lin Yixin glared at me. "What do you think? Leveling up and getting equipment. I’m not as free as you. You have the leisure to camp Flower Room's corpses. So boring..."

I smiled. Looking at her tired face, I felt some distress and said, "Yiyi, don't exhaust yourself."

"You feel bad for me?" Lin Yixin looked sarcastically at me. "Then come to Snowy Cathaya. With you at Snowy Cathaya, I can save at least half of my energy..."

I pouted. "Damn, let's discuss something else .."

Lin Yixin's eyes turned red. "You He Yi devotee..."


I took a deep breath and said, "Let's talk about tomorrow. The Four Divine Sites will open. War Holy Temple will increase attack power by 10%; Pegasus Spring will increase attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 5%; Dragon Blood Fortress will increase max HP by 10%; Giant Rock Cave will increase Defense by 10%. What do you think Snowy Cathaya is going to fight for? Let's discuss it so we won't engage each other."

Lin Yixin giggled. "War Holy Temple is the best. If I choose the War Holy Temple, will you leave it to me?"

"Then it depends on what price you are willing to pay..." I said with a smile.

She looked at me with a smile. "What kind of price do you want?"


"Oh please. I’d be completely ruined..."

Lin Yixin glared at me and said, "Never mind, Pegasus Spring's buff stats are about the same as War Holy Temple’s. Snowy Cathaya will take Pegasus Spring, and leave War Holy Temple to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. How about that?"


I smiled. "Yiyi, you are so good to me..."

Lin Yixin glared at me. "Tch, don’t bother to fool me with these words!"

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