Chapter 317: Battle Comprehension


Pillar of the Nation laughed wildly and looked dismissively at me. "Not bad. No wonder Eve calls you her Divine General. CGL Hall of Famer Falling Dust, do you only have pride and arrogance left? Hmph, it’s Eve who has a say in this matter, you shouldn’t speak!"

Pillar of the Nation glared at me and said, "You are just a guard for Ancient Sword in the end, who do you think you are?"

"Fuck, you wanna die?" Du Thirteen shouted angrily.

Murong Mingyue said, "Wait!"

He Yi walked forward and said coolly to Pillar of the Nation, "First, you are not allowed to call me Eve. Also, Lu Chen is not just a guard. Now, leave with your people or we will meet on the battlefield!"


Pillar of the Nation was stunned. He looked towards me with a sneer and said, "Boy, you only have this little skill? Just you wait and see. Since Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls isn’t willing to accept my goodwill, then you’ll have to accept the consequences after."

I reacted almost instantly. The Purgatory Sword flashed like lightning and Pardon + basic attack hit the other's chest!



Almost an instant kill. Pillar of the Nation only had a sliver of HP left!


The blade of the Purgatory Sword lightly pressed against the other's throat. I released undead energy, my blood-red eyes staring him down. "Were you threatening me just now?"


Pillar of the Nation paled and said, "You want to kill me? Eve, you can’t allow him to kill me..."

In the party channel, I asked, "Kill or not to kill?"

Murong Mingyue said, "Kill!"

Beiming Xue said, "Yes, just kill him!"

He Yi thought for a moment and said, "GGS and Shanghai Shengyi have signed a 2-billion contract. That’s not a small number. I think... we should let it go, don't kill him this time..."

I nodded and said, "Alright, then I won’t kill him, so it wouldn’t waste you two being drunk that night…”


He Yi glared at me. "Don’t mention that night's events to me ever again, so embarrassing..."


I put away the Purgatory Sword and looked at Pillar of the Nation. I said coldly, "Take your people and leave immediately. Thank you for your goodwill, but Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls can take care of this matter on our own."

"Hmph, take care!"

Pillar of the Nation hurriedly fled with his battle axe like he was afraid that I would change my mind and give him a blow. In reality, his HP was in the red, so anyone could finish him with a single hit!

In the distance, a group of players from Hegemon Palace raced over. One of them said with a sharp gaze, "Leader, were they harassing you?"

Pillar of the Nation shook his head. "Never mind, let's go!"



After the Hegemon Palace players left, Flower Room's players were all killed and laid out on the ground.

Gazing at Pillar of the Nation's back, Murong Mingyue said, "This person, hmph..."

There were some facts that could be seen without being said out loud. Wang Dongliang was privileged and most people couldn't endure his arrogant airs. Maybe even he did not feel anything wrong with his presence. He had been arrogant from birth and didn’t think anything was wrong with him. Or maybe, in Wang Dongliang’s eyes, people were split into nine classes. People without money or power were at least in the eighth class while he was in the strict top three. His life was worth a lot more than mine.

His twisted values were really dangerous.

Beiming Xue said, "I have a feeling we’ve just provoked an enemy that we shouldn’t have. This Hegemon Palace might be our enemy in the future."

He Yi nodded. "Offend a gentleman rather than a villain. Wang Dongliang is famed in Shanghai. His dad has money, his grandfather is a higher-up in XX Military Base. I heard a month ago, Wang Dongliang joined a QQ chat, and was kicked by the owner after an argument. That night, he found the owner's IP address and took seven people to break the owner's legs. This person is a true villain and it is better not to offend them..."

Xu Yang was stunned. "Damn, there are scum like this!"

I said, "Pitiful chat owner..."

Beiming Xue said, "Does the Top Ten Youths ranking mean anything..."

Murong Mingyue laughed. "Just formalism, a game for the rich."


Xu Yang was slightly worried and said, "Will Wang Dongliang act against you in real life?"

He Yi shook her head. "No, this person is narrow-minded but sane. The business with GGS is too important to Shanghai Shengyi. They are relying on this to turn their situation around. This is more important to Shanghai Shengyi than to our GGS. I’ve also called Wang Dongliang's father. With his father present, he won't dare to do anything."


Xu Yang nodded, and grinned, showing off a few of his barbarian gold teeth. "I actually hope that he will come to Suzhou for trouble. I really want to beat him. I haven't fought for so fucking long, my fists itch..."

Wolf Fang nodded. "Yeah, I haven't fought offline for so long. Last time was my third year of high school. Now I'm graduating university. I have a blue belt in Taekwondo, and haven't had a chance to use it..."

He Yi twisted her mouth. "What kind of people are you!"

Beiming Xue said, "Yeah, big bro is the best, he is the most gentle..."

Beiming Xue turned around and saw me cracking my knuckles. I looked toward Wang Dongliang's back and laughed sinisterly, "Damn, I haven't fought so long. Last time, I beat up One True Love, but he was so weak. I wonder if Wang Dongliang is better?"


Xu Yang raised his blade and shouted, "Campers, guard all the corpses. Don’t allow anyone from Flower Room to walk away before midnight, unless they stop reviving! Hmph, they dare to attack Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls first? Then let them have a taste of our power!"

Everyone laughed. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls definitely had an advantage against Flower Room. They had the top players like me, Beiming Xue and Gui Guzi. There was also He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone and the others. What did Flower Room have? Only the three Egos. They really weren’t acceptable in public.

It wasn’t sustainable to just dig at other guilds in order to recruit some players and develop your own guild. You had to learn how to raise your own skilled elite players. Take Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls for example. Chaos Moon, Wolf Fang, Moon Dew, Moonlight Stone, and Alexander had all been unknown people. But they had learned teamwork and how to refine their own tactics and mechanics through nurturing. With superior equipment and mechanics, they could all become first-class experts!

Any powerful guild was slowly built up. A domineering guild made from top players would eventually split up in the end. It was hard for them to have strong unity and teamwork. It served to prove a saying—the days of a group of elites couldn’t compare to a group of idiots together.

True friendship and trust were built up when they were all at the grassroots. Together. For example, me and Du Thirteen. We fought together, skipped class together, got warned by the school together, starved together, started working together. Friends like this could definitely be relied on.

Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' advantages were too great. We had the advantage in high-level players, and also in player number. The main guild and the Bloody Mercenaries added together were almost 4000 players, enough for spawn camping.


In the hour, Flower Room revived together several times and was crushed. Helplessly, many of them could only choose to revive in the city which meant dropping three levels. But there was no other choice. Players couldn’t stay long in their soul state. They had to choose before the time was up. If they were revived in their previous location, they could be killed again, dropping both levels and equipment. This was a consequence that Li Le could not withstand. One could regain their levels, but equipment would be lost forever.

Not long after, large numbers of Flower Room players revived inside Sky City, but there were nearly a thousand people still fighting back. This was something everyone liked to see. If we could drop Flower Room's average by 5 levels, it would be our great success. In the future, who in Sky City would dare to look down on Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?

I left behind Bloody Mercenaries players to spawn camp. This was something Du Thirteen liked to do. The only regret was that the girl called Xue Lu had not appeared. Supposedly, she had an ID in the game. But she probably didn't dare to show up due to what happened in these two days.

I looked at Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls's guild experience. We needed 10 million to reach Rank 4. I decided and looked back at the three girls. "Eve, Sister Mingyue, Beiming, let's make a party and kill monsters. Just 10 million experience left. If split up, it will be 2.5 million per person. That's nothing, we can take care of it in half a day. Everyone work together, and get the guild to Rank 4 in two hours. We will focus on getting more people tonight, and turn Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls into a 5000-strong super guild. With our newfound players our confidence will soar in the upcoming battle for Four Divine Sites!"

"Yes, alright!" He Yi answered sweetly.

I had a grinding zone in mind, the Azure Wolf Plains in the south of Sky Forest. It was a place that produced normal Level 95 Greedy Wolves. This version didn’t have a strong attack power so they were easy to kill. With our defensive equipment, there would be no issues even if we lured over a large pack.

Just as I expected, when we arrived at the Azure Wolf Plains half an hour later, we saw many wolves around. They were all between Level 91 and 95 and their sub-1000 Attack couldn’t break through my or He Yi’s Defense. Even Beiming Xue might last for a bit under their attacks. Murong Mingyue activated Spell Shield and could survive if she didn’t attract all the aggro. All in all, it was a good leveling ground for us.

I lured the monsters and moved around to draw in the sea of wolves. He Yi stood at the front, but I was the focus of most attacks, constantly using War Crush. Truly, this skill was just dirty. It was like a nuke set off in the middle of the monster swarm. It would be strange if the wolves attacked someone else.

I also released the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. I won't have it miss a chance to leech experience!

Hellish Rockfall, Thousand Mirage Slash, War Crush, Evil Spirit Volley, Firewall, and all kinds of other AoE skills fell into the monster horde. The killing was enjoyable. In less than an hour, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf shot up a dozen levels. What an amazing pace!


About an hour later, a string of system bells sounded and our guild cheered—


System Notice: Congratulations, your guild "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls" has successfully become a Rank 4 guild. The maximum number of players has been increased to 5000. You have received the guild skill “Battle Comprehension”. When guild members kill monsters, they will receive a bonus of 5% EXP!

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