Chapter 316: Pillar of the Nation


A draconic roar began as my body became surrounded by purple light. The moment a gigantic purple dragon gathered at the tip of my Purgatory Sword, I immediately swung the weapon with a shout and launched the deadly energy at the crowd!


A group of Flower Room players were instantly destroyed by the Purple Dragon Howl. It was unbearable to look at if you were on the other team, and not even a full-health magic knight with a shield could withstand the attack. Purple Dragon Howl hits most fighters for at least 8000 damage, and in the cases of archers and mages, the damage went above 10000!


That wasn’t the end yet, however. While the skill was still running its course, I directed the purple dragon to attack Li Le!

Li Le’s handsome face was deathly pale as he ran backward while shouting, “Fuck! Stop him! This devil! H-he’s too strong…”

Unfortunately for him, physical bodies did nothing to stop the Purple Dragon Howl. A group of Flower Room players blocked in front of Li Le, but all they achieved was dying a horrific death!

It was too late to dodge out of the way at this point. Feeling like his heart would stop, Li Le turned around and waited for the purple dragon to claim him!


But the dragon let out one final roar before disappearing slowly. Purple Dragon Howl had reached its time limit, and the energy disappeared right when it was about to touch the tip of Li Le’s nose. It was a shame. Had the skill lasted 0.1s longer, Li Le would have died for sure!


The tip of Li Le’s nose was covered in cold sweat. He was so scared that he actually collapsed on his butt. In that moment, Flower Room’s morale hit rock bottom!


After firing the Purple Dragon Howl, I went back to my friends like I had just returned from a relaxing stroll. My assault had lasted only around 15 seconds at most, but at least hundreds of Flower Room players had died. They were understandably terrified as a matter of course.

Meanwhile, everyone in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were laughing and swinging their weapons in high spirits—

Wolf Fang: “Haha, that’s so cool, Vice Leader Broken Halberd! You single-handedly annihilated almost half of their guild! These trash were fools to think that they can compete against Ancient Sword!”

Beauty Chaos Moon: “Hehe, that was awesome, vice leader. Wanna date?”

Xu Yang laughed loudly. “Hahaha, of course he’s awesome! He wouldn’t be the 12th CGL Hall of Famer otherwise!”

Murong Mingyue said, “Lu Chen’s CGL Hall of Fame points are sure to grow after this battle, so his ranking still has room to improve. Power Cooker? Blood Red? Lonely Grave? It’s only a matter of time before Lu Chen smashes them all!”

He Yi asked, “Did you guys check the China server official forums today?”

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

He Yi replied, “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Flower Room aren’t the only guilds who were fighting each other today. There is a map called Void Forest to the south of Wind City, Indigo Collar and Peach Garden had attacked a one-thousand-man party from Candle Dragon with close to 3000 players and managed to annihilate them from 3 am to 9 am. However, they failed to escape before Candlelight Shadow showed up with his main forces, and the battle was extended until late evening! In the end, Candle Dragon was able to turn the tide!”

“Fuck…” Du Thirteen sucked in a deep breath. “Indigo Collar must have brass balls beneath his waist. I can’t believe he went all the way to Wind City just to beat up Candle Dragon!”

He Yi giggled. “Yeah. However, the tide changed immediately after Candlelight Shadow showed up. Apparently, he was able to charge in and out of Peach Garden’s troops five times without dying, and he even managed to kill Indigo Collar in a sea of enemies while his Heaven-devouring Tiger was covering for him…”


My pupils shrank abruptly. Fuck, is this Candlelight Shadow’s declaration of power to the world? Is he trying to say that his title as the Martial God is immovable?

How on earth did he manage to get in and out of Peach Garden’s formation anyway? And to kill even Indigo Collar while he was completely surrounded by enemies?

Indigo Collar was no ordinary player. Even in a 1v1 situation, it would’ve taken me considerable effort to defeat him. So how was Candlelight Shadow able to kill Indigo Collar?

I frowned deeply as I reimagined the battle inside my head. In the end, I came to the conclusion that Candlelight Shadow must’ve used his triple-hit Blazing Purgatory Slash to kill Indigo Collar. On paper, it didn’t sound too unusual. If I was the one fighting Indigo Collar, then I would have to use War Crush—and the skill must land perfectly—Pardon and a basic attack to have a chance to one-shot Indigo Collar in an instant. But if he was constantly healed by his priests, then it wouldn’t be easy to find the perfect timing!


It was at this moment a new swarm of players burst out from every direction. They all had Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ emblem or Bloody Mercenaries’ emblem on their shoulders. Finally, reinforcements had arrived!

At the distance, I saw Alexander swinging his battle axe and laughing. “We’ve arrived, leader! You haven’t killed all the nasties yet, have you?”

He Yi replied, “There are less than 500 of them left. Once we clear them out, all that’s left to do is camp their corpses!”

“Alright, we’ll camp their corpses while we grind for levels. Let’s get our guild to Rank 4 before the night is over!”



Knowing that the battle was lost, Li Le gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “Brothers, it’s time to withdraw! Follow me to the southwest corner!”

The remainder of Flower Room tried to escape as I, Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, Du Thirteen and other battle-maddened fighters gave chase!

It was at this time that something unexpected happened at this moment. A man suddenly jumped out of a mountain ridge next to Li Le, stunned him with a Charge and attacked twice with a cyan battle axe!

Clang clang!



The powerful attack nearly killed Li Le in an instant!

When Li Le recovered, he immediately took a few steps backward while two priests did their utmost to keep him alive. He glared at his attacker and shouted, “Who the fuck are you? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

“Heh! So what if I am?”

The arrogant attacker pointed his sword at Li Le and shouted, “Brothers, it is time to eliminate Flower Room!”

Countless players burst out of the other side of the mountain ridge and charged toward Flower Room murderously. Surprisingly, their levels were pretty high, meaning that they belonged to a powerful guild!

It was only now we started paying close attention to the player with a battle axe. He was wrapped in thick metal armor, and he had a pair of sinister-looking eyes and a disdainful smile on his face. A line of text floated above his head—


Pillar of the Nation LV-85 Silver Warrior

Guild: Hegemon Palace

Guild Position: Leader


“Who’s that guy? Why did he want to kill Li Le?” Beiming Xue curled her lips and asked.

I immediately had a bad feeling about this. I glanced at He Yi. She was staring at me with confusion as well.

“What is going on here…” He Yi muttered.

I replied, “Let’s wait and see what happens.”

Pillar of the Nation and his players were crushing the remainder of Flower Room like they were nothing. While his subordinates were doing the killing, Pillar of the Nation propped his battle axe on his shoulder and walked straight toward He Yi. Then, he gave her a gentle smile and said, “Vice President He, I didn’t know you were the guild leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls…”

Murong Mingyue exclaimed in shock, “Fuck! He’s Wang Dongliang…”

She was right. This Pillar of the Nation was none other than the deputy director of Shanghai Shengyi, a nominee of the Top Ten Youths, and the bastard who tried to get He Yi and Murong Mingyue drunk!

He Yi stared at him and said calmly, “What is the meaning of this, deputy director Wang? This is the war between Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Flower Room. Your intervention was unnecessary.”

“Haha, you are too courteous!” Wang Dongliang spread his arms with a smile. “Shanghai Shengyi and GGS have signed an agreement, haven’t we? That means that we are staunch allies and partners! Hegemon Palace is one of Shanghai Shengyi’s VR investments in Heavenblessed, so it’s only natural that our guilds would cooperate with each other!”


Instead of answering, He Yi did a quick search on Hegemon Palace. She sounded slightly astonished by her findings as she reported in the party channel, “Hegemon Palace is the 11th guild on China’s Guild Ranking, and it was a pretty good guild during the later stages of Spirit of Grief. Their guild leader, Pillar of the Nation, once studied under the famous warrior ‘Violent Current’ of the Qin Empire, and he was ranked near the Top 100 in China’s battle net.”

Murong Mingyue giggled. “Tsk tsk, your skirt chasers keep getting better and better, Eve. Last time it was a prince of the UAE royal family, and now it’s the young master of Shanghai Shengyi and a pro gamer. Isn’t it amazing?”

He Yi rolled her eyes at her. “Girl, are you seriously mocking me right now? Do you want to keep your job or not?”

Murong Mingyue stuck her tongue out but wisely shut up.

Pillar of the Nation was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable since no one answered him. He rubbed his nose and let out a laugh. “What’s wrong? Is it just me, or did I do something to displease Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?”

Du Thirteen stepped out and asked, “Who are you?”

Pillar of the Nation shot Du Thirteen a glance before chuckling. “Oh? You’re the guild leader of Bloody Mercenaries. Interesting. But you’re just the leader of a sub-guild, so you have no right to speak to me!”

If his arrogance wasn’t clear enough before, it was now. Furious, Du Thirteen raised his sword and swore, “So what if I’m the guild leader of a sub-guild, you fucker?”

I hurriedly blocked Du Thirteen before he could do anything rash and stepped up to Pillar of the Nation myself. I said indifferently, “We thank you for assisting us in our battle against Flower Room, but the situation is already under control. Please withdraw your troops immediately. We can deal with the rest ourselves.”

“Deal with the rest yourselves?”

Pillar of the Nation stared at me arrogantly. “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, is it? How much inside information do you have? Are you aware that Flower Room and Mad Dragon have decided to work together and attack your guild?”

“So what?” My eyes turned colder. “So what if two second-rate guilds decide to combine their strength? You think Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would be scared of something like that when our goal is to become a major power Sky City? Candle Dragon and Warsky Alliance can join hands for all we care, but we’ll still take them down without question!”

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