Chapter 314: Undying Knight

This party was extremely experienced. Instead of clumping up into one group, the archers and mages spread themselves in a honeycomb-like formation where they could one-shot the enemy or scatter out of the enemy’s AoE spell if necessary. This formation was incredibly infamous for a time, and even to this day it was still employed very often in guild battles.

I slowly moved into position and waited for an opportunity to present itself, and it didn’t take long. Ten seconds later, 7 archers, 6 mages and 3 warriors happened to be standing in a straight line. I jumped on the golden opportunity before it disappeared!


I burst out of the earth and used Thousand Mirage Slash immediately. The light of the Purgatory Sword split into 9 sword blasts and crashed into the crowd!

I had been using Thousand Mirage Slash very frequently, so it was at Rank 9 already!


The attack turned the ground upside down and stunned the Flower Room players. Both the archers and mages were struck before they could react, and the mages hadn’t even activated their Magic Shields because it continuously drained one’s MP. In fact, many mages couldn’t afford the gold to keep their Magic Shield activated at all times.

The skill dealt over 4000 damage to all the players caught within the blast. The archers and mages were one-shot as a matter of course, and two out of the three fighters were killed as well. The last remaining survivor was a magic knight who was running away from me with a sliver of health left in his health pool. The pale-faced man shouted when he saw my ID, "Fuck, it’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! Tell everyone now!"

My eyes turned chilly. I caught up to him and deleted the last sliver of his HP.

It was exhilarating to be able to annihilate 16 players in almost an instant. After losing over half their numbers to me, the long-ranged enemies looked like they had lost even the courage to attack me. Sometimes, a good show was all it took to demoralize an enemy.

It was at this moment the barbarian warrior charged me with bloodshot eyes. "Attack, my brothers! He is one, and we are many! If we kill him, we’ll be the party who has taken out a CGL Hall of Famer. Kill him!"

The assassin responded to his leader’s call and turned invisible.

I took two hurried steps backward before swinging my sword gently!


The assassin was knocked out of his stealth mode as a shower of blood burst out of his body. He was dead before he even hit the ground. Poor leather-armor player, only a top-class assassin would have a chance of surviving a direct blow from me, even if it was just a basic attack.

"How did you…"

These were the assassin’s last words. Farewell Song had asked me that question before, and the answer was very simple. You didn’t need in-game detection skill or level advantage to detect an invisible assassin. All you needed to do was pay close attention to your surroundings. For example, the assassin’s footprints were still visible even though he had vanished completely. With proper judgment, anyone could hunt down the invisible foe!

Farewell Song was one of the best, if not the best assassin in China, so he was of course aware of this. He just couldn’t believe that I was able to determine a stealthed assassin’s exact location in less than a second because he himself couldn’t perform such a feat.


Meanwhile, the barbarian warrior had reached me while I was dealing with the assassin. He let out a growl and swung his axe at me. "Wild Roar Slash!”


His axe hit me heavily on the chest and the shoulder, shaking the Obsidian Dragonscale Armor a little and inflicting a bit of pain. Unfortunately, he was a long way away from breaking my high-grade 2-star outstanding armor, and the double strike failed to do too much damage.



That being said, the barbarian’s attack power was deserving of praise. These days, there weren’t many players who could deal over 500 damage to me in one hit.


The barbarian warrior turned a little pale when he heard my chuckle. We were so close to each other we could hear each other’s breathing, so there wasn’t a chance in hell he could’ve dodged my counterattack.

Pardon! Basic attack!



That was all it took to drop the barbarian warrior’s to his knees. His body was still glowing with the energy of Wild Roar Slash, but it only took an instant to determine the victor. The gap between our level, equipment and in-game skill was so huge that no competence was necessary. All I needed to do was run him over with the overwhelming advantage I possessed.

Thud thud thud thud!

A couple of arrows hit me in the chest and dealt around 100 or so damage per hit. Not bad. Not bad!

I turned around and took in their despairing expressions. One of them complained, "Fuck! Even Devil Piercing Arrow barely did any damage to him! Just how high is his Defense!?"

It was at this moment I heard a couple of dragon roars coming at me from the sky. It was the mages chanting their Ice Dragon Howls!

Bang bang bang!

Pain and cold ravaged my entire body when the Ice Dragon Howls hit me. I actually lost quite a bit of HP as a result.





Fuck, these mages were better than I thought. I had 1165 Magic Resist, and they were still able to deal a sizable amount of damage! Were they broken magic angels or something?

I called them broken because Beiming Xue had finally shown herself at the edge of the forest and fired an Evil Spirit Volley at the mages. Purple, ghastly projectiles either tore apart their Magic Shields or penetrated their cloth armor with ease!





The mages who activated their Magic Shields first had survived, but not those who chose to attack me with Ice Dragon Howls even before activating their own defenses. Beiming Xue’s sneak attack had appeared from behind the enemy formation, and her attack power was comforting to say the least!

At the same time, a dashing figure burst out of her hiding and stunned a mage without their Magic Shield with Charge. My beautiful guild leader stabbed her prey right through the chest with the Soul Stealing Spear and one-shot them with ease!


I was a bit surprised by how much damage she dealt. In fact, it wasn’t too far behind my own damage. The Soul Stealing Spear, a Purple Gold–grade weapon, was just that incredible.

While the enemy fighters were letting out a battle cry and running toward me, I had locked onto another archer and activated Charge. Charge had a very short activation speed, and most players simply didn’t have the skill to force a MISS. Moreover, if the Charge’s user successfully predicted the enemy’s movement beforehand and landed a series of follow-up combos, then it didn’t really matter if the opponent dodged the initial stun and damage.

I swung the Purgatory Sword at the archer’s neck and one-shot him instantly. However, the fighters behind me had locked onto me and used Charge!


There was no way in hell I could dodge this or avoid getting stunned by so many Charges!

So I raised my sword in front of me and activated Guard!

Clang clang clang...

As expected, most of the fighters did no damage to me. However, I was ultimately stunned after seventh or eighth MISS!

The stun only lasted a second, but someone actually managed to seize that short time window and used Crushing Blow on me! How shameless!


Damn, that hurts. Crushing Blow truly was the bane of all Guards!

My HP had dropped to one-third in just two seconds. Two enemy magic knights laughed excitedly at my misfortune, "Wahaha, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is almost dead! Let’s kill him and take revenge for boss, brothers!"

But three columns of holy light flashed atop my head and warmed my whole body. It was of course Murong Mingyue, one of the best priests in the entire Sky City!




Gladdened by the sight of my full health bar, I smiled eerily at my opponents before jumping into the air and hitting the ground with my sword. Blood and thunder instantly split the earth in half—War Crush!

All the fighters around me turned pale with shock and despair. Everyone could tell from the visual effects alone that it was a powerful skill, not to mention that it was executed by my own hands.





A column of damage numbers appeared above everyone’s head, and not a single player managed to survive my attack. War Crush was a triple-hit skill, so a highly skilled player such as Farewell Song could absolutely dodge the second and third hit. Unfortunately, none of the players around me were capable of such a feat, so they ate the full brunt of War Crush and died. It wasn’t a skill that even a full-health magic knight could endure!


He Yi killed the last player of the party, a tactician and smiled at me. "That was simple. Now let’s go. Gui Guzi and the others are still waiting for us!"


I gripped the Purgatory Sword and charged into the forest. Not only could I hear the sounds of battle directly ahead of us, I could see flashes of skills peeking through the foliage despite it being nighttime inside the game. Even the edges of Blackwater Bog were rife with conflict.

The second I burst into a clearing, I saw Gui Guzi holding up his spear and tanking a shitton of attacks using his Undying Shield at the forefront. He and nearly 50 fighters were aligned in a triangular formation, and he was looking everywhere and shouting angrily, "Show your face if you’re a man, Life of Luxury! Only a coward would let another person do his dirty business!"

At the distance, Li Le was also shouting angrily, "Charge! Archers and mages, shoot down that undead knight first! Show me that the so-called ‘Undying Knight’ of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is not truly immortal!"

Gui Guzi almost single-handedly absorbed all the damage coming his party’s way, his HP rising and falling like a pendulum. The enemy kept bombarding with Ice Dragon Howls, and he was in grave danger even though dozens of priests were healing him and keeping him healthy all the time. All it took was one coordinated, all-out focus-fire, and Gui Guzi might collapse where he stood.


Even further away, I saw Du Thirteen falling to a group of archers and losing his armor.

Life of Luxury walked up to him, picked up the drop and spat on his corpse, sneering, "Trash, you shouldn’t haven’t stolen my woman! This is the punishment you deserve!"

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