Chapter 312: Four Divine Sites

"That’s right, the Four Divine Sites!"

Gui Guzi smiled a little before saying. "Basically, Four Divine Sites will appear within the borders of Sky City, and the players will compete for ownership of them. Whoever gets them will obtain a sizable reward!

"Oh?" Interested, I smiled. "Give me the details, Little Gui. What exactly are these divine sites?"


Gui Guzi cleared his throat for a second before starting, "The Four Divine Sites are the War Holy Temple, the Pegasus Spring, the Dragon Blood Fortress and the Giant Rock Cave. These four NPC-owned maps will randomly appear on Sky City’s map, and every map will be protected by a certain number of NPC mobs. To take control of a divine site, the mobs must be killed, and the territory must be held for 60 minutes. Whichever guild succeeds will obtain a powerful buff for an entire month!"

"Got it!" I nodded. "Now tell me about the details of the buff!"

"War Holy Temple gives 10% attack power, Pegasus Spring gives 10% attack speed and 5% movement speed, Dragon Blood Fortress gives 10% max HP and Giant Rock Cave gives 10% Defense!"


I thought for a moment before smiling. "War Holy Temple and Pegasus Spring are clearly the best of the four options. They will be the divine sites most players fight for. Little Gui, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will be targeting War Holy Temple, so you should meet up with Xu Yang and Thirteen to prepare in advance."

"Got it! I’m going to bed now. The Four Divine Sites will only appear at noon the day after tomorrow, so we have plenty of time to prepare still!"

"Okay, go get your beauty sleep. You’ve been staying up late again, haven’t you?"

"Hahaha, that’s true. Bye bye, boss!"



I hung up the call and summarized what I heard from Gui Guzi to He Yi and Murong Mingyue. The leader and vice leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls definitely had the right to know about this.

He Yi smiled slightly after hearing my explanation. "Eternal Moon Corporation is as shrewd as before, I see. This is the kind of interesting event everyone would like to partake in. A month-long buff, huh. This means whichever guild controls the divine sites will have an advantage in the upcoming wars for guild territories!"

"That’s right!"

I expressed my full agreement. "The first guild territory of Sky City is sure to appear in a month’s time, and this 10% attack power buff is perfect for that. If Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls can conquer War Holy Temple or Pegasus Spring, then we’ll gain a powerful upper hand over our competitors."

Murong Mingyue took a sip of Wanglaoji before saying, "But why target only one divine site? Let’s take over Pegasus Spring as well after we occupy War Holy Temple…"

I couldn’t help but stare at her. "Do you think that the players of Sky City are kindergarteners? There are at least 100 guilds of all sizes in Sky City, and at least 10 of them possess the power to occupy a divine site. We’ll be lucky to occupy War Holy Temple alone, not to mention yet another divine site!"

He Yi asked, "So, how exactly do we occupy a divine site?"

"I don’t know either. We can read the details on the official website after we return home."


A few minutes later, the first dish we ordered was served, and right after that, the three servings of Yangzhou fried rice we had ordered. I was getting hungry anyway since I only had hotpot with Beiming Xue earlier, so I stuffed my face with street food in no time.

He Yi and Murong Mingyue felt less intoxicated after the meal. They still swayed a little on their feet, but that was all.

It was almost 3 am in the morning by the time we returned to the workshop. The two girls went to wash themselves, while I fell on my bed with a plop. Tonight’s events had nearly worn me out completely: First, Lin Xiao had sought me out and attempted to persuade me to become his daughter’s general. Then, I sought out Lin Yixin and heard about her mother. After that, I had to rescue He Yi and Murong Mingyue from a hotel after an asshole had tried to get them completely drunk. Thank goodness they were smart enough to hide in the female restroom before things spiraled completely out of control, or god knows what that Wang Dongliang would do to them, that motherfucker. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why anyone would try to get the two belles drunk!


By the time I woke up, it was already twelve in the afternoon. I heard the girls chatting to each other outside my door—

"Has Lu Chen woken up yet, Eve?"

"No, why?"

"I’m feeling a bit of headache, and I was hoping he could massage my head for me…"


The last vestiges of my sleepiness were blown away just like that. I supposed I should’ve expected Murong Mingyue to return to her usual self after a night of rest. It was a shame though, because I liked the drunken, quiet and bashful version of her a lot. It even reminded me of the stereotypical busty female priest who was both cute and a pushover. But this version? I would sooner be seen dead than right next to her. Only a complete idiot would even think to tease the invincible woman she was now.

After I washed myself and walked to the living hall, I saw that the table was already filled with dishes. They were all takeouts from the hotel, and a delicious smell was pervading the air. It was to the point where I nearly bit my tongue while I was drinking some water.

"Where’s Eve?" I asked.

Murong Mingyue replied while carrying a couple sets of chopsticks, "Don’t know. She was like a bomb earlier. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but you better watch what you say when she shows up later…"


A few seconds later, He Yi emerged from her room. She was as angry as Murong Mingyue had suggested.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

He Yi silently walked up to the table and smashed it against the wood. She said, "Mingyue, tell Little Tang to send over a new phone tomorrow evening. Also, get me a new SIM card under your name tomorrow."

Finally, she sat down next to me and said, "It’s nothing, Lu Chen."

"You call this nothing?" I pointed at the bits and pieces of her phone on the floor. "Isn’t this your favorite phone, a limited edition MOTO-CQ710? I even remember you telling me that the shell is platinum-plated and diamond-studded…"

He Yi curled her lips but said nothing.

Murong Mingyue smiled and asked tentatively, "Did someone harass you or something?"


He Yi nodded affirmatively. "I wasn’t even awake yet when I received that damned call this afternoon. The bastard even asked for my address saying that he would like to invite me to Jacky Cheung’s live concert later this evening, hmph! Like come on, if I really want to hear Jacky Cheung sing, all I need to do is download an MP3…"


The incomplete explanation left both of us confused. I asked the obvious question, "Who called you?"

"Wang Dongliang!"

"You mean that deputy director from Shanghai Shengyi? One of the Top Ten Youths of year 2023?"

"Mn." A bit of disdain peeked out of He Yi’s features. "Top Ten Youths? They’re all frauds and imposters. If a trust fund baby like Wang Dongliang could be a Top Ten Youth, then you could qualify for Top Ten Youths on the galactic scale, Lu Chen!"

I stared at her. "I’m sorry to ask, but are you praising me or making fun of me?"

He Yi burst into a giggle. "No… no I’m not. Anyway, let’s eat, shall we? Wang Dongliang doesn’t deserve our attention…"

Murong Mingyue smiled. "That’s true. Now that I think about it, how many people had confessed to you in the past couple years? Several hundred? A thousand? Anyway, most of them fancied themselves an outstanding person, but they were really just scumbags with pretty packaging. I already knew he had eyes for you since last night, but did you notice how he looked at you when he first saw you? He looked like he had lost his soul or something!"

"Who cares about him?"

He Yi waved a hand. "Anyway, I’m getting a new SIM card. Worse comes to worst, I’ll contact everyone I know and send them my new number. The contract with Shengyi is signed anyway, so I don’t need to care about him anymore."


"We still have to go online and prepare for the Four Divine Sites, so let’s finish this up quickly and try to level up once or twice before the big day!"

"Got it!"


I got online after lunch and appeared at Sky City’s inn. I immediately received a series of system notices—

System Notice: Congratulations, the item "Broken Bone Wristguard" you consigned for sale has been sold for 4500 gold. After deducting the 5% intermediary fee, you received 4275 gold!

System Notice: Congratulations, the item "Snarling Skull War Boots" you consigned for sale has been sold for 5125 gold. After deducting the 5% intermediary fee, you received 4869 gold!

System Notice: Congratulations, the item "Pathfinder War Boots" you consigned for sale has been sold for 48500 gold. After deducting the 5% intermediary fee, you received 46075 gold!


Tsk tsk, almost all of the items I had consigned for sale had been sold for a good price, netting me almost 90k gold total. The Pathfinder War Boots especially earned me almost 50k gold on their own because of their bonuses to attack speed, attack power and Tactics. I didn’t know which hero bought it off my hands, but I wished them a long and happy life!

Personally, I wasn’t expecting grinding high-level elite mobs to be this profitable, although the reason I was able to do so in the first place was all thanks to my level advantage. At any rate, I saw no reason to deviate from this wonderful path of wealth and power at all!

I got onto the exchange platform and converted tens of thousands of gold to money. It was safer this way, not to mention that life on this land wasn’t an easy one. These days, everything such as health care, properties and fuel were all expensive as hell, and even buying a grave to bury your loved ones could cost up to a hundred thousand RMB. My dad was no Li Gang and most certainly not the deputy director of anything, so it was up to me to put money in our bank accounts. I didn’t want to shame Guo Jia more than I already did.



System Notice: Player “From Water” invited you to the party. Do you accept?

Huh? Why is she inviting me to her party?

I was surprised, but I clicked "Accept" anyway.

The moment I joined the party, He Yi’s urgent voice immediately entered my ears. "Lu Chen, come to Blackwater Bog right now! It’s a war!"

"What war?"

"Xu Yang and Gui Guzi were grinding levels at Blackwater Bog until they were attacked by Flower Room’s Li Le! The enemy is several hundred strong, and the situation isn’t looking good for them!"

"I’m coming right away!"

I pulled out the Purgatory Sword angrily. Motherfucker, how dare Flower Room bully my brothers at Sky City! Had those idiots completely lost their minds!?

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