Chapter 311: Shanghai Shengyi

 My heart jolted. Fuck, finally, a call!

“Hello!” I eagerly answered.

The cautious voice of a girl on the other line. “Hello, may I ask if you are a friend of this phone’s owner?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Oh, your friend has had too much to drink. She’s in the restroom of our hotel. Is it convenient for you to come pick her up?”


I was shocked. Too much to drink?

“Hello, may I ask if she’s with someone?” I asked.

“Mn, right. Two really pretty sisters. When can you get here?”

“Right away! What’s the address?”

“New District, Moon in Water Hotel, third floor lobby.”

“Alright, I’ll be there soon!”


I quickly hung up and rushed downstairs by myself without bothering Beiming Xue. It was past 2 am now and not a single person was on the desolate streets. The A8 moved as fast as lightning. Moon in Water was a hotel I knew. It was a 5-star hotel at the center of the New District. I’ve checked out the hotel before with Du Thirteen before and felt that I wouldn’t have lived in vain if I could sleep there for a night.

Maybe because it was this late into the night, but the hotel’s first floor lobby only had two security guards sitting there sleepily. When I dashed inside, neither one of them blocked my way.

I was nervous and somewhat remorseful. If I knew this would happen, I would’ve just gone with He Yi and Murong Mingyue. Two drunk girls in a hotel restroom was way too dangerous.

When I reached the third floor, I went into the lobby and went to find the restrooms. I was even more nervous as I stood in front of the girl’s restroom. The last time I went in the girl’s restroom was when I was in elementary school. Now that I was about to go in again, I felt incredibly complicated and excited.


The stench of alcohol immediately hit my nose when I pushed the door open. I saw Murong Mingyue sitting in a corner, mumbling to herself, eyes closed and cheeks bright red. I couldn’t tell what she was saying but a hotel personnel was anxiously standing beside Murong Mingyue, trying her best to keep her upright.


I cussed in my head and swiftly stepped forward. I placed my hands on her shoulders to keep her steady. “Sis, how much did you even drink? Do you still recognize me?”

Murong Mingyue opened her eyes. She suddenly smiled when she saw me. “Stupid Lu Chen, how can sis not recognize you?”

I was speechless. “Where’s Eve?”

“I’m over here…”

A voice came from behind me. I turned around and found He Yi lying against the wall next to the sink. Her disheveled hair fell beside her uniform collar as she stared at me with starry eyes. It was just that she was so drunk that I wasn’t sure if she could even see me correctly.

I was even more speechless at this point. I immediately went up to support her. “Boss, how’d you guys drink yourselves to this state?”

He Yi didn’t answer me. She reached out for my shoulder, placed her crimson cheeks near me, and then hugged me with both arms. She said in a gentle voice, “Lu Chen, how’d you get here? I thought you got lost…”

“What the hell are you talking about…”

I held her curved waist, hugged her in my embrace, and couldn’t help asking, “Who in the world did you drink with to have gotten you this drunk? What am I supposed to say…”

He Yi loosened her hold to flick her hair away. A trace of anger appeared on her face. “Wasn’t it that deputy director of Shanghai Shengyi? What a complete idiot…”

“What in the world happened?”

“Ngh…” He Yi groaned. “Don’t ask. I’ll tell you tomorrow after I get a good night’s sleep, okay?”


I expressed my assent and moved her next to Murong Mingyue. “Sis, we’re going home.”

Murong Mingyue opened her eyes, nodded with a gentle “mn”, then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.


I tried again. “Sis, go sleep at home!”


Murong Mingyue opened her eyes again and grabbed my hand. She crawled up my arm like a beautiful snake. Beneath the light, her uniform chest area that looked like it was about to burst open tightly stuck to my arm. I felt a softness there that could choke a man.

Several seconds later, Murong Mingyue pulled herself up by climbing up my arm and smiled foolishly. “Lu Chen, what time is it? You actually ran over here to get us. Tell me, have you been secretly in love with me for a while now?”

“Secretly in love your sister, let’s go home…” I glared at her, making the originally frustrated attendant girl break out into a smile.

When we went downstairs and got into the car, I put He Yi in the front seat and tossed Murong Mingyue in the back. I put on both their seatbelts and slowly drove home. As for He Yi’s car, I didn’t know where it was so we’d have to deal with it another day.


The evening wind gently blew past. He Yi was leaning against the chair with her slightly disheveled hair. She suddenly opened her eyes and tilted her head as she stared at me with her starry eyes.

“What’re you looking at?” I asked, a bit discomforted.

He Yi smiled. “Nothing. I’m glad you’re here…”

I snorted out a laugh. “What happened today? Isn’t having to drink with someone something PR does? As high executives of GGS, why did you two have to personally go?”


He Yi pouted, slightly dissatisfied, and mumbled, “Today was special.”

“How special?”

He Yi didn’t answer but Murong Mingyue sobered up a little and moved forward. She stuck her face out from between the gaps of the seats and smiled, “Today’s business partner was Shanghai Shengyi, a company that has a huge influence in southern and eastern China. They’re no inferior to Huawei. They sent their deputy director, Wang Dongliang, to talk about our collaboration and that guy’s too damn enthusiastic. He kept drinking with Eve and I even sacrificed myself to block a few shots for her…”

I frowned. “Who’s this Wang Dongliang?”

He Yi stick out her lips. “The son of the boss of Shanghai Shengyi. He entered the business a long time ago and can be considered a prodigy of China’s business world. I even heard he’s one of China 2023’s Top Ten Youths…”

Murong Mingyue smiled. “Yeah, he’s a young talent, huh?”


I glanced at He Yi and discovered that she was staring at me with smiling eyes.

“I… I don’t have anything to do with him…” He Yi explained.

I shook my head. “Talk to me when you’ve sobered up. Besides, an independent soul needs not explain themselves…”

“No, I need to clarify it now!”

He Yi grabbed the steering wheel and forcefully stopped the car at the curb.

Murong Mingyue widened her eyes, expecting a good show.

I relaxed after I took off my seatbelt and turned to face He Yi. “Alright, boss. What do you need to clarify, say it now.”

He Yi was completely red in the face. She bit her lips and mumbled, “I… I really don’t know that Wang Dongliang guy. I don’t even know where he came from. Besides, Shanghai Shengyi whatever, argh, that… that collaboration’s so annoying, I’m so hungry…”


I was thoroughly defeated by my beautiful, incoherent boss. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Forget it, it seems like there’s nothing to explain. Let’s go find a place to eat supper. Since you guys already drank, you shouldn’t have eaten anything yet, right?”

“Mn.” He Yi nodded seriously.

Murong Mingyue mumbled, “I’m kinda thirsty. I want something to drink.”

“Mn, alright. What do you want to drink?”

“Budweiser beer…”



In the end, I brought the two girls to a street stall. There really wasn’t any place we could go to have a meal. Autumn evenings were actually pretty cold. There were only street stalls open at this time. A middle-aged couple enthusiastically received me when they saw me bring two girls along with me.

I helped He Yi and Murong Mingyue onto their chairs and ordered a few stir-fried dishes with three servings of Yangzhou Fried Rice. As for the Budweiser Murong Mingyue noisily requested, I directly ignored that. I bought her some Wanglaoji. It’s better to support our domestic brands!

The food stall boss beat the ladle against the pan as he fried our dishes, mixing in with the hazy night. Mn, this is a pretty peaceful sight.

I looked to the side and saw He Yi leaning against the table with one hand, staring at me with her head tilted. Her face was a charming red as she beamed at me. “I was originally going to leave Suzhou for Canada in three days but this collaboration with Shanghai Shengyi allowed me to push back my trip. Hehe, I can stay for about ten or so more days…”

I gazed back at her and sighed. He Yi has such a high position. The GGS Asia Region Vice President should’ve been really busy yet she was able to stay by my side for as long as half a month. I sometimes had an extravagant hope. How good would it be if she could always stay by my side?

“What are you thinking about?”

He Yi’s deep eyes stared at me, as if they could see through my thoughts. She suddenly smiled. “Are you thinking about how to get me to stay for a few more days?”

The beautiful guild leader was as beautiful as a flower. I unconsciously nodded, slightly dazed. “Yeah, if you stay, there’ll be someone to pay the food bill when we all go out to eat.”


He Yi rolled her eyes. “You’ve been together with Mingyue for too long. You’ve picked up her bad habits.”

Murong Mingyue complained, “That brat’s always been like that. This sister here’s pure and kind-hearted…”

“If you’re kind-hearted, stop eating meat and just be a vegetarian from now on!” I retorted.

“Nooo, how can I live without meat…”

He Yi looked to the side and muttered under her breath, “This uncle’s so slow at cooking. I’m so hungry…”

That uncle heard her and chuckled. “It’s almost done, please wait a moment!”

He Yi turned beet red and stayed silent.


At this time, my phone suddenly rang. I took a look and saw that it was Gui Guzi’s number. The hell was he calling me for in the middle of the night?

“Hello, boss?”

“It’s me, what’s up?”

“There’s new content in the game related to Sky City. I wanted to talk with you about it first. Our guild needs to prepare for it early!”

“Oh? What content?”

“Four Divine Sites!”

“What, Four Divine Sites?!” 

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