Chapter 309: Collaboration

I stilled, and nodded. "I am Lu Chen, is something the matter?"

The youth on the right took off his sunglasses and said, "It's like this. Our boss has some matters he wants to discuss with you. Get in the car, I will take you to him."

I stilled. Beiming Xue came over and asked, "Big bro, what is it?"


I reached out and shielded Beiming Xue behind me. I looked at the two suits and said, "Your boss wants to talk with me? Who is he?"

"You'll know when you meet him," one of them said coldly.

I suddenly felt a wave of anger. I raised my eyebrows and said, "If he wants to talk to me, then he can come here. Why should I go with you?"


The young man on the right was irritated and said, "Boy, don't posture!"

"What, you want to fight?"

I pointed to the south and said, "Less than 20 meters to the south is a police station. Fifty meters to the north, there is a traffic patrol. Your boss wants to talk to me, then tell him to go to that KFC over there. I'll wait for him upstairs!"

The two youths did not have good expressions. They talked and then one of them made a phone call. A few seconds later, he nodded and said, "Alright, in the KFC."


I smiled, and pulled Beiming Xue over there. If we really were going to fight, I wasn’t afraid anymore. My body had been strengthened by the virus, and was pretty strong now. Normal people couldn't withstand my punch.

When I got to the KFC, I saw couples eating chicken there. Beiming Xue and I sat down near the window and left the two seats in front of us empty.

"Big bro, who wants to meet you?" Beiming Xue asked.

I shook my head. "I don't know. But it's likely related to the matters in the game. Maybe a faction in Sky City? They would want to collaborate with Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls or make a transaction. I can't think of anything else."

Beiming Xue had a calm gaze and said, "Big bro, people able to find us in reality must have strong connections. People like this are not simple!"

"Yes, I know!"


At this time, a group came upstairs. The two suited young men were present with a middle-aged man walking ahead of them. He wore a gray suit, a kind with presence, appearing like a boss. Also, I found this person familiar to the eye!

"This is..." I thought for a moment, but couldn't remember when I had seen this person.

At this time, he sat down in front of me and Beiming Xue. He said with a smile, "Interesting, this is the first time that someone set up a meeting with me, Lin Xiao, in KFC, haha!"

"Lin Xiao?"

I frowned and said, "Who are you, why did you want to meet me?"

Lin Xiao laughed softly. "Maybe you don't know me, but you definitely know Lin Yixin..."


I was shocked inside and many things suddenly appeared in my mind. Yes, I knew this Lin Xiao. Was he Lin Yixin's father?

But didn't Lin Yixin use her mother's surname? Why was her father also Lin?

Seeing my confusion, Lin Xiao laughed. "Lu Chen, I know you. For a long time, in Heavenblessed, you were the only man close to Lin Yixin. Also, I know some of your past. Haha, this is one of the reasons that I did not stop Lin Yixin from interacting with you."

I smiled and looked directly at Lin Xiao. I looked coolly, "Uncle, you are really Lin Yixin's father?"

"Yes, you have doubts?"

"No." I shook my head and said, "But why does Lin Yixin appear to dislike you so much?"

Lin Xiao was shocked and didn't speak for a moment. His expression grew ugly. A long time later, he finally said, "Yiyi is a stubborn child. No one can change something if she makes up her mind. Some past matters have caused her to have a deep bias toward me."

I said, "Could you speak about it?"

"About that..." Lin Xiao glanced at me and said, "It's better for you to know as little as possible. This is my family matter. You shouldn’t know about it anyway. I allowed you to interact with Yiyi, but it doesn't mean that I accept it. You’d better pay attention to your actions. I won’t spare anyone who hurts Yiyi, including you!"

I had a calm expression but felt a thread of conflict. I said impatiently, "Then why did you find me? What do you want to talk about?"

Lin Xiao waved his hand and said, "A collaboration."

"Oh? What kind?" I became interested. The game was to prove myself, but profit was very important. This Lin Xiao clearly had a lot of capital. If we collaborated, the Frost Cloud workshop would have another stream of revenue.

Lin Xiao looked deeply at me and said, "I want to hire you, with a high salary!"

He emphasized the words "high salary”. Then he tapped the edge of the table and said, "Eight million a year."

"Eight million?"

I was shocked. Beiming Xue gaped beside me and then looked at me in shock. Clearly, 8 million was a very shocking sum to us right now.

I tried to calm my emotions and asked, "What do you want me to do for such a high salary?"

Lin Xiao smiled and said coolly, "Very simple. I need you to leave Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and create a new guild in your name. This guild's mission is not to take over territory. I just need you to silently help Yiyi's Snowy Cathaya and help her achieve her wish."

Immediately, my heart sank. I never expected Lin Xiao to say such a thing. Hire me at 8 million to build my own guild just to help Lin Yixin turn Snowy Cathaya into the sovereign guild of the China server?

A few minutes later.

"How about it, have you finished thinking?" Lin Xiao looked confidently at me.

I smiled. "Apologies, I refuse."

"What, 8 million isn’t enough?" Lin Xiao was surprised.

I shook my head and said, "Uncle, please understand something. I belong to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and I won’t betray He Yi for money. Also, even if you didn’t give me a salary, I would still help Lin Yixin, but not for money. For her!"

Lin Xiao was shocked for a long time. Then he suddenly stood up and looked down at me, saying coolly, "Good, remember your words. I hope you won’t go back on them. Also, it would be best if you didn’t have any thoughts about Yiyi. She is someone much more complicated than you can imagine. I will not allow you to touch my daughter!"

Beiming Xue was angry and stood up. She pointed at Lin Xiao and said, "Hey, how dare you speak so imperiously to my big bro? Who do you think you are?!"


Lin Xiao was dumbstruck.

I also stood up and said with a smile, "Uncle, are you going to leave, or do you hope I will invite you to drink coke? Or..."

Lin Xiao inhaled deeply, turned and left behind some words. "Lu Chen, act properly. You are a good youth but not suited to Yiyi. You should know the reason!"


Seeing Lin Xiao leave, I suddenly punched the table. Bang. The neighboring couple was startled by the sudden noise.

Beiming Xue said softly, "Big bro..."

I ground my teeth and said lowly, "Hmph, so Lin Yixin's father is like this. Damn, just say that I’m not a good match for your daughter, why beat around the bush?!"

Beiming Xue nodded and then took out her phone. She quickly searched and recited, "Lin Xiao, the CEO of China's Jiangnan Siqi Corporation. He holds over 70% of the stocks and his net worth exceeds 1 billion. Heavens... Sister Lin Yixin has such an impressive background?"

I sat back down and pulled out my phone to stop at Lin Yixin's name. I hesitated to press and said, "It’s just money. Yiyi may not be willing to accept such a father."

In my memory, Lin Yixin was a very independent girl. She used gold for her living expenses. For a period of time, she was living in poverty just to quicken her progress in the game. I heard Clear Perfume say Lin Yixin ate instant noodles all the time, even until she was pale white.


"Hey, are you still thinking of her?"

Beiming Xue suddenly pushed my shoulder and looked outside. "Big bro, why don't you call Lin Yixin?"

"Would... that be appropriate?" I asked.

She laughed and glared at me. "Hey, aren't you usually very casual with her? What, you feel awkward now that you’ve met her dad?"


I smiled. Yes, Beiming Xue was right. Calling Lin Yixin was a good suggestion. I could figure out what the situation was with her and her father. That way, I wouldn't be stuck in the middle. I was in an awkward position right now. Lin Yixin and her father were in a cold war, and I was close to Lin Yixin in the game. Thus, I became one side’s target. This role was not easy to occupy.

I called Lin Yixin. No one picked up for a long time.

"Is she online?" Beiming Xue asked me.

"I don't know..."

The phone rang and the name "Wind Fantasy" jumped onto the screen. Lin Yixin had called back quickly!


"What is it, Little Cheat?" Lin Yixin asked with a laugh.

I said, "Yiyi, where are you? At school?"

"No, what is it?"

"I want to see you, is it possible now?" I asked.

Lin Yixin hesitated, and said, "It has to be now?"


"Then... come to Zhongbei Road, Second Hospital, and call me then..."

"Why are you at the hospital?"

"Is this your business? Are you coming? I’m only going to wait 20 minutes for you!"

"Coming, I’m on my way!"


To help resolve my confusion, I took Beiming Xue and drove Murong Mingyue's A8 to the Second Hospital.

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