Chapter 305: Attack Like A Butterfly

Farewell Song!!!!

My eyes instantly reddened. Never in my dreams would I imagine that this guy would come pick a fight with me!

Farewell Song’s skills were seriously high because I couldn’t detect him at all. He had taken control of the momentum, an advantage Assassin class was known for. If he couldn’t make the first move, then there was no point for an assassin to fight against a melee player because they could easily just wear you down in a battle of attrition!


There was a moving figure in front of me. Farewell Song was coming at me and I finally had a clear view of him now. He wore elite leather armor and wielded a blood-red dagger. He suddenly made a frontward slash as his dagger glowed red!

I trembled from the impact and my HP plummeted!


Combat Log: Player "Farewell Song" used "Blooddrinker Slash", dealing 2307 damage!


Shit, was this an attack that ignored Defense?

I was somewhat stunned. To a peak assassin like Farewell Song, a stun that lasted one second was enough to complete a skill combo. He had finished it, and almost deleted 3000 HP from me!

I recovered soon after but I didn’t retreat. I have to put pressure on him!

The Purgatory Sword swung out!



Damn, he disappeared!

My gaze went cold. I tightened my grasp on my sword and chugged down a health potion. I couldn’t let Farewell Song execute another skill combo or I might possibly die!

Assassin’s Vanish was really annoying. Especially high-level assassin’s. I was only five levels above Farewell Song so trying to discover him was just too hard!

Farewell Song didn’t seem to be in a hurry to attack me. He was waiting for the moment my concentration broke. In a fight between pros, an attack on the body was not as important as an attack on the mind. In some cases, patience was more important than anything. If their mind was in disarray, even the best mechanics wouldn’t be any use.

I kept calm as I surveyed my surroundings. Farewell Song shouldn't have gone too far!

I paid close attention to every detail around me, and searched for any traces of Farewell Song.

I quickly launched an offense and struck at my right with Ice Ray!


The tip of the sword that gushed with icy killing intent aimed true!

A blood-red dagger suddenly appeared in the air, colliding with the Purgatory Sword. It was parried!

The chances of an assassin parrying was higher than your typical player. If they had the necessary skill, that paired with their natural dodge chance meant that the survivability rate of a strong assassin wasn’t low!

Even though he had successfully parried my Ice Ray, Farewell Song had still been forced out of his stealth. And it wasn’t just that, he was sent sliding backward along the grass.

Astonishment flashed in Farewell Song’s bright eyes as he flourished his dagger. "Lu Chen, how did you see through my stealth? You couldn’t have randomly guessed my position!"

I smiled. "Do I even need to guess? As long as I pay attention to details, I can see the marks you leave, no matter how strong you are!"


"I’ll elaborate after you die!"

I laughed but my eyes were instantly shrouded with a layer of ice. I wanted blood. Since Farewell Song dared to challenge me, then he’d better not think of leaving this place alive. Otherwise, the Warsky Alliance’s morale would rise. This was their first attack on Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Who would I be if I, the number one expert of my guild, couldn’t escape unscathed against their number one assassin?

Farewell Song’s gaze also turned chilly. He raised his dagger, chuckling. "Alright, I actually do want to check out the skills of Spirit of Grief’s Little Heavenly King. Come!"

I arrived before his voice fell and gave him a taste of a glowing Slayer Slash!

Farewell Song was beyond calm as his dagger accurately parried me again.


Without pausing after the first strike, I dealt a lightning quick attack at Farewell Song’s right arm. Let’s see how he uses that dagger if I cripple his arm!

But Farewell Song was even faster. The advantage of the assassin class was on full display as he swiftly parried me yet again with a slight grin on his face, as if he had anticipated all my moves.

I also smiled. My sword pressed down on his parry as I spun in a back kick, smashing my Death Shade War Boots into Farewell Song!



My foot slammed into Farewell Song’s belly, deleting 764 HP, which was around 20% of his HP. This was surprising to say the least. Farewell Song was definitely wearing some good stuff, at least Purple Gold–grade, or else how could an assassin’s HP reach 4000?

A trace of shock appeared in his eyes after he retreated a couple of steps back. It was obvious that he didn’t expect my attack rhythm to be so fast and efficient. This was also an essential quality of an expert. Every attack was aimed at the target. Flashy moves were useless.

Farewell Song looked on with cold eyes. He took a step back, then came forward again for a frontal clash!


He was fast and moved weirdly, like he was doing the seven star steps. Accompanied by a flurry of flying leaves, Farewell Song lunged at me from an odd angle, dagger out, and fiercely stabbing at my armpit. That angle was really tricky because you couldn’t guard against it!

I slightly tilted and turned my longsword, giving him a quick Desperate Gambit!


The sound of parry came again but Farewell Song ate my following basic attack as he looked for a chance to break my defenses!



My basic attack cleaved through more than half of Farewell Song’s health bar. My next attack would do the trick!

He didn’t give me the chance, however. Farewell Song sacrificed himself to obtain a chance to hit me again. His dagger went cold and glowed with a sliver of venomous green light!

Oh no!

I was shocked inside but I couldn’t turn around in time. Warrior’s agility wasn’t that great in the first place so their turn rate couldn’t compare to Assassin’s either, let alone a top-tier assassin like Farewell Song!


Combat Log: Player "Farewell Song" used "Cold Poison Strike”. You have been poisoned. Your movement speed has been lowered by 50%. You have been stunned for 3 seconds!


Fuck! A three-second stun!

And of course, a smirk appeared on Farewell Song’s face. "Heavenly King, die with grace!"


Frost energy swirled above the dagger as Farewell Song ruthlessly used a skill on me. The frosty dagger stabbed me three times!

Blade Vortex!




It was a three-hit attack with its damage numbers overlapping each other. Almost 4000 of my HP had been shaved away and one more Blooddrinker Slash would definitely end me!

Good thing that Farewell Song’s killing moves seemed to only be Blooddrinker Slash and this Blade Vortex though. He tried to use two basic attacks on me but they couldn’t break most of my Defense and only dealt 400 damage!

Three seconds later, he disappeared again!

After I recovered from the status ailment, I instantly activated War Crush!





Despite Farewell Song’s relatively quick getaway, his HP was left hanging by a thread due to War Crush’s effects. One more hit from me would spell his doom because he couldn’t drink another health potion in the short term thanks to their cooldowns!

I laughed out loud. "Farewell Song, your damage is still lacking!"

Sword beams exploded out and Thousand Mirage Slash closed in at him from the sky!


The skill immediately lit up the surroundings. Farewell Song suddenly turned around with eyes tinged with shock. It was obvious that an assassin on his last legs couldn’t block my all-out attack.

However, right at this time, a gray figure suddenly appeared before Farewell Song. It was a magic knight holding a golden shield. He shouted, "Holy Shield Protection!"


The huge shield seemed to tremble without end as Thousand Mirage Slash took 2674 of the guy’s HP. He’d lost that much HP even in his defensive state. My attack totally exceeded his expectations!

But Farewell Song had still been rescued!

I angrily gritted my teeth and swiftly arrived before them, swinging my sword!


Basic attack!



The two strikes sent the shocked high-level magic knight backward with his shield, color drained from his face. It was clear that he didn’t expect my attack to be that high!

I also saw who this magic knight was at this time. The person before me was none other than Warsky Alliance’s other CGL expert, Laughing At The Heavens! He was a high-level magic knight with around 8000 HP, which was why he was able to block both my attacks.

My eyes were already bursting with bloodlust. I didn’t care whether the guy in front of me was a normal expert or a CGL Hall of Famer. Since they dare come calling, then I’ll send them to the afterlife!

Tenacity of the Dead!

I chugged another Rank 8 Health Potion and instantly recovered 4000 HP, rejuvenated. I pointed my sword at the two low-health people in front of me and said icily, "Come at me if you dare. Show me the skills of Warsky Alliance’s peak experts!"


Laughing At The Heavens swallowed audibly. "Lu Chen. Come at us if you dare!"

My gaze turned cold as I discovered a slight movement coming from the nearby greenery. A few Warsky Alliance players with weapons walked out, led by a Level 85 warrior. It was none other than Warsky Alliance’s guild leader, Warsky!

Behind him was a bow-wielding beautiful archer. 19th place in the CGL Hall of Fame, October Rain!


Clap clap clap...

Warsky clapped his hands and gave a hearty laugh. "Your reputation precedes you. The legendary Falling Dust truly does not disappoint. The combined efforts of Farewell Song and Laughing At The Heavens have been beaten down into such a miserable state, haha. The name ‘Spirit of Grief’s Little Heavenly King’ was not dubbed in vain. Lu Chen, are you interested in joining our Warsky Alliance?"

I shook my head. "Not interested!"

"Haha, straightforward. I like it!"

"Anyway, our kid Farewell Song has been itching to compete against you and you’ve also taught him a lesson today. How about we stop here for today?"

My eyes frosted. "You think I’ll let it go just like that?"

Warsky was stunned. "Then what do you want? Don’t tell me that you want to kill Farewell Song in front of me. I can’t have that. If you want to kill my brother, you’ll have to step over my dead body!"

I frowned. When Warsky said that, Beauty October Rain behind him assumed a battle stance. I’d be dead meat if I challenged their group of people, especially since they had three CGL experts along with a number of archers, mages, priests, and bards!

I had a motto I went by when it came to gaming. A pro gamer had to meet two conditions—

Attack like a butterfly, run like a cockroach!


At this moment, in front of this many Warsky Alliance experts, I had the courage to fight them till death but also the rationale to dodge this battle.

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