Chapter 299: Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf

Everyone’s expressions shifted, creating a subtle atmosphere.

Shadow Chanel looked at Lin Yixin. "Guild leader… you’ve also seemed to have slept with Lu Chen before, am I right? I heard it from Purple Marquis…"

Lin Yixin was shocked. Her face flushed red as she answered in a fluster, "N-no, I haven’t. How could I have done a thing like that? Why would I do that for a mere Gold-grade item…"

Chanel smiled. "So you’d be willing if it was Purple Gold–grade?"


Lin Yixin argued with a stammer, "How could I?! I’m not that type of person…"

Lin Yixin then looked at He Yi and Murong Mingyue.

He Yi was also startled. "Me neither!"

Murong Mingyue calmly smiled. "Alright, if Lu Chen’s willing to give me a Purple Gold–grade item, I’ll consider it…"

I only had one Purple Gold–grade item, which was the 2-star Outstanding Obsidian Dragonscale Armor. It was my precious baby so forget one week, I wouldn’t even if it was a year!

I tightly clutched my chest armor and vigilantly watched Murong Mingyue. "You want to snatch my Dragonscale Armor?!"

Murong Mingyue was embarrassed and indignant when she saw my actions. "Screw you!"


At this time, Beiming Xue who had been calm the entire time said, "Big bro, didn’t you get a Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf? See if you can hatch it. The server maintenance will be here soon, let’s check out what it looks like before then!"


I snapped out of my reverie and hurriedly took out the pet egg. It needed a contract to hatch and the so-called contract was just dripping a drop of blood onto it.

I lightly pricked my finger with the tip of the Purgatory Sword and dripped it on the cyan pet egg!


Resplendent golden light flashed, causing cryptic golden runes to appear on the egg, shortly followed by a soft cracking sound. A fine crack appeared on the top of the egg. The contract was successful!

"Wah, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s hatching!" the girls said excitedly as they crowded around me.

I was also really excited. I put the pet egg on the ground and waited for the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf cub to crawl out of it by itself. Ahem, biologists would probably be freaking out right now at the game company since wolves were actually mammals.

Crack! Crack!

Pieces of eggshell were peeling off amid the cracking noises. A cyan-colored paw appeared between the cracks of the egg and quickly pushed out. I immediately saw a cub with two gem-like black eyes biting at the edge of the eggshell, clumsily splitting it in half!


The egg had finally been split open and a furry little wolf the size of my palm appeared before us. Its fur was deep cyan and its ears were fully erect as it wagged its tail back and forth. It eagerly ran up to Lin Yixin and happily rubbed its face against her boots without end.

I got mad. "Fuck, I’m your master!"

Lin Yixin did her best to hold her laughter. She reached down and took the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf in her arms. She smiled tenderly. "Good little wolf, to have come to big sis. Oh? Are you hungry?"

The little wolf knew no shame as it placed its head between the beauty’s chest armor. It softly replied, "Aoo, aoo, aoo," making the rest of the girls giggle.

Lin Yixin was suspicious. "Is it hungry?"

I nodded. "Mn, it probably wants some milk…"


Lin Yixin flushed crimson and handed the little wolf to me. "You feed it yourself!"



I received the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf without a word and then tossed it a piece of bread. The bastard sniffed it and refused to eat!

He Yi gently reminded, "Wolves eat meat."

"Mn, I know…" Was this the so-called "a leopard can’t change his spots"! I totally get it!

I glanced around and noticed a land dragon corpse that hadn’t disappeared yet. I threw the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf out in a beautiful arc and after spinning 1080 degrees in the air, it fell right on top of the land dragon’s neck injury. The wolf cub sniffed with its nose, stood at attention, and began to forcefully gnaw at the corpse. As expected, it had a meat-eating instinct from birth!

The girls laughed as they watched the little wolf act stupidly adorable.

"Oh right, Lu Chen, how are the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s stats? Share them with us," Lin Yixin commented.


I opened the pet space. Aside from the Dark Wasp, I had an extra cyan-colored wolf head icon. This was the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. When I opened its stats page, the Level 1 Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s stats screen gave me a shock. Once I shared it, the girls were also stunned into silence—


Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf (Epic Rank Boss)

Level: 1

Attack: 50

Defense: 47

HP: 45

Agility: 50


Attack ★★★★★★★★★☆

Defense ★★★★★★★★☆

HP ★★★★★★★★★

Agility ★★★★★★★★★☆


Everyone was frozen solid. It took a full half minute before Lin Yixin finally rubbed her eyes. She asked in an incredulous voice, "Isn’t this too OP…"

He Yi nodded. "9.5-star Attack growth, 8.5-star Defense, 9-star HP, 9.5-star Agility, with a total BN of 192. It’s so much stronger than my Firelight Mouse. Is this Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf a legendary divine beast? It’s too OP…"

Murong Mingyue: "Oh no. With a pet like that, some girls might even offer their bodies for an entire year…"

Beiming Xue giggled.

I said with a glare, "This pet is already bound to me so it’s untradeable. Sorry, there’s no chance for you to trade your body for it!"

Murong Mingyue looked at me grudgingly. "Then that Dark Wasp…"

The Dark Wasp wailed, afraid of becoming a trade item.

Of course, I was a pro with amazing self-discipline. I was still able to keep my cool in front of the immensely endowed beauty. My tolerance was great. I was a man of simple tastes, modest and open-minded, and so on. All in all, for a super strong pet like the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf, I had to withstand any kind of temptation and befuddlement!

After having exchanged blows with Candlelight Shadow, it had been clear that my brain delay recovered to that of an ordinary person’s. I wasn’t at a disadvantage against Candlelight Shadow and the only reason why I lost was because of his pet. Candlelight Shadow’s Heaven-devouring Tiger was just too damn strong. It’d killed my Dark Wasp in two slaps back then! I needed to use the top-tier Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf against a pet like that. Hmph, hmph, I’m gonna do my best to get my Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf to Level 100 as soon as possible. By then, if I encounter Candlelight Shadow again, who knows who would win!


At this time, the system beeped twice. There were 3 minutes left before the server shut down!

I glanced at both Lin Yixin and He Yi and we all reached a consensus. We were going to return to the city and set up a tent near Floating Ice City’s teleportation formation before logging out. When the server got back online, we were to immediately teleport ourselves over to the main city we wanted to develop in and see if there was any profit to be made. Like quests, stores, NPCs, etc. There were all kinds of opportunities that could let us improve and we couldn’t let a single one slip away!

The girls took out their return scrolls and were ready to set off!

I grabbed the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf but the damn thing was still tightly chomping on the land dragon’s neck. It whimpered, like it wasn’t willing to leave until it finished eating the entire land dragon.


Mad as hell, I yanked the wolf by the tail, threw it into the pet space, and quickly dug out a return scroll. I crushed it, returning to Floating Ice City with a whoosh.

Tents were set up everywhere near the teleportation formation, leaving me heartbroken!

"WTF, what’s this…" Lin Yixin grumbled.

I found a precious opening with my swift eyes and immediately set up a tent with my quick hands. Mission accomplished!

Lin Yixin glared at me. "There’s nowhere else to put a tent. What do I do?"

"You can sleep with me. The system has a setting where two players of a different sex that meet the friendship requirements can share a tent together to go offline regardless whether or not they have a marriage certificate…"

Lin Yixin’s pretty face went red. "Hmph, who wants to sleep with you. I… alright, what is the friendship point requirement?"

I almost puked blood. "Just come in and try it!"


Lin Yixin was a bit suspicious, but who told her to not have a parking spot? She bent down in front of my tent and sniffed with wrinkled eyebrows. "Whoa, what’s up with this smell? Why does it smell like a dead rat in here?"

"Does it?"

I took a deep breath, then felt relieved. "I’ve always been living in a grave so this is a grade higher than before. Just deal with it."


Lin Yixin squeezed into the tent. Like I had expected, we grinded so long together that our Intimacy had reached the requirements. Not too far away, Shadow Chanel glared at us. "And you said you’ve never slept with him. Look at yourself, leader, you compromised just for tent usage rights…"

Lin Yixin’s face was red. "How else can you catch a tiger cub without entering the tiger’s lair…"

Shadow Chanel smiled. "Mn, you’re right! If you don’t go in there, there really wouldn’t be a tiger cub inside."[1]

Lin Yixin’s face became even more redder. She glared at me. "This is all your fault!"

"Like hell it is!"

I lay down inside the tent and got ready to log out. "Yiyi, I’ll rent you half my bed. You’d better not cross the halfway line!"

Lin Yixin got angry. "You wanna die?!"


The Moonlight Sword came at me but I decisively logged out. The Moonlight Sword swept past my face and my screen already showed the offline interface. Nice, I dodged a calamity. That girl’s seriously fierce. She was still bold enough to take out her sword when she was on someone else’s bed! Mn, no wonder so many guys liked her to bits...


I took off my gaming helmet and let out a long sigh. That wretched reestablishment war was finally over. At the same time, it triggered the opening of the super cities. This time, it could be said that out of the China server’s nine tier 2 cities, Floating Ice City had pretty much moved the entire server forward!

Candlelight Shadow, Luo River God of the Capital, and other CGL Hall of Famers had also appeared in Floating Ice City. Under this kind of siege, we’d still actually relied on our own strength, allowing Floating Ice City to take the final boss kill. I gotta say that we fought this war spectacularly!

Knock knock!

I heard someone knocking on my door. Murong Mingyue spoke from the other side, "Lu Chen, come out, Eve’s calling for you!”

1. Tiger cub in Chinese can also mean a brave young man.

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