Chapter 298: Milky Way Bow

That’s right, out of all the fighters in the party, I’m the one true warrior because Swordsman was a subclass of Warrior, and by extension, the Undead Swordsman class was as well. Lin Yixin was a Light Wanderer, and He Yi was a Magic Knight. They might be melee fighters, but they weren’t actual warriors.

I clutched the War Crush skill book and said, "This is mine too…"

The girls, the priests, the mages and the archers all looked depressed. Wind Fury was a metal armor boss, and most of the equipment he dropped had nothing to do with them. Of course they weren’t going to be satisfied with the loot.

Murong Mingyue said sadly, "Sigh, it looks like I’m not going to get anything this time."

I shook my head. "Nah, did you forget about the war point reward?"

Oh right, there was another purple skill book that I hadn’t checked yet. The moment I brought up its stats screen, the girls immediately gaped at it in shock. We got lucky this time—

Grip of the Compassionate: Heal a target 3 times in a row. Each consecutive heal is 40%~60% more effective than the last. 10 second cooldown. Level Requirement: 80. Class Requirement: Priest


Murong Mingyue’s eyes lit up immediately. Ask, and ye shall receive!

This "Grip of the Compassionate" was absolutely one of the greatest single-target healing spells a priest could have. A priest’s value lies in their Healing Per Second, HPS, especially the main healer of a powerful MT!

Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew rolled for the loot, and the score was 99 points versus 14 points. Murong Mingyue happily took the skill book and learned it immediately!


While they were having fun, I brought up the quest list and noted that the ranking was still there—

Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand8885423
Wind Fantasy8669042
Murong Mingyue8556634
Beiming Xue8647654
From Water8344767
Luo River God of the Capital8744364
Purple Marquis8437657
Clear Perfume8436284
Shadow Chanel8436114
Dominating Mage God81


It was the same ten players I had seen the last time. The only thing that changed was their order.

There was a countdown happening in the system window. Moreover, Princess Sophia had just arrived at the ruined great hall of Skull Castle and plunged the Devil Suppressing Sword into the ground with a shout. The earth immediately started shaking, and the weather grew turbulent again. Dark clouds covered the sky, occasionally torn apart by thick bolts of lightning.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

The ground continued to shake under the Devil Suppressing Sword’s power and spat out countless ghosts and evil spirits. Some of them were even undead mages. The next moment, Sophia tossed the Devil Suppressing Stone into the air, and it exploded after it had reached a sufficiently high altitude. Brilliant blue stars suddenly appeared all across the sky before joining together to form a gigantic blue magical formation that slowly rotated as it neared the ground.

This cursed land was destined to be saved, and the wielder of the Devil Suppressing Sword, Sophia, would undoubtedly become its new master!

At the distance, Princess Karinshan of Floating Ice City gripped her sword and stared at Sophia with steely determination. She was about to walk toward Sophia when she suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked above her!


Karinshan hastily took a few steps backward and she stared fearfully at the beautiful figure staring down on her from the sky. It was none other than Xinran herself. "You are the princess from Floating Ice City. I’ve heard of you. This is the land of the Violet Empire, so it belongs to its royal descendants as a matter of course. Sophia is now the owner of this land, and I wish to see the newly established Violet Kingdom share a peaceful relationship with Floating Ice City. If you insist on breaking the peace, then do not blame me for summoning the warriors of the Netherworld and bath Floating Ice City in blood!"

Karinshan bit her lips in silent frustration, but she couldn’t say anything. Xinran clearly wasn’t going to back down, and Karinshan was aware that she might not be able to win against the Wind Singer. In the end, she could only turn around to face her troops and shout, "Warriors of Floating Ice City, withdraw!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Black Cavalry Commander Stark shouted the retreat orders, and the army of Floating Ice City turned around and marched back toward their own city, finally sounding the end of this devastating war. The good news was that the united forces of man and the good undead were ultimately able to seal away the evil spirits on this land, and a new kingdom was soon to be reborn.

Suddenly, a new ding resounded across all the cities—


System Announcement: Thanks to the hard work of the players, the reestablishment of the Violet Empire has ended in an unprecedented victory. This epic battle has opened a new chapter in history, and it is sure to be retold for many ages to come! In this war—

Player "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand" has reached the first place, and is named the MVP of this war with 85423 points. Reward: Level +3, Luck +5, "Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf Pet Egg" (Epic Rank Pet)

Player "Wind Fantasy" has reached the second place with 69042 points. Reward: Level +2, Luck +3, "Armor of the Snowflake Unicorn" (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★★)

Player "Murong Mingyue" has reached the third place with 56634 points. Reward: Level+2, Luck +3, "Necklace of the Swaying Stars" (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★)

Player "Beiming Xue" has reached the fourth place with 47654 points. Reward: Level +2, Luck +2, "Milky Way Bow" (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★)

Player "From Water" has reached the fifth place with 44767 points. Reward: Level +2, Luck +2, "Galaxy Bracelet" (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★)


Everyone was dazzled by the list of rewards. Not only did the system reward us with levels, the war points were also converted into insane amounts of experience. Long story short, I had leveled up another 4 times and reached Level 92 in one go! No one was expecting the quest reward to be this amazing. Candlelight Shadow and I were the same level when he showed up at Floating Ice City. Now? I was 7 levels ahead of him! Sure, he was good enough that 7 levels weren’t a gap he couldn’t close, but he must be feeling humiliated right now.

I checked my bag and saw a cyan-colored pet egg with a purple sheen. So this is an Epic Rank pet egg, huh? I wondered how powerful it was and whether it could measure up to He Yi’s Firelight Mouse. It probably could. It was the reward for the MVP, right? Lin Yixin, the runner-up, got a 2-star Outstanding metal armor, so my Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf had to be way more valuable than that!

I looked around me and found the girls beaming with joy. The Top 10 players all had gotten special rewards, and almost everyone in the party had gotten good equipment drops. Even if they didn’t, they still got a huge amount of experience for their efforts. Anyone who managed to survive until now had to have at least leveled up once for their efforts, not to mention that they also got the privilege of looting the battlefield. Long story short, everyone’s rich!

I asked to see Lin Yixin’s Level 90 Purple Gold–grade metal armor, and it was almost as good as my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor. The only difference was that it had slightly less Defense. From now on, the Fruit Knife Goddess wasn’t just a glass cannon anymore. She was a powerhouse with amazing offense and defense!

Next, I turned to Beiming Xue. She had equipped a bow with a dark sheen, and it looked a lot cooler than the Purgatory Bow. "Beiming, how good is this Milky Way Bow?"

Beiming Xue replied with a sweet smile, "It has a max Attack of 505, which makes it much stronger than the Purgatory Bow. It also has an amazing property; a 5% chance to trigger ‘Cloud Piercer’, a skill that does massive damage in a line. It’s amazing, isn’t it?"


I nodded in agreement. Cloud Piercer sounded similar to my Purgatory Slash, and it had a 5% chance of triggering with every basic attack. Considering that bow users had high attack speed—about one basic attack every 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds—she could launch at least 30 basic attacks in a minute. That should translate to about one or two Cloud Piercers per minute. Yep, it’s amazing alright!

Murong Mingyue was happily equipping a silver necklace around her neck. It was the Outstanding Necklace of the Swaying Stars. There was a gem where the pendant was, and it looked as deep and beautiful as a star. The way it swayed back and forth between Murong Mingyue’s awesome breasts was especially distracting, although the girl herself couldn’t care less of course. From what she told me, the necklace increased her healing output by 30%. It was powerful to say the least!

He Yi obtained a Purple Gold–grade, 1-star Outstanding bracelet. It required Level 85 which she now fulfilled.. Both her Attack and her Defense went up drastically after she equipped it. Our beautiful guild leader is definitely growing stronger with each passing day!


Speaking of which, I was Level 92, so I could equip my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor and learn War Crush immediately. Awesome!


I changed my equipment and put the Purgatory War Armor in my bag, planning to give it to Gui Guzi or Du Thirteen. If they already had something better, then I would sell it in the market as usual. It didn’t matter to me either way!

My appearance changed a little—but for the better—after I equipped the Obsidian Dragonscale Armor. For one, I now looked scarier and more attractive. The draconic patterns on the chest armor already looked pretty deadly, but combined with my bloody Skydusk Cloak it gave me the appearance of a war god from hell. The Purgatory Sword of course accentuated the look even further.

A thick energy appeared around me and solidified around my skin. It was a visual effect that was meant to portray a drastic increase in Defense. I hurriedly brought up my stat screen and was shocked by what I saw. Man, I am so powerful right now


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand

Class: Undead Swordsman (Silver Swordsman)

Level: 92

HP: 5350

Attack: 770~1375

Defense: 1335

Magic Resist: 1165

Reputation: 72769

Tactics: 71

Luck: 12


My Defense was 1335, meaning that no ordinary fighters could pierce my Defense unless they had special skills that ignored it such as Lin Yixin’s Extreme Break. Otherwise, I could clean up an entire battlefield with just a priest or two...

Oh right, I shouldn’t forget about the skill book!

I took out War Crush and learned it immediately. After the book dissolved into light and entered my palm, a new powerful skill appeared in my skill list!

It looked like the skill only took 5 MP to cast. Very good, I like it that most fighter-type skills consume very little MP!

After that, I tapped the skill button and activated the skill!

A scorching hot energy immediately gathered around my blade, and before I knew it I had already leaped two meters into the air and in mid-swing. The Purgatory Sword hit the ground with a loud bang, shattering the earth and causing lightning to burst out of the ground, dealing continuous damage to all targets within the skill range!

"Wow, that special effect is so cool…" Lin Yixin praised me honestly and admiringly.

He Yi was also stunned by my awesome display, but she didn’t know what to say to describe her feelings.


Murong Mingyue said, "Lu Chen, I don’t know how we can not suspect you of wrongdoing after this. Did you know that there was a 19-year-old girl in Guangdong who traveled all the way to Shenyang and slept with her guild leader for a week, just to get a Gold-grade scepter? Someone as handsome as you could literally abuse your privileges behind our backs!"

I shivered. "Wait, seriously? Bu... bullshit…"

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