Chapter 297: Obsidian Dragonscale Armor

I opened my bag. Wind Fury had dropped a total of five items: a resplendent dagger, a cape with metal linings and snowflakes floating around it, a black metal armor, a fiery red cloth armor helmet, a black, round egg, but I had no idea what it was. On top of that, it dropped two skill books and dozens of Purple Crystals. This Epic Rank boss dropped us a ton of items!

Lin Yixin, He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Beiming Xue, Shadow Chanel, Luo River God of the Capital approached me from behind. Our party was overflowing with yin energy because all the guys such as Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Purple Marquis and so on were dead. I was literally the last male in the party.

"What did the boss drop?"

Lin Yixin could barely suppress her excitement. "An Epic Rank boss had to drop a Purple Gold–grade equipment, right? It had to!"

I nodded. "Let’s hope so!"

I took a moment to check the party list before saying, "So, we only have 3 melee fighters, 1 archer, 3 priests, and 2 mages left in the party?"

"That’s right! Besides the three of us, everyone else is a cloth-armor class," Lin Yixin said with a wink, although she really didn’t need to. The boss had dropped two metal armors, and they were definitely going to me, Lin Yixin or He Yi. Those who weren’t in the party didn’t fall under our consideration, of course. It was one thing to share the loot of an elite mob and another to share the super loot of a Level 100 Epic Rank boss. At that point it was no longer generosity, but sheer idiocy!


We formed a circle as I took out the first item. It was a resplendent straight dagger surrounded by cold energy and killing intent. I had no doubt that it was a high-grade weapon, and as expected, the girls’ jaws hit the floor when I brought up its stats screen—


Heavenstealer (Purple Gold, Outstanding★)

Attack: 240~455

Strength: +60

Agility: +55

Passive: Increases user’s attack power by 11%

Passive: Ignores 30% of target’s Defense

Outstanding Property: 25% chance to activate "Heavenstealer" and steal a buff from the target

Level: 90


"Fuck! An Outstanding Purple Gold–grade weapon?!" I exclaimed in shock as my eyes turned as wide as saucers. You call this a dagger? This shit was as powerful as my 3-star Outstanding Purgatory Sword, and it ignored 30% of the target’s Defense! You could literally use it as a sword and it wouldn’t make a difference!

I checked the party list again. Everyone else besides Lin Yixin, He Yi and I were cloth-armor or leather-armor classes, meaning that this dagger was useless to them.

I shot Lin Yixin a sideways glance and noticed that Lin Yixin was beaming at me. At the same time, she put her left hand on my shoulder and her right hand on her sword. Was this the Fruit Knife Goddess’s so-called attempt at seduction?

As a professional player who was perfectly calm, confident and modest at all times, I would never fall for such a lowly tactic. But it was a fact that Lin Yixin was the only player out of all of us who could use a dagger properly, and she was called “Fruit Knife Goddess”, for god’s sake. She was the only one who could truly make the Heavenstealer shine.

Thus, I shot the crowd a sweeping glance before saying, "This Heavenstealer is pretty good, and Beauty Wind Fantasy is the only one out of us who uses a dagger. I don’t think we need to roll for this. Do you?"

Everyone except Luo River God of the Capital nodded immediately. They were either Ancient Sword Dreaming Sword guild members or Snowy Cathaya guild members after all. Completely outnumbered, the mage had no choice but to nod. "Sure, no problem…"

Lin Yixin immediately grabbed the Heavenstealer and played with it like she had found a new toy. "You have no idea how much Attack this dagger gives me, Lu Chen. Hehe, I can feel myself growing stronger…"

I shot her a look. "It couldn’t possibly give you more Attack than the Moonlight Sword, right? It’s only 11% after all!"

"That’s where you’re wrong!" Lin Yixin giggled. "A few days ago, I did a quest called ‘Equipment Sharing’. Thanks to that, I can now equip a sword and a dagger at the same time. This means that I’m getting bonuses from both the weapons!"


I was stunned. If what she said was true, then she was close to being completely broken. The dagger increased her attack power by 11% and her Strength by 60, the ultimate stat all melee warriors dreamed of getting!

The next equipment I pulled out was the cape with snowflakes on it. Its stats screen appeared in the air—


Snow Domain Cloak (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 225

Magic Resist: 180

Stamina: +52

Agility: +45

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 4%

Passive: Increases user’s Magic Resist by 12%

Level Requirement: 90


Mn, not bad at all. Although it didn’t give any Strength, its passives increased one’s Defense by 4% and Magic Resist by 12%. It was an amazing boost to any fighter’s survivability!

I looked at my Skydusk Cloak and noted that it was in no way inferior to this Snow Domain Cloak, so I said, "My cloak is better, so, you and Yiyi should roll for this, Eve!"


The two girls nodded and rolled the dice. A few seconds later, Lin Yixin was the proud owner of a new Dark Gold–grade cloak. She was barely holding in her bursting joy because she didn’t want to make He Yi angry.

I moved on to the third item. This one was a black metal armor with craggy edges at the front; probably the very same chest armor Wind Fury was wearing. I loved deadly-looking designs like these. I waved a hand across the equipment, and the girls’ jaws hit the floor again.


Obsidian Dragonscale Armor (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★★)

Defense: 325

Magic Resist: 280

Strength: +65

Stamina: +62

Tactics: +17

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 14%

Passive: Increases user’s resistance to ice-based magic by 27%

Outstanding Property: Absorbs 10% damage taken as health

Gender Requirement: Male

Level Requirement: 90


My heart stopped beating for a second. A super armor! A super armor is here!

Even if I were to pretend that the Obsidian Dragonscale Armor’s Outstanding Property was the only thing going for it, being able to absorb 10% damage taken as health was still amazing as hell. Moreover, it gave me a total of 127 stats, 17% Defense and 27% resistance to ice magic! All these stat boosts and passives were pretty godlike already, but the item also came with 17 Tactics!

But what really made me snicker on the inside was that the equipment had a gender requirement. Let me see… oh well, seems like I’m the only male in this party, muahahaha!

I did everything in my power to hold in my laughter. Remember, Lu Chen, a professional player is calm at all times!

Standing side by side, Lin Yixin and He Yi stared at me for a moment before saying in perfect unison, "Just laugh if you want to. What’s the point of holding it in and giving yourself internal injuries?"

"Cough cough cough…"

I sucked in a deep breath before looking at everyone. "So, can I take this? We don’t need to roll for this, right?"

Luo River God of the Capital nodded. "Of course. You are the one who tanked and dealt the most damage to the boss, and logically the best reward should go to the best player of the fight. Hehe, the system is fair this time!"


The level requirement for the Obsidian Dragonscale Armor was Level 90, and I wouldn’t be able to equip it for now. It wasn’t a problem though. When the quest rewards were distributed, I should hit Level 90 without any problems!

It was time to check the fourth item. This one was a fiery red cloth-armor helmet—


Blazing Crown (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 128

Magic Resist: 95

Intelligence: +52

Stamina: +48

Passive: Increases user’s Magic Attack by 7%

Level Requirement: 90


It was an amazing cloth-armor equipment. Most helmets didn’t give offensive stats, and 7% was over the expected average. Whoever got this would definitely be one happy mage.

So I said, "This is a mage equipment, so we can exclude the priests. Would the two of you like to roll for this?"

Luo River God of the Capital and Shadow Chanel nodded. One moment later, Luo River God of the Capital claimed her prize, leaving Lin Yixin to console a sad, sad Shadow Chanel.

The fifth item wasn’t really an equipment drop, but a black, round egg. No one was sure what it was, but our astonishment was no less greater than before when I brought up its tooltip—

Snow Domain Windchaser (Purple Gold Rank Mount, Pet Egg): A kind of warhorse that is frequently sighted at Snow Domain, it possesses incredible drought resistance and tenacity. As it usually avoids human settlements, not many people have seen it on the continent. It increases the rider’s attack power. Level Requirement: 100. Class Requirement: Wanderer, Magic Knight.


"WTF, a Purple Gold Rank mount?" I murmured in a daze.

Lin Yixin and He Yi were beaming like the sun. Out of everyone who was present, they were the only two players who were qualified to roll for the Snow Domain Windchaser. Its name alone identified it as an amazing mount. I could already imagine how cool someone would look to ride it.

I groaned in my head. Lin Yixin was a Wanderer, and He Yi was a Magic Knight. It so happened that both these classes were granted the ability to equip mounts faster than any other classes. As for me? I was just a lowly foot soldier. When will I be able to equip a mount of my own, I wonder?

"Well, let’s roll for it. Whoever rolls the highest score gets the pet egg!"


The girls nodded and rolled the dice. A second later, He Yi walked away with a silly grin on her face. As it turned out, the system was fair. Lin Yixin had already obtained the Heavenstealer and the Snow Domain Cloak, so this Snow Domain Windchaser went to He Yi instead.


Now that the five items were all distributed, it was time to look at the skill books! That’s right, there were two of them!

Heavens above, please give me a powerful skill!

Apparently the heavens did hear my plea, because the purple skill book I unveiled first was so good I could faint—


War Crush: Attack the ground with your weapon and cause a small earthquake and lightning burst. Damages all enemies within a 5-yard radius three times. Cooldown: 7 seconds. Level Requirement: 90. Class Requirement: Warrior.


Holy shit! It’s Wind Fury’s signature move, War Crush!

Everyone had witnessed the powerful skill in action just a moment ago. The two girls were speechless for a time.

Lin Yixin: "Sister He Yi, does Wanderer count as Warrior?"

He Yi shook her head. "Nope. Does Magic Knight count as Warrior?"

Lin Yixin also shook her head.

They looked at me in unison, and I grinned back like an idiot.


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