Chapter 293: Into the City

As I vowed to guard the Pathfinder War Boots with my life, the last land dragons were being taken care of by the cavalry. However, the boss of this wave still hadn’t appeared.

The originally dignified Skull Castle was in tatters. The city walls were covered in scorch marks, and a large part of the walls had been turned to ruins by the spells of the undead magi. The two magi had to rest after casting their spells, their mana used up. No one knew how long it would take them to recover

Gazing at the disheveled city walls, He Yi laughed. "Everyone, guess what will happen next?"

Lin Yixin was bewildered. "What, the boss will appear?"

I shook my head. "No, we will have to go into the city to find that Iron Skull General Wind Fury. He should be the top dog of Skull Castle, and will be very strong!"

"Yes, yes~~"


At this time, little princess Karinshan of Floating Ice City raised her sword in the distance. Facing the tattered walls, she shouted, "Go, take down Skull Castle!"

Immediately, Sophia's expression turned cold under the Violet Empire banner, and said, "Karinshan wants to steal the city?"

Shadow Dance Xue Wei said, "What to do, Your Majesty?"

"Send the order to attack the city!"

Sophia's face was full of determination. "Hmph, we cannot allow Skull Castle to fall into Karinshan's hands. Otherwise, we will lose our last land to establish ourselves!"


Xue Wei sent the order and the Shadow Dance Elite Cavalry charged toward the falling Skull Castle. Finally, the battle between the Blood Dance Legion and the Floating Ice City army was about to start!

In Heavenblessed, the AI of the NPCs was very advanced. They were not like children. You give me candy? I give you candy. Good, we best friends forever now!

At this time, when interests of their respective races were concerned, Sophia and Karinshan would fight over the city!


Lin Yixin and He Yi looked at me and asked, "What to do?"


I drew the Purgatory Sword and said, "Let's get onto the city walls before the NPCs and see if there is anything we can get to first. Also, it would be best if we get the first dibs on the boss. This way, we may get some drops. If the NPCs kill it, we get nothing!"

"Yes, let's go!"

Lin Yixin charged with her sword. Damn, the girl was too impulsive!

He Yi and I were not willing to fall behind and also charged toward the city walls.

A group of undead warriors had just built a wall-scaling ladder that was currently being used by some low-level NPC soldiers charging up the walls. Of course, archers of the Night Creatures wouldn’t miss such a golden opportunity, so they rained arrows on the ascending warriors. Poked with many holes, the undead warriors fell down amid frantic screams.

In the next moment, the three of us stood under a ladder. The two girls looked at me and said, "Lu Chen, you first?"

I raised my arm to block the arrows for the two girls as I kept a potion in my mouth. "WTF, why me first?"

"Just because." He Yi's gaze was determined.

Lin Yixin glared at me and hesitated to speak.

In the next moment, I understood. Oh, female player robes always revealed the legs. If the girls went ahead, and I was climbing under them, wouldn’t the smallest gust of wind be enough for me to enjoy a beautiful scene?

I looked at He Yi and Lin Yixin, and the two beauties were looking at me. My thoughts moving, I muttered inwardly to myself: Hmph, hmph, so what if you don't let me see. I will see sooner or later, and in reality...

As I thought, I shot up the ladder.

A few steps later, thud thud thud!

I facetanked three arrows that dealt 700 damage. It wasn’t much, but the arrows’ momentum was strong enough to make me fall down!


I lay in the mud, sprawled out. I looked up. The two girls looked at me, trying to suppress their laughter. They looked like they would get an internal injury from holding it in. I then climbed up the ladder again. After a few steps, I was once again a porcupine and fell back to the ground. Damn, such an embarrassment!

"Let's wait..."

I dusted off the mud and said, "Let's wait for the NPCs to go up, and bear the brunt of the attack. It’s so hard to go up now..."

The two girls laughed. Lin Yixin smiled, and her chest trembled as well. She said to me, "I really thought that you were so strong you couldn't be killed. And yet you were soundly defeated by some shitty Night Creature archers..."

He Yi laughed softly. "Yeah, their attack power is so low too! Don’t forget, you are clad fully in high-level metal armor!"

My gaze turned cold. It appeared I couldn't let the two girls look down at me!

I turned around and stepped onto the ladder. Behind me, He Yi said, "Don't be in a hurry, there is a NPC soldier on the ladder!"

Who cared about him!

I shot up, and stepped onto the waist of an NPC undead warrior. I stepped onto his shoulder with my left foot, and his hand gripping the ladder with my right foot. He screamed, and moved his limbs. I ignored it and stepped on his head to scale the city walls!

At the top, I found three archers. Level 90 elites. They would be enough to torment Dominating Knight God, but weren’t much against me. My 1165 Defense wasn’t just for show. Each arrow would only deal 300 damage. It was nothing!

Thousand Mirage Slash!

The attack caused the swarm of archers to tremble, but also attracted all the aggro. Thankfully, there were a lot of Blood Dance Legion soldiers on the walls, so the aggro dispersed soon after.

A few seconds later, two beautiful figures appeared on the walls. He Yi and Lin Yixin had come up.

Lin Yixin charged with her sword, and killed two low-HP archers. Then she shouted, "Lu Chen and I will hold the surrounding monsters. Sister He Yi, summon the Firelight Mouse and burn the archers. If we secure the high ground, the base is as good as ours!"


He Yi summoned the little mouse that started to exert power on the city walls. The dark archers screamed, bathed in fire.

Soon, some other people charged up the city walls. Beiming Xue, Murong Mingyue, and Moon Dew appeared. Very good. Two priests. We could fight for a long time!

Moon Dew instinctively locked onto me, and healed me first. I became even more unrestrained and attacked the archers.

Everyone knew the range of archers was between 5–40 yards. They couldn't shoot too far away and couldn't pull their bow fully at a close distance. Therefore, Lin Yixin and I smartly kited around the archers. The dark archers' attack was inconsequential to us. Murong Mingyue didn't even heal us and used Hellish Rockfall. While her attack power couldn't compare to the undead magi’s spells, it was good for killing monsters!

The four walls of Skull Castle were facing powerful attacks. The friendly players from the other eight main cities of the China server were fighting to be first, chanting “for points, for women” as they charged up the walls, each of them fearless as they fought in the final battle of this war.

On the city walls, I was fighting at all sides, and killed all the Night Creature archers nearby before having the chance to look around. I saw the city was empty. The land dragons, the Breakers and the other powerful dark beings had been sent out and killed, leaving behind just these archers. And now, even they were almost all dead.

Three ear-splitting thuds sounded in the distance. Karinshan's troops had pushed the three enormous beasts off the gate wheel. Skull Castle was slowly being taken over.

I opened the war point ranking and felt proud. I was so great. The Frost Cloud workshop and Bloody Mercenaries were great too. In the Violet Empire reestablishment quest, we had pushed Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls toward the throne of Floating Ice City! Snowy Cathaya was likely the only one who could compete with us!


Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand8882074
Wind Fantasy8667456
Murong Mingyue
Beiming Xue
From Water
Luo River God of the Capital
Purple Marquis8436362
Clear Perfume8435284
Shadow Chanel8434642
Dominating Mage God


I continued to lead with a great advantage. Everything was due to Thousand Mirage Slash and Purgatory Slash, and the 20% splash effect of the Purgatory Sword!

Lin Yixin and Murong Mingyue were behind me, and He Yi was also doing pretty well, right behind Beiming Xue Of course, the greatest was Luo River God of the Capital. She had come late, and managed to reach the sixth place. High-level mages were too strong!

Undoubtedly, I was the MVP of this quest. Now, we had to see if the best-case scenario would come true. That is, I kill the final boss. This way, my rewards would be even better, and I’d be even more happy!


Inside the city, a large group of players from Thunder City charged toward the main hall of the city. The final boss should be there if there were no surprises!

He Yi said, "Let’s go kill the boss?"

I waved my hand. "No hurry. The boss isn’t so easy to kill. Let's go down the city and gather together. Who knows if these people from Thunder City won’t stab us in the back!"


Beiming Xue, Murong Mingyue, Purple Marquis, Shadow Chanel and the others gathered. We made a temporary party with me as the leader. We were the strongest boss-killing team. Of course, no one knew how powerful the final boss was. Maybe we wouldn’t even be enough to take a bite. Who knew!

At this time, there was a boom. A crack exploded in the main hall. A fierce sword energy broke through the air, slicing Skull Castle in half. On the path of the sword energy, the players from Thunder City were turned to dust, including that leading guild leader. No matter how strong, he couldn’t block the boss's attack!


Gui Guzi inhaled sharply. "What kind of a boss is that..."

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