Chapter 292: Pathfinder War Boots

A few cavalrymen charged over, slashing around. They managed to hit a Night Creature assassin in a black cape.


The assassin fearlessly raised their dagger and slit a throat of a nearby guard, then charged toward the undead magi again.

The two magi laughed, forming a Magic Shield and said, "Lowly assassin, you think you can stop us?"

Ice Blast!

One of the magi stopped controlling the spell and hit the quickly moving assassin with an Ice Blast, causing thick frost to form around the ambusher!


A figure flashed by. Shadow Dancer Xue Wei raced by, her sword shining as she cut off the assassin's head. She grabbed the head and raised it, shouting toward the city, "Iron Skull General Wind Fury, come out and fight me!"

The world was silent. Answering Xue Wei was a wild counterattack of even more land dragons. Skull Castle was in danger, and the Night Creatures were fighting for their lives!


The fierce fighting appeared to be endless. The land dragons continued to swarm. On the Blood Dance Legion’s side, countless Shining Archers pulled their bowstrings, their arrows aimed at the land dragons’ eyes. This way, the attack would be more deadly, and would also make it harder for the dragons to perform their Dragon Stomp and War Crush skills, decreasing the pressure on the undead warriors on the frontlines.

In the distance, the attacks of the Floating Ice City army were also unusually strong. Princess Karinshan rode a white horse and wielded a sword as she led the Black Wind Cavalry to charge in and out of the land dragon swarm. Her figure, a dot of white in the sea of black, looked stunning. Princess Karinshan was not like Sophia. She liked fighting in person. This was likely the reason Karinshan had such a high reputation in the human camp!


The Purgatory Sword unleashed Purgatory Slash. A vast streak of sword aura tore through the air and elicited mad roars from the hurt dragons.

Beiming Xue's Evil Spirit Volley constantly attacked, causing lots of pain to the dragon army. The splash effects of Evil Spirit Volley were evident, even more so in a large-scale fight. This in tandem with Beiming Xue’s even more formidable range made her a long-range killing god. In terms of raw attack power, Clear Perfume could only be jealous. Even though they were both top archers of their respective guilds, the difference was evident.


Time slowly passed. Soon, another group of players appeared under Skull Castle, and they had high levels. They were Chinese players of the other main cities. Because my quest activated a major plot point and a large-scale war for reestablishment of the Violet Empire, something other cities didn’t have, everyone wanted their piece of the pie.

Originally, Candlelight Shadow also had such intentions, but he had miscalculated. He thought that he could kill me in PvP, and then kill Lin Yixin. After killing the Unkillable War God and the Fruit Knife Goddess, he would intimidate the players of Floating Ice City. That way, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya would likely be defeated without even a fight. Then, Candlelight Shadow's five hundred people could take over the siege quest and reap major benefits in this trip to Floating Ice City!

But Candlelight Shadow's scheme failed at this very step. My brain activity was back to the level of normal people, or even a bit higher. I had recovered to about 90% of my peak condition. Consequently, without pets, Candlelight Shadow couldn’t gain any advantage at all. Once he brought his pet out into the open, Lin Yixin knew I wouldn’t be able to win so she stepped in. And thus another step of his plan failed. As a result, Candlelight Shadow could only leave, heartbroken.

I looked at the newcomers in the distance. There were no people I knew or CGL Hall of Famers. They were just coming to take a slice, and couldn't pose a threat to the 18 of us. There were also so many land dragons that everyone had to take up arms. Only mentally handicapped people would engage in PK at this time.



The leader of the king guild from Thunder City, a Level 86 magic knight, raised his spear and shouted, "Protect the honor of the king. Protect the lands of our brothers from Floating Ice City. For points, kill!"

Damn, those last words exposed their intentions. Charitable people were nowhere to be seen these days...

The heroes all chased the deer. The screen showed that the number of the players who had entered the borders of the Violet Empire had risen to two hundred thousand. This war had been going on for a long time. Long enough for players of the surrounding cities to come. Not everyone was as rich as Candlelight Shadow. Those 500 people must have bought the 1000 gold main city teleportation scroll to come here. Luo River God of the Capital was not the same. Ice Moon City was not far from Floating Ice City. She only had to run for about 3 hours.

He Yi followed closely behind me, looked at me, and said, "There are more outsiders, will they fight us?"

"It shouldn’t be the case..."

I looked into the distance and said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' reputation has always been good. Except for offending Candle Dragon, we have always loved peace and not fought for world domination, right?"


I smiled, and my gaze grew cold. "In Heavenblessed, we are fated to offend many people. The path to sovereignty is paved with flesh and bones of others. We will try to befriend some guilds. Those that we can’t bring to our side, we will kill, like Mad Dragon and Flower Room!”

"Ha, right, right~~" He Yi smiled sweetly. She looked at her level and said, "I wonder if I can reach Level 85 after this quest finishes. Soul Stealing Spear, Dragon Fang Shield..."

I laughed. "Yes, it should be about enough. Even if you can’t reach Level 85, you can reach it by killing a few more monsters. Also, your Firelight Mouse is a killing machine, you have so many points. If you reach Top 5, you won't have much problem reaching Level 85!"

"Mn, alright!"

He Yi stopped speaking and stood near me with a smile. The Firelight Mouse chirped and threw fireballs into the monster swarm, burning the land dragons.


Time slowly passed. It took almost three hours to finish the land dragons. It was around early morning that the number of land dragons slowly began to dwindle and the fight finally reached the conclusion.


My sword killed the last nearby land dragon. I jumped onto its corpse and surveyed the surrounding. Damn, what am I doing? I have to clean up the battlefield. I’m almost out of potions and consumables. If I don’t make use of my 120-slot bag to make up for my losses, I’ll be disappointed!

I didn't pick any gear drops. Monsters of this level would drop at most Silver-grade weapons. Anything below that wasn’t even worth a glance.

In fact, only the corpses in front of us yielded any loot. Monsters killed by NPCs wouldn’t drop a thing. Otherwise, latecomers would be able to reap too much benefits!

I quickly found 22 blood-red cards amid the big pile of spoils of war. Barring any surprises, they should be land dragon cards, and their buffs should be very strong—

Land Dragon Card: Increases user's Attack by 18%, Defense by 7%, HP recovery by 100%. Duration: 60 minutes.

Tsk tsk. Even without the 18% Attack and 7% Defense buffs, it doubled HP recovery. This alone made it OP. In synergy with my Regeneration of the Undead, its potential would reach even greater heights. This card was precisely what I needed for prolonged battles against swarms of enemies. If I got a few more of them, I could use my notorious choke point tactic to farm monsters without needing help from a priest. I could level up by myself!

I was pleased, and put all the Land Dragon Cards into my bag. These were my own spoils. No one could touch them!

I continued to look. The Phantasmal Magic Stones were not tempting at all. Primarily, I wanted to see if there were any worthwhile items. I wasn't disappointed, and found some gems in the pile—

Snarling Skull War Boots: Level 80 Silver-grade. Defense 120, Strength +37, Stamina +41, Tactics +6

Broken Bone Wristguards: Level 80 Dark Steel–grade metal armor. Defense 95, Strength +45, Stamina +38. Increases user’s max HP by 11%

White Bone General Cape: Level 82 Silver-grade. Defense 124, Strength +41, Stamina +25, Tactics +9

Pathfinder War Boots: Level 80 Silver-grade metal armor. Defense 130, Strength +40, Agility +39, Tactics +5. Increases user’s attack speed by 4% and attack power by 7%


Quite a few items even. These Pathfinder War Boots were the best. 40 Strength, 39 Agility, 4% attack speed increase, and 7% attack power increase. On top of that, 5 Tactics. They were tailor-made for melee fighters that prioritized attack. Although they were only of the Silver grade, their stats were higher than at least half of Dark Gold–grade items of its level!

At a conservative guess, these Pathfinder War Boots would be worth at least ten thousand gold!

I looked and threw the Pathfinder War Boots into my bag. I was overjoyed. I had at least 70 good items in my bag. If I set up a stall in Floating Ice City, or threw them to the auction, I could get really rich, really quick. I would rely on these items to buy myself my own car in the Frost Cloud workshop!

At this time, Lin Yixin, He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and the other girls had finished cleaning up the battlefield. All of them wore enchanting smiles. There was no doubt that the 18 of us had split up numerous pieces of equipment, and each and every one of us had bags full of good items. It was up to luck who had gotten the best!

"Lu Chen, see, isn't my ring good? Level 80 Dark Steel–grade. Increases attack power by 5% and attack speed by 1%!” Lin Yixin showed me a ring.

I showed her the Pathfinder War Boots.

Lin Yixin: "..."

Xu Yang laughed, holding a heavy sword. "Bro, look at this. I just picked it up. Level 80 Silver-grade Increases user’s Attack by 8%, so strong!"

I showed him the Pathfinder War Boots.

Xu Yang: "..."

Murong Mingyue held a shield and giggled. "Boy, look what this sister has picked up. This is the manifestation of luck and beauty. Level 80 Silver-grade. Increases user’s Defense by 8%!"

I showed her the Pathfinder War Boots.

Murong Mingyue: "..."

I attracted the anger of the crowd. The group glared at me. "Damn! How about we make Lu Chen drop these Pathfinder War Boots guys! What kind of person is he even..."

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