Chapter 291: Starfall

"Damn, a low-rank dragon..."

I took a deep breath. The last monster wave really was as cool as I thought. A boss like a land dragon had come out. Being of draconic bloodline, their stats were really powerful. Level 92 elite, 1190 Attack, much higher than attack of bosses of similar level!

Also, these land dragons possessed two super skills, Dragon Stomp and War Crush. While I didn’t know their effects, just their names sufficed to conclude they were strong.


"The Swallow skill again..."

Gui Guzi gulped and said, "It seems that we don't need to summon pets. Otherwise, they will be immediately swallowed and killed!"

I laughed. "Even without Swallow, there's no need to summon them unless your pet's BN exceeds 100. They won’t deal any damage to Level 92 dragon elites otherwise!”


The earth shuddered. On the city walls, giant beasts beat the war drums which echoed through the sky above the Violet Empire army as though they were writing a moving chapter for this war of blood and swords.


Queen Sophia pulled out her sword and looked forward. "For the honor of the undead, for the glory of the Violet Empire, warriors, kill!"

The undead soldiers of the Blood Dance Legion pulled out their swords and roared toward the swarm of land dragons. In response, the swarm of land dragons screamed, also extremely piercing to the ears. It was somewhere between a dragon’s and a lizard’s roar, extremely unpleasant!

In the next moment, the land dragon swarm attacked. The two sides clashed. The undead soldiers all slashed with their longswords, their bone swords banging on the land dragons’ heads but couldn't do much damage. The land dragons' counterattack was brutal and cold-blooded!


The land dragons raised their front paws and suddenly dropped down. Immediately, bloody light shone, forming an AoE of 5x5 yard. This was the Dragon Stomp skill. With each step, a dozen surrounding undead warriors would shake and their HP would drop!

The land dragons’ attack power was too high. Used together with the Dragon Stomp, they were almost invincible on the ground!

And that wasn’t the end of it. Five seconds later, the land dragons used their second skill. They raised their heads up high, then used them to crash into the ground. Rubble flew and sprayed everywhere, dealing great damage to surrounding enemies!

War Crush. It had powerful splash properties, much stronger than my Purgatory Slash’s, at least 75%!

Behind me, the group of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players looked at each other. Xu Yang said, "Fuck, the monsters are so strong, do we still need to fight?"

Honestly speaking, the first row of Blood Dance Legion fighters were killed in less than half a minute after encountering the enemy. But this wasn’t an issue. The Blood Dance Legion had an advantage of numbers, many times that of the enemy, courtesy of players sacrificed to take care of the first seven waves!

I held the Purgatory Sword and said, "Melee fighters, get your buffs. Ranged players, farm as many points as possible. More points mean better rewards when the quest ends. Everyone, keep this in mind!"

Before I finished, Luo River God of the Capital had already begun her assault. Snowstorm fell into the land dragon swarm and tore through them. The enormous lizards couldn’t break through the sturdy formation of the Blood Dance Legion, and naturally couldn’t do anything to Luo River God of the Capital. At this time, mages and archers were so fortunate.


I sprinted to the frontline, the Purgatory Sword flashing with intimidating light. I used Thousand Mirage Slash. Immediately, eight streaks of sharp sword energy fell and caused strings of damage to float up. While the land dragons had 850 Defense, it wasn’t much of a barrier to me. After Thousand Mirage Slash, the monsters had less than 50% HP. I just needed another attack.

Fifteen seconds later, another Thousand Mirage Slash caused an entire swarm to die. Magic stones, equipment, and treasures littered the ground. No one dared to pick them up, as seconds after they were trampled by the swarm of surrounding land dragons that filled the void. The frontmost dragons used Dragon Stomp, one of them hitting me!


This damage was bearable but Dragon Stomp was an AoE skill. When the dragons at the front all used it, splash effects would overlap, and my HP plummeted. In less than 30 seconds, my HP dropped under 50%.

Behind me, He Yi's voice came. "Moon Dew, ignore everything else, focus on healing Lu Chen. He’s the main DPS, he can’t die!"


Moon Dew appeared behind me. She carefully maintained the healing distance, precisely 35 yards. The holy light made me feel comfortable all over. Very good. I could survive with a healer, no matter how strong the Dragon Stomp skill was!

I attacked at full power with Thousand Mirage Slash. The Purgatory Sword gave me face, and procced Purgatory Slash several times within a few minutes. The land dragon swarm roared endlessly, and my points shot up. This was the last battle. I had to earn as many points as possible!

Not far away, Lin Yixin also appeared on the frontline. The Moonlight Sword shone with milky light as an icy sword energy wrapped in flames descended from the sky, dealing damage to a vast area. At the same time, Lin Yixin took three hits from Dragon Stomp. Fortunately, she had her own priest from Snowy Cathaya behind her, making sure she could continue fighting!

As for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, and the other melee fighters could only watch. They had no will to go up and fight. We didn't have enough priests and they didn't have AoE skills. If they joined, they would just waste heal spells’ cooldowns. Even He Yi didn't join the fray and only used the Firelight Mouse to repeatedly cast Firewall from the backline. The land dragons wailed amid the fire, and He Yi’s points kept rising!

Everyone was jealous. It was very fortunate to have a pet with such a powerful AoE!

Also, there were ten thousand newly-arrived Floating Ice City players gathered on the east side of Skull Castle, determined to line up and welcome the attacks of the land dragons. But their thinking was too naive.The land dragons almost instantly tore apart their defense line completely. It was a massacre. Countless land dragons rampaged through the player camp. Dragon Stomp, War Crush and other skills exploded in the crowd, causing a cacophony of screams to echo out. It was a terrible sight!


At a time like this, no one could spare attention for others. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls itself had almost been completely wiped and didn’t have enough men to save them. In conclusion, this Violet Empire reestablishment quest was extremely surprising. Many people lost by coming and dying right after. They didn’t reap any benefits at all. But those who survived gained plenty. Their levels shot up, and there was a rich quest reward waiting!


Thousand Mirage Slash fell into the monster swarm and so did Lin Yixin's Ice Flame Slash not far off. The two sword energies wove together and caused the monster swarm to scream. Streams of experience flew to me. Lin Yixin and I were in the same party, so the experience was shared.

However, there were too many land dragons. It looked like they were endlessly swarming from the gates of Skull Castle. God knows how many more there were!

A battlefield almost a thousand meters wide and dozens of meters long was filled with never-ending roars of land dragons. The numbers of this last wave of monsters were terrifying!


Soon after, the eastern side was lost, the players there all dead!

Under the Violet Empire banner, Queen Sophia frowned and pointed east, ordering, "Xue Wei, lead a group of cavalry to attack the eastern gates. Also, send two undead magi. Use spells to flatten this city filled with sin and evil spirits at any cost!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Bow in hand, Xue Wei rode away on a white bone warhorse.

A cavalry unit followed their leader, slashing their way through the land dragon swarm.

Soon after, two old undead in mage robes reached the eastern gates of Skull Castle under the protection of the cavalry. The two of them raised their staves and the world immediately changed color. Sand flew and stones moved. A vast amount of magic power surged, and the light of an enormous magic formation appeared in the city!

The two magi chanted together, "O’ Earth Spirits aslumber in the mist and rain, please listen to my summons. I offer a contract with my magic power as the cost to summon a spell to destroy all—Starfall!"



Thunder boomed in the sky. The enormous magic formation seemed to turn blood-red like a door in the sky. In the next moment, burning meteors passed through the cloud layer and fell toward the eastern gates of Skull Castle. The attack’s range was huge, living up to its name, covering almost half of Skull Castle!

Boom boom boom!

The enormous meteors fell on top of the monster swarm, creating powerful shock waves, like after a nuclear explosion. Screams of the land dragons mixed with the rumbling earth. This spell did not distinguish between targets, killing many land dragons but also many cavalrymen. This cost could not be avoided. Xue Wei looked up into the sky and didn't even frown.


One meteor fell on the gates and tore them apart, causing rocks and rubble to spray into surroundings. Accompanied by a sky-shaking roar, the eastern gates of Skull Castle shattered. The gate had fallen!

Then another meteor fell. One of the giant beasts on the city walls raised its stone hammer and roared at the meteor that fell perfectly in the giant beast’s mouth!


In the next moment, burning fire rampaged the beast’s body, eliciting mad screams from it as it was hurled off the walls and into the swarm, crushing numerous land dragons.


Watching the distant battle, Beiming Xue gaped. "Such strong undead magi. Do you think mage players can also get this strong?"

I shook my head. "Maybe..."

Fuck, if mages really mastered a spell like this, they would be the nightmares of all melees. Who the hell could block a skill like that?


At this time, a bloody light appeared between the two magi!


That was a sharp bloody blade that swiped across the necks of the two magi.

Xue Wei was immediately furious. She pulled out her blade and said, "The lowly Night Creatures sent an assassin. Go kill him!"

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