Chapter 290: Range

Immediately, the eyes of two girls lit up. They looked lovingly at the necklace. Over 50 Agility, 9% ranged Attack bonus, and 5% added to dark attacks. Even more importantly, it had 15 Tactics. Honestly speaking, Beiming Xue was the most suitable person for this necklace.

However, there were two archers in the team. One was Beiming Xue, the other Snowy Cathaya's Clear Perfume. The two girls were both popular archers of Floating Ice City, akin to divine existences in the eyes of other archer players.

Also, the necklace was so beautiful with its arrow pendant. If a heart was added, it could be called the "Cupid Necklace”. Wasn't something like this the favorite of female players?


I coughed and brought the necklace out into the open, and both of the girls immediately wanted to touch it."Beiming, Qingqing, roll for it. It’s specialized for archers, others shouldn’t have any need for it."


The two girls rolled. The results quickly appeared with a great difference—7, 99!


I was overjoyed inside. Beiming Xue must have been very good to steal this awesome necklace with a 99 roll!

Lin Yixin tilted her head, and stared at me with wide eyes. She watched my expression, feeling certain I couldn't help but laugh.

But the girl underestimated me. I’d been gaming for so long that I learned how to hide my emotions a long time ago. I had perfect control over my facial muscles. If she could see my emotions, hmph, hmph, how could I survive?

I glared at Lin Yixin and whispered, "Damn, Yiyi, what the hair are you looking at?"

"Yeah, I’m just looking at some hair..." Lin Yixin giggled.

Damn, I was one-upped again!

However, I was still happy. The necklace floated into Beiming Xue's hands under the system’s control. There was only one item left. This was a green book of a shape different from skill books. It looked extremely special!

"What is this?" He Yi blinked and asked.

I shook my head. "No clue. We’ll know when we see it!"

I reached out and the book’s information appeared in front of me—

Range: Stratagem. Increases range of Archer’s distance attacks by 25%. Level Requirement: 80. Class Requirement: Archer. Requirement: 60 Tactics. Will use one stratagem slot upon use.


Damn, a stratagem?!

Lin Yixin gaped and said, "Wow, such a strong stratagem! 25% higher range. Seems like a stratagem that lets you kill enemies before they can even attack?"

I nodded. I was very shocked. "With 25% range, an archer can be outside the range of melee players’ Charge and just stay at a distance and kite until they are dead. Fuck, why are there skills like this?"

He Yi said, "This skill is suited for archer players. This way, in later stages of the game, when an archer leads a group of archers, they will have a great advantage in team battles using this Range stratagem. It will be of great effect when blocking the charge of enemy cavalry."

"Yes, exactly!"

I smiled. "Only archers can learn this stratagem. Qingqing, Beiming, roll for it again, okay?"

Beiming Xue nodded.

Sun Qingqing shook her head. "No, I won't roll for this book."

Lin Yixin asked, "Why, Qingqing?"

Sun Qingqing smiled. "Yiyi, I don’t have enough Tactics. I don’t have a single item with Tactics stat bonuses, so I’m sitting at 41. Ahh, I didn’t get the 15 Tactics necklace in the previous roll too. If I got it I would learn it...

Lin Yixin grinned. "Alright, it's fine if you pass on it. Just remember to have Beauty Beiming to treat you to a meal next time!"

Beiming Xue nodded. She had benefited greatly and there was no reason not to be happy. Right, she was a young girl, and didn't have the practice I did in not showing emotions.

Consequently, Beiming Xue became the greatest beneficiary of the Lizard King kill. She obtained a powerful necklace, and also a powerful stratagem book. Even without teammates, if she set up her own party and activated the stratagem, she could still increase her range by 25%. Extremely powerful!

Why was range so important? The reason was simple. One of the greatest factors in PvP was range. Mages and archers fought by distancing themselves. Otherwise, they would never become legends. Close-combat mages? Battle mages? Stuff of legends.

Even in modern war, attack range was very important. Why did aircraft carriers have deterrent effects? Because they could attack from afar. When your warships on the ocean weren't yet close to the carrier, they would have been shooting at you for an hour. Also, there was the refined defense system, for example, Zeus...

This name was so domineering. Shield of “Zeus”. Sooo domineering. If my country could invent a defense system like this, I would suggest to have it called “Fuxi Shield”. Then it would also be domineering~~

Ahem, but I digress. I looked down at Lin Yixin's expression. She pouted and glared at me, clearly discontent. Clear Perfume was Lin Yixin's best archer and hadn't benefited at all. She’d clearly lost out on a lot!


I looked at Lin Yixin. She looked at me and sent a message: "The two of us.... are too tragic. We killed the boss and didn't get anything..."

"Stop it. Didn’t you get two Purple Crystals?" I glared at her. "Me, I only have a Phantasmal Magic Stone, and I’ve been battered by the boss for 20 minutes. Do you see the word ‘tragedy’ written on my face?"

Lin Yixin laughed. "Alright, alright, let's rest, the last wave is coming!"

He Yi asked. "How do we fight the last wave?"

I thought and said, "Don't fight, we can’t win in the first place. If we can’t use a choke point for the last wave, we will die here if we stay!"

Beiming Xue asked, "Then what do we do?"

"See the situation at the NPC side. If we join them, try to see if we can benefit somehow!"


We reached an agreement. When we weren’t strong enough, we would go see how the NPCs were doing. If we attacked and relied on the NPC foot soldiers as a defense, it was possible. We were only 18 now. Eighteen against thousands or tens of thousands of monsters was impossible unless we were Huang Feihong.

I led the group around the eastern walls. When we reached the west, I saw Shadow Dancer Xue Wei directing large numbers of Shadow Dancer guards to set up formations. Ahead of the cavalry, undead soldiers held their swords and heavy shields to form shield walls to block the attacks from the monsters.

Creak... creak...

Accompanied by the sound of gears squeaking, the enormous beasts on the city walls opened the gates again. Finally, the last wave of monsters were about to arrive!


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that the last wave of Skull Castle’s counterattack is about to appear. The commander boss of this wave is Iron Skull General—Wind Fury!


I pulled out the Purgatory Sword and laughed. "Finally, the last wave. I wonder what it is!"

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Everyone, be smart. It's fine if NPCs die, but don't let yourselves die. Rely on NPC fighters to cover yourself. Those undead soldiers have shields, I’m so envious~~"

He Yi held the Abyssal Sword, and stood behind a group of undead soldiers. She seemed to have no intentions of leading an assault. In reality, she didn’t have AoE skills, and wasn't suited to a charge. She was primarily to cover her pet using its Firewall attack. The Firelight Mouse had reached Level 81 after fighting for almost 10 hours, about the same level as He Yi. Its fire magic attacks were so powerful the pet became He Yi’s magic weapon to deal with monsters en masse!

Beiming Xue closely followed me and focused on killing monsters with me. Murong Mingyue was slightly bewildered. She followed Xu Yang, Gui Guzi and the others in hiding in a corner of the Blood Dance Legion. Her course of action should revolve around using Hellish Rockfall to kill monsters and gain points.

I opened the window of Violet Empire reestablishment war and saw that small changes had occurred to the point ranking—


Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand8759043
Wind Fantasy8541874
Murong Mingyue8434474
Beiming Xue8531773
From Water8230745
Purple Marquis8328742
Shadow Chanel8327464
Clear Perfume
Luo River God of the Capital8525143
Dominating Mage God



I was ranked first with an absolute advantage. Lin Yixin had surpassed Murong Mingyue to become second. In the seventh wave, Murong Mingyue had focused primarily on healing. Otherwise, she would have stood a chance. Dominating Mage God and Dominating Archer God were both dead, so their ranks had dropped. Luo River God of the Capital, who came from Ice Moon City, had caught up and reached the Top 10.

If there were no surprises, I shouldn't have any problems being first in the event this time. What would the quest reward be? I looked forward to it. Super skill book, or a super pet. The best would be super armor, the kind that would level up with me so I wouldn’t ever have to switch it.

Of course, these were all just dreams unless something was wrong with the developers’ brains.


Smoke and mist spread. In the next moment, enormous shadows charged out of the mist, the earth shaking. The last wave from Skull Castle finally arrived! I saw evil earth dragons completely covered in armor. They were sprinting over like they were flying, spearheading at us with an enormous horn on top of their snarling heads. With their momentum, a hit from just one would be no doubt terrifying!


Skullbreaker Land Dragon (Elite)

Level: 92

Attack: 970~1190

Defense: 850

HP: 40000

Skills: Swallow, Dragon Stomp, War Crush

Introduction: A Rank 8 guardian. These powerful land dragons possess some of the dragon race's bloodline. They are proud and powerful. After the Dragon Realm turned to ruins, they became disloyal to Dragon Speaker Bing Lan. They became the servants of darkness, and ended up becoming mortal enemies of humans and elves.


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