Chapter 289: Dragon Fang Shield

Time passed slowly. I did not disappoint anyone and kept hold of the boss's aggro. This time, everyone was fighting together but still needed almost 20 minutes to slowly whittle down the boss’s HP bar. This Lizard King’s survivability was in a league of its own!

"The boss is about to die!"

Lin Yixin had an excited expression and said, "Purple Gold, please drop Purple Gold~~"

My right arm felt cold. Purgatory Slash is coming!


The sword energy penetrated the lizard’s head and caused a huge damage number to float up—11094!

Very good. The last attack was a critical Purgatory Slash!

Accompanied by screams, this Level 90 Purple Gold Rank boss’s savage and greedy life came to an abrupt end. As it was falling down it dropped a huge pile of equips, Phantasmal Magic Stones and their higher tier equivalent—Purple Crystals. These rare stones were essentially money. Supposedly, one Purple Crystal would cost between 10–1000 gold. This meant a 99 Quality Purple Crystal could be sold for 990 gold, almost a thousand RMB!


"Finally done!"

The crowd walked over to see the dead boss. Lin Yixin even kicked the boss's leg and said to He Yi, "That All-round Sweep hurt like hell…”

He Yi nodded. "True, true..."

The men were stunned.

I looked at the two girls with my bruised face and said, "It hurt you? I was being whipped by it for 20 whole minutes! Can you imagine how miserable my life was?"

The two girls laughed and pushed me forward. "You are the hero, go look at the items. No one will object to you touching the corpse!"


I didn't care who would object, and kicked aside the lizard king's claw. I dug out the pile of Phantasmal Magic Stones and Purple Crystals and threw them to He Yi. "Eve, you divide the stones!"


This time, there were Purple Crystals, so everyone chose to roll for them. Their price was much higher than Phantasmal Magic Stones’, so everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Everyone wanted to get rich in the game!

The results were tragic. I didn’t manage to get any, He Yi got three, and with high quality to boot. Lin Yixin got two. There was no reason in the world. Rich were only getting richer, and the poor ones had to roll for cheap stuff like the Phantasmal Magic Stones.


Then I raised the equipment that the boss had dropped. There were four items. Metal wristguards, a battle axe, a shield, and a glittering gold necklace. Then there was a green book. It didn't look like a skill book, so I wasn’t sure what it was.

First, I picked up the glistening metal wristguards. I touched it and their stats appeared—


Lizard King Wristguards (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 150

Magic Resist: 125

Strength +47

Stamina: +50

Passive: Increases user's Defense by 3%

Passive: Decreases user's max HP by 10%

Level Requirement: 82


Mn, very praiseworthy wristguards. Much stronger than the Flame Dragon Gauntlets I wore. I raised the wristguards and said, "I am starting the roll system. All melee players can participate. Everyone, don't be polite, the highest roll gets it. This is all down to luck!"

While I said this, I wailed inside, "Heavens, let me roll 100. I want these wristguards too~~"

Yet the heavens did not follow my will. I rolled 91. Relatively high, but after everyone’s rolls, it turned out that there was someone better. Snowy Cathaya's Purple Marquis used his transcendent luck of 97 to snatch the wristguards. The other people were disappointed, and Lin Yixin looked bitterly at me.


Lin Yixin sent a message: "Why didn’t you hide these wristguards? We could roll for them ourselves after finishing the quest..."

"Damn, I’m not like you..." I glared at her.

Lin Yixin chuckled and said, "Quick, there are more items to split!"


I looked at the battle axe blazing with light. It appeared very good. When the stats appeared, the surrounding melee players were stunned—


Lizard King Battle Axe (Dark Gold–grade)

Attack: 150~325

Strength: +37

Stamina: +44

Passive: Increases user's physical Attack by 20

Passive: Increases the splash effect by 6%

Level Requirement: 82


Tsk tsk, a Level 82 Dark Gold–grade axe. Very good. Its upper Attack was 325, equal to Lin Yixin's Moonlight Sword, and better than He Yi's Abyssal Sword. Of course, He Yi had a super strong Soul Stealing Spear in her warehouse. She could equip it after reaching Level 85. Also, after the Violet Empire reestablishment war was over, if the quest rewards were as abundant as I expected, she had a real shot at soaring straight to 85 from her current 82.

This time, there were 19 people who had managed to survive the waves of the Skull Castle siege. Everyone's levels had shot up greatly. Without a doubt, Heavenly Ranking of Floating Ice City would change dramatically.

I looked at the Lizard King Battle Axe and said, "Although it is a specialized equipment for melee classes and barbarians, all magic knights, warriors, and wanderers can use it. Let's roll?"


The crowd wanted to burn incense and pray to the gods to up their luck a bit. This Lizard King Battle Axe's stats were so strong that if it was sold, its price would exceed thirty thousand RMB. Such a fortune was a dice roll away. Sometimes, life was a gamble!

Pa pa pa...

The dice rolled around on the ground. Soon, the numbers popped out of the system screen. I had 41, no hope at all. He Yi got 11, and Lin Yixin 17. These two were some unlucky girls.

In the end, Xu Yang's luck skyrocketed, and he took the Lizard King Battle Axe with 100 points. Good. Xu Yang was a warrior, and his race was barbarian. This kind of brutal manly class could cause young girls to tremble, and young women to fall in love. With this awesome battle axe, Xu Yang would become the idol of middle-aged and old women.

Recently, a large group of older female players had appeared in the game. They supposedly focused on barbarian warriors like Xu Yang. They thought that men should have chest hair and large bodies. Only those could be called true men. They would get exchange addresses and do all kinds of… transactions.

I looked sympathetically at Xu Yang and wondered if this guy was involved.

Xu Yang held the battle axe and was overjoyed. But when he met my gaze, he shuddered. "Lu Chen, what are you thinking about?"

"No, nothing, is the weapon good?"

"Yes, it’s not bad, wahahahaha~~"

Xu Yang laughed wildly. Honestly speaking, since the start of the game, this guy had never held such a high-level weapon. In the previous game, his best weapon would rank in the 5000s of the server. This Lizard King Battle Axe was amazing, and could rank in the Top 50 or even Top 10 of the China server!

Would I end up a volunteer again? The Lizard King was whipping me for 20 whole minutes, and my face was all bruised. In the end, would I only get two Phantasmal Magic Stones to show for it? Was my life this miserable?

I took out the third item. It was a simple and thick azure shield. A snarling beast face was engraved into the surface of the shield. The engraving was bright. The shield clearly wasn’t ordinary. As I touched the shield, its stats jumped into the air—


Dragon Fang Shield (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 300

Magic Resist: 185

Strength: +50

Stamina: +48

Passive: Increases user's Defense by 10%

Passive: Increases user's physical evasion rate by 7%

Level Requirement: 85


Immediately, everyone's expressions froze. While this was only a Level 85 Dark Gold–grade item, its stats were insane. Its Defense and Magic Resist were super-high, and there was even a 10% Defense boost. This shield could turn a weak knight into a steel board!

Shield-type equipment could only be worn by magic knights. There were only two knights present, He Yi and Gui Guzi.

I couldn’t be biased and said, "Eve, Little Gui, you two roll. The winner gets the shield!"

He Yi shook her head. "No need, I forfeit. Give it to Gui Guzi. I am so weak. This shield will only be of effect in his hands!"

I laughed. I understood He Yi's intentions. If Gui Guzi got the Dragon Fang Shield, it would create a super strong meatshield player for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Also, this was a sign that He Yi was not yet confident in the game. Although she said this, I still hoped she would use this shield and get stronger.

Gui Guzi immediately revealed his upright character upon hearing He Yi and said, "Boss He Yi, no need. Let's roll. If you want me to selfishly take this shield, I would rather leave Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"


He Yi paled and hurriedly said, "Alright, let’s roll..."

Damn, they’re so harmonious!

The roll was heartbreaking. Gui Guzi's 87 lost to He Yi's 90. Consequently, He Yi got a second Level 85 item just waiting for her to level up. Then she would officially become a meatshield to beat up.

I handed the Dragon Fang Shield to He Yi and smiled without saying anything. Whether it was Gui Guzi or He Yi, I was happy because they were both my people!

The last equipment was a glittering gold necklace. There was an arrow-shaped pendant which flashed with light.


Transient Necklace (Dark Gold–grade)

Agility: +55

Stamina: +51

Tactics: +15

Passive: Increases user's ranged Attack by 9%

Passive: Increases user's dark Attack by 5%

Level Requirement: 85

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