Chapter 283: The Martial God Descends

Soul Battle Robes was absolutely not the only guild that was being routed by the mobs. Besides Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, Gods of Destruction, and Peach Garden, everyone was either routed or in the process of being routed. The Breakers were so powerful that the normal players didn’t even qualify as cannon fodder, much less anything else.


The Breaker was defending, so I immediately unleashed a Crushing Blow in response!


That wasn’t all. The handle turned chillingly cold in my hand, so I immediately swung out, unleashing Purgatory Slash into the crowd. Since the skill came right after Crushing Blow, its attack power was much stronger than usual!

A group of Breakers shivered as a ton of damage numbers appeared above their heads—





It was an unquestionable one-shot thanks to the splash damage. This Outstanding property was just that powerful in a game like this!

After gaining a ton of war points, I opened the quest list again and noted that I had replaced Murong Mingyue as the new king of the hill—


Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand8628942
Murong Mingyue8128754
Wind Fantasy8424569
Dominating Mage God8120145
Beiming Xue8320064
Purple Marquis8119874
From Water8117997
Shadow Chanel8117654
Clear Perfume8115785
Dominating Archer God8014765


Both my AoE skills—Thousand Mirage Slash and Purgatory Slash—ascended to the one-shot level thanks to the Outstanding property of my weapon. It was also the main reason I was able to claim the top spot of this war so far! Murong Mingyue was second thanks to her Prayer Scepter and Hellish Rockfall, and Lin Yixin third because her attack power was amazing and she had gained a new AoE skill recently. As for everyone else, their standings only changed slightly. Beiming Xue went up by one spot, and He Yi went up by two spots. It was probably because her Firelight Mouse was stronger than ever. Yeah, this magic-type pet with ridiculous BN value was just way too OP!


I unleashed Thousand Mirage Slash and killed another group of Breakers. Most of them couldn’t react in time to use their defensive skill at all, and even if they could, my Crushing Blow would counter that easily.

One slash later, a corner of the sky suddenly darkened without warning. I looked to the left of our battle line, and I saw an icy sword beam wrapped in burning flames rising into the air before slamming down on top of a ton of mobs!


Blood spilled everywhere as the Breakers crumbled unanimously before the awesome power. Yep, it was none other than the Fruit Knife Goddess’s new AoE skill, Ice Flame Slash. The skill had some amazingly beautiful effects, and it probably wouldn’t take long before it became her new defining symbol...


Meanwhile at the distance, the drummers of Floating Ice City continued to beat away at their war drums as Princess Karinshan pulled out her sword and pointed toward Skull Castle. She growled, "It is time to remove this poisonous thorn from our continent and send them back to the Ice Plains! Let the Night Creatures know that we will never allow them to lay a finger on the Heavenblessed Continent! Attack!"

The ground rumbled as Floating Ice City’s forces finally charged the Breaker Legion!

On the other side, Sophia of the Blood Dance Legion also raised her sword and ordered her army to attack. Both the Shadow Dancer Elite Cavalry and the Shining Archers moved out in unison; the cavalry troops charging the enemy formation and the Shining Archers providing cover fire with impeccable accuracy and speed!

The war finally began in full force. Fierce battles were being waged on all four sides of Skull Castle!


"Hold! Hold!"

Indigo Collar barked, but the seemingly endless amount of Breakers still managed to overwhelm their defense line. In fact, the situation was swiftly devolving into a literal massacre when dozens of warriors were annihilated in almost an instant, and a hole was physically torn apart in their defense line. Nearly 500 Peach Garden mages and archers were killed because of that one failure!

The war was terrible and costly. No one had seen this coming, had predicted that this big-scale siege quest would be this difficult.


Time passed bit by bit.

Soul Battle Robes and Peach Garden had already been wiped out from the surface of the battlefield. Gods of Destruction weren’t doing so hot either. Their numbers had dwindled down to a horrifying one hundred players or so, and they were barely clinging onto life and sticking to the right side of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls like a piece of gum.

But this time, we couldn’t afford to help them because we were in grave danger ourselves. The Breakers were just too powerful, and all around me frontliners were dropping like flies!

As more and more holes appeared in our defense line, huge numbers of Breakers slipped to our backs and started massacring our archers and mages en masse!

Eyes turning red with urgency, Beiming Xue retreated while shouting, "Archers, retreat together with me! The ones at the back should kite the enemies, and the ones at the front should plug the holes as much as they can!"

Unfortunately, there was really very little room to maneuver in a chaotic battle like this. There were mobs all over the place, and the Breakers switched aggro so quickly that it was very difficult to kite them.

I shouted, "Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, go grab the men and save our archers and mages! We absolutely cannot lose what little firepower we have left!"

Xu Yang looked shocked. "But what about this fight?"

"Just leave it to me!"

"Got it!"

Xu Yang immediately ran to our backliners’ rescue with a hundred-man party. Standing at the frontlines, I healed myself with Tenacity of the Dead, chugged a health potion and resummoned the Dark Wasp the instant its cooldown was up. He Yi was fighting right next to me. We were surrounded by so many Breakers that everyone was starting to lose hope.

Snowy Cathaya was faring even worse than us. The Breaker Legion was so powerful that even Lin Yixin had to run around with low health and unleash Ice Flame Slash only when the opportunity presented itself. There was barely anyone left who was still alive in her guild, and the floor was covered in layer upon layer of bodies, equipment, potions and magic stones!


As I unleashed a Thousand Mirage Slash, the hilt of the Purgatory Sword suddenly turned cold in my grip. I immediately turned around to swing out the Purgatory Slash and one-shot almost a hundred mobs at once, greatly relieving the pressure on the players around me.

The terrible battle still wasn’t over yet. Every second felt like a minute, and a minute, an hour.

Ten minutes later, we finally saw the end of the battle. Our pressure was greatly alleviated thanks to Floating Ice City and Blood Dance Legion joining the battle and drawing away a large number of Breakers.

A while later, when only a hundred or so Breakers were left, we launched an all-out attack and killed them all in one go. I checked the interface. There were only less than 1800 players left in Floating Ice City now!


"Please calculate the number of survivors…" He Yi said while stabbing her sword to the ground and pulling back her hair. She was covered in blood, and she looked pretty tired.

Xu Yang nodded before reporting back, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls still has 342 players, and Bloody Mercenaries 77 players…"


I muttered as my heart turned icy. Holy fucking shit, this sixth wave alone nearly destroyed our entire guild. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen when the seventh wave arrived.

Snowy Cathaya also had less than 200 surviving players. The three of us made up almost half of all the surviving players in Floating Ice City.

The other guilds only fared even worse than we did. Indigo Collar was the only surviving player of Peach Garden. Song of Cloud and Water and a seven-man party were the last players left in Soul Battle Robes. Her eyes were red with tears.

Dominating Heaven Blade and 21 players were all that were left of Gods of Destruction. They didn’t even have a priest to keep them healthy.

At this point, everyone was starting to lose hope. The boss of the sixth wave hadn’t shown up yet, and we were all hoping that it would never appear. Considering how few of us were left, even a single boss might be too much for us.


Suddenly, a Snowy Cathaya wanderer ran up to Lin Yixin and said urgently, "Guild leader, I have bad news to report!"

Lin Yixin asked seriously, "What is it?"

The Wanderer pointed toward the east and said, "A group of high-level players just showed up from that direction. I don’t think they’re from Floating Ice City, and their leader’s level is so high that I couldn’t see it…"

"How many are they?" I asked.

The wanderer looked at me before answering, "There are about 500 of them, and they all have Dawn City’s emblem on their shoulders!"

"Are you fucking kidding me? Dawn City?!"

I abruptly turned toward the east and stared at the forest blocking my sight, and soon a huge group of foreign players emerged from the foliage as the Wanderer said. The leader of the group was carrying a flaming sword and wearing red metal armor. He looked both imposing and powerful. He was followed by two high-level warriors, one high-level archer and one high-level mage. I knew all of their IDs!


I gritted my teeth and glared angrily at the leader of the group. No one could fail to recognize the swaying name above his head— 

Candlelight Shadow LV-85 Silver Warrior

Guild: Candle Dragon

Guild Position: Leader

"Fuck! Candlelight Shadow is here…" Xu Yang growled.

Everyone’s eyes turned steely with apprehension. No one was expecting the Martial God himself to descend upon Floating Ice City, much less at a critical moment like this!

Behind Candlelight Shadow stood the CGL Hall of Famers, Tempest Shadow, Blue Sky Scar, Transient Smoke and Clouds, and God’s Dance. There might be less than five hundred players in their party, but it looked like all their elites were here!

My eyes darkened as my sword shivered in my hand.

I looked down at my sword and chuckled a little. "Hehe, are you excited too?"

My nemesis was standing right in front of me. The quest, the reward, the danger; they faded from my mind as if they were never there. Right now, all I wanted to do was to kill Candlelight Shadow!


"Lu Chen…"

He Yi suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to reality. She shook her head at me and said, "Calm down. Our numbers are small right now, and Candlelight Shadow is clearly looking for an opportunity to strike us at our weakest moment!"


I nodded.

Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis, Clear Perfume, and the rest of her people also joined our group. Soon, every elite in Floating Ice City had gathered in one place.


Candlelight Shadow was as powerful as usual. The flaming sword in his hand was either an extraordinary Dark Gold–grade or even a Purple Gold–grade weapon!

The enemy players walked arrogantly toward us until they were just 10 meters away. Finally, Candlelight Shadow raised his sword and shouted, "Stop!"

Dominating Heaven Blade was the first to respond to Candlelight Shadow’s clear display of arrogance. He said, "Why is the master of Dawn City visiting Floating Ice City?"

Candlelight Shadow simply curled his lips and said, "Get out of my sight. You are not worthy of talking to me!"

Then, Candlelight Shadow looked at me with eyes as sharp as a hawk’s. "Have you finally returned, Falling Dust? You’ve kept me waiting for too long!"

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