Chapter 282: Breaker

Time trickled by as the situation became even more terrible than before. The Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves’ Attack was just too high, absolutely not something players at the current stage of the game could bear.

I, along with Gui Guzi, He Yi, Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, and some other high-level warriors ran back and forth. We ran to places that had gaps in formation, pretty much wherever we were needed. Thanks to our joint efforts, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls pulled off a successful defense every time a Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf was about to break through.

When I saw the Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves’ numbers slowly dwindling, I let out a breath of relief. "Ah, so tiring…"

He Yi smiled. "True true. How many waves do you think are left?"

"No clue…"


A battle report came from afar—

The south part of Skull Castle had been successfully defended under Snowy Cathaya’s command. The losses were disastrous, however. Snowy Cathaya had lost about 50% of their troops and only had about 1000 elites left.

The north part of Skull Castle had also been successfully defended but this time it was by the combined efforts of Mad Dragon and Flower Room. It was just a pity that both guilds had been nearly decimated in the progress. Mad Dragon had less than 200 people while Flower Room seemed to not even reach 100.

Led by Indigo Collar, Peach Garden was to the west part of Skull Castle. Their resistance against the monster wave finally allowed us to completely wipe out the Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf’s legion. Though it was regrettable that Peach Garden only had 500 left after the battle. Our losses were too heavy this time around.


I checked the game interface at the top left corner of my view. There were only around 70k Floating Ice City players that had chosen the Violet Empire side. I doubt that this number could defend against the sixth monster wave!

He Yi and Murong Mingyue looked at me. The two girls could clearly see that the situation was not favorable as they asked the same question at almost the same time. "What do we do?"

I sucked in a deep breath. "We can’t fight this…"

He Yi turned and gazed into the distance. She smiled, her beautiful eyes flashing with intelligence. "We have no other choice but to gather all of Floating Ice City’s forces. The player base will defend one direction and we’ll leave the other three to the NPCs. The Blood Dance Legion hasn’t made a move yet. They’re the main force of the army. We’re just passersby that are here to collect some points!"

"Alright, I’ll contact Snowy Cathaya! Sis, you make contact with Peach Garden!"



I opened my friend list and sent Lin Yixin a voice chat request.

"Beauty Yi!"

"Oh…" Lin Yixin sounded downcast.

"What’s wrong?"

"We lost too many…"

"Damn, don’t give it too much thought. How many people do you have left? How about you bring them all to the east side of Skull Castle? Our total player count doesn’t even exceed 100k anymore so we have to concentrate our defenses or else we’re all gonna die in the next wave!"

"Oh? How many people do Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls have left?"

"Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Bloody Mercenaries should have a total of 2000 or so people left. We still have most of our mages and archers so DPS shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just that too many of our melees died so it’ll be hard to hold out."

Lin Yixin laughed: "Got it. I’ll be there with my guys soon!"



I turned around and was greeted by Murong Mingyue’s smile. "It’s settled. Even though Indigo Collar sounded really unwilling, he still decided to bring over Peach Garden’s 500 people due to our dire circumstances. Those are all elite players you know, the ones that can fight ten on one!"

I nodded. "Mn. In fact, I’m also really strong. I can fight a hundred on one!"

"Big bro! Hold your chin up before your mouth runs away from you!!"


Not long after, the figure of a beautiful warrior appeared in the southern wilderness littered with mountains of corpses. Clad in silver armor, her war boots stepped past bloody puddles as her cape fluttered behind her. It was a sight to behold. Behind her, however, was a huge group of murderous-looking high-level players and floating above each one of their shoulders was Snowy Cathaya’s emblem!

"Mn, Snowy Cathaya’s here!" He Yi’s gaze swept over. "Lin Yixin doesn’t seem to look all that happy…"

"Yeah, our casualties are just too high!"

Lin Yixin came over with Zi Chuanyu, Purple Marquis, Clear Perfume, and Shadow Chanel. When she saw Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ neat formation and sunshine morale, she couldn’t help exclaiming, "Heavens, Lu Chen, those Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves are so strong, how is your formation still this intact?"

I smiled. "Nothing much, I’m just stronger!"


Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me. "Well, spit it out, what should we do for the next wave?"

I shot a glance at Snowy Cathaya’s 1000 or so people. They were actually relatively still orderly. Melee players numbered around 400, which was even a higher number than what Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had. This violent little girl’s guild specialized in melee fighters. Fuck, she sure had some foresight. The main frontline force in future wars were precisely the close range combatants. Warriors could serve as the infantry defense line while magic knights and wanderers could serve as the cavalry that would break through enemy formations once they could ride mounts. It was a perfect assembly!

I looked at the giant beasts pounding war drums on the city walls and said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls has preserved the bulk of its attack power so it should fulfill the role of the central army. Snowy Cathaya can protect the left flank and the right flank will be left to Peach Garden, Gods of Destruction, Flower Room, and the rest. What do you think? Any problems?"

Lin Yixin nodded. "You have the most troops so you have the final say!"

I couldn’t hide my smile. Talking to a pretty girl with brains really saves me so much trouble!


Not long after, Gods of Destruction, Soul Battle Robes, Peach Garden, and some other groups formed the right wing defense line. Floating Ice City’s player faction seemed to have never united like this before. This was sure a moment to treasure, however brief it may last. I’m afraid that once we’re finished with this Violet Empire reestablishment war, everyone will be embroiled in the flames of our own internal city guild battle yet again.

He Yi gazed at the city. "Eh? Isn’t this wait time a bit too long? Why hasn’t the fifth wave boss come out yet?"

Lin Yixin smiled. "Sister He Yi, the boss has already appeared in the south. It’s currently being attacked by Princess Karinshan’s personal guards. I’m afraid we can’t do anything about it."


He Yi looked a bit disappointed so I comforted her, "Don’t worry about it. A Level 83 boss wouldn’t drop any quality items. It’s actually good for us since we can just wait for the next wave!"

"Right, right, try to take advantage of her so we can reduce our casualties…"

Lin Yixin smiled as she outlined her battle plan. After she said that, everyone turned in her direction. She couldn’t help but flush bright red. She returned to Snowy Cathaya’s formation and shouted, "What are you all looking at, show me your skills! The next wave will be here soon!"

At this time, Xu Yang had already instructed Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ players to sweep through the battlefield. There was no doubt that the guild would have much more quality equipment after this war was over!

So we wouldn’t lose too much of the equipment, He Yi ordered 20 huge bag space players that she trusted to immediately return to the city and store the equipment. They would run back to the battlefield afterward. That way, we were sure to increase our gear average after the battle. As for how we would distribute them, that had been put off until the war ended.


Several minutes after, the system’s bell sounded in the air—


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that the third-to-last wave of Skull Castle’s counterattack is about to appear. The commander boss of this wave is Breaker•Derry!

"It’s finally here!"

Breaker? That’s a new term. What the fuck is that?

The giant beasts behind the city walls pulled the iron chain handles, and the sound of gates opening greeted us again. The heavy iron gates were slowly being opened and the third-to-last wave of monsters finally appeared!

Densely packed figures appeared in the thick fog. It was actually a group of humanoid soldiers wearing black capes. Every one of them was clad in metal armor and holding a sharp sword. It was just that the small chinks in their helmet revealed their terrifying skeletal appearance, exposing their identity. Even if they wore clothes like humans, they were no different from walking corpses.


Breaker (Elite)

Level: 85

Attack: 850~1050

Defense: 800

HP: 20000

Skills: Break•Attack, Break•Defense

Introduction: Skull Castle’s Rank 6 guardian. These Breakers were originally templars of human churches but these valiant soldiers had become the undead’s puppets several thousand years ago. After being eroded by evil energy, they comprehended a completely different power and have become a branch of the Night Creature faction’s main army.


Beauty Chaos Moon spoke her thoughts out loud. "Breakers… what do you guys think?"

I answered, "Their skills look special. I wonder what Break•Attack and Break•Defense are…"

He Yi: "Talk after we kill them!"


Breakers had extremely high movement speed and their attacks were lightning-quick. Since I stood at the forefront of the formation, I naturally became their target. Two Breakers rushed at me together. They lifted their longswords in the air and the tip of their swords glowed with bloody light as they yelled, "In the name of the Breakers, receive your judgment—Break•Attack!"

Clang clang!

I didn’t bother dodging it and ate both their blows. A biting pain immediately came from my shoulder as two damage numbers flew up in the air.



My face instantly frosted when I saw those numbers. I softly spoke in the guild channel, "Frontline fighters be careful. Break•Attack is an increase of base attack power. It’s really strong. priests, get ready to cast heals in any moment. Don’t let our melee players die. Mages and archers, use your AoEs. No matter how strong they are, hold your ground!"

After that, I dished out two strikes at a Breaker’s head!


The first strike hit its target but the second dealt less damage because that Breaker slightly retreated and used its longsword to block its front as it shouted, "In the name of the Breakers, receive your judgment—Break•Defense!"



Fuck, this Break•Defense was actually an active defensive skill? Shit, this was going to be hard. These elite Breaker mobs could attack and defend. Since that was the case, archers would deal a limited amount of damage to them. With my Attack, I only dealt 700+ damage to them so it would be considered good enough if archers dealt double digit damage!

At the same time, countless screams sounded near the front of the formation. More than ten melee players had already died due to the Break•-Attack skill. So strong… It was a one-shot skill on par with my Desperate Gambit!


At another side, as soon as the Soul Battle Robes guild’s camp made contact with the Breakers, they utterly collapsed!

Song of Cloud and Water stood there holding her sword in hand, blankly staring at the massacred Soul Battle Robes camp. "How… how can this be… how can this be…"

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