Chapter 281: Powerful Cards

"Roar roar roar!"

The cacophonous howls of the Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves assault our ears as the beasts surged toward us. The distance between the player and monster factions was shortened to just a hundred steps in the blink of an eye!

Rustle rustle…

Stepping on the bloodstained ground, I walked forward until I was four or five yards away from the battle line. I was trying to draw as many Greedy Wolves to myself since I had 1165 sheet Defense and Ghost Deity Armor which made me, for all intents and purposes, a 1350 Defense warrior. These wolves probably couldn’t pierce my Defense, but the same couldn’t be said for the players behind me. 1020 Attack was just too high for most of them!


I pulled out the Purgatory Sword. The Outstanding weapon kept ringing melodiously as it glowed with a blinding light.

Behind the battle line, Beiming Xue drew her bow and stared toward the distance, calculating. The moment the Greedy Wolves entered the ideal range, she immediately shouted with a crisp voice, "Archers, aim high… fire!"

Thwish thwish thwish thwish...

Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls still had almost a thousand well-organized archers, and iron-tip arrows rained on top of our enemies like locusts with every twang of the bowstring, swishes lingering in the air.

"Far Shot" was a skill that made an archer aim about 45 degrees relative to the ground before releasing the notch. Although the archer wouldn’t be able to lock on a target, effectively making it a random attack, it was still a trump card that gave an archer the power to kill an enemy from a mile away.

Of course, you would have to be very lucky to hit a target that far, so the skill was situationally useful at best in most scenarios. But in a large-scale battle like this, it was one of the most critical skills an archer could have. Almost a thousand of archers released their arrows at once under Beiming Xue’s orders, and the deadly projectiles rained on top of the incoming mobs with almost 100% accuracy!

Thud thud thud...

The arrows tore through the Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves’ Defense, sank deep into their flesh, and dealt a ton of random damage. However, it wasn’t enough to stop their charge. Arrows still sticking out of their bodies, they kept running until they were close enough to pounce toward us in a rage!

I charged forward toward the forefront Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf and unleashed Thousand Mirage Slash!


Eight sword auras hit the pack of mobs in front of me and caused them to squeal in pain. Most of them died immediately due to the insane amount of splash damage the skill did, increasing my war point count dramatically. This was the fifth wave, and every mob yielded around 5 points. I have to become MVP of this event!

That was all I managed to do before I was surrounded by the Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t scary, however. Although I was quite far away from the battle line, I was strong enough to tank all the incoming attacks. For example, a couple of mobs were clawing at my Purgatory Legguards, but they only managed to deal a negligible amount of damage—





As I thought, they could barely pierce my Defense. They dealt so little damage that HP potions, Regeneration of the Undead and Tenacity of the Undead were all I needed to stay alive throughout the fight!

It was like I had transformed into an impenetrable frontier fortress, drawing away at least 20% of the enemies’ firepower away from my battleline. It was easy for me to kill the mobs too because I was knee-deep in Greedy Wolves, and my Purgatory Sword had 20% splash damage. Every time I attacked, a couple of Greedy Wolves took damage at once. My killing efficiency was drastically improved to say the least!

Behind me, He Yi, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Du Thirteen, Beauty Chaos Moon and the rest of the defenders were protecting our backline. Xu Yang and Du Thirteen still needed some healing to stay alive, but He Yi and Gui Guzi felt absolutely no pressure whatsoever. The good news was that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls lost very little men during the first few waves, and our priest number was very healthy. As a result, it turned out to be a very easy battle.

Even Murong Mingyue had changed roles to a damage dealer temporarily and dished out one Hellish Rockfall after another. Her DPS was amazing, and it would’ve been even better if she could move out of the defense line and rain hell on the main bulk of the horde. It was too risky though.

He Yi’s Firelight Mouse was also having a field day behind the shield formation. Tail flickering with flame, the little mouse kept chirping and jumping at the same spot as it cast Sea of Flames again and again, roasting the enemy mobs alive. Yep, it’s getting scarier and scarier as its level increases!


"Roar roar!"

A pair of Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves pounced toward a Level 72 warrior, launched four Rends in total and one-shot the poor guy. Unfortunately, he wasn’t strong enough to halt the Greedy Wolves’ advance. Priests’ heals had cooldowns, so there was bound to be a window of opportunity for the mobs. If someone was caught with their pants down in that short period, all they could do was pray they were tanky enough to survive, or die!

Beauty Moonlight Stone shouted, "Someone replace him now! We cannot allow a gap to appear in our formation!"

"We’re out of melee fighters!" someone shouted in response.

"Use someone’s pet to fill the gap then!"

A Level 71 Tamer stepped out and dropped a tanky Wild Bear right in front of the two Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves.

For a second, everything seemed to be back to normal when one of the Greedy Wolves suddenly opened its mouth. Then, it shocked everyone by devouring the giant bear whole!

Beauty Moonlight Stone’s mouth fell open. "Is… is that a one-shot?"

Beiming Xue fired an Evil Spirit Volley, and thankfully one of her arrows hit the low health Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf. The mob died, dropped a couple of magic stones and spat out the poor devoured bear!

Beiming Xue immediately shouted after seeing this, "If you have a melee pet, don’t use it! These mobs have the ability to devour pets!"

"Fuck…" Gui Guzi snorted angrily on the other side. "I was wondering why my little Wasp was missing!"

I laughed and produced a Wildfire Greedy Wolf card from my bag. Upon usage, my attack speed immediately went up by 5%, enabling me to inflict even more pain to the Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves around me. Every time I unleashed a Thousand Mirage Slash, the powerful sword auras threw them into the sky, painting the scene into a mini-apocalypse!


Countless gear drops and miscellaneous items dropped from the Greedy Wolves, but what really caught my attention was a black card about five yards in front of me. I immediately rushed toward it, picked it up from the floor and gave it a look. What I saw excited me immediately—

Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf Card: Increases user's attack speed by 20%, movement speed by 10%. Duration: 30 minutes. Level Requirement: 80


Fuck, it’s absolutely amazing! 20% attack speed and 10% movement speed? One might even call it an OP card! As expected of a drop from a high-level Night Creature!

I immediately threw it into air and activated it, replacing my Wildfire Greedy Wolf Card. The moment my attack speed and my movement speed increased, I felt as light as a butterfly and as quick as an eagle! Hell yeah!

My DPS skyrocketed as I continued fighting alone in the clearing, cutting down wolves like weeds. The scene cemented my godly status in the hearts of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players!

Unfortunately, not everyone was as strong as I was. Each of our frontline fighter had to handle two or three Greedy Wolves at the same time, so casualties were inevitable. In fact, only our first-rate players had the power to tank one or two unlucky crits in a row!

Luckily, all of our main damage dealers were still alive. The mages were dishing out their Arctic Rains and the archers were firing their Volleys, so no Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf that assaulted us could survive for longer than 30 seconds. Moreover, the mobs dropped more than enough equipment and experience to make up for the losses, meaning that the longer Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls survived, the more benefits we would gain in the process. In fact, many of our players had already leveled up once or twice since the start of the battle. Even if they were to die now, they had already been compensated for their loss!

However, the rest of the players around us weren’t faring nearly as well. The smaller guilds and smaller parties couldn’t even take a solid hit; their defense lines were shredded into pieces the second the Greedy Wolves hit them. They were so weak that it was almost a massacre. Even worse, the mobs’ numbers were so huge that merely looking at their fight induced despair!

I looked to my right and was shocked to find that Soul Battle Robes was suffering huge losses as well. The long-standing guild was doing their best to weather the assault under Song of Cloud and Water’s leadership, and they all fought like suicidal maniacs even though they were losing massive numbers of frontliners by the second. Hmm, Soul Battle Robes wasn’t too bad, to be honest. If their players’ average level wasn’t 5 below ours and their equipment wasn’t much worse, they should’ve been able to survive this assault.

Gods of Destruction players were doing equally bad as them. Dominating Heaven Blade was knee-deep in Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolves and covered in blood as he fought at the forefront. All around him, his men were dying in droves. The wolves’ 1020 Attack was just too high for them to handle, and the mobs’ attack speed was impressive to boot. With this DPS, no wonder they were doing badly.


It was at this moment Xu Yang ordered loudly, "Right wing, steady yourselves and find opportune moments to aid Soul Battle Robes! Do not allow them to crumble too quickly, or we’ll soon be attacked from two sides!"

"Yes, commander!"

Xu Yang nodded with a smile. The beautiful emblem on his shoulder marked him as the guild’s corps commander, and anyone who made it to this position was wise, knowledgeable, capable and strong!

I asked Gui Guzi, "Little Gui, how are the other three battlefields doing?"

Gui Guzi pierced a Heaven-devouring Greedy Wolf through the throat before answering seriously, "It’s not looking good at all, to be honest. The south of Skull Castle is still doing okay since they are guarded by Snowy Cathaya, Thunder and Wind, and Personal Guard. But the north is guarded by Mad Dragon and Flower Room, and you can imagine yourself how well they’re doing. The west is guarded by Peach Garden, River and Lakes, and Eternal Friendship, and their situation is just as bad as the north’s. Even Indigo Collar is putting his neck on the line just to survive the assault."

I frowned deeply. "Fuck, there can’t be too many players left after the fifth wave is over. If we’re doing this badly now, I cannot imagine what will happen when the sixth wave strikes…" 

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