Chapter 277: Pure Love

"Boss Broken Halberd, we’re here!"

Gui Guzi led the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players over. Chaos Moon swung her sword, and killed the Mountain Spiders at the front, saying, "Lu Chen, you asked for reinforcements so soon?"


I nodded and pointed. "Have 100 heavy armor classes form a defense line of at least a hundred meters wide. Mages and archers stay in the back. Priests, pay attention and heal. Little Gui, did you bring enough priests?"

Gui Guzi said, "I took over a hundred high-level priests from the guild. Xu Yang almost cried!"



Under my direction, the hundred heavy-armored people spread out in a line, and managed to block the focal point of the Mountain Spider assault. The entire area was held by two groups, Gods of Destruction and my group of random players. Now that Gui Guzi brought 500 elite players, I no longer had to worry about an ambush from Gods of Destruction. Even if we fought openly, we may not lose!

Clang clang clang...

The players at the frontline pulled out their weapons. The swords and armor were distinct, with the emblem of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls connected together. I felt some pressure. We had to stop the attack of the monster army because behind us, millions of Floating Ice City players were itching to see the performance of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. If we could win them over, we could create a legend!

In the history of the game, all teams that became legends had experienced a classic battle. In the Eternal Moon era, Lin Fan led the Loss Garden to attack Nelo City. All the surrounding servers trembled. In the time of Spirit of Grief, Frivolous Scholar led Snow Moon to war as well. Recounts of his amazing schemes and ferocious battles filled these pages of VRMMO history.

Today, I wanted to take this opportunity to push Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to the top of the China server. Even if we couldn’t create a legend today, we would at least make our name sung and sighed over. Skull Castle, reestablishment war of the neutral undead, was the first battle where Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would show our strength to the world!

Thinking of this, I immediately sent a message to Xu Yang: "Are you able to hold on?"

"Yes, Flower Room is also here!"

"Alright, send everyone from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to the east of Skull Castle. Gather up and hold on!"

"Ok, is this boss’s decision?" Xu Yang was slightly doubtful. I was only the vice leader. Only He Yi could make a decision for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.

I looked back. the beautiful leader was fighting with a Mountain Spider using her Abyssal Sword. Seeing me look at her, she asked, "What?"

I said, "Give me military command. I want Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' command in this Violet Empire reestablishment war..."

He Yi smiled. "What, you finally decided to be my general?"


I nodded. In the previous Spirit of Grief, I was only willing to be a vanguard general in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and not the general in charge of tactics and strategy. Now, after turbulent changes in both game and real life, I seemed to have transformed and no longer hesitated. I wanted to become the leader of the battle!

A few seconds later, Xu Yang sent a message: "Okay, Lu Chen, boss has made you the marshal general. I am coming immediately..."


I could sense the importance that He Yi placed on me. Xu Yang's loyalty to He Yi far surpassed our friendship.

Then I sent a message to Du Thirteen: "Thirteen, lead the Bloody Mercenaries over to the east side of Skull Castle. There are too many monsters here, we need to hold it!"


Du Thirteen didn’t say another word and moved out. I was the founder of the Bloody Mercenaries and had absolute command over the guild. My influence even surpassed Du Thirteen, the de facto leader!


The weapons danced and the Mountain Spiders died in swathes. After waves of Mountain Spiders, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' camp showed amazing resilience. Despite their line being broken through several times, they managed to recover every single time. The quality, unity, and teamwork in the face of adversity stunned the surrounding players.

I stood at the center of the frontline. Gui Guzi was on my left, He Yi on my right. The three of us became the players' mental support. When Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls members saw me use Thousand Mirage Slash and Purgatory Slash to eradicate the swarm of Mountain Spiders, their blood boiled, their morale soaring!

In the gaming era, godlike experts would inspire reverence.


Twenty minutes later, two other groups came. Xu Yang led Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' group that numbered well over a thousand. Du Thirteen came with the Bloody Mercenaries players, about 1700 players. Under my orders, the two came together. Turned out Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had 1957 people, and Bloody Mercenaries 1734. With a total count of 3691 people, our strength was considerable!

"Warriors, to the front!" Xu Yang raised his sword and shouted, "Protecting your fellow guildmates is the natural duty of warriors. Use your bodies to guard Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' honor. Use your swords to show everyone Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' strength!"

Under Xu Yang's orders, the formation expanded again. More than a thousand melee players came to the front. This time, the frontline was five layers thick. Those Night Creatures would likely need to expend great numbers to break through. Also, 700 elite archers, 800 high-level mages and hundreds of priests were behind them!

Boom boom!

The tacticians summoned their drums, and used their Stratagems—Encourage!

Beautiful bard players played their instruments, adding highly efficient buffs to the melee players!


I felt warm. All kinds of buffs were being applied to me.

Combat Log: Player “Pure Love” used “Divine Valor”, increasing your Attack by 20%!

Combat Log: Player “Pure Love” used “Death Match”, increasing your Defense by 20%!

Combat Log: Player “Pure Love” used “Nichang”, increasing your critical hit rate by 20%!

Combat Log: Player “Pure Love” used “Forge”, increasing your hit rate by 25%!!


Fuck, I had become invincible in an instant. All my stats increased, and my individual strength reached another level. As expected, high-level bards were the king of buffs!

Pure Love was a 21-year-old girl. She’d joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls a week ago. I had once asked her, "You’re a rare high-level bard in Floating Ice City. You can join any guild you want. Why did you choose to join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?"

"I have a dream."

"What dream?"

"I want to marry a CGL Hall of Famer..."

I was immediately stunned. "Candle Dragon has more Hall of Famers, and they are stronger..."

Pure Love looked irritably at me. "Stronger than you but not as handsome as you, or more handsome than you but not as strong. Therefore, I chose Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. I want to see if I can get the Protoss Genius Night_chen..."

I had nothing to say to that. Murong Mingyue said that girls like that were everywhere. I would be worn out to death if I tried to convince each and every one. Also, I couldn’t let this pure and adorable high-level bard go. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls needed bards like this!

I was fated to be unable to satisfy Pure Love's needs. Even if I had to choose, I would choose between He Yi and Lin Yixin, the two that would make my heart speed up. Of course, whether they wanted me was another matter. In short, life was all about choices, and I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.



My sword rose and I killed the last Mountain Spider.

I looked ahead. Skull Castle was the color of blood that gave it a sinister and murderous look. I wondered what strong monsters would be in the next wave. The third wave consisted of Level 79 elites already. Floating Ice City’s side had lost many players!

He Yi glanced at me and said, "Such great losses..."

"What great losses?"

"Those small teams!" He Yi looked around and said, "Lu Chen, have you noticed that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ side had teams of lone players, but they are almost all gone now? They’d been killed by the Mountain Spiders. There’s a lot of low-rank potions and items on the ground too..."

I nodded. Indeed, their deaths were reflected on the number count!

Half an hour ago, the system interface showed that 12750000 people had entered Skull Castle. But now, after the enormous Mountain Spider attacks, there were less than 2 million left. There were not many players who could be on the front lines. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls' camp had not moved at all, and was like an immovable fortress in front of the power of darkness!

I stretched my neck and looked toward the Gods of Destruction camp. They’d also suffered great losses and had lost about 20% of their original 4000 players. In comparison, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ losses were smaller, because our first-rate players were very strong!

I’d been fighting about 20 meters in front of the camp, attracting attacks from numerous Mountain Spiders. Under the healing of the priests in the rear, I was in no real danger. He Yi and Gui Guzi were both powerful magic knights of Floating Ice City. The two of them had stood with me in the monster swarm, constantly using Knight's Outrage to lure monsters over. Then, numerous mages used Arctic Rain to clean up the swarm. The slaughter was enjoyable and the weaker players weren’t in as much danger. As a result, our losses were almost negligible.

This time, most players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls saw my AoE skills for the first time. Thousand Mirage Slash, Purgatory Slash. Both of them were stunning and caused Pure Love to become even more determined. She walked up to me and He Yi before saying, "Lu Chen, do you have a girlfriend?"

I shuddered. I looked at He Yi. She smiled with dimples and didn't speak. She looked at me, and seemed to be waiting for an answer too.

I shook my head.

Pure Love immediately smiled happily. "Alright, I will be your girlfriend!"

"Damn..." I muttered under my nose.

"Damn..." Xu Yang also said, his voice low and long, extremely bitter.

"Damn..." Yamete looked at Pure Love's figure and almost cried. "Lu Chen is so lucky. So many girls. Why hasn't anyone confessed to me?"

Du Thirteen glanced at him. "Confess to your belly?"

"Fuck, screw you!"

Mamate hurriedly pulled his robe to hide his beer belly.

Pure Love was still waiting for me with wide eyes. As I remained ashamed to the point of death, a spike suddenly popped out of the ground!

Oh, yes!

I love you, boss!

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