Chapter 276: Makeshift Formation

After a while, Beiming Xue wiped the sweat off her forehead and asked, "How come the second wave isn't coming?"

"Wait a moment!"

I was contacting Lin Yixin. "Yiyi, what is the situation with Snowy Cathaya?"

Lin Yixin responded, "There’s a Skull Swordsman boss that we’ve surrounded. We should be able to defeat it in a minute. What, you are in a hurry?"

"No, no, take your time..."

There would be a boss in each wave of monsters. Lin Yixin and the others were lucky for the first boss to appear where Snowy Cathaya was.


Less than half a minute later, the system bell rang—


System Announcement: Congratulations to player “Wind Fantasy” for successfully killing the King of Skulls. 100 points are awarded to the player!

Damn, so many points. We had to steal the next boss!

I looked over and found Dominating Heaven Blade and the others were looking over. Hmph hmph, if the boss appeared close to the Frost Cloud workshop, I bet that he wouldn’t hesitate acting.

At this time, the second wave from Skull Castle had come out. These were a group of small honeybees flashing with a sickly light.

Killer Bees, Level 77 common monsters. They were slightly stronger than the Skull Swordsmen but because they were still common monsters, they weren’t particularly hard to deal with.

I stood at the front. My Thousand Mirage Slash landed, and killed numerous Killer Bees. My points grew again. However, because the monsters were not of high levels, my experience gain was almost minuscule. I could not rely on this to level up. The system didn’t take very good care of its high-level players. The first few waves of monsters were used to feed low-level players. The Skull Swordsmen and the Killer Bees all gave rich experience to players under Level 70!

After fighting for half an hour, the Killer Bee army had been cleared.

Buzz buzz...

A sound came from nearby. An enormous Killer Bee descended into Gods of Destruction camp. Fuck, Dominating Heaven Blade had good luck. The second boss appeared right in their area!

"Brothers, attack!" Dominating Heaven Blade pointed with his sword. A crowd charged over to happily fight the Level 79 Silver Rank boss.

Beiming Xue glanced in that area and said, "Big bro, how about we go over and steal that boss?"

I shook my head. "No need, it's too early. A Level 79 Silver Rank boss won't drop anything good. Just give it to them!"


A few minutes later, the boss was killed by Dominating Warrior God. He received 200 points. I made it onto the point ranking—

Murong Mingyue805402
Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand854783
Wind Fantasy834402
Dominating Mage God804108
Purple Marquis804023
Beiming Xue823874
Shadow Chanel803765
Clear Perfume803495
From Water803321
Dominating Archer God782987


Murong Mingyue managed to reach the top as a priest due to Hellish Rockfall and the Prayer Scepter. Lin Yixin became more powerful after obtaining Ice Flame Slash. The others were basically mages and archers. Purple Marquis should also have an area attack skill. He Yi made it into the top ten due to the powerful Firelight Mouse!

In conclusion, the Frost Cloud workshop members were all in the Top 10. This was a sign of strength, enough to humiliate Dominating Heaven Blade and his people!


Soon, the gates to Skull Castle opened again. The third wave arrived, a group of Mountain Spiders of considerable strength!

I was shocked. Damn, what kind of boss was the castellan of Skull Castle? They had so many Mountain Spiders, such taste!

I looked. The stats of the Mountain Spider entered my sight. I was inwardly shocked. The game designers were so shameless!


Mountain Spider (Elite)

Level: 79

Attack: 820~950

Defense: 650

HP: 14500

Skills: Venom, Spiderweb

Introduction: Mountain Spider. These mysterious webweavers have existed on the continent for tens of thousands of years. They are extremely vicious and hostile to all living beings. Their venom and web are extraordinarily powerful. The human empires tried countless times to send knights to exterminate the spiders, but never achieved any satisfying results.


So they jumped from Level 77 common monsters to Level 79 elites. How could they make monsters’ Defense, Attack and HP increase by so much at once? Many players will be met with misfortune now!

Just as I expected, the surge of Mountain Spiders came. Many players around Frost Cloud workshop raised their weapons with laughter. They did not realize how terrifying this wave was. Some higher-leveled players shouted, "Return, the third wave is super strong, they are elites!"

The noobs who couldn’t see the monsters’ levels dismissed this notion. "Elite your sister. They are definitely common trash monsters. The points are ours!"

The Mountain Spiders came in a sweep. Thousands of players were swallowed by the Mountain Spiders before any reinforcements could come to their help, every death tragic. The Mountain Spiders' terrifying mouths bit at the corpses. This kind of design was something only Eternal Moon Corporation's designers could think of and implement.

Level 79 mobs wouldn’t be much if that were a small wave. However, these spiders literally covered the ground and the sky! No matter how strong people were, they would die if surrounded.

When I thought of this, I grew nervous and said, "Line up, the melee players at the front. Block the Mountain Spiders. Mages and archers prepare to attack from the backline. Priests, don’t be skimping now. Heal the fighters in the front with low HP. Everyone, together!"

My shout showed clear results. The disorganized mob of lone players and small teams formed a line of defense. Soon, a not-very-strong defense line took form. It would hold the Mountain Spiders back for a short while.

I guarded in front of Beiming Xue, and opened my friend list. I sent a message to Gui Guzi: "Little Gui, get 500 high-level players from Xu Yang, all professions, and come to my coordinates to help. Otherwise, the monsters will tear an opening here!"

Gui Guzi quickly replied, "I will go to Xu Yang immediately and get there within half an hour!"



I closed the chat. The first wave of spiders had arrived. My sword moved, and Thousand Mirage Slash broke through the air, generating many critical hits. The splash effect managed to kill a dozen Mountain Spiders in an instant. Murong Mingyue added a Hellish Rockfall and killed many spiders with low HP.

I said in the party channel, "Damn, I’m a DPS and yet it’s sis reaping all the points. That just makes no sense..."

Murong Mingyue laughed softly. "Alright, alright, i will treat you to a meal..."

A few seconds later, Murong Mingyue used the Hellish Rockfall to crush the Mountain Spiders. My Purgatory Sword suddenly roared, and Purgatory Slash tore out!


White light flew with numerous instant kills. Alright, this time, I benefited from Murong Mingyue. Killing elites felt too good!

Yet the good did not last for long. The attacks from Level 79 Mountain Spiders were not weak. After a few bites, the melee players at the front could not last. Screams arose. Melee fighters below Level 70 didn’t have high enough Defense to persevere!

I looked around. The defense line was about a hundred meters long. Only Gods of Destruction could hold the spiders off. As for my side, the shortcomings of lone players compared to the elite was exposed. We would soon collapse!

"Hold on!" I shouted.

But I couldn’t stop the collapsing crowd. The Mountain Spiders flooded in, biting at the player corpses like a black ocean.

"We're done..."

Murong Mingyue frowned. "Let's retreat or we’ll be killed here..."

I gritted my teeth. "Alright!"

But at this time, I heard something behind me. I turned around and saw Shadow Dancer Xue Wei putting away her bow and pulling out a sword instead, riding over on her white skeletal wolf. Her sword tore and killed the Mountain Spiders. On the other side, almost a thousand Shadow Dancer riders came to help us. Such high-rank undead were very strong, and Mountain Spiders couldn’t stop them!

"Why did they come here?" I looked back suspiciously.

He Yi said with a small smile, "I think it must be the last quest. Your amity with Shadow Dancer Xue Wei surpassed a certain threshold so she came on her own to help us, right?"

"Hm, maybe..."

Xue Wei approached us and said with a smile, "You came!"

"Yes!" I nodded.

Xue Wei smiled. She turned back to the cavalry and shouted, "Line up, stop these evil spirits. Remember, you are undead fighters, and glory is deep within your bones. Although void of life, we have our own reasons to fight for glory and survival!"

Clang clang clang...

The cavalry put their swords back into their sheathes and pulled out their spears, thrusting in unison toward Skull Castle. The horsemen remained motionless and waited for the Mountain Spiders to arrive.

I was shocked inside. This must have been set up for the players. The NPC soldiers would not compete for the first waves and leave the frontlines to us so everyone had a chance to kill monsters.

At this time, Gui Guzi came over, with a group of elite Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players. Chaos Moon, Moonlight Stone, Shangri-La, Moon Dew, and other elite players all followed. It appeared that the high-level players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had all come with Gui Guzi. I opened the guild chat channel. Inside, Gui Guzi shouted, "Leader and the two vice leaders are surrounded on the other side of the castle. Who will go rescue them with me?"

As a result, he took only 500 elites but I was confident that they all were extraordinarily strong. This was the result that I, He Yi, Murong Mingyue, Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, and so many others had worked for. In the future, we would rely on these people to dominate the world!

But for now, let’s take over Skull Castle!

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