Chapter 275: Skull Swordsmen

Skull Castle was a Night Creature city that stretched for miles. The shape of the city resembled a human skull, making it appear cruel and terrifying. Right now, as the Night Creatures’ base of operation hidden deep in the continent, the fortress was like a poisonous thorn in the side of the Silver Moon Alliance.

Blood Dance Legion's Princess Sophia had originally been the princess of the Violet Empire. For the survival of the neutral undead, and to defend the glory of her empire, she had the responsibility of eradicating this city as soon as she gained the power to do so.

Once Karinshan managed to successfully take over the Floating Ice City, with her intelligence and decisiveness, she would also not allow Skull Castle to exist. People would not allow enemies to be close to them. While Karinshan was also wary of Blood Dance Legion, the threat from the Night Creatures was too great. As a result, Karinshan made a wise decision!

11:55, minutes away from noon. Sound of hoofbeats came from the south of the valley. Large cavalry crossed the border of Skull Castle, banners flapping in the wind. Under the most illustrious of them was a beautiful female knight, none other than the princess of Floating Ice City, Karinshan!


My gaze moved to the other side. Not far to our right, a group from the Gods of Destruction guild appeared. Their high-level fighters brandished their weapons and walked at the front. All of their armors were adorned with the emblem of their guild. Dominating Knight God walked to the front of the formation and shouted, "This area has been taken over by Gods of Destruction. Friends who want to kill monsters go somewhere else. Gods of Destruction thank you for your cooperation!"

His words were overbearing but polite. Therefore, some single players, or small teams, left. People had to bow their heads. Gods of Destruction had thousands of people, all of them high-level players. They were in formation, with hundreds of fighters ready to hold the line and clear the way, their mages and archers behind them. Sprinkled in the formation were priests, and assassins had been scattered around the area long ago. No doubt, some of them were close to us.

"Hmph, Gods of Destruction are really arrogant!" He Yi laughed.

"This is nothing, all the large guilds are like this. Haven't you noticed the southeast of Skull Castle has almost been taken over by Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and the Bloody Mercenaries? Xu Yang and Thirteen have big appetites. They want to take over about an eighth of the leveling area. Hmph, I don't know if they will be able to swallow it!"

He Yi looked over and laughed softly. "Up to them, as long as they are happy!"

"Yes, as long as they are happy!"

I picked up my sword and ran around. I found many lone players were moving toward us and taking over empty space, but they didn't dare to come forward. Long-range players like Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue were placed at the front as a result.

Many people recognized us and gasped—

"Wow, aren't these four from the Top 10 workshop, Frost Cloud workshop of Floating Ice City?"

"Tsk tsk, they really are. Frost Cloud workshop has recently been rising quickly. Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, Beiming Xue, Murong Mingyue, and From Water. Each of them are strong, and their average strength is greater than Candle Dragon workshop’s!"

"Haha, I finally saw From Water in person. So beautiful. The rumors are true. In Floating Ice City, only she can compare with Wind Fantasy in beauty!"

"Look, look, the person beside From Water is Murong Mingyue. My Breast Goddess Sis...”


Someone was already drooling. I was speechless. I looked back at Murong Mingyue and said, "Breast Goddess Sis, hello...”

Murong Mingyue glared at me. "Brat, even you call me this!"

There was a ding as the system bell rang out pleasantly above Skull Castle, its sound lingering in the air for a long while—


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that the Violet Empire reestablishment war is about to begin. During this time, you will receive 1 point for killing Rank 1 monsters, 2 points for Rank 2, and so on. Killing high-rank bosses will result in more points. The guardians of Skull Castle have sent the army outside the city walls, please be on guard! Upon death, players won’t be allowed to resurrect within the Violet Empire’s borders for 10 hours!


At this time, the thick heavy doors of the huge, dozens of meters wide, gates began to open with audible creaks. Through the slit between the gates one could see a group of five-meter-tall wolfmen spinning the wheels. The chains moved, and the gates slowly opened. Clearly, the first wave of monsters was about to arrive!


The moment the doors opened, a group of skeleton soldiers with shields and swords came out, each of them laughing eerily with characteristic “kekeke” laugh. Their stinky mouths opened and although not much could be seen, the sight was disgusting.

The girls shook in disgust. Seeing their reaction I comforted them with a smile, "Don't find it disgusting. The Night Creatures are all like this. Don’t you want extraordinary equipment?"


"Then prepare to kill!"


Behind me, a group of lone players crowded over. Most of them were intermediate players between Level 65 and 70. Yes, they might be able to stop the first few waves, but it was hard to say for the rest.

But the existence of these people could at least provide cover for Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue. This was good!

When the skeleton soldiers came close, I could see their stats—


Skull Swordsman (Common)

Level: 75

Attack 550~690

Defense 450

HP 6500

Skills: Slash

Introduction: Grunts, Rank 1 guards of Skull Castle. These Skull Swordsmen, once in eternal slumber, had been summoned by the Night Creatures and became lowly servants. Their fate can only be described as pitiful.


"What kind of stats are these...” He Yi laughed. "Their Attack is only 690, are they insulting us?"

I laughed. "It is time to farm some points. Skull Swordsmen should net 1 point each. Get ready everyone. Sis, don’t bother healing, just use Hellish Rockfall. Pay attention and use the ‘peaceful’ PvP mode not to attack other players...”

"Yes, I know!"

Murong Mingyue casually summoned many stones with her hand that fell into the monster crowd, causing a stunning scene…

…because the entire group was instantly killed!

Fuck, was this still a priest?

Everyone was stunned. I charged into the monster swarm with my sword. I could not let her continue to do this. Otherwise, no one would be able to get any points.

I aimed for a densely-packed monster area, and swung my sword. Thousand Mirage Slash!


Under the split attacks, a large group of Skull Swordsmen fell to the ground, all dead!

Immediately, beeps sounded and there was a string of system notices—

System Notice: Congratulations, you killed a Skull Swordsman, +1 war point!

System Notice: Congratulations, you killed a Skull Swordsman, +1 war point!

System Notice: Congratulations, you killed a Skull Swordsman, +1 war point!


I immediately earned 78 war points. One Thousand Mirage Slash could kill so many, a sight to behold. Possessing an Outstanding weapon made me feel like I could rule the world.

My sword moved, and I used Slayer Slash!



I immediately killed a skeleton soldier. No wonder Thousand Mirage Slash would instantly kill them. Under the attack power of the Purgatory Sword, these monsters with only 450 Defense points were too weak! At this stage, the players that I was enemies with were all over Level 60. The melee players had at least 600 Defense. Archers had their kiting skills, mages had their Magic Shield, so they weren’t that easy to kill. These mobs however were run-of-the-mill melee players with laughable Defense that couldn’t even dodge! Killing them was pure bliss!

I slashed left and right, each blow dealing more than 5000 points of damage. Adding on the 20% splash damage, it was terrifying, and half the work for twice the effect. I immediately cleaned a patch of monsters!

Beiming Xue used the Evil Spirit Volley with a smile on her face. Clearly, she was very pleased with her damage output.

Soon after, He Yi led Beiming Xue and Murong Mingyue to charge. The four members of the Frost Cloud workshop looked like an unstoppable force, throwing the entire army of little skeletons into disarray.

Joyful days passed quickly. The Skull Swordsman corps were cleaned up in less than half an hour. The Floating Ice City players were not weak, and were eager to get these war points. This felt like fighting monsters around starting villages.

"Kill them all to get points!" Murong Mingyue laughed happily.

I looked at my stats. I had about 1000 war points and asked, "Sis, how many war points do you have?"

"Over 2000."



Nearby Dominating Heaven Blade led a group of people from the Domination Clan and was very happy as they killed the skeleton soldiers. He felt that he was invincible. Dominating Knight God held his spear and said eagerly. "Boss, it seems like Skull Castle is just like this. The NPC army hasn't moved and is just waiting for us players to flatten it! How about I take a few dozen of our players and see if I can get into the city? Maybe there are more Skull Swordsmen there!"

Dominating Heaven Blade nodded. "Be careful!"


Immediately, Dominating Knight God swung his spear and said, "First Corps, come with me. We are going to probe Skull Castle!"

A group of 50 followed Dominating Knight God, reaching the city walls with the gates right in front of them.

Dominating Knight God’s face flushed red. "Haha, prepare to kill!"

But at this time, numerous Night Creature archers appeared on the tall walls, all of them black-skinned succubi undead. They pulled their bows tight, raining arrows on the group!

The arrows rained down, piercing through the metal armor. The 50 people from the Gods of Destruction fell down with screams, covered in arrows. Each arrow dealt 1000 damage, some even exceeded 2000. These succubi archers were much stronger than the Rank 1 monsters like Skull Swordsmen!



Dominating Knight God gulped down a health potion. He had some arrows stuck in him as he fled back out of the danger area. He was the only one to return.

The players not from Gods of Destruction laughed. This time, Gods of Destruction, called the second guild in the China Servers, really embarrassed themselves.

Dominating Heaven Blade’s face turned grim. He probably wanted to kill Dominating Knight God for humiliating themselves so.

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