Chapter 274: Skull Castle

This extremely domineering shout caused all of us to stop walking and turn around. We found a team walking out of the forest. The leader was One True Love, a corps commander of Flower Room. He had a few dozen people behind him, all of them Level 70 and above.

Beiming Xue's expression turned ugly and her gaze cold. "Chen Sheng, bastard, what do you want?"

Chen Sheng laughed coldly and looked at me with jealousy. He said angrily, "Beiming Xue, you found a new man so you forgot the old? Ha, women truly are disloyal beasts!"

Beiming Xue was furious and raised her Purgatory Bow. "Stop bothering me, you bastard!"


I was silent. I pulled out the Purgatory Sword with a clang and walked toward One True Love. Honestly speaking, I didn't think much of the dozens of people behind him. At least, I could kill One True Love, and then manage to retreat with the support of the girls behind me!

One True Love sneered. At this time, an archer behind him pulled his bow taut and said angrily, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, if you dare to take one more step, I won't be polite!"

Our swords were drawn and our arrows nocked. Was there any need for words?


Like lightning, the arrow created sparks on the Purgatory War Armor. But since they had no real power behind them, they only created a few laughable numbers, one of them, “37” hanging above my head.

At the same time, I laughed, "Flower Room only has archers of this level? Do you not dare have stronger ones?"

One True Love took a step forward, swinging his sword with a Blaze skill!

I faced it, and parried the other's attack without any technique. Then I used a basic attack and left a deep bloody mark on the stalker’s chest!


Almost an instant kill. We were both high-tier melee fighters, but One True Love's HP was only above 3000, greatly inferior to my own.

His face white from shock, One True Love found that the disparity between us had only grown larger.


The Purgatory Sword pressed to One True Love's chest. I said, "Let me tell you something. Beiming Xue is my little sister, and I won’t let anyone harm a hair on her. If you dare bother her again, I can promise you that you will beg for easy death!”

Then I pushed my sword. One True Love fell to his knees, eyes felt with despair, anger and discontent. But he couldn’t do anything. The disparity between us was a gulf that could not be crossed easily.


"Fuck, Brother Sheng is dead!" A barbarian warrior waved his battle axe and said angrily, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is too much. Do they think Flower Room is weak? Brothers, attack. There are only four of them here, we have thirty. We can kill them!"

Then the crowd charged!

I frowned. My sword lowered as I said, "Eve, Sis, Beiming, the quest is about to start. Finish the fight quickly!"


The girls responded with action. In the next moment, Evil Spirit Volley exploded into the crowd. Murong Mingyue swung her Prayer Scepter. Meteors fell from the sky and covered a large area. The Flower Room players running at the front immediately fell to their knees. Melee players had a hard time against the meteor spell. Every hit dealt 2000 damage, for a total of 3 hits. Nearly 6000 damage was not something they could withstand.

While Murong Mingyue was a priest, her powerful magic wasn't fake. The Prayer Scepter's Magic Attack was higher than the Purgatory Scepter’s. Hellish Rockfall was no longer at a low rank, so it became a torture for them.

He Yi held her sword and stayed at the front. The Firelight Mouse squeaked behind her, summoning a sea of fire to block the front, throwing the Flower Room people into even more despair.


There were a lot of deaths and injuries among the thirty. Then another group of people came out of the forest. The leader was dressed in metal armor and held a flashing spear. He suddenly held up his spear and said, "Brothers, stop fighting, do not create unnecessary casualties here!"

The incomer was the leader of Flower Room, Li Le. His ID was "Young Master Le”, truly an irritating name.

An archer shouted, "Leader, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand killed Brother Sheng. He is too arrogant. If we don't kill him today, how can Flower Room have any face left to keep our status in Floating Ice City?"

Li Le's eyebrows rose and he shouted, "Shut up! Does Flower Room's status in Floating Ice City depend on you? Chen Sheng is my brother. I will get revenge for him. Hmph!"

Li Le walked forward, hundreds of elite players behind him. He pointed at me with his spear and said, "Lu Chen, with the quest coming up, let's not cause an unnecessary fight. But it is a fact that my good brother, Chen Sheng, had been repeatedly killed by you. I, Li Le, swear to get revenge!”

I smiled. "Stop speaking viciously. If you want to kill me, do it now. I can kill you now and then go do the Violet Empire reestablishment quest."


Li Le shouted in rage. Then he talked quietly with two players behind him.

Beiming Xue's long ears moved. She said with a smile, "Li Le is asking the people around him when Spring Mud, Night Sorrow, and Moon Shadow will come over..."

Archers really had powerful hearing. Didn't Li Le know to chat inside his party channel?

"Lu Chen, what to do now?" He Yi asked.

I put my sword back into the sheathe and laughed softly. "If this is the case, let's go to the Violet Forest. While the four of us can defeat the hundred without a problem, we would need a lot of potions and our names would turn red. If our negative karma is too high, we can suffer great losses if we die!"


He Yi said to the other side, "Li Le, since no one wants to waste time, then we will end the matter today and go first!"

Li Le stilled. He clearly hadn't expected our attitude to change so quickly and hadn't reacted in time. He only sent us off with a blank look.


Four high-level players flashed through Frost Forest.

Violet Frost was not far, just on the other side of Frost Forest and adjacent to Frost Mound. When we passed by Frost Mound, we found the Night Creature NPCs had been killed. My former teacher, the Undead Swordsman Suren, had not been respawned, which was originally the cause for my lack of trainer.

Fortunately, there was still some way to go until Level 100 for the fourth promotion. I would get a trainer sooner or later. I didn't believe that Blood Dance Legion would not have a trainer if I did well. In many novels, the smart and talented protagonists would be fought over by many old experts looking for legacy disciples, and eventually be imparted with a lifetime of martial knowledge.

I looked at the corpses of the NPCs in Frost Mound. Beiming Xue poked out her tongue and said, "Ah, I camped here for a few days at the start. Floating Ice City's players massacred this place!"

"Yes." I nodded with a smile. "Frost Mound is inside Frost Forest and close to Floating Ice City. It’s also not far from one of the major cities—Sky City. Bloodshed should be commonplace. The remote corners of the continent with no human in sight are the natural habitat for the Night Creatures!”

"Yes, let's go, it's almost time!"



Soon, we reached Violet Forest. At a distance, in an enormous open valley in the forest, there was a dark black castle, extremely majestic, and appeared bigger than Floating Ice City!


System Notice: You have stepped into the evil spirit map—Skull Castle!


Very good, our objective was in sight!

I stood on the mountain peak and looked down into the valley. I saw numerous human players streaming in. On the other side, Blood Dance Legion's corps had arrived, their bloody emblems melding together, their banners fluttering in the wind. Under the main banner, Princess Sophia rode a black horse, her hand resting on the sword hilt. By her side was Xue Wei on a white skeletal wolf, looking down at Skull Castle.

Seeing the spectacular scene in the valley, the girls behind me gaped—-

Beiming Xue said, "Wow, so many people, this battle looks just like the epic battles in the movies..."

I laughed. "There are millions of people participating, not including the NPC soldiers. This scale is really epic!"

He Yi pulled out the Abyssal Sword and said, "Let's go down. We can’t fall behind. We should strive to get as many war points as possible!"

"Yes, let's go!"

I charged down the peak first, the three girls sprinting behind me.

In the valley, Skull Castle stood tall. I chose the east side of the city where there were fewer players and only some scattered NPC cavalry. Once the Night Creature monsters in the city came out, we could earn more points. If the Night Creatures did not come out, then it would be even better. We would fight our way in and clean this Skull Castle out!

Soon, when we reached the city, we finally sensed the vastness of the stronghold. We looked over. The tall city walls were guarded by spear-wielding high-rank Night Creature soldiers. There were even succubi archers with longbows and full quivers on their backs.

I looked back and saw Beiming Xue's quiver only had eight arrows left. I said, "Beiming, how many arrows did you bring? Make sure there are enough..."

Beiming Xue laughed. "Big bro, don't worry, how could I make a mistake in something so basic? Half of my bag is filled with bundles of arrows, enough for 10 hours of constant attacking. Also, even if I run out, can’t I just kill a few archers from Mad Dragon and Gods of Destruction?"

I was speechless.

He Yi laughed softly. "As expected, you are the exact same as your big bro!"

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