Chapter 273: Unreliable Merchants

He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue enthusiastically invited Lin Yixin to the workshop for the night. As a result, I felt as though I was completely seen through.

Fortunately, everyone was tired. We washed up and went to sleep, Lin Yixin in Beiming Xue's room next to mine. I originally planned to lay in bed and let my mind roam about. As soon as my head touched the pillow however, I fell into deep slumber.

The next morning, I woke up to eat.

"Sis, where is Lin Yixin?" I asked.

Murong Mingyue glanced at me. "She returned an hour before you woke up."

"Oh? So early..."

"Early? It’s nine o’clock..."



After eating breakfast, I quickly went online. The siege on Night Creatures of Violet Forest was planned for noon. Players could join the fight and accumulate glory points by killing monsters. Top ten contributors would receive rewards. Although there were no specific details, they were bound to be good. Otherwise, the system wouldn’t mention “extraordinary” items and pets.

I went online at 9:30, too early. If I logged in at 11, I would get to the camp just in time for siege. But now, it was too late to go grind somewhere as well. Thus, I went to the eastern plaza of Floating Ice City and began selling some of the good items I had gotten from Hundred Flower Valley’s quest. I was eager to see how much gold they would net me.

These were mostly level 70–85 Dark Steel or Silver–grade equipment, suitable from intermediate to expert players. Those wealthy people who only wanted Gold and Dark Gold–grade equipment wouldn’t even spare them a glance.

My sales unexpectedly turned out pretty well. In less than an hour, I had sold more than half of my stock. At high prices too!

One Level 75 warrior lingered in front of my stall. He was a barbarian with an open chest armor, a hairy chest, and leopard-ringed eyes. He held a battle axe and looked hatefully at me. He pointed at a Level 75 Silver-grade helmet on the stall and said, "Boy, how much is this +7 Tactics helmet?"

I took a look and said coolly, "Brother, based on your extraordinary appearance and bearing, I will give it to you cheap—5000 gold."

"What? This Silver-grade item is worth 5000 RMB?" The barbarian warrior was shocked.

I gave a small smile and said calmly, "Look. This is an item that boosts your Tactics by 7! Normal helmets do not add any Tactics. Do you know what this means? You cannot underestimate the value of 7 Tactics. If your Encourage is boosted by a great margin and you boost your party’s Attack by 1000%, 7 Tactics will be a further 7% boost. General Skills can be used on up to 19 party members, so it will be a 70% boost. Let me ask you, don’t you think you’re robbing me by buying a helmet that boosts your party’s attack power by 70% for measly 5000 gold?!”

"Ah? !"

The barbarian warrior shook, calculated and then pointed at the helmet. "Quick, let’s make the transaction. I want this helmet! Here, 5000 gold!"

"Alright, have a good day!"

I saw him off with a smile. 5000 gold to me. Oh, business was so good these days, especially when encountering customers with all brawn and no brain.

After another while, a Level 71 mage stopped in front of my stall. She looked at Level 70 Dark Steel–grade wristguards and said weakly, "Handsome, what are you selling these wristguards with 3 Tactics and 2% Magic Attack increase for?"

I looked and asked, "This is a very good item with two bonuses. It can even be considered several levels above normal Silver-grade items of a similar level. Name a price, I’ll sell if it’s suitable!"

The little mage had eyes filled with affection and said, "I really want these wristguards, but I don't have enough money. I only have 240 gold. Can I buy them for 240 gold? If I get it, I will be able to learn Encourage and will become the party leader after reaching Level 80. I can lead my roommates to level up then..."

I smiled. "Alright, I’ll give you a friendly discount. 200 gold is enough. Leave 40 gold to buy food for yourself. Magic Consumables are not cheap these days!"

"Ah? Thank you, thank you..." The little mage was extremely grateful and bought the wristguards.


I looked at my stall. There weren't many items left. I had nearly thirty thousand gold in my bag. If I converted it, it would be thirty thousand RMB. Tsk tsk, it was very profitable to go through high-level maps with high level and good equipment, especially by using a choke point to kill monsters. The monster drop rate was low, but if you killed more, good equipment would eventually drop. Passive stats of items differed. Some Dark Steel–grade items had even 4% Attack boosts. Being the best bang for buck, the market for these items was even higher than for Gold-grade equipment!


A message came from Du Thirteen: "Lu Chen, what are your plans for the Violet Empire quest? Will you fight with us, or make a party with He Yi and Beiming Xue? Bloody Mercenaries and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls have organized almost a thousand people each and plan to go together. In total, we will have around 2000 people.”

I thought and responded. "I'll decide based on the situation. Right now, I don't know where Skull Castle is. Let's see what this reestablishment war is about before we make major decisions. Most likely you and Xu Yang will lead the guild to the frontlines while Frost Cloud workshop will be a flex team, moving between objectives."

"Okay, we are going to depart. Are you coming soon?"

"Yes, good luck, get us some items!"



I closed the communication system and looked up, seeing two beautiful legs in front of me, the robes flying in the wind. Such a seductive priest robe!

Murong Mingyue looked down at me. "You haven't finished yet?"

"No, less than 10 left."

"So slow, I finished selling the items in 10 minutes..."

I was stunned. "Damn, really? Sis, you are divine. How did you do it?"

"Hundred gold market. Each equipment for 100 gold. They were gone almost instantly. Hahaha..."


I glared at her. This wastrel made a hundred gold market. Some of these Dark Steel and Silver–grade items could be sold for thousands! Thousands! What a waste!


He Yi invited me to the party. After joining, I found Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue were both in.

"What is the situation? Are we going to do the quest with just us four?" I asked.

"Yes, is it alright?" He Yi said.


I nodded and said, "You and I for MT, Sister Mingyue and Lil Beiming as DPS, Sister Mingyue for healing. The team is perfect..."

Murong Mingyue giggled. "Hehe, I’m multi-purpose."


"Right, do we call Beauty Lin?" Murong Mingyue smiled meaningfully at me. "Beauty Lin just learned Ice Flame Slash. It’s an AoE skill, very suitable for farming monsters. Also, Lu Chen, if you ask her you will most likely pull her in..."

He Yi did not speak and just typed ellipses into the team chat channel.

I stilled and said, "No, Lin Yixin isn't really a member of the Frost Cloud workshop. Her true identity is the leader of Snowy Cathaya. She has many subordinates who need her to be the leader. It would be inappropriate of us to call her for such a huge quest as this one."

"Oh, alright!"

Therefore, it was decided that us four would be doing the quest together as the Frost Cloud workshop. By maximizing our efficiency we were hoping to enter Top 10 and get the super rewards. Super equipment, super pets, and super skill books. It all sounded tempting!

"Gather at eastern gate plaza, coordinates (98, 102). Hurry up guys! The quest starts at 12!"


A few minutes later, the girls appeared in my sight. He Yi held the Abyssal Sword and wore elegant and refined knight armor. She was already Level 78 and would quickly reach the ranks of Level 80 experts. Beiming Xue was Level 82, and the third player on the Heavenly Ranking. Murong Mingyue was Level 80, and the only priest in the Top 10.

I looked at He Yi. The beautiful leader's equipment wasn't much worse than mine right now. The metal armor wrapped around her beautiful curves and a bright chain hung between her chest. Her hair was blowing in the wind. Her face was stunning as she looked at me with a faint smile and bright eyes.

"Cough cough..." I clearly sensed my heart speeding up. He Yi and Lin Yixin were both my nemeses. Once I looked at them for over 5 seconds, I would easily be distracted, and my calm and ease would disappear.

I glanced at He Yi and said, "Sister Yi, let me tell you good news!"

"Oh oh!" He Yi heard me call her Sister Yi and smiled even more sweetly. She asked, "What’s the good news, Lu Chen?"

"Heavenblessed's rules. Level 60 for third promotion, Level 100 for fourth promotion. I read that after Level 100, Magic Knight and Wanderer classes get a mount slot and can learn how to ride horses. You will become a true knight then..."

"Hoho, so good!" He Yi laughed. "I've waited so long for this day..."

"You’re just Level 78, don’t be happy just yet..." I poured a bucket of cold water on her.

He Yi glanced at me and said, "Alright, are you prepared? Are your items repaired, health potions stacked, consumables at the ready, high-rank cards in the pockets?”


I looked into my bag. I had enough potions, just not a lot of high-rank ones. I had an abundance of Magic Consumables. As for cards, I had several Greedy Wolf Cards that would increase attack speed, and some Blood Skeleton Cards that could increase max HP. They were good when used to fight bosses.

"Alright, depart!"

I led the girls out of Floating Ice City. We could see players forming parties right outside. The city housed millions of people, so at least a few million would participate in the war for reestablishment of the Violet Empire. After all, it was a quest with its own system announcement. Participation rate would be high.

Not far, a group of people suddenly charged out of the forest on the right. The leader shouted, "Beiming Xue, stop!"

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