Chapter 270: Ice Flame Slash

Unfortunately, Heavenstealer’s Boots were a pair of leather boots. Even though their stats made me, Lin Yixin, and He Yi drool, it was a leather item. It wouldn’t be nice of us to demand it with Beiming Xue’s hope-filled eyes staring at us. I couldn’t disappoint my little sister like that, right?

“These boots are Lil Beiming’s. No one has any objections, right?”

I placed the Heavenstealer’s Boots in front of Beiming Xue and almost stuffed it in her bag before asking that question.

He Yi and Lin Yixin were speechless as they glared at me with hidden bitterness. They probably thought I was favoring Lil Beiming a bit too much.

In order to disintegrate that social contradiction, I quickly picked up the second item dropped by the King of Destruction. It was a blood-red cloak. I brushed my hand over it and its stats transformed into motes of light before condensing in the air, surprising all the girls present—


Skydusk Cloak (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 185

Magic Resist: 150

Stamina: +52

Strength: +55

Passive: Increases user’s evasion rate by 12%

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 3%

Level Requirement: 85


Tsk tsk, what a cape. This Dark Gold–grade item had strong stats with evasion rate and it even boosted Defense by 3%. Even though 3% wasn’t much, it was still pretty good in its own right. Capes usually didn’t have percentage-based Defense bonuses and everyone knew that VRMMOs were all about the accumulation of stats. 3% didn’t look like much but if you had more pieces of equipment like this, the total would be quite significant. Experts could be made overnight with just one piece of gear. Endlessly accumulating stats and experience was the true way of a king!

I curled my lips. “This is a metal armor item. Let’s go, He Yi, Yiyi, we’ll roll for it!”

“Alright!” The two girls nodded happily.

I threw the dice. “27!”

He Yi also tossed it, and it landed on 18!

Lin Yixin had a sweet smile on but was shocked silent when she rolled a 5. She looked our way and pursed her lips. “Good thing we’re all in the same party. If we joined different parties and rolled these numbers, we’d all be miserable…”

Hands still on the Skydusk Cloak, I nodded. “Right right, good thing I rolled with you guys or else I wouldn’t get a single item with 27 points…”

The two girls: “...”

Light flashed behind me when I equipped the Skydusk Cloak. An even wider blood red cloak appeared over my back, and looked more austere in the light of the night. My stats also rose considerably since it was much stronger than my old Silver-grade cloak—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand

Class: Undead Swordsman (Silver Swordsman)

Level: 85

HP: 4760

Attack: 764~1285

Defense: 1165

Magic Resist: 1025

Reputation: 50350

Tactics: 42

Luck: 7


My Attack shot straight to 1300 while my Defense also neared 1200. I had almost 5000 HP and was exactly like an unrivaled foot soldier who continued to advance!

The last item was a shining spear. The blade of the spear was surrounded by supernatural energy while the design itself looked elegant and refined. It was the same spear the King of Destruction held in his grasp!

In fact, I had been eyeing it the entire fight. This spear was the item I was looking forward to the most!

I took a deep breath. “This baby could probably climb to first place in the Weapon Ranking. Look closely everyone!”

The girls were shocked when I posted its stats in the party channel. Their jaws literally dropped to the floor. No one would expect that this Level 95 Purple Gold Rank boss would actually drop such an excellent weapon!!


Soul Stealing Spear (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★)

Attack: 275~480

Strength: +60

Stamina: +55

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 14%

Passive: 4% life steal

Outstanding Property: 10% chance to trigger the Soul Steal effect. Target will not be able to use any skills for 5 seconds

Level Requirement: 85


Fuck! It was of the Purple Gold grade, and Outstanding at that!

Lin Yixin and I looked at each other in dismay. This spear was seriously OP!

I took another deep breath and opened Floating Ice City’s Weapon Ranking. Oh, my Purgatory Sword was still firmly guarding its topmost position but this Soul Stealing Spear had jumped straight up to the second place. It was only a few hundred points worse than my Purgatory Sword.

In fact, this spear’s attack power had already surpassed the Purgatory Sword. It was just that its quality was a bit inferior. My Purgatory Sword had 3 stars while the Soul Stealing Spear had only 1. The difference was obvious.

I lifted the spear and asked, “How do we split this spear?”

Lin Yixin hesitated for a long time before she voiced out, “Uh… I’m not really used to using spears. How about you split it with Sister He Yi?”

I shook my head. “I’m not used to using spears either and spears don’t give warriors a 25% weapon mastery bonus either. It’s better to just give it to Eve. Magic knights actually have a 25% damage bonus when they use a spear. This Soul Stealing Spear is so strong that it’ll be a waste if we don’t use it…”


He Yi sent me a message: “Lu Chen, this isn’t good. We have three melee players so how could I alone get the Purple Gold–grade weapon?”

I replied while smiling. “Don’t worry about it. How could a player at Lin Yixin’s level lack weapons? Just look for a way to make it up to her. Besides, the Soul Stealing Spear is, like its name implies, a spear, so it should go to someone of your class anyway.”

“A-alright then…”

He Yi had mixed emotions about this but she still took the Soul Stealing Spear in the end. Once she reached Level 85 and equipped this spear, she would definitely become a versatile magic knight that could both attack and defend. She might even be a little stronger than Gui Guzi!

Of course, since Gui Guzi was currently grinding somewhere with Chaos Moon, Yamete, and Moonlight Stone, he should also have the chance to fight a high rank boss so his equipment ought to be no less inferior. To be honest, their party was just a bit weaker than ours. It was no laughing matter. Our party was strong as hell. We had the Fruit Knife Goddess, the Unkillable War God, the Breast Goddess, the Dark Archer. Any one of us could make Floating Ice City tremble. Meanwhile, He Yi was a hot, super beautiful knight and she was strong now. Our strength was high enough to make people mad.

Everyone’s eyes then fell onto that skill book. It was purple so it had to be another good skill!

I secretly sighed. This King of Destruction was only here to give us gear and once he accomplished his mission, he probably felt like he might as well give us a powerful skill too, huh.

I was still lost in my thoughts but I was immediately struck dumb when I opened the skill book.

Ice Flame Slash: Uses the power of ice and flame and condenses it into a sword aura that sweeps the enemy in front, dealing huge damage over a huge area. There is also a chance of inflicting the “Wounded” effect, weakening healing spells used on the target by 50% for 10 seconds. Level Requirement: 80. Class Requirement: Magic Knight, Warrior, Wanderer.


We all stared blankly at the skill book. It was actually a physical AoE skill, and even one that could massively reduce heal effects. This was an important skill for smallscale PvP in the wild. One Ice Flame Slash could convert groups of players into little crybabies.

I glanced at Lin Yixin and noticed that she was also looking my way. Her watery eyes were beautiful beyond compare. I glanced at He Yi and saw that there was a faint smile on her face.


He Yi sent me another message: “It’s already too much for me to take the Soul Stealing Spear. How about you give Lin Yixin the Ice Flame Slash skill book? Else, Snowy Cathaya will think that our Frost Cloud workshop is horrible!”

I gave a nod and immediately turned around. I placed the book in front of Lin Yixin. “Eve took the Purple Gold–grade weapon and I have Thousand Mirage Slash as my AoE skill, I’ll give this Ice Flame Slash to you, Yiyi!”


Lin Yixin’s glistening eyes stared at me. I felt a bit embarrassed so I dumped the book on her and said, “There are also some stones here so let’s split them up. Get ready to head back to the city to turn in our quests, everyone. We can go eat afterwards, I’m starving…”

“Mn, mn!”

Lin Yixin tapped to learn the skill and the Ice Flame Slash skill book disappeared. In our trip here to Hundred Flower Valley, Lin Yixin had definitely reaped huge profits. Not only did she learn a powerful protective skill, Profound Ice Armor, she’d even gotten a powerful AoE skill like Ice Flame Slash. The Fruit Knife Goddess was even more perfect now.

“Show us the skill, Yiyi.” I said.


Lin Yixin nodded. The Moonlight Sword in her hand exploded as she suddenly brandished her weapon. An enormous sword instantly formed at the tip of her sword. It was a bright icy longsword that was at least 20 yards long and a meter wide. Surrounding in dense, intense flames, it slashed down!


Dust flew in the valley as everything within 5x25 yards was destroyed. This skill’s form is so cool!

He Yi gaped, then gasped in admiration. “Wow, what a pretty skill…”

I couldn’t stop my smile from coming out. I whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll have a skill like that in the future too.”

“Mn, mn.” The beautiful leader nodded in response.

I shouted, “Alright, let’s head back to the city and get ready to turn in our quest!”

As I said that, I took out a return scroll, about to tear it apart!

Lin Yixin swiftly turned around and grabbed the return scroll in my hand. She said with an angry smile, “Stupid, you haven’t even gathered the Frost Snowball’s petals yet and you’re just going to bring that face of yours turn in the quest? You’re not even that handsome so how can Xinran be cured with just your face?”

I glared at her. “Alright, my mistake, I forgot. But you didn’t have to be that mean. Even if I’m not as handsome as Li Le, I’m still a tad better than Mamate…”

“You don’t have his beer belly…”



I climbed up a cliff, using the Purgatory Sword to jab at the rock face under the gaze of the girls. Once I reached the area with the Frost Snowball, I reached out to gather the snowballs and a bone-piercing chill entered the palm of my hand. Tsk tsk, this is some nice stuff!

After I finished gathering, I looked down. So high. My head felt a bit woozy and my imagination went wild. If I lose my footing, would the girls catch me and then be concerned about me? Maybe someone might come over at night to serve me in bed or something.

I couldn’t hold in my laughter. Forget it, that was just my mind going places. Though if I got caught by a martial champion, I’d be miserable.

I pulled out my Purgatory Sword and easily fell to the ground!


And fell headfirst.

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