Chapter 269: Heavenstealer’s Boots

The sky suddenly darkened, dark clouds roiling.

The next moment, countless red hot meteors passed through the clouds and hit the ground with thunderous speed. Sparks flew everywhere, and the splash damage they dealt was positively astounding.

"Oh no…"

It was too late to say or do anything at this point, and as I looked at the girls I saw that they were smiling bitterly as well. Everyone had realized that it was impossible to escape from the boss's huge AoE magic spell.

Beiming Xue didn’t give up. She fired a couple of Evil Spirit Volleys in an attempt to interrupt the boss before he could finish his spell. She failed, however.

A few seconds later, a gigantic meteor exploded in the middle of our party and made me feel like my body was being torn apart. Several damage numbers appeared above all our heads—






Just like that, we were party-wiped. He Yi had the most HP out of all of us, but it wasn’t enough to take a critical hit. We were one-shot without being able to resist at all!


Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

We all appeared at a graveyard inside Hundred Flower Valley as souls. After opening my map and taking a look, I said, "We can get there and revive in two minutes. We can’t allow the boss to regenerate too much HP!"


While we were running, Murong Mingyue said with a smile, "I wasn’t expecting to get party-wiped like this. Also, this is the first time I see Beauty Lin in her soul form…"

Lin Yixin let out a cute groan before saying, "It’s fine, I actually die pretty often, you know? You can’t walk the riverside without getting your feet wet…"


We could see our bodies strewn across the tattered ground and the boss was standing proudly with its head high from a distance. The King of Destruction had regenerated at least 20% HP while we were dead. It was now sitting at 30% HP or so, but it was fine. As long as it didn’t use its ultimate skill again, we still had a chance of beating it!

I said inside the party channel, "After I count down to zero, everyone revives and uses Charge at the same time, okay? As for you, sis, you need to eat a Magic Consumable immediately. Otherwise, you won’t be able to heal us in time!"


I stopped next to my body before looking downward. Hmm, this is not a good look for the legendary Unkillable War God at all. My body looks like a cockroach that was flattened by a slipper.


My eyes lit up, my revival a success. After I picked up the Purgatory Helmet I dropped after the death, I immediately activated Charge!


The Charge was still a failure, but my sword tore through the boss's Defense and dealt over 3000 damage. Even better, a golden flash indicated that I had successfully paralyzed the King of Destruction!

This is wonderful!

The girls also came back to life and took action with grim determination. Again, He Yi miraculously stunned the boss and deleted several thousand HP from the boss's health bar with a couple of basic attacks. Her DPS was pretty good, all things considered.

Players only revived with 50% HP and MP, so the pressure on Murong Mingyue was pretty high. The good news was that she had the Prayer Scepter, so she got everyone to full health in a short time. Just like before, Beiming Xue fired a couple of Freezing Arrows to keep the boss slowed.

"Arghhh, damned humans, I will crush you all to pieces!"

The King of Destruction abruptly activated another skill and brought down its front hooves. A huge wave of red energy bathed over us. It was War Stampede!




All three of us frontliners took a sizable amount of damage and were forced to drink a potion to survive. Even Murong Mingyue was hard-pressed because of how powerful the boss was. A different priest would’ve gotten us party-wiped already.

"Lu Chen got the aggro. Beauty Lin, Eve, feel free to retreat anytime you feel like it! Don’t let the boss get splash damage on you!" Murong Mingyue said, causing Lin Yixin and He Yi to back off immediately. She was right. This boss was meant to be dealt with one tank or at most, two. Any more than that and they would only be a burden to the party. Thankfully, I had an insane amount of Defense. Although my HP wasn’t as high as He Yi’s, I was still tanky enough to hold off the boss for a while.

Lin Yixin employed the hit-and-run strategy. Every time her skills were up, she would immediately unleash them on the boss before running away. She gave it no chance to deal any splash damage to her whatsoever.

He Yi employed the Charge tactic, spamming it off CD. If the boss was stunned, then she would attack it a couple of times before running away. If she failed, she would skip the first step and proceed to sprint away. She knew that she wasn’t as skillful as Lin Yixin, so she didn’t dare to tempt fate.

A few minutes later, the boss's HP dropped to around 10% again. In that moment, I felt like my heart was about to jump out of my throat. Please do not use that skill again!

The King of Destruction had to really dislike failing to meet the expectation of his audience, because he raised his spear and shouted again when his HP dropped to 10%, "O’ mighty god of fire, please grant me the power to destroy everything—Rain of Fire!"

I couldn’t stop myself from screaming, "Fuck, he actually did it…"

At this point, it was clear that the King of Destruction was programmed to use Rain of Fire whenever his HP dropped to 10% or so.

The sky was cloudy. We were mere seconds away from being bombarded by a hail of super meteors with no avenue of escape!

It was at this moment a beautiful knight ran toward the boss without hesitation. It was none other than He Yi herself!

"Knight’s Outrage!"

Knight’s Outrage was a self-sacrificing skill that forced every mob within the skill radius to attack the skill user!

As expected, the King of Destruction canceled the spell midway and turned its ugly head toward He Yi. Then, he stabbed her twice in a row!




Fuck! It was a critical hit! Even with Rock Shield, He Yi wasn’t able to block the powerful chain attack. Just like that, our leader collapsed to the ground and died right before our eyes!

"You bastard!"

A nameless anger rose in my heart as I hacked away at the boss's flesh like I would turn it into mincemeat.

But He Yi’s sacrifice didn’t buy us much time. Less than ten seconds later, the King of Destruction raised his spear and started chanting his ultimate spell again!

At that moment, even I was feeling a sense of despair. Was the boss programmed to keep using Rain of Fire after dropping below 10%? If that was true, then how on earth are we going to beat it?

Suddenly, Lin Yixin snapped me out of my daze with a shout, "It’s do or die! Lu Chen, use your Purple Dragon Howl now!"

At the same time, she ran toward the boss and executed Extreme Break in the blink of an eye. The boss's Defense was reduced by 80% as a result!

I backed off a few steps, ate a Magic Consumable to return to full MP and shouted, "Sis, heal me!"

Swhoosh swhoosh!

I was at full health one instant heal later. I immediately clicked the skill button with the icon of a giant purple dragon on it!


A tremendous amount of draconic energy surrounded me before focusing at the tip of my blade. Then, I sent the energy flying straight toward the King of Destruction!

"Roar roar!"

The purple blast engulfed the boss and ravaged its whole body. It did an insane amount of damage—





Even I was shocked by the amount of damage the skill was doing, though it was only thanks to Lin Yixin’s Extreme Break. The boss didn’t have nearly enough HP to withstand it!

Finally, the gigantic monster that was the King of Destruction collapsed to the ground!

Swhoosh swhoosh!

All four of us leveled up once and regained our lost levels!


Lin Yixin wiped the sweat on her face while looking like she was going to break down emotionally. "Uu, we finally took down that boss. It was so, so powerful…"

I nodded. "Yeah, it was a Purple Gold Rank boss. It would be stranger if it wasn’t this powerful!"

Murong Mingyue said, "Let’s wait a minute for Eve. We can loot the body once she arrives!"


He Yi had used Knight’s Outrage to interrupt the boss and bought us some time. Waiting for her was the least we could do to repay her chivalrous spirit.


While we were waiting, Murong Mingyue suddenly curled her lips at me and asked, "Hey Lu Chen, Eve died to save you, you know? Shouldn’t you show some grief at least?"

I nodded and walked up to He Yi’s corpse. Then, I dropped to one knee and started crying, "Sob sob, boss, I didn’t want to see you off like this…"


Suddenly, my beautiful leader came back to life and blinded me with her long, white legs. At the same time, a dignified voice rang above my head, "What the hell are you doing…"

I quickly jumped to my feet and said, "It’s nothing. Anyway, let’s loot the boss, shall we? It’s really getting late!"

"Mn mn!"

He Yi followed behind me as we walked up to the boss. Just like before, they left the looting to me probably because they thought that I had lucky hands. It was a fact that almost all the loot that passed through my hands was pretty amazing.

I heaved the King of Destruction’s metal hoof into the air before dropping it to the side. There, I found a pile of items lying snugly on the ground underneath his body. First, I filtered the magic stones from my mind. Then, I looked for equipment and found a shiny spear, a bloody cape, and a pair of dark red-colored war boots. Finally, I found a skill book with purple light surrounding it!

I couldn’t help the smile on my face. "I wonder if a Purple Gold Rank boss would drop a Purple Gold–grade equipment? Hahaha, how exciting!"

Lin Yixin also looked excited. "I know right? Anyway, move your ass already, how much longer are you going to make us wait?"

He Yi nodded in agreement. "Yeah, do it now!"

The girls insisted, so I had to comply. I carried the equipment in my arms and stared at the war boots first. The stat screen that popped up in front of us was stunning to say the least.


Heavenstealer’s Boots (Dark Gold–grade)

Defense: 120

Agility: +50

Stamina: +52

Passive: Increases user’s attack speed by 10%

Passive: Increases user’s movement speed by 5%

Level Requirement: 85


Holy shit, these are some of the best war boots I have seen so far! Any boots that added movement speed and attack speed were a godsend for any offensive class!

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