Chapter 267: Flower Fairy

Rustle rustle…

My Death Shade War Boots stepped on grass and stones as the light of dawn broke through the clouds and entered my eyes. A new dawn had arrived inside the game.

"Ah, wait…"

Lin Yixin suddenly stopped in her tracks with a complicated expression.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

"I’m hungry…"

"My god, you ate almost half a pig during lunch not long ago! How on earth are you hungry again…" I expressed my sincere confusion to her.

She shot me a grudgeful look before replying, "I’m talking about in-game Satiety, stupid. How long do you think we’ve been fighting? My Satiety is about to drop below 30."

He Yi also suggested with a smile, "I’m feeling a bit hungry as well. Why don’t we rest for a bit and wait until it’s morning before we continue? Just in case we fight another boss like the Root Protector, our prospects will be much better than before."


So I found a large rock, sat down and stabbed the Purgatory Sword into the ground. Then, I took out the rations I had bought from Floating Ice City and started eating. It was bread. You could buy it from any NPC vendor, and basically every player had to eat at least 10 loaves of Coarse Bread to maintain their Satiety meter.

Everyone started munching bread for a bit. Even Lin Yixin was kneeling on the beautiful grassland and eating slowly like a lady. Out of all the consumables in the game, food was the one thing that had a long animation when consumed. The designers were probably afraid that some hasty players would accidentally choke themselves to death.

A few minutes later, I clapped my hands and said, "Phew, it’s amazing you can eat dozens of loaves of bread in one gulp! This game knows what it’s doing!"

Lin Yixin stood up and agreed, "Same here. I ate a dozen or so too…"

I looked at the flat stomach beneath her armor and teased her. "That being said, your stomach should really be bulging like a pregnant lady after eating so many loaves in one go…"

Lin Yixin immediately turned red and glared at me. "I am not pregnant!"

Even Murong Mingyue joined me on the teasing. "Of course you aren’t, you just learned the Profound Ice Armor, didn’t you? That skill has birth-control effects, you know?"

He Yi and Beiming Xue burst into giggles. Lin Yixin turned redder before urging, "Come on, let’s get back to the grind already!"

I nodded and looked around me. "You know, this place is really beautiful. If we run into another secluded place like this, we should have a picnic like this again…"

Suddenly, a meaningful smile blossomed across Murong Mingyue’s lips. "All of us together?"

"Of course!"

"Are you sure you’re planning a picnic, not outdoor sex?"


I fell silent for a moment before replying, "I can’t talk to you when you are like this…"


Murong Mingyue gave me a knowing smile before patting away the leaves on her knees and rising to her feet. However, the action caused a ripple across her breasts and my heart at the same time. I already knew this, but once again I realized that the breast goddess was a truly formidable foe.


We went back to our journey. We were nearing the end of Hundred Flower Valley, but I was still worried about Xinran. Her injuries were so serious that even the great witch doctor of the Blood Dance Legion couldn’t do anything to help her. Worse, she could only begin to heal after I brought the Frost Snowball’s petals back to her. I was anxious to say the least. Besides, what if she left me after she healed completely?

A sense of loss permeated in my heart the moment I thought of it.

We didn’t walk for long before Beiming Xue said, "Oh, I spot a mob right ahead of us! Flower Fairy? That’s a pretty nice name!"

I perked up in excitement. "Flower Fairy? That sounds wonderful! I wonder if I can catch one as a pet…"

Standing atop a hill, Lin Yixin laughed at me and said, "Do it if you want. No one will stop you!"

I got up the hill myself and shivered in terror when I saw the true form of the so-called Flower Fairy. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that it had left a shadow in my heart. The mob was called "Flower Fairy", and it was a humanoid creature, but there were several problems. One, its face was an amalgamation of Sister Feng and Sister Furong. Two, its body was "perfect" if you believed that having a waist size equal to the sum of your bust size and hip size was "perfect”. Besides that, it wore a shirt that was sewn from leaves, a flower on top of its head, and an oversized red gown around its shoulders. Finally, it wielded a stone axe as a weapon, and it had roots instead of legs. Its movement speed was incredibly slow.


Flower Fairy (Elite)

Level: 95

Attack: 920~1080

Defense: 1000

HP: 25000

Skills: Poison Powder, Ice Thorn

Introduction: A type of fairy that lives deep within the forest. They possess both stunning beauty and incredible attack power. Several thousand years ago, the human nobles sent their elite guards into the forest in hopes of capturing Flower Fairies as their playthings. However, the fairies turned out to be far stronger than they imagined, and countless human soldiers were killed as a result.


I was absolutely stunned by the mob’s introduction. "There are actually nobles who want to capture these things and turn them into their playthings? Sisters beyond, just how depraved do you have to be to even consider such a thing…"

He Yi shot me a glance. "Didn’t you just say you want to catch one as a pet a minute ago?"

"Nope! You misheard me!" I pulled out my weapon and said, "Anyway, I’m going to test their strength!"


I activated Charge and stunned the nearest Flower Fairy to me. I immediately followed up with my usual combo, Ice Ray + Slayer Slash.



Fuck, what amazing Defense! The Flower Fairy was Level 95, meaning that it was even stronger than the Vine Flowers we had fought earlier. Besides that, it had an amazing 1080 Attack, nothing to scoff at!

Speaking of which, my combo accidentally tore apart the Flower Fairy’s clothes, so she swung her battle axe at me and swore angrily, "You will pay the price of blood for your lust, despicable human! Die!"

I blurted in shock, "Big sis, I swear I’m not interested in you in the slightest!"

Crack crack!

She hit me twice in the row on the shoulder as sparks flew everywhere. Holy shit, it hurts!



At this point, it was pretty much confirmed that a Flower Fairy’s attack power was equal to a Level 75 Dark Gold Rank boss. This wouldn’t be an easy area to clear!

I turned my sword around and attacked her twice!

The Flower Fairy immediately responded by crossing her axes in front of her chest. It looked like a Guard, but that was perfect for me!

I quickly changed tactics and brought my blade up in a Crushing Blow!


Haha, she would be savoring this Rank 8 Crushing Blow for a long time in death!

A couple more slashes later, I successfully killed my first Flower Fairy. I felt so tired I could collapse on the spot, but the experience it gave was so amazing that the girls immediately requested that we kill all the Flower Fairies within the area. After all, the point of doing quests was to get experience and level up. It would be a waste to leave them untouched, especially since we didn’t know when we would run into another leveling ground like this in the future.

That being said, there were at least thousands of Flower Fairies in this part of the valley, and they were much stronger than the Vine Flowers. I wasn’t sure if we had the power to hold a choke point and kill them en masse.

So I said, "This is going to be a hard one. I don’t think even I could handle two Flower Fairies attacking me at once."

Lin Yixin nodded. "True. Their Attack is just too high."

He Yi’s eyes twirled for a second before she smiled suddenly. "Actually, I think we can do this. The frontline, namely the three of us, don’t need to attack. We can just stand at the front and use Guard repeatedly. The backline, Murong Mingyue and Beiming will be our main damage dealers this time. Also, my Firelight Mouse is Level 52 now, so it now knows a fire-type AoE skill. It is perfect for these wood-type heavy armor mobs."

I smiled. "Okay, let’s do as Eve says and give it a try. Honestly, I didn’t want to leave these huge bags of experience myself!"

"Mn!" He Yi smiled back. "Also, let’s try to clean them all up in two hours so we can grab supper. We haven’t eaten or drank anything since afternoon, and that isn’t good for the body."


It wasn’t difficult to find a usable choke point. We found a triangular depression on the walls that was perfect for our purpose.

The Flower Fairies were incredibly slow, and their only other gimmick was poison. However, their toxin wasn’t even as deadly as the Mountain Spiders’, so I decided to lure the mobs myself instead of using the Dark Wasp. It was faster this way!

I darted across the sea of Flower Fairies for a while before returning to the choke point. It wasn’t long before they started swarming toward us. It was a joyous moment, however. They were all walking bags of experience after all!


I stopped in between He Yi and Lin Yixin, spun around and used Guard immediately. The entrance could only accommodate five Flower Fairies at most, and three of them were swinging their axes at me like crazy. However, the damage they dealt to me was completely negligible thanks to Guard!

He Yi and Lin Yixin did the same. The three of us formed a solid defensive line at the choke point so that none of the mobs could get to our backline.

This time, Murong Mingyue roleplayed the powerful mage instead of the powerful healer. She summoned waves of falling meteors that hit the Flower Fairies for an incredible amount of damage.





Tsk tsk, Murong Mingyue’s amazing Magic Attack is starting to show its true powers. Once Hellish Rockfall hits Rank 8, any heavy-armored unit that underestimates her will be crying rivers of tears.

Naturally, Beiming Xue wasn’t idle either. She fired a Evil Spirit Volley into the mob and triggered a bunch of critical hits. She was doing her utmost to defend the pride of the party’s number one damage dealer.

He Yi’s pet was also pulling its weight. The boss-tier Firelight Mouse was waving its tail and firing one spell after another as its small body was completely covered in flames. A sea of fire engulfed the Flower Fairies and dealt continuous damage just like Murong Mingyue. Although it only dealt half her damage, it was still incredibly powerful considering its level. At Level 80, it would be the equal of a mage stacked with top-tier equipment!

For a time, the Flower Fairies’ screams filled the air. The Firelight Mouse’s AoE spell was already a pain to deal with, but it was just the beginning of their misery. Murong Mingyue used Hellish Rockfall again and again until the sky was full of falling rocks, and the ground was covered in fire, and if that wasn’t enough Beiming Xue’s Evil Spirit Volley caused absolute devastation wherever it struck. Perhaps the worst part was the fact that their only path toward their tormentors was blocked by three melee fighters in Guard stance, and they just couldn’t get through no matter what they tried. I would be crying myself if I was one of these pitiful mobs.

Not one to let go of an opportunity, I abruptly canceled my Guard and launched Thousand Mirage Slash!


An entire horde of Flower Fairies collapsed in the sea of flames just like that, turning into countless streams of experience.

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