Chapter 265: Root Crush

I nodded, I had to bring the healer and ranged attacker over or we wouldn’t be able to kill this 280k HP boss with just us melees.

Crack crack crack...

The tip of the Purgatory Sword flashed as it swiftly chopped again at the twisting vines beneath us. This boss was so annoying, it was probably going to wrap us like this until the battle was over!

Once I broke free, I charged the boss without any hesitation. This Root Protector was a tall tree that had turned into an evil spirit. The simplest way to attack its main body was to attack its trunk. Anyone a little common sense would know this.

My sword swept over, slamming down an Ice Ray followed up with Slayer Slash!



Ice Ray transformed into an icicle that pierced through its tree trunk. Frost energy concentrated and quickly froze the boss, greatly reducing both its movement speed and attack speed. Its Group Wrap skill should be immensely impacted now.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually tell how long its roots were underground. He Yi was still wrapped up behind me and wasn’t in the best of moods. She complained as she hacked away at the roots, "Why do other people kill monsters while I have to be a woodcutter?"

A distance away, Lin Yixin had already cut the vines on Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue. The girls were making their way over!

My attack was still relatively effective. In order to deal with me, the boss no longer used Group Wrap. However, two thick tree arms appeared on either side of the trunk. They were at least a meter in diameter and especially nimble as they whipped up and down!

I hastily curled my body and assumed the Guard stance!

Bang bang!



Even though my guard was successful, one of the attacks still deleted almost 500 of my HP, sending me into a daze. This Root Protector’s attack power really is impressive!

I launched my counterattack right away. The moment Pardon came down, my sword glowed with blood-red light and I hacked with a Rank 8 Desperate Gambit!



Not bad, that damage is enough to leave the boss hurting!

But in the next second, the boss’s thick arms whipped me twice. Guard had a cooldown of 3 seconds, so I could only eat those attacks!



A scorching pain came from my shoulder. The thick vine-arm was covered in thorns and nearly turned me into a human pincushion. My HP had already almost reached rock bottom. This boss’s DPS is too high!

I can’t wait for Murong Mingyue’s heals, I gotta save myself!

Tenacity of the Dead!


And a Rank 8 Health Potion!


Alright, I got most of my HP back, again!

I swung the Purgatory Sword and the boss jolted. A layer of golden light covered its upper body, rendering it motionless!

Lin Yixin was shocked as she stared agape into the distance. "Did the boss enrage?"

Beiming Xue was a picture of calm. "No, it got paralyzed by big bro’s Paralysis Ring!"

"Haha, not bad!"


I was also ecstatic as hell. Nobody will think that the Paralysis Ring was useless now. Even though the paralysis only lasted 3 seconds, those 3 seconds were still valuable. Taking advantage of these 3 seconds, the girls ran over. Murong Mingyue shook her staff and healed me to full!

Very good. The strongest lineup was about to move out!

Lin Yixin swiftly closed in and smiled. "Use your strongest burst in this second!"


A moonlit shine flashed in her purple eyes as the beautiful Fruit Knife Goddess took out a short dagger and stabbed it onto the tree trunk. When she pulled it out, Extreme Break had already activated!

For 15 seconds, the boss’s Defense was lowered by 80% and its max HP was also lowered by 25%. This was why Extreme Break was so awesome. Its combat control capability was something others did not have. Tons of experts had been subdued beneath this skill since the start of Heavenblessed. Forget about Gui Guzi, even CGL Hall of Famers like me, God’s Dance, and Tempest Shadow had to watch themselves when up against Extreme Break.

I checked my cooldowns. They were finally over and I immediately rained down a combo of Slayer Slash + Ice Ray + basic attack!




Sweet, after the boss’s Defense fell by 80%, it was so easy to deal damage!

Lin Yixin also unleashed her strongest attacks. Two strikes came out and she shaved nearly 10k HP off of it. He Yi had also arrived by then. She swung the Abyssal Sword, attacking with Flame Thrust + Magic Piercing Slash!



Pretty good, even He Yi’s DPS was high now. Under the effects of Extreme Break, this Root Protector had become too weak.

Unfortunately, good things never last long. In the blink of an eye, 15 seconds had already passed!

"Hiss, hiss!"

A chapped mouth appeared on the Root Protector’s body. It opened its copper colored eyes and said in a low voice, "Damnable humans, I’m going to fight you till death. Your greed will inevitably kill all life. I won’t tolerate you wanting to cut down the forest due to your selfish desires. Desertification and sandstorms will inevitably swallow everything whole!"

I was shocked. "Damn, this boss is an environment activist!"


Lin Yixin nodded, but because she didn’t pay attention, she was hit by a random whip from the boss!


The Fruit Knife Goddess’s body swayed as the damage number "1784" appeared above her head. She looked at me with a pained expression. "I-it hurts!"

The boss’s other arm met He Yi’s shield with a thump and took 1214 HP from her!

As expected, He Yi’s survivability was higher than Lin Yixin with the Rock Shield buff!

Murong Mingyue yelled from the rear, "My heals won’t be enough, use your pots!"


He Yi and Lin Yixin both drank a potion and barely escaped danger. This boss’s attack power was just too high. Even I felt pressured in front of its 1120 max Attack with my Rank 8 Ghost Deity Armor, let alone the two girls.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

Murong Mingyue’s precise heals were relieving.


He Yi attacked the boss again but now that the boss wasn’t under Extreme Break’s effects, her damage left onlookers speechless.



"Ah?!" He Yi’s jaw fell to the floor. "How’s this possible, I can’t even break its Defense…"

I couldn’t help but smile. "That’s normal. You’re a magic knight and your build isn’t fully Strength-focused either. The boss’s level is so much higher than yours too. Eve, look for an opportunity to fall back. Let me and Beauty Yi do the damage!"

"No, I want to deal my share of the damage too!"


He Yi’s perseverance this time was praiseworthy. Even though she was somewhat lacking in the damage department, her Defense was solid. With her taking some of the boss’s attention upon herself, the danger for Lin Yixin would greatly decrease!

From afar, Beiming Xue repeatedly drew the Purgatory Bow as her Freezing Arrows pierced through the wind, massively decreasing the boss’s attack speed and thus controlling the battlefield. To be honest, it was a good thing we had Beiming Xue here, or else we would’ve been dead already. The boss’s attack power was just too horrifying!

This Root Protector’s Defense was also a high 950. With undead energy added to the Purgatory Sword, my basic attacks could deal almost 2000 damage to the boss. That was pretty decent damage, but Lin Yixin’s basic attacks only did around 900 damage while He Yi only dealt around 200!

The strength of this boss was scary since even He Yi could barely break through. If this Root Protector was tossed into Floating Ice City, I bet no one in Mad Dragon could break its Defense. They could only rely on ranged attacks that would lead to countless casualties and even then, the chances of them killing it would still be abysmal!


The Purgatory Sword swept over and paralyzed the boss again. Murong Mingyue continued to give us her reassuring heals, healing more than half our HP. She gasped, "This boss is so hard to kill…"

I nodded. "Stay on your toes!"

He Yi’s Firelight Mouse chirped and waved its short arms in the air, pelting the boss with multiple fireballs that dealt close to 500 damage. Its magic attack really was pretty good. In fact, its DPS was higher than He Yi’s herself! Right, the boss being a heavy armor type was a huge variable. We were a party of physical damage dealers so we feared this kind of heavy armor type boss the most!

The boss suddenly awakened at this time and used Thorn Burst. Numerous wooden spikes that resembled the edges of a sword protruded from the ground, dealing damage to players in its surroundings. It wasn’t the first time either, he had used it several times already!




Lin Yixin, He Yi, and I were all given a good stabbing and the truth was revealed. I had the highest Magic Resist, Lin Yixin second, and He Yi, the lowest among us. A magic knight was naturally like this. As a metal armor class, it was the most afraid of magic attacks. Of course, it would be a different story once they get a hold of Divine-grade armor. By then, they would fear nothing.

"Drink your pots and continue attacking, don’t retreat!"

I swung the Purgatory Sword and bellowed. Wild Roar activated and the two girls beside me sweetly smiled.

Lin Yixin used her General Skill, the low-level Encourage, that could raise everyone’s attack power by 5%. Lin Yixin had 40 Tactics at the moment so after conversion, her General Skill’s effects were increased by 40%, giving everyone a 7% boost instead. Stacked with my Wild Roar, the entire party’s attack power was increased by 22%. If it weren’t for these buffs, I doubt He Yi could even do double-digit damage to the boss. If that happened, our beautiful guild leader would definitely be depressed.


A huge chunk of the tree smashed on my face. Fuck, this was the 17th time. Root Crush only targeted the highest DPS and since Purgatory Slash activated a few times for me, there was no doubt that I was the damage MVP in this party. I had been whipped the most out of everyone here.

Murong Mingyue just so happened to not want to protect me. She healed He Yi and Lin Yixin instead of me. Because I had Tenacity of the Dead, she was barely concerned about me anymore.

Murong Mingyue looked up at the boss’s health bar and smiled. "Keep it up, there’s only 10% HP left on the boss!”

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