Chapter 262: Firelight Mouse

"What is that…" Lin Yixin muttered, but couldn’t say another word.


He Yi was equally shocked. She didn’t even realize that she had dropped the Abyssal Sword.

Murong Mingyue rubbed her eyes to confirm that her eyes weren’t playing tricks for her. Finally, she said in a dumbfounded manner, "It can’t be…"

Beiming Xue was also muttering, "Level 1… Level 1…"


That’s right, it was a boss, and at Level 1 too! What did that mean?

It meant that the Dark Wasp’s era was finally going to pass. This boss was supposed to be close to Level 100, but now it was reduced to a Level 1 baby instead. If a player managed to capture it and train it to Level 100, its attack would be equal to that of a Level 100 boss. That was a scary prospect!

I looked at the fiery mouse, and its stats appeared in our party feed.

Firelight Mouse (S Rank Boss)

Level: 1

Introduction: Firelight Mouse is an old and legendary spirit animal. It is said to possess incredible fire manipulation ability, and it was once the leader of the devilish rodents. Today, it is one step away from extinction.


"An S Rank boss…" I fished out a card from my bag while salivating from the mouth. This was the moment my Sealing Cards have been waiting for!

This Firelight Mouse was clearly a magic-type pet. It was the dream pet of any metal armor player!

But before I could do anything, the girls turned toward me in unison. "Lu Chen, we want it too. What should we do…"

Caught off-guard, I said, "If you’re that desperate, then I guess Eve can have Monday and Tuesday, Yiyi Wednesday and Thursday, sis Friday and finally Lil Beiming Saturday. Sunday is an off day since I need to recharge…"

The girls were completely confused up until they realized the joke I had played on them. The Moonlight Sword, the Abyssal Sword, the Purgatory Bow, and a magic staff hit me square on the face at the same moment "Do you want to die, Lu Chen? This is not the time to make a joke like that!"

Lin Yixin complained with reddened cheeks, "The third and fourth day of a week? You sure give me a lot of credit, bastard…"

He Yi stared at the ground with an enigmatic smile on her face.

Murong Mingyue was still raising her magic staff and staring at me. "Why do I only get one day when Beauty Lin and Eve get two?"


Beiming Xue said with reddened cheeks, "I’m included as well? I… I guess Sister Mingyue can have my day then…"

I let out a laugh and pushed aside the weapons pressing against my face. Then, I waved the Sealing Cards in my hands and said, "Alright, be serious now... anyway, everyone here has Sealing Cards, right? Let’s all try to seal it together. We only have 15 chances since the Firelight Mouse will level up after that, so everyone gets 3 chances each. Are you ready? Ready, set…"

"Wait wait wait wait…"

He Yi grabbed my arm before saying, "I don’t have a Sealing Card. Give me three, please!"


I threw 10 Sealing Cards into her hands since she might be able to use it in the future. After all, no one could predict if they might encounter a capturable Level 1 boss-tier pet!

After that, we all threw out our Sealing Cards at the same time!


All five Sealing Cards floated above the Level 1 boss. The oblivious mouse was too busy biting a nut to care.

The Sealing Cards transformed into huge magical formations that wrapped around the rodent. It shrank like it was about to be absorbed into the hexagram array, but it was able to break out in the end. The process repeated itself five times in a row.

Everyone was staring at the Firelight Mouse. They looked so nervous that they might forget to breathe!

I held Lin Yixin’s hand and sent her a message: "Relax, Yiyi. Your hands are literally shaking, you know?"

Lin Yixin stared at me with an exasperated smile before shaking off my hand lightly. Then, she responded with a message of her own: "Do you want to die? Your beautiful leader is right in front of you…"

I stared at the front and pretended not to notice the reply, righteousness written all over my face. As a result, Lin Yixin gritted her teeth and stared at me with a murderous look.

All five Sealing Cards eventually vanished into nothing. As it turned out, no one managed to catch the Firelight Mouse the first time!

I took out my second Sealing Card and uttered, "Dammit, again!"


The girls tossed out their second Sealing Card in unison and froze, too tensed to draw breath just like before as they stared at the struggling mouse. The Firelight Mouse was both cute and powerful, so they all wanted to claim it for themselves.

This time, the Firelight Mouse struggled even harder. It was even screeching loudly!


Suddenly, the Firelight Mouse vanished into a magic formation. Could it be that the sealing was successful?

I hurriedly checked my pet space, but there was only the Dark Wasp. It wasn’t me!

Lin Yixin looked at me and shook her head. It wasn’t her either.

Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue exchanged a glance with each other before we all turned to look at He Yi. The beautiful guild leader grabbed her sword from the ground and said, "Alright, let’s get back to the grind…"

"Hell no! Show us the Firelight Mouse’s stats now!" the girls complained in unison.

He Yi giggled at their reaction before bringing up the Level 1 Firelight Mouse’s stats


Firelight Mouse (S Rank Boss)

Level: 1

Magic Attack: 29

Defense: 25

HP: 24

Agility: 28


Magic Attack ★★★★★★★☆

Defense ★★★★★★☆

HP ★★★★★★★

Agility ★★★★★★★☆


Everyone was speechless for a time. Hundred Flower Valley was a whole new map alright; the power of this pet was completely off the charts!

Despite being a Level 1 creature, the Firelight Mouse’s stats were already very impressive. It had an insane BN of 106, meaning that it was leagues ahead of my Dark Wasp! Besides that, its growth was so powerful that it was downright OP. 7.5-star Magic Attack, 6.5-star Defense, 7-star HP and 7.5-star Agility? It was a magic jack of all trades, but not in the bad way!

I could already imagine its future as a walking magic fortress!

"So, how is it?" He Yi smiled.

I gave her an approving nod and said, "It’s OP as hell. You can raise it until the endgame if you want to, especially since you are a metal armor player. A powerful magical pet is exactly what you need!"

"Mn!" He Yi nodded before saying, "Unfortunately, the Firelight Mouse only has a Fireball spell at the beginning, and it’ll run out of mana in just a few uses. Still, once its level is higher, it can learn an AoE spell and join the grind too…"

We all nodded and smiled at her, happy for her success.

He Yi was the weakest player of the workshop, so the Firelight Mouse was the perfect unit to make up for her lack of skill. In fact, I thought from the start that she was the most suitable player out of all of us to inherit the Firelight Mouse. After all, we all had excess in firepower except He Yi.


"Let us continue, shall we? Let’s see what else is waiting for us ahead!"

I continued forward with He Yi to my left and Lin Yixin to my right. It was a delightful feeling to say the least.

I noticed that we had entered the latter half of the map as we progressed. After killing a bunch of Mountain Spiders and Earth Mice, we finally saw a mob that wasn’t an animal!

We got up a small hill and looked down. There was a sea of plant-type mobs at the valley floor. The mob was a walking vine plant with beautiful white flowers growing on the stems. However, a closer look would reveal that its stems were covered in sharp, poisonous thorns, putting it under the "look but don’t touch" category.


Vine Flower (Elite)

Level: 92

Attack: 820~1000

Defense: 850

HP: 22000

Skills: Poisonous Thorn, Wrap

Introduction: The protectors of the ancient forest, these Vine Flowers absorb power from the earth, grow thorns on their stems and summon vines to entangle their prey. Countless human warriors have perished under their beautiful exterior, making it the most fearful hunter of the wild.


"It’s a Level 92 elite mob with average Attack but incredible Defense and HP…" I said, "I also wonder how its poison attack and ‘Wrap’ work exactly."

Lin Yixin smiled. "Why don’t you lure one over so we can give it a look?"


I ran down the hill and charged the outermost Vine Flower. One Ice Ray and Slayer Slash later, the mob had lost almost 5000 HP. As I thought, it was much tougher than both the Mountain Spiders and the Earth Mice!


I felt a pain in my chest. I was poisoned, but the movement slow debuff was within acceptable limits. Time to return!

I took a few steps back, but the Vine Flower suddenly started shaking violently. Then, a bunch of vines burst out of the ground beneath my feet and wrapped around my Death Shade War Boots in the blink of an eye. I can’t move!


Combat Log: You have been rooted by Vine Flower’s “Wrap”. You cannot move for 4 seconds!


WTF, 4 seconds? There’s no way I can aggro the mobs like normal this way. Considering how many mobs there were, 4 seconds of root was enough to kill anyone!

It was at this moment a beautiful figure rushed past me and attacked the Vine Flower. She dished out her signature Moon Gaze + Extreme Break combo, and I followed up with a Pardon + Desperate Gambit of my own. The Vine Flower had 22k HP, but not even it could withstand the combined might of our skills. It collapsed to the ground and dropped a small white flower!

Lin Yixin looked pleasantly surprised. "Wow, a Vine Flower Petal? This is great, hehe…"

She picked it up and threw it into her bag.

I asked, "Is that an alchemy ingredient?"

"Mn, a Rank 8 alchemy ingredient no less. Before this, I had to compete with a whole horde of uncles just to gather some of them. I had no idea that they dropped them here. This is wonderful!"

Murong Mingyue walked up to us and said, "You can’t see the end of these Vine Flowers. It looks like we need to bait them to a choke point and AoE them down, or we can fight them until next month and still not be done. I’m sorry to say this, but not even you and Beauty Lin can kill them fast enough to make up for the time lost killing them one by one!"

"Yeah!" I nodded. "Let me give it another try!"

This time, I summoned the Dark Wasp to attack a lone Vine Flower at the edge. The Vine Flower chased the Dark Wasp as expected, but it couldn’t use its Wrap because the Dark Wasp was airborne. As I thought, the skill is ineffective against flying targets!

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