Chapter 26: Greedy Wolf Card

Like a pebble in the lake causing multiple, vast waves to roll out, a huge mob of ravenous warriors, wanderers, and magic knights came over the moment I said that. Equipment in Heavenblessed had a low drop rate, but the drop rate of weapons and accessories was even lower. Current Level 20 players were still using Level 10 Common-grade weapons with 2~7 Attack, which was pretty wretched.

“My dude, sell it to me, I’ll buy it for 70 copper!”

“Give it to me, bro, I offer 3 silver!”

“I want it, 1 silver!"

The noisy crowd of people made a huge racket so I lifted the green blade and shouted, “Don’t bother if you’re offering less than 50 silver!”

Many people in the crowd immediately quieted.

At this time, a group of people walked over. The one in the lead was astonishingly a Level 25 Magic Knight, Dominating the World. It was someone from the Domination Clan. He was pretty high-leveled and the players behind him were all Level 23 or higher. It was clear that they were a high-quality team.

“2 gold,” Dominating the World stated indifferently.

This offer silenced the rest of the crowd. Anyone who was able to have 2 gold at this stage of the game was a madman!

I opened the trade window and placed the green blade inside as Dominating the World put in his 2 gold, completing the transaction. I had close to 10 gold now, and I felt like I’ve become a king of gold!

After repairing my equipment, I had to buy a few potions. Every one of my expenditures had doubled in this city. It was tragic to say the least. I could only endure it, who told me to stay in someone else’s area?

My name immediately became red once I left the city. The appearance of a Night Creature player was no doubt a shock to anyone there. Of course, I ran fast and quickly disappeared from everyone’s view.

I searched around for the locations of Rank 2 Cooking ingredients. The Rank 1 Applesauce only added 100 MP. It was enough for Warriors, Magic Knights and Wanderers, but not for classes like Mages and Priests who relied solely on large amounts of MP. If I wanted to make a killing, I’d have to make some Rank 2 consumables.

Rank 2 Glutinous Rice Ball. Requires: Glutinous Rice x15, Chicken Meat x5, Salt x5. Restores 200 MP.

It’s too demanding! I didn’t just need Glutinous Rice, I also needed Chicken Meat and Salt. I knew where to get Salt. Merchants sold batches of ten, one silver each. It was a tad expensive, effectively increasing the entry level for production players. As for Glutinous Rice, I checked forums. Some players have found some at Wildfire Plains, west of Floating Ice City. Chicken Meat was obvious, I’d just go kill some chickens to get it.

I decided to walk around Wildfire Plains first, who knew if there was a quest I could accept? The monsters there were pretty high-leveled with the highest over Level 30. It was a place that players at this stage of the game couldn’t handle, but a top-tier warrior like me with super high defense and explosive attack naturally wanted to check it out.

There were players in groups of two and three on my way there, but 99% of the players stopped when Level 30 Wild Wolves appeared in the deepest part of the forest. I, however, with my top-tier Bronze-grade equipment, continued onward. My target, the Wildfire Plains.

After almost an hour, the trees before me dwindled, replaced by lush grass. Under the scorching summer sun, there were various plants all over the place and myriad flowers in bloom. The entire view was a stretch of red that looked like a huge prairie fire. This was how the Wildfire Plains got their name.

Wildfire Plains was a neutral map. A short walk later, I discovered a temporary Silver Moon Alliance camp near the edge of the plains. I didn’t dare to approach. Who knew if those humans would do anything to me?

I walked along its periphery for another ten or so minutes before my eyes brightened. A simple Night Creature camp had finally appeared!

There was a material merchant, a blacksmith, and a skeleton soldier. And that was it, the entire camp. It was so simple that it was impossible to get any simpler!

When I walked up, my eyes scanned the skeleton soldier. It was a common skeleton. Bony as hell and way inferior to a Bone Creature like me with skin and flesh.

“Oh, little skeleton from afar, what can I help you with?” the skeleton yelled when it saw me. “It’s really dangerous here. You must take care, our enemies are everywhere!”

I nodded and didn’t say anything.

The soldier sat on a human skull. “The wild beasts inside the Wildfire Plains have grown more and more rampant. Our camp has already been attacked three times these past three days. Young Night Creature, can you help us eliminate these wild beasts?”

The quest came. I was already planning to do that so I nodded decisively.


System Notice: You have accepted the quest [Eliminate the Wild Beasts]! (Quest Rank: E)

Description: Go to the southern part of the Wildfire Plains. You will see many wild Greedy Wolves there. Kill at least 100 Greedy Wolves and collect 40 Greedy Wolf Fangs. Bring them to Undead Soldier Dayi for a very generous reward!

The quest was a pretty high E rank so it looked like the levels of the monsters here weren’t too low either. It required me to kill a decent amount too. It seems like today will be a long day of grinding.

As I walked into the plains wielding my Weeping Fire Blade, the flames at the tip of the sword made whooshing sounds, making this Bronze-grade weapon particularly attention-catching.

My surroundings were completely overgrown. The southern part of the Wildfire Plains had experienced a large fire about half a year ago, causing the area to appear desolate. Bones of wild animals were everywhere and the howl of wolves echoed over.


I glanced toward the soft noise, discovering two fire-red, giant wolves with eyes already fixed on me. Their eyes were blood-red and their mouths were open, revealing many sharp fangs with drool dripping from them.


Wildfire Greedy Wolf (Common)

Level: 32


Oh man. It is actually Level 32, this quest is seriously difficult!

I cautiously turned but the two Greedy Wolves howled before they pounced over, swift and violent!

“Crack crack!”

Fangs sank into my shoulder with a piercing pain. Even though the Bronze-grade Cyanfire Cloak was draped over my shoulders, it still couldn’t defend against a Level 32 monster’s attack due to the level discrepancy.



That’s some high damage!

I shifted to the right. The Weeping Fire Blade enveloped in a green light was further enchanted with blood-red energy and heavily slashed the Greedy Wolf on the head. With lightning speed I launched a follow-up. My quick two-attack combo of Slayer Slash and basic attack instantly took half of the wolf’s HP.



Undead energy had also ranked up, providing a nice boost of 10%, its strength only growing when coupled with a skill. In fact, using my talent to kill the living monsters here should make it faster and more profitable. It did hurt more than usual since they were seven levels above me, but it was worth it!

I still moved without rest, running in circles around one wolf with the other right at my heels. This was a classic tactic when fighting two monsters. Kite one by running circles around the other, constantly attacking the circled one. This would lower the effectiveness of the first monster’s attacks by 50% or more!


After another two strikes, the first Greedy Wolf finally collapsed with a miserable howl. I swept a glance over and saw my experience bar soar. Nice, this is some good experience!


I chugged an HP potion before swinging my Weeping Fire Blade at the second Greedy Wolf. A 1v1 was way easier. I was lucky that I had enough potions and a high Defense of 61. If it were any other person who bumped into these two Level 32 Greedy Wolves, I’m afraid nothing good would come out of that.

I rained down simple yet straightforward blows, and the remaining wolf soon died with a miserable wail. My situation wasn’t much better. I was left with 145 HP. If not for my skillful gameplay, I’m afraid I would be the corpse instead.


The second Greedy Wolf dropped something!

A glistening Big Magic Stone, a bloody Greedy Wolf Fang, and a fiery red card.

A card?!

Right, it was a card!

I picked it up and froze—


Greedy Wolf Card: Rank 1 Card. After use, Attack Speed +5%, Movement Speed +5%. Duration: 30 minutes.


Damn, it’s pretty good!

I was ecstatic. This increased my combat efficiency by 5%. Since it would last for 30 minutes, it just so happened to help me grind and level up. Not only that, if there were no accidents, this Greedy Wolf Card would be a great tool to use in PK. Though my policy was to grind level and get better equipment in the early stage of the game, avoiding PK as much as possible. Only idiots like the Mad Dragon gang would go around biting people.

I held the Greedy Wolf Card in my palm and read, “Greedy Wolf!”


The card flew and disappeared, becoming a streak of red light that appeared behind the name above my head. It then formed into the shape of a wolf head. It was precisely the effect of the Greedy Wolf Card. Players could only have one card effect on at a time. It took me a while before I realized that I had pretty much wasted the card. The Greedy Wolf Card was a top-tier Rank 1 Card. It could be used during boss fights or a revenge PK but I stupidly used it to grind levels.

Using a Greedy Wolf Card was a pretty good way to grind levels. Unless I encountered three Greedy Wolves at once, I would be able to easily deal with anything that came along.

Time quickly flew by. Two hours had passed in the blink of an eye and the potions in my bag were nearly out. I was now Level 26 with 89% experience. If there were no accidents, I should be able to reach Level 27 in half an hour. I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. The faster I got to Level 30, the faster I would be able to catch a pet. Just relying on that Greedy Wolf skeleton behind me wasn’t feasible. Summon Undead was too crappy. It would only become truly useful at a higher rank.


Like a falling meteor, the Weeping Fire Blade drew a perfect arc in the grass-filled ground of the Wildfire Plains. With another miserable howl, another Greedy Wolf had fallen.


Something came out!

A Greedy Wolf Fang and something that made my heart race—a red card! I swear this red card wasn’t an RMB note!

I quickly picked up the card. Its stats appeared before my eyes after a flash of light—


Fire Wolf Card: Rank 1 Card. Skill: Blaze. Charges: 1.


I couldn’t hold back my smile. It was a skill-type card. The cards in Heavenblessed were separated into two types, skill-type and buff-type. My luck was pretty good. I hadn’t been at the Wildfire Plains for more than a day, yet I’d already obtained two cards.

I continued my grind. Soon, another hour had passed and I had already traveled to the ends of the southern part of the Wildfire Plains. I had collected enough Greedy Wolf Fangs a long time ago. It was also at this time that I finally found the place I was looking for!

A verdant valley appeared at the ends of the plains. A fragrant smell assailed my nose when I stepped inside. Nice, the entire valley was chocked full with wild vegetation. There was fresh Glutinous Rice!

This was a low ravine with abundant sunshine. Rainwater had formed a shallow lake and that was the condition for Glutinous Rice to grow!

I advanced forward and used my skill on the cluster of swaying Glutinous Rice. It was a Rank 2 ingredient so it needed Rank 2 Foraging. That was no problem for me and I quickly finished gathering—


System Notice: You have obtained Glutinous Rice x3. Foraging Proficiency +3!


Continue! For my Rank 2 recipe, for riches and b… umm, never mind, let’s be civilized.

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