Chapter 259: Choke Point Group Kill


The Moonlight Sword gleamed with milky white sheen. Killer Wind Swordplay cut a Mountain Spider in half. With a plop, two crystal-like blood sacs landed on the grass. Excited, Lin Yixin bent down and threw them into her bag.

"Hehe, Rank 8 Health Potions will soon flood the market!"

Lin Yixin puffed up her chest and said, "I’ve gathered large amounts of Rank 8 herbs. I’m just waiting for Qingqing to get her Alchemy to Rank 8. Once they do, with these blood sacs, the Rank 8 Health Potions we make will be very easy to sell, right, Lu Chen?"

I shook my head. "No. Rank 8 Health Potions are priceless right now, they have yet to even appear on the market. In my opinion, you should keep the first batch to yourself rather than have bastards like Roaming Dragon and Li Le buy them. Recently they’ve been hunting bosses, they will have high demand for high-rank potions and consumables."

Lin Yixin thought for a moment and said, "Okay. This time we can make about 2000 potions. Does your workshop need any?"

He Yi became interested. "Oh? 2000? Of course we do. The only problem is how many you’d be willing to sell us. Beauty Lin, any limitations for us?"

Lin Yixin smiled. "That depends on the price. Rank 8 Health Potions are not cheap!"

I said, "How much per bottle?

"Hm, about 50 gold per bottle..." Lin Yixin looked at me with a sweet smile. "However, you provided me with so many Leaves of Eternity. To repay you, the Frost Cloud workshop can buy them for 30 each, how's that?"


I nodded and smiled. "Then, Yiyi, our workshop will reserve 500 Rank 8 Health Potions for now, the kind enhanced with the Mountain Spider Blood Sac, how about it?"

"Yes, no problem!" Lin Yixin smiled. "500 is completely possible. 15000 gold total!"

"Do you need a down payment?"

"No need!"


After our discussion, we continued to kill monsters.


We proceeded forward, soon reaching the first clearing filled with beautiful flowers in full bloom. But as we neared the edge of the clearing, the girls paled, their gazes filled with shock!


I looked at the clearing and swallowed. This small area was filled with Mountain Spiders. The ground was covered in milky white round balls like mushrooms after the spring rain. They looked delicious, and I wondered if I could gather them and cook them with eggs.

"What are those..." He Yi gripped the Abyssal Sword and looked at the white balls.

Lin Yixin blinked. "I don't know...."

Murong Mingyue said, "Lu Chen, do you know?"

I nodded. "If I am correct, this is the legendary... egg-laying land of the Mountain Spiders? Those round balls should be their eggs. I have seen these monsters in the official data. Their reproduction ability is very scary. That’s why, despite many crusades against them, Mountain Spiders managed to survive on the Eternal Moon Continent."

Beiming Xue looked at the Mountain Spiders strutting around their eggs. She swallowed and said, "Brother, what do we do?"

I hesitated. A few seconds later, I said, "There are spiders all over the place. If we kill them one by one, we will be here until evening. In my opinion, we should just group them up and kill them with AoE. It will be much faster. My Wild Roar will buff everyone!"


Lin Yixin expressed her agreement. "We must stay at one place and kill all of them. Otherwise, it won’t be that efficient.”

Murong Mingyue asked, "Where should we stand though?"

Lin Yixin and I pointed in unison toward the right. "There, that stone cliff!"


Yes, not far from us, there was a steep cliff with a small natural ravine, creating a triangle between the walls. It was clearly an obstruction point intentionally hidden by the game developers. All maps would have such spots, and it was up to the players to find them.

This was a good place. If three positions were held down, there was enough space for 3–7 players to dish out damage without being harmed. The players inside would have good visibility too, about 135 degrees. The place was very good for mass-killing monsters!

I looked over and said, "Yiyi, you go with the others and hold one spot. Leave the two spots outside to me. I will have my Dark Wasp lure the monsters over. It can fly, so the spiders won’t be able to kill it!"

Lin Yixin's eyes widened. "Stop that, did you forget Mountain Spiders’ skills? Spiderweb. It can entangle flying creatures and kill them. Dark Wasp can’t go, it will die!”

"Damn it, it appears I must go in person!" I said, "Sister Mingyue, use a HoT skill on me. I'm going to lure monsters!"

Lin Yixin giggled. "Yes, be careful and prepare to drink potions at any time. Also, do not attack the Mountain Spiders or you will be webbed!"


Murong Mingyue raised her staff and applied a HoT skill. It would keep healing me every few seconds over a certain period of time. It was the pride of the Priest class.


I activated the Ghost Deity Armor again. With a loud hum, bloody light covered my body before turning into black metal armor, increasing my Defense significantly!

I took a deep breath. So many Mountain Spiders. What kind of masterful movement would I need to safely come back?

The girls seemed confident in me and didn't worry that I would die in the pile of spiders. It seemed my reputation as a CGL Hall of Famer greatly bolstered their faith in me. This unconditional trust was moving. Whatever obstacle was before us, they believed I could do it.

Although this alone wouldn’t make me feel pressure, I felt a sense of responsibility. Either way, I couldn’t fail and get killed by these spiders. It would be too embarrassing!

Four of the Top 10 beauties of Floating Ice City were looking at me. If I failed, I would lose a lot of face. I will not allow it!

The system tools made it possible to carefully analyze screenshots. I noted all monsters’ positions. I put in 7-yard aggro distance, and the system tool automatically created a path that appeared in my mind. Unless a spider moved and blocked my path, the probability of success was close to 100%!


I stepped on the pebbles on the ground, and passed through the empty spaces between the spider packs like a thread passing through a needle. My movement was extremely swift, with no hesitations. There were too many monsters close together. There was only around half a second to react. One misstep and I would be surrounded, and no one could save me!

"Hiss hiss..."

The Mountain Spiders came like the tide, their mill-stone sized bodies quickly climbing, not much slower than me, some of them even faster. This caused me to move without turning my head back to look. If I turned my head, I would be surrounded. Fortunately, I had determined the path before entering.

I wasn’t a person that let feelings cloud my judgement in the game. Carefully adjusting my steps, I ran three circles before I aggroed all the spiders. I dashed for the cliff, tide of spiders behind me.

"This way, quick!"

In the triangular ravine, the beautiful girls were standing there in a dazzling display. He Yi and Lin Yixin were standing side by side outside. The scene was straight out of a painting. Two super beauties of Floating Ice City, or even the most beautiful players of the China server, standing side by side and holding the fort!

Seeing this, I quickly took a screenshot. Yes, I have to immortalize this unforgettable scene...

"Make some space for me!" I shouted.

He Yi immediately moved a yard right, and I came with the group of spiders, stopping precisely between He Yi and Lin Yixin. I quickly turned around, pulling out the Purgatory Sword and said, "Prepare your strongest AoE skills to kill the monsters!"

"Hehe, the massacre begins!" Lin Yixin pulled out the Moonlight Sword.

He Yi raised her Rock Shield and Abyssal Sword, facing toward the sea of spiders. Everyone went all-out, unleashing their ultimate skills!

Lin Yixin swung the Moonlight Sword, every swing boosted with Killer Wind Swordplay, causing the Mountain Spiders to screech in pain.

Right after stopping, I drank an HP potion and turned around. My sword already risen high, Thousand Mirage Slash crashed down.


The sword energy split into eight streaks that covered the swarm!


A large amount of damage numbers floated up, causing great damage to the Mountain Spider swarm—





About 3000 points of damage. This was terrifying with the 20% splash damage of the Purgatory Sword. The actual damage output was almost twice that. With just one round of attacks, the spiders near the center lost 10000 HP.

Second attack, Ice Ray!

When I swung my sword, my arm felt cold. Haha, what bullshit luck!

Purgatory Slash!


Long sword energy exploded out of the blade and ripped into the monster swarm, causing another round of enormous damage numbers to float up—





That was of course doubled by the splash damage. With the two attacks, many of the Mountain Spiders had been immediately killed, crashing to the ground. Numerous blood sacs, as well as Phantasmal and Big Magic Stones dropped. Our experience bars flashed as the bump on them was visible to the naked eye.


Holy Light fell on my head. Murong Mingyue's laughter came from behind me. "Our Lu Chen is too strong. You have to take me along when you level up..."

Beiming Xue let a powerful Evil Spirit Volley loose and said, "Yeah, I feel so lucky to be able to grind with big bro!"

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