Chapter 257: Your Aimer

In front of the restaurant, I watched Lin Yixin drive away in the car and shook my head. "Such a great appetite."

Murong Mingyue gently bumped my arm. "Stop looking, she's already far away. Let's return. By the time we walk back, Lin Yixin should be near her dormitories.”



As we walked along the street, I saw He Yi deep in thought as she walked next to me.

"What is it?" I asked.

He Yi pressed her lips and said, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya's relationship is very good, right?"


I nodded and said, "We have the same goals and enemies. Also, Beauty Lin just joined us for lunch offline. Either way, our relationship is strong.”

He Yi blinked and halted. After a while, she said, "We allied together out of mutual interest. Then, if we defeat Gods of Destruction, Mad Dragon, and Peach Garden, only Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will remain in Floating Ice City. Will we fight then?"


I stilled and then gently patted He Yi's shoulder, feeling relieved. "Don't worry. I think that the super cities will open before we completely destroy Gods of Destruction. Once the three main cities—Sky City, Vanished God City, and Wind City—open, status quo will naturally change. At that time, we might have to ally with Snowy Cathaya to fight other factions. The road is long, and Snowy Cathaya will be our ally from start to finish!"


He Yi smiled. "That would be best. We need to set up meals together often from now on."

"Oh, that’s easy. Didn’t you hear what Beauty Lin said before leaving…?"

"What did she say?"

"Call me when you go out to eat."



After returning to the workshop at 1:30 pm, we immediately went online to start the quest!


It was night in the game, and my view was hazy. Streaks of moonlight penetrated the gaps in the tree crowns. The surroundings were silent as fireflies danced beautifully through the grass.

I crawled out of my tent and looked around, holding the Purgatory Sword. I discovered the players in the surrounding tents were awake, and seemed to have logged on already.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

The tents disappeared, replaced by beautiful girls. The three women of the Frost Cloud workshop were the first to come online. Lin Yixin was the last. We dusted off the grass and soil on our clothes and prepared to depart!

I walked at the front. The team was such a scientific combination. One undead swordsman, one light wanderer, one magic knight, one priest, one dark archer. We had Attack, Defense, and HP. The only thing we truly lacked was a magic DPSer!

I couldn't help but lament, "Our workshop needs a super strong mage. Otherwise, we won't be able to defeat high-Defense monsters."

He Yi laughed softly. "Leave this to karma. There are only a few top-class mages in the China server. Luo River God of the Capital is the leader of Purple Lily, Shadow Chanel is in Beauty Yi's guild, God's Dance is Candlelight Shadow’s, and our top mage... well, is temporarily studying abroad. There hasn't been any news from her yet!"

Murong Mingyue said, "I haven't seen Lian Xin in a long time, I miss her so much. I don't know how the girl’s doing now. Before she left, the person she was most reluctant to part with was you, Lu Chen. She even left you a multi-purpose tablet in the company, saying it was a gift!"

I was surprised. "Hm? Tablet? Why did I never hear of it?"

"Oh, the logistics director lost it. That bastard, Eve fired him the next day..."


I looked at He Yi. This vice president was really a butcher!


Lin Yixin held the Moonlight Sword and walked quickly to my left, listening to us chat. I felt that she was a bit unusual.

Suddenly, there was a beep. A message from Lin Yixin: "Hey, stinky Lu Chen, you call me over for a quest. I came to your help, and now you ignore me and just chat with your beautiful boss. If you dare ignore me again, you’re so dead..."

I laughed and tilted my head toward Lin Yixin. She was looking at me with anger in her purple eyes. Startled, she shouted, "What are you looking at?!"

"Nothing, nothing..."

I didn't dare to tease her in a situation like this. He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue were all here. It wasn’t appropriate. If I dared to publicly tease Lin Yixin, the next time we went offline I would be thrown out our fifth-floor window by the three girls in the workshop. The consequences of that would be quite severe.

I sent a message to Lin Yixin: "Yiyi, you ate so much today, the plate was covered in bones~~"

Lin Yixin flushed and glared at me. She sent a message: "You ate a lot! Hmph, you drank more than ten bowls of soup, I look down on you!"

I responded, "Speaking of which, what the two of us ate together may not equal what Sister Mingyue ate..."


Lin Yixin expressed her agreement. Then she and I looked together at Murong Mingyue. Murong Mingyue was shocked. "Hm, why are you two looking at me like this?"

I hurriedly said, "Nothing! Sister Mingyue, you look so beautiful today!"

"Really?" Murong Mingyue chuckled. "Where?"


"Really?" Murong Mingyue looked down and found her beautiful legs were revealed due to the cut in her robes. She was shocked. "Damn, where are my legguards?"

He Yi was speechless. "Not in your bag?"

"As expected..."

Murong Mingyue quickly put on the legguards. But they were still too short. Graphic designers made it just too sexy. Everyone liked that.


The five-person team passed through the forest. It was boring so we continued to chat about the past.

"Oh, I remember when I first came to Suzhou, there was no one close. I didn't even have the money for my next meal. I was so pressed I was almost forced to become an escort..."

Murong Mingyue laughed and glanced at He Yi, saying, "I spent my last yuan to go online for half an hour. I sent my last resume and was selected by Eve, this intelligent hero!"

He Yi was expressionless. "I truly met a bad person!"

Murong Mingyue puffed out her chest and said confidently, "What, am I not an exceptional worker? Just like my resume said, I can eat hardship, and was often rewarded in school!"

He Yi grinned. "Remove the last word from 'I can eat hardship' and then it is close to the truth. Also, the awards you received during school were mostly ‘another free bottle’ from Master Kang Ice Tea. You only told me after you started working. The resume was full of traps..."


Everyone turned to stone. I suddenly wanted to know what the people working at GGS were doing all day. Were they always chatting? Someone like Sister Mingyue became the assistant to the vice president. There was no reason in the world!

At this time, Lin Yixin suddenly said, "Everyone, our quest map has appeared!"


I looked ahead. As expected, the surrounding scene had changed. The long grasses turned into an icy plain. The scenery in front of us was filled with heaps of snow. The temperature sharply dropped, and before we knew it, snow was falling on our heads.

"I knew it, we’re already in the Ice Plains..." He Yi opened the map and looked, saying, "Hundred Flower Valley is in the center of the Ice Plains, about ten more minutes of travel!"

Beiming Xue nodded and then suddenly sneezed, unable to tolerate the temperature. Looking at her thin leather armor, I was speechless. She was too focused on her looks and how charming she’d look. Great. Now she’ll freeze in her leather armor.

"Maybe lower the sensation meter?" I suggested. "Otherwise, you won't be able to withstand the cold, especially wearing just leather and metal armor."

Murong Mingyue tightened her robe, and covered most of her exposed skin. I glanced at her and asked, "Sis, you cold?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Then take off your outer robe for Beiming Xue to wear..."


Murong Mingyue glared. "You heartless brat. You only care about your younger sister, with no regard for your older sis!"

Lin Yixin and He Yi laughed.

I held the Purgatory Sword and walked at the front. After about five minutes, an exciting patch of green suddenly appeared in the snowy world. Yes, the map confirmed that the name of the map at these coordinates was the Hundred Flower Valley we were looking for. It was in this desolate place!

"Aow Aow!"

Two Snow Wolves sprinted over through the snow. They were Level 85 elites with extremely high attack speed and power. No wonder this place looked so devoid of life. No players would even get close to such mobs at the present stage of the game!

I locked onto one wolf, and quickly activated Charge!


During the momentary stun, Ice Ray and Slayer Slash fell down. Snap snap, the Snow Wolf wailed as its HP plummeted twice in quick succession—



Just two blows deleted over half of the Snow Wolf's HP. With a basic attack came another drop in HP. It was almost enough. Even a Level 85 elite didn’t have any advantages over me. Stat-wise, it couldn’t even compare to me, dressed in Dark Gold–grade equipment.

On the other side, Lin Yixin used Charge to lock onto the next Snow Wolf. She lunged forward and stabbed a dagger into the Snow Wolf's eyes. She then swung the Moonlight Sword. The wolf howled, and died faster than mine. Damn, Lin Yixin is so strong!

I couldn't help but look at her. Her equipment was almost all of the Dark Gold grade. With her powerful Moon Gaze and Extreme Break, her burst damage was still higher than me. It was to be expected.

As a result, Lin Yixin glanced at me. "What are you looking at?"

"Hm, your Aimer is showing..." [1]


Lin Yixin hurriedly looked down. In the next moment, she flushed red. "Stinky Lu Chen, I don't need to wear that in the game. What Aimer are you even talking about… Also, I don’t wear Aimer..."

He Yi: "..."

Murong Mingyue: "..."

Beiming Xue muttered, "Ahh, seems like our efficiency will not be even nearly as high as I imagined..."

1. Aimer, a famed lingerie brand

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