Chapter 256: First Confrontation

As a result, just like Lin Yixin had predicted, it was noon by the time we walked out of Frost Forest, the standard time for lunch.

"Let's go to a buffet? Hurry up..." Murong Mingyue suggested.

I said, "These people are black-hearted rip-offs. Everything there is high-end, and it costs 400 RMB per person!"

He Yi looked helplessly at me. "You can’t just eat abalone each time..."


Walking in the blossoming forest, I gazed at Lin Yixin and asked, "Yiyi, what are you going to do for lunch?"

Lin Yixin blinked. "Other than the cafeteria, do I have another choice?"

Beiming Xue said with a smile, "How about sister Lin Yixin comes with us to the buffet? The roasted hare there is delicious~~"

I was lost for words. This isn't good. The atmosphere is too awkward, something isn’t right. He Yi was silent. Lin Yixin held her Moonlight Sword and kicked the grass, peeking at me.

A beat later, I said, "Uuh... the buffet is at XX Road Number 78, not far from Suzhou Tech. You can drive there and we’ll meet there!"

"Alright!" Lin Yixin nodded happily and asked, "Your treat?"


He Yi smiled. "Yes, yes, Lu Chen's treat today. Recently, he made more than a million by selling the Purgatory Scepter but didn’t buy us anything. This can’t be allowed!"

"Yes, yes!"

Therefore, the girls agreed on the sentence for my wallet.


I took out the tent to go offline. Soon, five tents were lined up in the forest clearing.


I took off the helmet and took a deep breath. My entire morning was spent in excitement and nervousness. First was the quest. Xinran had killed the powerful archbishop, been pursued by the templars, and then Gods of Destruction before being chased by the NPC army of Floating Ice City, and even a Dragon Knight joined the fray. The matter was nothing short of exciting!

In reality, I was too weak right now. If I thought myself strong, why couldn’t I take on a Dragon Knight? Even then, while Dragon Knights were powerful, they weren’t the strongest!


The noon sun hung in the zenith, making outside pretty hot. I left the workshop with three girls by my side.

On the street, the three beauties attracted looks more than anything else. Murderous gazes came from all directions, causing my hair to stand on end. He Yi held my hand as a habit. Beiming Xue was the same. One girl on the left, one girl on the right. My boss and a little sis. Murong Mingyue walked with her hands behind her back, her chest almost bursting through her shirt. The middle school students riding by on bikes all sighed, pointing and saying, "Oh, so big..."

Murong Mingyue pressed her lips together. "Lu Chen, give me your coat!"


"Because I say so, just take it off!"

Even under the scorching sun I still wore a thin coat. My previous predicament probably made it into a habit. Wrapping myself could save me a lot of burning pain under the sunlight.. Probably due to my previous habit, I liked to securely wrap myself. This way, I would not feel too much burning pain under the sunlight.

He Yi held my arm and looked up at me with a smile. "How about we go get money first and then you treat us to lunch?"


I took off my coat and threw it to Murong Mingyue. Murong Mingyue hugged the coat to her chest to conceal it. Oh, Beiming Xue was so embarrassed!

I looked and met Beiming Xue's gaze. The girl blushed and said, "Big bro, what are you looking at?"

"Nothing, Beiming is so pretty today!"


I accurately judged Beiming Xue’s size. Yes, B++. Enough, but inadequate when standing next to Murong Mingyue and He Yi. He Yi's figure was extremely balanced but her chest was around 34C or so, perfect Eastern measurements. As for Murong Mingyue, she was much larger. I felt like 34D wouldn’t even be enough for her.

Since Beiming Xue was like this, the other little girls without the goods would also be instantly killed!

Fortunately, I felt no pressure. Facing Murong Mingyue's teasing gaze, I said coolly, "What are you looking at, I'm flat-chested..."

Murong Mingyue pouted. "Flat-chested. I just fear your cup size is bigger than Eve. That would be terrible."

I was exasperated. "..."


I passed by the bank to take out a few thousand in cash to put into my pocket. I suddenly felt rich and followed the girls to wait by the restaurant door.

A few minutes later, a black Mercedes stopped at the front. The door opened. It was Lin Yixin!

I pointed at the car. "There are no parking spots there. You will be fined."

Lin Yixin laughed. "No matter. A fine isn’t that big a deal, and the parking fee in the lot may not be that much less anyway..."



I bought five tickets, and the five-person team entered the quest known as the "buffet”. This time around, we were all brute DPSers. We hadn't eaten much in the morning and were extremely hungry. We took plates, found empty seats and began stuffing ourselves.

The restaurant provided some cheap red wine and unlimited beer. However, none of us were willing to drink alcohol. We had to perform an A+ rank quest this afternoon. Alcohol would not increase stats, and would only slow our reaction time. For gaming experts like Lin Yixin and I that relied on precise maneuvers and mechanics, it was a serious matter. Therefore, if I ever got drunk and went online, I would just hang around town, sell some stuff and flirt with girls. I wouldn’t ever go out of the city. Otherwise, I could encounter someone like Dominating Heaven Blade and lose. A player’s condition was important.

Using a fork and knife to cut a hard piece of unknown meat, Lin Yixin's eyes were filled with hope. However, she couldn’t cut through, and I was exasperated. I handed over single-use gloves. "Here, grab it and eat. I fear by the time you finish this piece, we will have finished our meal!"

"Oh, oh!"

She put on the gloves, and held an entire joint of meat in front of her. Her large eyes blinked. She looked at the joint and didn't know where to start.

He Yi couldn't help but laugh and asked the waiter, "What meat is this?"

"Oh, this is a pure wild boar leg. The meat is delicious, extremely chewy." The waiter was staring at He Yi's face and then he looked at Lin Yixin. He seemed to be comparing which girl was more beautiful. But he didn't reach a conclusion, his expression conflicted.

I asked Lin Yixin. "Yiyi, need me to feed you?"

Lin Yixin shook her head and said with a red face, "No! I’ve been independent since elementary school!"


Seeing Lin Yixin bite on the boar and her greasy lips, I couldn’t help but chuckle. "Oh right, thank you very much for your help this morning. I had been wondering why Gods of Destruction only had a hundred people when they stopped me. Turns out Snowy Cathaya intercepted them on the way."

Lin Yixin elegantly wiped her mouth with a tissue and gave a dimpled smile. "You’re welcome, just a minor matter. Since Snowy Cathaya has decided to work with Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls against enemies, then we have to fight the same enemies. Also, just for the meal, I have to help you~~"

I laughed. "Oh, Snowy Cathaya's hundreds of players dropped levels and equipment just for this 400 RMB buffet? Yiyi, you never do such unprofitable business..."

Lin Yixin glanced at me. "Never mind. Ever since I met you, I’ve only ever done unprofitable business. Oh, I met such a bad person!"

I was speechless. "Aren’t you ashamed to even say that? My wounds are still bleeding after you stabbed me with these potion prices the last time!"

"Really? I look down on you..." Lin Yixin said with a smile.

Murong Mingyue said, "Yes, after Lu Chen was stabbed by you, his wounds were hard to heal. Everyone here’s bled once a month, three to five days each time..."

Me: "..."

Murong Mingyue almost killed us instantly.

He Yi pushed a cup of juice in front of me and said, "In conclusion, Floating Ice City is very chaotic, and the factions are all itching to make a move. On the surface, the enemy factions are Gods of Destruction, Flower Room, Mad Dragon. The hidden factions are Peach Garden, Soul Combat Robes, and others. But as long as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya work together, our alliance is unbreakable!"

As she spoke, He Yi raised her cup and said, "Come, with tea as wine, toast to our alliance!"


Lin Yixin smiled and toasted He Yi. She smiled faintly. "Sister He Yi, may I say something I've always wanted to say?"

He Yi stilled. "What?"

Lin Yixin took a sip of tea, put down the cup and lazily leaned back in her chair in a stunning display of beauty. She slowly said, "I’ve known Lu Chen for a long time, and know a bit about the past of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Truthfully, I’ve always been curious what kind of person the leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was, what kind of woman a shameless person like Lu Chen would swear loyalty to. I finally understand now..."

Lin Yixin looked deeply at He Yi and said, "Extraordinary presence, reliable and calm, talented and beautiful. All these words seem tailored for you. Sister He Yi, you are so beautiful too. No wonder Lu Chen, this lusty, cowardly, shameless person would never leave you..."

I couldn't help but say, "Damn, praise He Yi all you want, but why trash me at the same time..."

Lin Yixin looked at me with a smile as though she was very pleased with herself.

He Yi burst into laughter. "This... I’d accept these compliments from other people, but if the speaker is Beauty Lin, I really don't dare, I’m not confident..."

Murong Mingyue said, "Yes, on the Beauty Ranking of Floating Ice City, Beauty Lin is first, and Eve is second..."

"Oh, these rankings mean nothing!" Lin Yixin continued to battle the wild boar meat.

I held a half-pound lobster and said, "Eat quickly, we’re heading to Hundred Flower Valley this afternoon. The quest rewards are bound to be great!”


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